What Does Your Doormat Say?

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Whether you use Windows or not, you likely have a door somewhere in your home. When people walk in your front door, they likely step in onto a doormat. Some people have a plain or boring one, but I found an amazingly cool one! The “Back Off” LED Space Invaders Doormat is sure to be a hit in your home.

Contrary to popular belief, here at ThinkGeek we do sometimes like the company of humans. But frankly we’ve gotten pretty tired of folks knocking at the ThinkGeek secret headquarters of doom during our daily extended gadget play time. Aliens, robots and the UPS guy are welcome anytime, but to deter those other annoying carbon based life forms we’ve installed the Back Off LED Invaders Door Mat. This nifty doormat is imported from France and features a glowing display and motion sensor. Any time someone comes near, a glowing green space invader moves back and forth across the top of the mat. Potential guests, having left their phasers at home, will usually run shrieking in fear.

Apparently, my tastes in doormats is different than many people. However, if you are a Geek like me and/or a Gamer… you’ll love this. Space Invaders rules!!


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12 thoughts on “What Does Your Doormat Say?”

  1. I don’t have a doormat. I think it’s time to geek over at thinkgeek.com 🙂 I love it. While I am there I think I am going to finally get the red Swingline stapler! Yay!

  2. Funny and Geeky, what a combination. It might even beat my Taz “Go Away” mat that so many of my neighbors love to hate….hehehehe…

  3. I love it. It’s a classic. I gotta get one. I also like the one that says “There’s no place like” also available at ThinkGeek!

  4. lol, that’s really cool, i think a better door mat would be one that could like be customizable with like a scrolling LED text box kind of thing, then you could type random messages for like parties, and such things. knowing me i would nail it right next to the front door on the wall, but that’s just the way my mind works. :):)

  5. ha that is really cool. I think I might have to pick one of them up. We only have a plain black one. I will have to see if i could convince my non-geek roommate on one of these space invador door mats!

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