Would You Like a Free Ticket to the Gnomedex Conference?

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For the past eight years, I’ve been putting on Gnomedex conferences. This year, it’s happening from August 21 – 23rd. Ponzi and I decided to give out a scholarship this year to someone to be able to attend the convention. How would you like to join us?
Maybe you’re in the area, maybe you’re a struggling entrepreneur, maybe you’re a social networking fiend, maybe your employer won’t pay for a ticket, maybe you’re a student, maybe you’re in between jobs, maybe you work at a startup, maybe work was slow this year… maybe we can help.
Would you like for us to offer you a full conference pass ($600 value) so that you might attend Gnomedex this year? It really doesn’t matter where you are right now. Our team will determine the validity of your request / application. Qualifications:

  • You’ll be in the Seattle area from August 21 – 23.
  • You’re 18 or older (sorry, kids).
  • You’re extremely interested in technology.

Submit your request to me ([email protected]) immediately. The more creative, descriptive, etc. you are, the better your chances of getting the scholarship. If you’re the one who is selected, please keep it confidential for now.
We’d love to have you join us. Even if you can’t, we’ll be streaming as much of it live as possible. Get those typing fingers and creative juices flowing… and you just may be able to join us!

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24 thoughts on “Would You Like a Free Ticket to the Gnomedex Conference?”

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  3. That is a real dissapointment with the age, I would love that, what if we got like Supervision from a parent? Or an adult? Who paid for the ticket. That would be nice, because It was been my dream to travel to Seatle, and visit Gnomedex! Well I hope you can alter the rules for me.. haha and all the other kids who are there. 🙂


  4. I hope the 18 age limit is just for this free tickets thing. I would like to go, even if I need to pay.

  5. Aww man well to bad I cant win im only 14 but..

    I still might go meet some geeks I guess but if i were only 4 years older i might have a chance to win Im not what you would call a geek but im really interested in technology…

  6. You know I thought about it, but I just don’t think it would be my thing. You know if it had a live band with some good rock music, a decent dance floor, and a real party hearty kind of thing to it…I would be there in a heart beat.
    Just that whole upper class thing that I heard goes on, I just wouldn’t feel too relaxed. It would be cool if it was like a three day like thing, where people could come whenever over that time period, for whatever events they were interested in, and only charge $25-50 a ticket.
    The buffet is just refreshed throughout the event, with food that most people can relate to, good quality of course, but not through the roof in price.
    You could have tech classes and lectures, and people could learn all kinds of stuff. That way people could choose what they wanted to listen to, instead of having what happened last year occur. There are just so many different kinds of Gnomies I have noticed, and some groups and ideas just really clash.
    Of course there would be vendors and such. It would be really cool too if you had a special part of the event, where people shared their best technological ideas, created devices, and hacks. You know, more of a hands on kind of event, where people can really get into what is going on, in their area of interest.
    Just my thoughts anyway.

  7. AARRGG!! I am really getting tired of all of these 18+ age limits!! I can’t join any affiliate program, I can’t get any sponsors for my blogs, I can’t even go to Gnomedex!

    I understand though…. I guess….. *cry*


  8. i WISH i could go. I’m actually going to be in the Portland area around that time, but I can’t make it, as I’m actually flying in the 21st, and I’m going to be quite busy there. I’ll try to watch it live. Chris, will it be “youtubed” and do you think you’ll offer a scholarship for next year/the next Ggomedex? You’re awesome, Mr. Pirillo, and a great help to me as well as thousands and thousands of others, I know. 🙂

  9. Off to Gnomedex next week: “…I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of people in person for the first time in awhile—I haven’t seen Chris and Ponzi in person since my wife Air, our friend KA, and I went to their wedding in late 2006, for instance. It’s also my first trip out of Canada since my cancer surgery last summer. I’m glad I’m feeling well enough to go…”

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