Who Needs Photoshop?!

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I have been addicted to the Web since the day it was born. The other day, I did a video about Cameroid which can help you do all sorts of cool things with your video camera. I came upon a link from my friend Mona for a site that is similar to Cameroid… only even better. On PhotoFunia, you will get “the photo software that should have come with your camera”.

Click on any of the pre-defined effects, and then browse your computer to choose a photo. PhotoFunia will automatically apply your selected effect to that picture before displaying it! Once your picture is ready, you can save it to your computer, save it to ImageShack, or save it out as an avatar.

The second place I want to tell you about comes from JoshM. Dumpr is where you create marvellous photos to share with your friends. It’s very similar to both Cameroid and PhotoFunia. Again, you can take an image and throw it into a variety of effects. This site is free, or you can choose to sign up and pay a fee. Once you pay, you’ll have access to even more effects. Once you finish with your photo, you can save it to your computer or Flickr, or send it to others in an email.

So there are two very cool sites you can use to play with your pictures, and create something new.


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