Optimus Maximus OLED Keyboard Unboxing

There were people waiting up to seven hours in my live chat room today. I FINALLY have gotten an Optimus Maximus keyboard, courtesy of ThinkGeek. I am completely stoked, since I’ve wanted this thing for like… EVER. I managed to let it sit on my desk all day, and build anticipation. People in chat ended up being as impatient and excited as I was for the unboxing.

Time to take a second mortgage on your home or break into your kid’s college fund. With the singing of angels and a ray of sunlight parting the clouds, the fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has descended from Russian design studio Art Lebedev like an orgasm of geekiness. As you should know by now this amazing keyboard features a tiny screen on each key… that’s 113 screens in all. What can you do with these tiny screens, you ask? Well, each key can change its image dynamically depending on what you’re doing. Hold down SHIFT and all keys go uppercase. Run Photoshop and you can set it so each hotkey has an image representing its function. Set a key to monitor your CPU usage or display what iTunes track you are currently playing. You can make a key into a tiny clock with moving hands and play animated gif files or even quicktime movies. Of course all this futuristic technology is going to cost you a pretty penny… but we figure you’ll just expense the Optimus and tout its “incredible increased efficiency when using PowerPoint hotkeys” in your expense report summary.

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This thing is just… frickin’ AWESOME. From day one, I wanted this keyboard. Now that I have it, I’m in geek heaven. Every key is a separate screen. Look how shiny it is!!!! The keys don’t feel awesome, but that’s not the point. It’ll fit really well front and center on my desk.

After much hard work, I finally got the power run behind my desk, and was able to turn the keyboard on. Look at the secksay purple lights backlighting every key. The coolest thing is when it was plugged in. Before being plugged in, the keys on the keyboard had the Windows key, CTRL key, etc. on it. You know, native Windows keys. However, when I plugged it in, it immediately recognized that I was using a Mac. Those Windows keys changed over to Mac keys! How frickin’ cool is that? The OLEDs aren’t actually on the keys, they’re under it.

Don’t worry, you’ll get to see much more of my amazing new keyboard in upcoming videos. All I have left to say is… I HAVE AN OPTIMUS MAXIMUS!

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20 thoughts on “Optimus Maximus OLED Keyboard Unboxing”

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  3. Haha, I’m so jealous of you. I would not like the glossy feel of the keys. I guess typing on my MacBook for so long, nothing but Apple keyboards feel right. And also I think that it would be cooler if they made most of the spacebar key a screen. Glad you finally got that! I think that I was the one who sent you the e-mail. Later

  4. That took quite a while you to get that 😀
    I saw that in Finnish web store called verkkokauppa.com even 2 years ago.

  5. This keyboard does not appeal to me at all at $1,599.00. I am a touch typist so I really don’t see the point of spending so much money to have keys with screens in them. I would imagine that anyone who would invest this much in a keyboard is already a touch typist. The programmability is amazing but there are lots of keyboards and gaming key sets that can program macros and keystrokes. Why spend so much on lcds that you won’t be able to see because your hands are in the way? Typing classes will get you far more productivity than a $1600 keyboard will buy you. And even if I’m wrong and this keyboard makes you super productive what employer or company would get you one? Maybe if it was $200 or $300. I’m really not one to complain about the price of things but this keyboard is just way too much money. Get one of those blank keyboards from ThinkGeek. They’re cooler anyway. If you need programmable get some gaming keyboard or keyset or x-keys.

    Although, I would like to get one of these just to hook it up to a windows pc and type “macs are too expensive” in the chat room from it…

  6. That Keyboard is so cool. Its a very expensive keyboard but its a very cool keyboard. You should put a Pirillo Face on one of the Keys and link it to your Blog lol. I also like Optimus Tactus keyboard which they have on there site. The keyboard is still in Concept though. Its still on the drawing board. The Tactus has no Buttons. Its like one huge touch screen.

  7. Are you expecting it to give birth very soon, then will the size be more managable and we begin to see your ears?

  8. thanks for allowing me to live vicariously! the only thing better would have been if art lebedev had sent you one when they first came out. i really wanted to not like it (since i couldn’t afford it) but I have to admit, it’s beauteous.

  9. Great keyboard Chris! You truly deserve it! I love the Optimus Maximus and think it is a great keyboard. Productivity must be outstanding with keyboard shortcuts and being able ti fully customize the keyboard. Unfortunately $1600 is a lot of money for a keyboard. i am saving now by recycling. Not much but it gets the job done. I have already earned $50! 🙂

  10. This is very cool- nevermind, amazing. I Happen to own a $190 Bella Pro Series keyboard for final cut stuff. This whole things seems to be made of pure win.

  11. This keyboard is the future of technology. I’m sure the price of it will be coming down soon as there will also be other great new things available to the consumer. Chris you definitaly made a fantastic well deserved investment. I hope you like it.

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