How Do You Remember Your Passwords?

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We’ve talked about passwords before, and how to make them secure. You should also never use the same password in more than one location at the same time. If you’re like me, you have tons of passwords, for several different places. So how do you keep track of them, and remember them all? Writing them down on paper isn’t the best way to keep them secure. It definitely isn’t secure to keep them in a text file on your computer!

SuperGenPass allows you to remember just one password (your “master password”), which is used to generate unique, complex passwords for the Web sites you visit. SuperGenPass is a bookmarklet, so there’s no software to install. It works right from your Web browser and integrates with login forms. SuperGenPass never stores or transmits your passwords, so it’s easy and safe to use on multiple computers, even while traveling. It’s also completely free.

It doesn’t get any easier and safer than that. I recommend you check this site out. If you have other programs, websites or ways of keeping your passwords secure, let me know about them.

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15 thoughts on “How Do You Remember Your Passwords?”

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  2. I use a spreadsheet to keep all my passwords, I hate doing that. I keep them in a file on a drive secured by a physical key. What a waste – incredibly time consuming – and dumb. I need something simpler but have never found anything to be easy. So I always answer “yes” to “remember this password” in my browser – probably not a good idea but saves me a ton of time.

  3. I use Keepass on a thumbdrive and on my HTC Touch. One master password and the rest is taken care of. Its invaluable when you work in IT and have about 80 passwords.

  4. On the Mac I use 1Password, which has the ability to auto-generate secure passwords and auto-fill login forms. It plugs into Safari, Firefox, Camino, Flock and OmniWeb. Apart from that you can save any web form for auto-filling at the click of a button. Syncs with the iPhone, too (free iPhone app available in the App Store as of 7/29/08)

    If you’re on a PC you could take a look at RoboForm.

  5. KeePass Portable works well for me from a thumb drive. creates good passwords and you can organize them easily.

  6. Accck, a password protected encrypted excel file. Still don’t like the solution but I can open it on any system, excel, excel on OSX and even open office.

  7. i only like to have one password. having more than one password just seems kinda weird to me but yes if one person finds out your pass they could guess all your other stuff. not a good idea though.

  8. I use the Palm-syncable SplashID. It’s secure, very flexible, and syncs between my Treo and my laptop.

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