Do You Have a Problem with PayPal?

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On my birthday, $450 worth of iTunes gift certificates were transferred from my account to someone else’s, on account of my account being compromised. I logged into my PayPal and sent in a report. My request for my money to be returned was denied by PayPal. Mesiox sent in some tips for all of us, to hopefully help us keep our PayPal accounts safe.

  1. The first thing, it all starts with a clean computer system. A computer system with viruses or keyloggers may be the cause unauthorized people to be inside of your PayPal account. Use security programs on your computer.
  2. Make sure the site you are in is the verified PayPal site, and not a Phishing site. You can check this out by checking the domain name in the browsers url bar. You should see PayPal’s actual site address, and not something else.
  3. Don’t keep large amounts of money in your PayPal account, because people can easily send your money to other accounts in a blink of an eye if they gain access to it. Instead of keeping it on PayPal, keep it inside your bank account.
  4. Check your Paypal history on a daily basis. This way, you can stop money from being transfered if you see it happening when and where it shouldn’t be.
  5. This may be common sense, but use a strong password! Use a mixture of lowercase, uppercase, symbols, and numbers. Make it harder for a hacker to guess to begin with! Reading this post by Chris may help.
  6. When you’re buying something with PayPal, be sure to check that the site you are on is secure. Do this by checking the url bar. The site should contain “HTTPS”. This will help you determine if the site is fraudulent or not. You can also do research on Google about certain sellers that you may not be sure of.
  7. Shop with well-known companies who have established a good reputation.

My biggest piece of advice to you if something does happen, is to be vocal about it. Tell your story. The more times and places you tell it… the more people will hear and pass it along.


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19 thoughts on “Do You Have a Problem with PayPal?”

  1. Thanks for the mention Chris, i’ve had my problems with PayPal before, i think Ive mentioned it about my previous incident with PayPal on your last blog, but money was transferred from my bank account, but i stopped it on time. Thank God!

  2. Hi All,

    Pay pal is funny sometimes if u buy the things & if they don’t ship u or ur sellers they will reverse the money back even though u received the goods or shipped the goods

    they have resolution center which is useless

    Never keep the amount if your a seller they may reverse that any time without your notice also sometimes


  3. I loathe PayPal. I will offer it through 2Checkout and Clickbank if that’s what my customers want but I try my hardest not to do business with them as a customer or a client. To list all my complaints would take all day, but I started having problems with them when they were bought by eBay. Coincidence perhaps, but that’s when it started.

  4. My niece is being charged for a crime, because someone from HER IP address attempted to switch funds from someone in her town’s PayPal acct. into her PayPal acct.

    My niece has no idea how to do anything like that.

    PayPal has NOT responded to 3 subpeonas to produce the trail of that transaction.

    Use PayPal at your own risk…

  5. You forgot the most important one;

    Do NOT allow automatic payments from your PayPal account, always require a password before authorizing any payments. And if possible, get verified by Visa.

  6. Before I researched and learned the “inside” story about how PayPal really works, AND, learned first hand how little PayPal is prepared to do for me to help recover money STOLEN from me by an unscrupulous eBay reseller, I used to use PayPal for every purchase on the internet. How easy! How simple.

    Actually, how SIMPLE MINDED. PayPal is not likely to do anything to help you if you’re swindled by the seller. Take that to the bank.

    PayPal is NOT regulated by any financial rules and regulations like other bank accounts, etc., because PayPal is NOT a credit card company or a bank! It’s a private company that can, and DOES, do whatever they wish to do with YOUR MONEY when it’s in their hands. They can freeze your account for any amount of time on any drummed up excuse. They use YOUR money to make money and pay you NOTHING. Read the legalese (if you’ve got a law degree and a week of free time.) It’s all to PayPal’s advantage and all totally under their control.

    Any money in a PayPal account is treated by PayPal as PayPal’s money. If you don’t like it, what exactly are you going to do about it? How many thousands are you willing to spend on lawyers to go after them for stealing a few hundred from you? Right… you’re not. They know it.

    Don’t take my word for any of this. Research the internet. Google PayPal Complaints. Read the thousands of horror stories about PayPal and eBay for yourself and come to your own conclusions. As for me, if any seller wants my business they’ll take my credit card or they can keep their product/service.

    If you’ve had nothing but good experiences so far with PayPal and eBay you’re not likely to quit using them now… but it’s only a matter of time before you too get screwed… THEN you’ll listen.

    Only FOOLS leave any money in their PayPal accounts. And you know what happens to fools and their money…

  7. I think that it is Apple’s fault because they let such a exorbitant amount of money leave your account. I understand Paypal allowing 450 dollars to leave your account and not having a spending limit because people buy things like computers. Using their Paypal account but in iTunes $450 should have raised a red flag….they could have a daily speeding limit

  8. Best tip yet: Get rid of PayPal!
    I had a PayPal acct. and almost as soom as eBay bought it, it began to screw up.
    It was finally such a mess that after three months of hassle it got straightened out and I cancelled it, never to look back.
    Beware, whenever eBay gets its hands on anything they mess it up.
    I have never regretted getting rid of my PayPal acct. If there is something that I want that will only accept PayPal, I can get it somewhere else or I really don’t want it that much.

  9. You need to add an addendum to #2. Make sure your browser has disabled Java Script or at least is not allowing Java Script to modify or change status bar text. Because Phishing sites utilize JavaScript to make their site(s) look like legitimate sites – and changing the status bar text is one way to do that.

    Now as for your hatred towards PayPal – it really seems uncalled for. I read your original blog post and it seems to me that PayPal did exactly what you told them to do – allow Apple/iTunes to use your PayPal account for payment. Your b!tch needs to be with Apple for their lack of security which allowed an unauthorized person to use an authorized payment method from your iTunes account.

    PayPal certainly has faults – there is no doubt there. But your anger needs to be re-focused towards Apple in this case.

    Good luck with your dispute.

  10. Hi Chris!

    Should I go to the bank and have a second bank account
    created for paypal? Would this be safer?

    When sign up for paypal instead of giving them my credit card
    information. Would be ok to give them my bank account
    number? Or would this be to risky?

  11. I’m concerned now since I sold an Imac to someone on ebay and they paid with paypal. Because I just started using them both to sell items they have placed a hold on the payment until this item and some previous are received by buyers. This is a large sum of money and makes me wonder if I should just cancel the whole thing and keep my items. I mean what if I send this out and they reverse it and I have to deal with the knucleheads at resolution center.Thoughts

  12. Someone hacked into my Paypal account just yesterday and transferred over $2100 from my credit card in less than 15 minutes using 3 different people as recipients without verified addresses, etc. And you think you have problems. Two of them were from out of the country. I am sure they used the Hacking into Paypal Tutorial. They worked from the inside, out. How safe are we? We’re not. This whole thing sucks. I had to close out my credit card, stop my Paypal account and now I sit and wait until they let the as—-oles comment back on their receipt of MY monies before they credit me back. How sick is that. Paypal needs do something NOW as far as protecting their clients.

  13. my 2 cents:been buying on ebay for some time with paypal,now i start selling,had some extra money in paypal so i wanted i had to link my bank with paypal,so they could transfer money to my bank.BIG MISTAKE!DO NOT EVER LINK ANY ACCOUNT TO PAYPAL TAKE A CHECK AND WAIT!with in 12 hrs linking my bank with paypal the fraud starts. it goes like this.first you get a debit from TOMMYHILFIGRECOMMERCE FOR $1.00,THIS IS TO CHECK IF IT IS A VALID ACCOUNT.THEN YOU GET CHARGES FROM MANY PLACES.MY ACCOUNT WAS WIPED OUT AND I OWED BANK $26.00.I CAUGHT IT WITHIN 24 HRS BANK TRACED CHARGES TO CLEAR PLAY A DVD RENTAL.$456.00 AND HAD CHARGES REVERSED.18 HRS LATER I HAD MY MONEY.I GOT LUCKY. WHILE BANK WAS TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED I WITHDREW MY MONEY.IN THE MEANTIME ,GOOD OLD TOMMYHILFIGERECOMMERSE MADE A $1.OO DEBIT AGAIN,HE WANTED THAT MONEY BACK!TOO LATE TOMMY!NEVER DID RECIEVE MY MONEY FROM PAYPAL,THEY JUST PLAY DUMB.NOW THAT ACCOUNT IS ON HOLD.Now from what ive read this is the pattern and paypal is a part of the scam,maybe is the scam.just too big to get caught.NOW I SAW THIS LINK RIGHT OFF.WHATS THE FBI DOING!PS GOOD OLE TOMMY IS LINKED WITH PAYPAL TOO.

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