What do You do for Extra Energy?

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Gummi Bears are just plain good. Most kinds of “gummi” candies are yummy. A few years ago, I put a Vader helmet onto a Gummi Bear and took a picture of it. You may not care about Gummi’s, but I bet you would if you knew they could keep you awake. If you aren’t into drinking those sugary drinks that will end up making you crash hard, and just don’t like the taste of other energy drinks… why not check out the new Loud Truck Gummis

The first energy Gummi with Guarana Extract (natural caffeine) & other Vitamins such as B12 & C which are known too stimulate metabolism and increase performance. You’ll enjoy the long lasting, great flavor and the maximum energy boost.

Loud Truck Gummies are produced using some of the best natural ingredients available, including Brazilian Guarana. This native of the Amazon is made from a gum containing the active ingredient, tannin. This astringent agent acts to stimulate your energy, much like caffeine, and is completely safe. Natives of Brazil crush the Guarana seeds and have made an energetic treat from them for centuries. Loud Truck contains Brazilian Grarana because of its natural properties. Natural energy is better for you, AND you experience no crash, like you do with other products. Physical and mental alertness are also energized in Loud Truck Gummies with theophylline and theobromine, the same substances found in cocoa, which are also present in Guarana. An additional benefit is weight loss, achievable using these agents, which serve to increase metabolism and reduce appetite. With Guarana, you may also experience increased alertness and improved athletic performance. It can also help with some forms of headache, especially after ingesting alcohol.

These also have Vitamin B12 in them, which is good for assisting with memory and learning. The Vitamin B2 in it will help with your immune system. Mix these with the Vitamin C in there, and they can help boost your overall health, as well.

The taste of them is actually good. They taste great. You’ll never realize there’s a difference between these and “real” Gummi Bears.


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15 thoughts on “What do You do for Extra Energy?”

  1. function: Alternative Energy is pretty darned effective, but tastes pretty darn bad. i usually stick with the traditional soda + push ups solution.

  2. Sweet! It’s awesome to see energy drink products like this.

    I drink energy drinks, Chris. I’m so crazy about them, my bud an I review them on Canned Reviews: http://cannedreviews.blogspot.com

    Energy drinks can be pretty effective, but yeah, some are just pure sugar.

    About the B Vitamins, I wouldn’t necessarily say it makes them healthy. B Vitamins are an essential in energy drinks.

    And you said this doesn’t give you jittery energy, but then, many energy drinks have Guarana and B Vitamins. I don’t always get the jitters with an energy drink.

    And speaking of awareness, I’m not so sure plain Guarana and B Vitamins give that much awareness. Ginkgo Biloba is way better at giving focus and concentration.

    Energy foods are pretty cool, but I think they could be a little dangerous. I know when I get into a bag of snacks I find it hard to stop eating. That’s not a good thing when there are multiple servings per bag or container and there’s a possibility of energy ingredient overdose.

    Yeah, I’ve got a lot to say about energy foods and drinks.

  3. I am always a little weary of the energy drinks/alternatives. I have this weird feeling that in 15 years we are going to hear stories that they affect some organ negatively.

  4. Hey Chris I really like the videos! And hope you like the iMac it is such a sleek and sexy looking computer! However back to the blog, the other day I saw on the news how you can turn some exercise machines into energy converts. So if you are working out on one those bike machines while you are working and losing calories you are making energy, now as I was thinking about this i came up with this one small flaw. You would still have to power the machine up with energy, thus losing energy, now in less you can bike like a stallion x 10 then you will be gaining that energy back. Yes overtime it will add up little by little, but I think if a company could learn to make it so you are not using as much energy to power the machine on and you are just making energy.


  5. Nice blog.I like the content and think that this blog is full of rich contents.I also think that there is a need to improve the natural energy resources so that we can perform better.
    Thanks for this blog.I’ll refer it to my friends and will bookmark it.

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