Have You Updated Your DNS Settings?

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If you have your own website, sit still and listen closely. What I’m going to talk to you about is that important. Even more important is for you to pass this information on to your friends, family and coworkers. What happens when you go to open your favorite website and it’s not there? Well, it’s possible you have some malware there, yes. But it’s also likely it’s a security flaw in your DNS.

Recently, a significant threat to DNS, the system that translates names you can remember (such as www.doxpara.com) to numbers the Internet can route ( was discovered, that would allow malicious people to impersonate almost any website on the Internet. Software companies across the industry have quietly collaborated to simultaneously release fixes for all affected name servers.

The problem is, there is a flaw that is going through your DNS. You can protect yourself by setting yourself to OpenDNS. This can affect you no matter what computer or operating system you’re using, and no matter what ISP you may have. If you connect to the Internet, you need to have DNS servers. Your computer needs to know how to match an IP address with a domain name.

How do you know if your DNS settings have been compromised? Head over to DoxPara. Dan has done a fantastic job of putting all of this information together for you, along with the tool to help you see if you’ve been compromised. Whether you’re an Expert or a novice… you need to check your DNS now. You’ll be safe if you switch to OpenDNS.

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