Why Aren't All Linux Live CDs Customizable?

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Yes, Linux is an operating system that I do recommend to people at times. I don’t use Linux as my operating system, but I do have several Linux live CDs. A live CD is one that is started as an ISO file that you download, burn it to a CD, pop it into your drive and reboot. Your computer will run Linux from memory, without writing it to your hard drive. There are even ways that you can put a Linux distro on a flash drive, which is nice. I can carry it around with me, along with some diagnostic tools. This way, if I am working on a machine that won’t boot into Windows, I can open it up with Linux.

The problem that I always have with live CDs for Linux is that when they’re built, they include things I would never include. Or, they don’t put in things that I feel I should have. It just isn’t a very customizable experience. I got a few emails from a community member named Aaron the other day. He wanted to send me to a place where I can customize my Linux live CDs any way I want them.

At Custom NimbleX, you can easily create your own customized version of Linux that only you and the people you share it with will be able to use. Now, you won’t find everything that is available for Linux here, of course, but it is very comprehensive. You can choose to go with a clean, simple customization, or you can choose to create an extremely in-depth one.

You can even choose your default wallpaper(s), including your username, and including the volume at which the controller is set on boot. It’s very easy to create one of these, and absolutely free. If you choose to create a ‘custom’ CD, you choose what categories you want included… and then choose the software! Add what you want, and know you’ll use. Leave the rest alone. How cool is it to finally be able to choose what YOU want and need?


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