What's Your Favorite Computer Mouse?

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In all of your history of using a computer, what has been your favorite mouse? Is it the one your using now, or one that you had years ago that has since broken? Mine happens to be the one I’m using now. I’ve had several that I’ve really liked, but this one is just “it” for me. I’ve been using Apple’s wireless Mighty Mouse for about six months now, and I couldn’t be happier. At first, I didn’t think I’d take to it. But I love it! It’s very sleek. It doesn’t force my hand to sit a certain way. The wheel isn’t a “scroll” wheel, it sort of moves in all directions. The buttons on the side can be mapped to different commands. Even though there’s no right click button, there is a right click feature. I don’t know how Apple could even improve upon this. It would take a very very “mighty” mouse to get me to change.

Why am I bringing this up? RyanK sent me an email with his top five tips to keep in mind when shopping for a new mouse.

  • Don’t make your decision based only on price. If you see an 8$ mouse, don’t just run out and get it. It may be cheap, but it will probably break soon. In this case, buying name brands will benefit you. You may want to buy the same brand of mouse as your computer, as these mice were built with your computer in mind.
  • Think of what you want. Do you want wired or wireless? Keep in mind that wired mice don’t require batteries, and wireless mice do. Not all wireless mice are truly wireless. Some come with a “base station”. These type of mice are meant for a desktop, and are a hassle for laptops.
  • Keep it simple. Unless your are a super gamer, or would like to have 7 buttons on a mouse, a simple mouse is what you would want. Three buttons are usually what you will want or need. Five buttons just allow you to press a button and perform a task without clicking. If you’re not a computer guru, you could continually bump one of those buttons accidentally… and that can be disastrous at times.
  • Size does matter. Keep in mind what purpose this mouse will hold. If you’re not typing, chances are your hand is on the mouse. A smaller, portable mouse may work on the go, but sitting at a desk with hand cramps won’t. I suggest buying a regular size mouse. Don’t waste money on a portable one. Besides, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is nothing you want.
  • Don’t forget the mouse pad. When purchasing the pad, look at the material, not the picture. I found that softer material works better for an optical mouse, and plastic-like material works better for a ball. Make sure you spend the money for a good quality mouse pad, so it doesn’t begin to tear in just a few weeks.

So what mouse is your all-time favorite, and why?


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40 thoughts on “What's Your Favorite Computer Mouse?”

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  3. Well I can honestly say that my Logitech G5 gaming mouse has been the BEST mouse I have ever used. The mouse has several nice features like sensitivity control w/ buttons actually on the mouse to control that, programmable side-button (I use this personally as my T/S and Ventrilo hotkey) and a scroll wheel that goes both forward, backward, and side-to-side.

  4. I’ve used my logitech mx518 for years now, and it’s a great mouse. It has yet to let me down!
    I’m not sure if they’re still sold, though. It’s a 3-year-old mouse at least, and I’m worried that it’ll give up soon.
    Is the mighty mouse wired, and is it a good choice for, say, fps gaming?

  5. I love my 5 button Optical Microsoft IntelliMouse that is somewhere between 7-10 years old, I have had several, none have ever failed, broke one trying to get more slack on the cord… 🙁

    I love how no matter what I plug it into (at least running windows) it has buttons on both the left and right side that in any browser or in explorer I can use to go backward and forward pages.

    I also continue using it because almost all gaming mice and many others are made for those who are right handed exclusively, where as my intellimouse is ambidextrous.

    I’ve tried a mighty mouse, liked it, but I don’t see myself buying one unless all of my current mice fail and I can’t get a replacement.

    To myself look is not a huge factor either.

  6. I use a trackball. The Kensington Expert Mouse Optical Trackball is probably my favourite, though I know no one else really uses them anymore. Outside of that, I mostly use the Logitech Marble Mouse. They’re both easy to use. I like the control a trackball gives me and I like not having to move my arm around.

    I can’t use trackballs that involve your thumb; I’m just not that coordinated with mine. And I don’t like using a regular mouse because it hurts my elbow after a while.

  7. It’d be the MI mouse I’ve been using for probably close to 5 or 6 years. It’s a cheap POS, but whereas the keyboard kicked long ago, the mouse has stood defiant.

  8. I really like the MX Revolution in terms of comfort, but that’s where it ends. It’s wireless, and has to many buttons for my likings. I’ll settle for my nice Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 from Microsoft for now. Until I can afford something better 😀

  9. I’ve been using MS’s wireless laser mouse 8000 — the bluetooth one. I like it mostly for aesthetics — the brushed aluminum back is just *that* much nicer than the typical plastic.

    I mean there’s other reasons too. I like the shape and it just feels comfortable compared to most of the mice I’ve used, although most of those have been MS mice of various types in corporate settings. Still, that brushed aluminum just gets to me.

  10. My favorite mouse is probably the one I’m using right now, the wired apple mighty mouse. Being that I do a lot of things graphics-wise, I really benefit from the “360 degree” scroll ball

  11. Logitech MX Revolution for the desktop.
    Logitech VX Revolution for the MacBook.
    The Apple Mighty is an design only mouse. Unfortunately. Isn’t comfortable to work with for a longer time.
    Altogether a personal choice 😉

  12. I like the MS cordless – and I LIKE those two side buttons (forward & back). Mine has a tilt wheel, so it sorta (I assume) approximates the mouse you’re using.

  13. Yay! Chris loves his wireless mighty mouse! I’ve had mine for about a week now, and I absolutely love it as well! I was a little hesitant about buying it at first, because of how people said it was crappy and a piece of junk that breaks all the time… I figured I’d try it out, and when I did, I just fell in love with it!

    My favorite features are definitely the scroll wheel, the look and feel, and the customization. I’ve got the basic right and left click, and when I click the wheel, it opens Spaces, so it’s really easy to switch without using the keyboard. It’s so convenient, and so far, works flawlessly.

  14. I am using just basic wired (laser) Microsoft mouse. I have had wireless mice in the past and they have all died on me. Every single one. I have used a touchpad for a while also.

  15. I have been using aGyration gyro mouse for a couple of years now, I have to say that once you get use to not having to keep your hand on the desk to mouse you really miss it when you go somewhere and have use a desk surface, love it for games.

  16. Wireless Mighty Mouse!

    Pros: Stylish, white, functional, and simplistic. Works well, syncs easily

    Con: Expensive

    Summary: The best basic mouse out there if cost isn’t a major concern. It’s also the same size and shape as the vent opening on my car’s dashboard, so it doesn’t slide around when I’m driving if placed there … a great CarMac mouse!

  17. I have an Apple wireless mighty mouse and a Logitech MX Revolution. I prefer the Logitech. The scroll wheel is superb. There are several buttons which can be programed to do many different things using the Logitech software. I have the button below the scroll wheel set to delete and one of the buttons along the side to minimize. This works well when using Thunderbird and Firefox. I can delete a message or close a tab with the delete button and can minimize the Thunderbird window when I want to use the Firefox window or minimize the Firefox window when I want to use the Thunderbird window. As mentioned by others, it does not have replaceable batteries and must be recharged by putting it into a recharging stand. The mouse has indicator lights which show how much charge remains. I generally set the mouse in it’s recharging stand at the end of the day about every three days. This is a slight inconvenience and the charging stand takes up space on my desktop.

  18. i use a Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse 3000 it is very comfortable it also has good battery life.

  19. MS Trackball Explorer–Microsoft really needs to get this thing back on the shelves again. It’s a great mouse, and mine is on the verge of ending its life.

  20. To be honest, I chose my mouse because it flashes pretty colors. I only have a laptop and I have to travel with it a lot, so I’ve always used a mini-mouse. I have small-ish hands, though, so if I were a guy or if they were bigger, I’d probably go with a regular one. Actually, when I tried to use a regular mouse it felt awkward for me because it was so big and I wasn’t used to it.

    I did go through a number of cheap and not so cheap mouses…the microsoft mouse broke pretty quick and I think I spent a little more than 30 dollars on it (I did buy it in London, though, so the exchange rate might have gyped me there)

    Mine is a Targus and I know it’s going to break eventually like most minimouses, but I think the quality is good so far.

  21. My favourite mice are those laptop nubs, I just love them.
    However, my MacBook’s trackpad is probably second.

  22. I love Microsoft mice…especially when I have the Intellipoint software installed. I use a Wheel Mouse Optical and I love it, but I’ve also used other MS mice and they are wonderful. The Mighty Mouse is also one that I like, but only if the two button setup is there and when the side buttons open Exposé. And wired all the way baby…I can’t stand wireless mice, except for rechargeable ones.

  23. Well I like a mouse that really fits in my hand. I have recently bought the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000, and will soon be getting the Logitech Nano for another computer. Ergonomics is most import for me. 🙂

  24. on my Mac i love using my mighty mous
    on my windows machine i use som wirless mouse igot over a year ago
    not sure what company it is
    but it must be a good one because it still woriking

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