How do You Build and Host a Web Form?

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When you need to get information from people, it’s good to get it on a voluntary basis. If you’re going to collect information from people online, it’s best to build your own form. There’s no easy way of building a powerful form, is there? You could always pay someone to create an onlie form for you. But then, you’ll just have to pay again every time something needs to be changed or updated. Well, instead of spending your money, why not check out JotForm.

JotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. Its intuitive drag and drop user interface makes form building a breeze. Using JotForm, you can create forms, integrate them to your site and collect submissions from your visitors.

JotForm is developed mainly for webmasters, but anybody with an Internet connection can use it. JotForm is WYSIWYG, so you can still make web forms without any web design or HTML experience. Since JotForm is hosted on our servers, there are no requirements. JotForm supports all standard web form field types. In addition, it allows you to use new and intuitive fields in your form such as Date Time Picker, Star Ratings, or CAPTCHA checks. Using JotForm, you can create any kind of web form.

JotForm is completely free for Basic usage. You can create forms, integrate them into your site, and collect submissions from your users without any cost.

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9 thoughts on “How do You Build and Host a Web Form?”

  1. Wow! This site is really useful for me since I am building a website right now. I have tried other form creators but this one is the easiest. Why didn’t I find this before?

  2. Though I do know quite a bit of HTML, this website would be great for beginners, or people who just need a quick form for something. Forms are easy to design in HTML, but not everyone has the time to create them, especially if they need to get a form online quickly. I’m surprised that this website has as many features as it does, and I don’t doubt that I will use this in the future.


  3. It’s a nice idea, but I’d rather just write my own form with HTML. There are quite a few issues. I would personally like it better if they generated the code for you rather than an iframe. Iframes can cause issues in certain browsers. Also, if I put the iframe on my site, unless I know HTML and edit the form source, The form will have a white background, but what if my site has a tan background?

    I’d rather use PHP to make a form, or just have it send the data to a specific email address.

    Once again, good idea, but there are issues that need to be addressed.


  4. I really don’t see the point of using HTML code to create a form box. With Google docs now available, this is a much more organized alternative to the regular form. I really enjoy it’s easy-to-edit style and seamless user interface.

    I’m really starting to think that with Google Docs around that the Online Form will slowly ease it’s way into our history books. The world is becoming Googleized.

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