Is This the World's Best Metasearch Site?

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Back in April, I shared a private invite to those of you who were following me on Twitter. Anytime I stumble across new websites, or get invites to pass out for something new, I try to pass them along right away. Even though you may think you have enough websites already, you really need to check this one out.

Viewzi is a new way to search. I know, I know… you are a faithful Google user. But just take a moment to pay attention to this with an open mind. You may just find yourself using Viewzi often.

Viewzi is Metasearch. It will change the way you think about search engines. Viewzi will then ask you how you want to view the data that is found. What types of views are there?

  • Celebrity Photo View
  • Web Screenshot View
  • Simple Text View
  • Viewzi News View
  • Video x3 View
  • Basic Photo View
  • 3D Photo Cloud View
  • Site Information View
  • 4 Sources View
  • The Weather View
  • Album View
  • MP3 Search View
  • Everyday Shopping View
  • Amazon Book View
  • TechCrunch
  • Recipe View

Choosing one of the above views will give you different results, culled from different places. For instance, the Video x3 View will give you three strips of videos that match the words you searched for. It pulls in results from places like Veoh and YouTube. The really cool thing is that in those strips, the thumbnails are animated.

Viewzi is amazing when shopping, because it will do the work FOR you. It searches places like eBay and Amazon and brings you only results that really work for you. It will fit your needs better than what Google does.

Viewzi will change the way you view your search results.

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