How Do You Discover New Music?

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Pixie gets upset with me when I won’t listen to her favorite music, which is Slim Whitman. I listen to all sorts of different music, but that’s just something I can’t handle for long. Recently, I got turned on to a band named Ratatat, thanks to my friend Mona. So I started playing Ratatat in Firefox using Rhapsody, and it’s great. I’ve yet to find a song of theirs I don’t like. I’d play you something in this video, but I don’t have the rights to. Anyway, as I was listening to this music, I received a list of top five bands that sound similar and I may like.

  • Dosh sounds quite a bit like Ratatat. They combine a variety of instrumentals with excellent lyrics.
  • Talkdemonic may have a weird name, but their music has a great beat to it. Apparently, my speaker setup would be able to take full advantage of what they play.
  • El Ten Eleven has awesome instrumentals, and their percussion stands out from the melody.
  • Blue Man Group is just amazing to watch live.
  • Couch is more of a techno mixed with futuristic sounding band.

Steven, I appreciate the recommendation. I listen to pretty much anything and everything. I even like listening to 8-bit sounds! Send along any other recommendations you may have for music I can get into!


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16 thoughts on “How Do You Discover New Music?”

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  3. I get all of my new music from the most excellent internet radio station And yes Chris, it does play Ratatat.

  4. Chris, if you like percussive bands, I think you’ll really enjoy Mutemath. They are a four-piece band and have quite a unique sound. With a mix of synths, tastey electric guitar, funky, rythmic bass lines, key’s that will melt your soul like butter, and a drummer who will constantly have your head bobbing – Mutemath is definately a band you NEED to check out. Do it for me, Chris – they are one of my all time favorite bands 🙂

  5. I have using to discover new artists. For example, I heard never of Kim Mitchell from Canada. He is a blues-rock artist. I know own one of his cds.

    I know you may have done a video on Pandora. I hope a lot of people use it. It’s a great service.

  6. What about I cant tell you how many new bands/songs I’ve found through I hardly listen to my own music these days as I just listen to tag radio via the player.

  7. I usually find new music by going to international YouTube sites and/or doing a web search for the Top Ten Songs in any given country (France, Canada, Britain, etc); one other major resource is CNet Music – often you can find new (and free) music that is decent; of course, there is some throw-away type but it is at your discretion. …and of course, web-radio, iTunes etc. Finally, there are the print media/magazines you can find at Borders and/or Barnes & Noble – some will offer a free-bee disc of music …

  8. I use Hype Machine to find new music, they aggregate thousands of music blogs. Also, a cool new site called The Next Big Sound

  9. I have a zune, and when i look at an artist on the marketplace, I click on “related artists” , and the bands are the similiar, yet quite different to the bands i listento, and its a very nice feature/

  10. that sneeze was the funniest thing i’ve seen in a long time. on topic: i would recommend using last fm. it’s great for finding music that sound like something that you already like.

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