Gamers Raising Money for Charity through Gaming Marathons

I received a very interesting email recently from Cody, who goes by the name of Ninboycl in our chat room. He wanted to let me know about a very cool charity. I like the idea behind it so much, I had to pass it on for all of you to check out.

I am a follower of this group called TheSpeedGamers. They play video game marathons for charities that are in their area, and are in need of money. They have done a few of these marathons, but there are a few problems. They’re having a hard time getting publicity for the marathons, seemingly because they are promoting it for charities that aren’t well-known. They tried many times to gain publicity on well-known sites with high traffic. I was just wondering maybe you could mention them in one of your videos or blogs to possibly get more viewers for their upcoming 72 hour Metroid Marathon for St. Judes cancer fund starting on Friday, August 15 at 6pm CST. It would be great for publicity for upcoming marathons… and to boost their donations. I thought I would ask you as I know almost 80% of your audience (including me) are gamers, and it would be great if they could see this.

Cody, I am more than happy to pass along information about this wonderful group of gamers. Now THIS is what community is all about. TheSpeedGamers do gaming marathons to raise money for various charities. In their first marathon they raised $1090 for St. Jude. The second marathon they raised $1355 for Giggles Therapy, one of their local Autism organizations.

Keep up the great work, everyone. And to all of you reading this post… why not do what you can to help raise money for St. Jude’s? It’s an amazing organization, helping thousands of children every year.

14 thoughts on “Gamers Raising Money for Charity through Gaming Marathons”

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  2. AWESOME! I remember as a kid getting together with all my buddies for LAN parties and just staying awake all weekend for the hell of it. Now I would need intravenous coffee and toothpicks in the eyes.
    This is a great cause and I like that people are taking something like this and giving it to charity.

  3. Who said gaming was a bad influence…….I dont see that with this wonderful group of ppl…..just think when I was younger this would of been a great way to play games without getting yeld at by the parents lol…Mom I am helping kids with cancer I will be off in 5-6hours 😛

  4. Must be nice to be a gamer and have all that time to accomplish so little. My motto is “think like a spider and work like a dog”. My brother should have been a gamer. His company motto is, “We may be slow but we’re expensive.” (He does movie trailers).

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