What's the Best External Battery for the PSP, iPod, or iPhone?

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Several blogs have reported that the battery life of the iPhone 3G and the original iPhone running 2.0 have put a damper on the phone to last all day. Despite the fact that the battery life of the 3G is bad, it’s still better than other phones like it. It’s true that it drains fast. What are you gonna do? You could carry a cord around with you wherever you go, or get some kind of external battery pack.

I’ve had my Lenmar external battery pack for awhile, and never really used it much. It’s an excellent device though. It’s a high-capacity external battery that will charge any USB device, so long as you have the proper cable. That would includes a DS, PSP, iPhone, iPod, Zune.. anything that charges via USB. Yes, it’s as big as the iPhone itself, but not nearly as heavy. It does the job, though, which is what matters.

When you’re traveling, using one of these just makes sense. Why carry tons of separate chargers with you? Simply take an external battery with you, and charge all your devices with it. It has a mini USB connection, and a regular one. There’s an indicator light that will tell you whether anything is charging or not, and turns off when the device is fully charged.

These aren’t cheap to buy, but it’s actually saving you money. Think of buying 3 or more separate chargers for devices. Keep in mind, as well, that even proprietary chargers still charge via USB. Using this helps me get through the day, and doubles my charge on my iPhone. I’ll be looking for an external battery made specifically for an iPhone. So, pass along your recommendations!

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