How to Make Graphics for T-Shirts and Mugs

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Have you ever tried to take a color picture and turn it into a black and white one? I don’t mean greyscale… I’m talking just black and white. If you’re not skilled with using an image editor, you’re going to have to rely on a service. I found an excellent website that will take those color photos of yours, and turn them into a very cool work of art.

Magnigraph allows you to easily create your own cool-looking magnigraphs a picture or sketch. Your magnigraph can then be scaled down for printing on T-shirts, mugs, or posters. You can either use a picture that is already on your computer, or enter the URL of a photo on the Web. Low-resolution, high contrast images work the best, and please make sure you don’t use someone’s copyrighted material without their permission.

It takes only a couple of seconds for your image to render. There are a few different options you can play around with. Click on the red or blue links at the top of the picture, and your image will render in those colors, instead. Easily change the size proportionally by clicking one of the preset sizes just above the picture, as well.

Why would you want to turn a color picture into a black and white one? You can use these to print onto tote bags, coffee mugs, or any number of other items to meet your promotional needs. This is extremely simple, and a lot of fun to use. Have fun playing around with your pictures today!

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