What's Your Best Bowling Score, Ever?

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Eric is a regular visitor in our live community, who goes by than handle of iBowler or Bowler4Ever. He is an avid bowler, and sent in his tips to help all of you bowl higher scores! While I read Eric’s bowling tips, I had a video done by XXOwnsXY from our chat room. She was playing around with OECake in that video, and it’s way cool.

  • Know your shoe size! You need special shoes to bowl in, as street shoes can damage the approach. If you don’t know, check inside your shoe for a tag or the bottom part of the shoe.
  • After you get your lane, look for the bowling ball that weighs the perfect amount for you and make sure it fits your hand!
  • Whatever your body weight is, take 10% from it. That would be the weight of your ball. BUT, if it’s too heavy, keep going a pound lighter until it feels somewhat decent for you.
  • Don’t EVER get the tightest fit for you. If you’ve checked out YouTube, people have launched balls into the ceiling…and clocks! Also, never get balls with the fingerholes too big…you don’t want to get a broken foot! Make sure it’s snug, but still loose enough for you fingers!
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN THE BOWLING AREA! There’s a reason why those signs are all over the place. What happens if you spill soda all over the approach? You stick! sugary carbonated water turns into a sticky syrup that is a PAIN to clean off the approach and the shoes!…And if you fall and hurt yourself…it’s nobody’s fault but your own. Don’t even bring water down there (precautionary measures).
  • You see that black line where the gutters start? Don’t you DARE go past it! That line is called the foul line and what it does is a) Lets you know that you went too far down and b) saves you from injury. Why? Because after that line there is a ton of oil that goes the rest of the way down the lane a certain distance. That oil is clear and very slippery and you WILL get hurt!
  • Bowler’s Courtesy. Now I know you’re new to the game and all that, but league bowlers (such as myself) HATE it when people just rush up right beside or even in front of them and bowl. It’s very agitating and dangerous! Bowling balls weigh up to 16 pounds and if yo get smacked by one of those suckers, you’re going to get some broken bones!
  • If you’re bowling on the first or last lane of the bowling center, do NOT go down that aisle and knock down the pins that way. Why? It’s dangerous and you can get kicked and banned from the center. It’s happened! So don’t do it!

If you’re a bowler, what’s your highest score ever? What silly mistakes or “oopsies” have you made while bowling?


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