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I asked my friends what they thought of the new Pixar movie, Wall-E – and many of you thought very highly of it (myself included). Ponzi and I saw it opening night with a couple of our neighbors, and I think she was the only one who wasn’t quite impressed with the flim.

I’m confident there will be a sequel – quite possibly, a television series? Here’s what you think:

In a word? Excellent. – Evan Sims
I enjoyed the plot, the characters, the flow, and the visuals. I really felt for the little guy – didn't want the movie to end. That, and EVE was true to female form – upset at the stupid things Wall*E does, but eventually understands there's a method to his madness. 🙂 – You
Rocked my socks off. BEAUTIFUL. – Erin Kotecki Vest
HIDE because I haven't seen it 😛 – Brian Daniel Eisenberg
and liked again for lockergnome's female form comment. 🙂 – edythe
Anil Dash's reiview from twitter just moments ago: "E.T. R2D2 Matrix Prequel romance = Wall-E. Best dystopian nightmare future anti-consumerist animated kids' movie I've seen all year." – Agreed. – Jason Toney
Comment Like Reshare – Hao Chen
Review here – http://www.flixster.com/user/m…. Wall-E is the greatest tribute to Chaplin. It ain't no junk food, but a connoisseur's delight! – Mario Sundar
The themes in WALL E have been haunting me all day. No other Pixar film has made me think like this. Plus, the story is just cute. /me loves the botz. I can haz 1? – Christine Cavalier
i have nothing to add to anil's review except to say that its a complete home run for pixar. i completely loved it… – tommy payne
Loved it, loved it, loved it. I would happily see it again in a theater and I NEVER say that! – Jennifer F
With or without spoilers? Excellent movie, excellent production values, mildly annoyingly preachy message overcome by cuteness factor. – Lucretia Pruitt
Wall-E. Charming, clever, breath-taking. Love. – byteful traveller
love love loved it!!! so much so, I saw it twice! – Kat
Mac startup sound on reboot! Gotta love the irony. Movie was biggest kid pic since nemo. – JMac of Earth
I loved it also. I'm a sucker for Pixar but this one really feels like high concept in places but in subtle beautiful ways. – Michael Kowalchik
I'm heading out to see it in a few hours. – Vermyndax
i posted the top ten reasons Wall-E is a Mac at http://www.justinvanrheenen.co…Justin
Absolutely fantastic. One of Pixar's best films yet. – Chip Hayner
The story was a little slow, but it had its funny moments and was overall a good family movie. 3/5 because I've come to expect more from Pixar. p.s., Scoble has solicited a bunch of comments too. – Kevin LeCureux
Funny, saw this post right after coming home from seeing it. I loved it. It seemed a bit short, but that's because it was a good movie. 😛 I want a sequel! – Eddie Ringle
Best Pixar film! Best film, in general, that I've seen in years! – Tim Cleary
I have only seen trailers but it already looks like one of the best Pixar movies ever. – Daniel Schildt
It's a super movie. Animation is wonderful, and I like the simplicity of the movie. But, it's too bad they have to try to indoctrinate kids at such a young age. What happened to simply fun cartoons. The "save the earth" message is there, not as blatant as "Arctic Tale" was though. "Arctic Tale" should have been rated G for Global Warning. Over all though, WALL-E is a fun movie. – Rus Jeffrey
I just got back from the movie. It was great. I loved the creativity that went into it. Pixar/Disney has done it a gain. 4 of 5. There weren't many action scenes. – Daniel
My kids are out watching it with my wife. I really wanted to go. 🙁 – Hal Rottenberg via twhirl
definitely 4/5 – actually rather cynical about the rise of Wal-Mart and industrialization, but hopeful; the intro cartoon was absolutely great as well – Mark Dykeman
I'm sure its already started, but if not, there needs to be a Best Picture Oscar campaign for Wall-E. Everyone can relate to the Wall-E's loneliness and understand why he goes all out for EVE. At the same time, the movie tries to show us what could happen if we depend on technology so much and the role of hope in redemption. Yes, the movie is preachy, but its still wonderful. Plus the Apple homages (no doubt because of Steve Jobs relationship with Pixar and Apple) are cute. Wall-E lives up to the hype. – Nick Ali
I liked it. Got my son a souvineer watch too:) http://chris.leckness.com/2008…Chris Leckness
I won tickets on the radio to see Wall�e, but I would definitely pay to see this film again! Wonderful film for everyone to see! It's an awesome film… going to buy this film for my collection! – Amber A.

Now, if you didn’t answer before, what are your thoughts on Wall-E?

14 thoughts on “Wall-E Reviews: Pixar Movie Magic”

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  3. WallE is beautiful in every sense of the word. The love story is powerful and heartfelt, and the visual majesty of each and every frame is truly awe-inspiring. Somehow, Pixar has outdone /all/ their earlier work – not a small feat by any measure. Also, make sure and check out the beginning of the credits for Art History 101.

  4. Another Mac reference I noticed in the movie was the Autopilot’s voice. It is the “Ralph” voice for OS 9. (Probably OS X too, haven’t checked.)

  5. Honestly, this movie stinks of political propaganda. I went to see “Wall-E” and expected to get my money’s worth — but did not. As a matter of fact I considered demanding my money back. I was gravely disappointed and appalled at its content. It does not measure up to previous Pixar movies. Within 5 minutes, I felt sick to my stomach. It seemed as though I was watching an unrealistic version, even though it was computer animated, of Al Gore’s global warming hoax, “An Inconvenient Truth”. Throughout the entire film, I felt I was being barraged by a propaganda tool as I sat among many families with young children in the theatre. “Wall-E” depicts a dead, life-deprived world of the near future, machines in control of people, and portrays all people as fat, stupid, and irresponsible with no idea of outside issues. It has a very unpatriotic theme designed toward creating an atmosphere of despair, fear, and uncertainty. Pixar should remember that it is a family-geared entertainment company. This film openly and shamelessly presents the desire to be politically correct and passes it off as appropriate entertainment for children.

  6. LOVED WALL-E! This will be in my movie collection as soon as it goes up for sale. Some of the most sublime sequences since “2001” and a truly lovable, fun cast of characters. Frankly, though I’d LOVE to see more of Wall-E, I’m not sure I want there to be a sequel – I don’t know how they could top this and a lukewarm “second act” would be a letdown. I wholeheartedly recommend this film to EVERYONE, big and small alike.

  7. I only saw the previews and was not really impressed at all. What is the movie about? I was just left with a feeling that Wall-E was a cheap R2D2 E.T. wanna be and he does not look as cute as either one.

  8. I was wanting to see this movie but my g/f saw it ahead of time with her sister. From what I was told by her it was a good movie. I shall see about seeing it myself.

  9. I was very disappointed with this movie. From the first scenes, it was dark, dank, and colorless. It was monotonous in its repetition of the same themes throughout. I was expecting to see a colorful, lighthearted, enjoyable film with a meaningful theme throughout. Instead, it was a social commentary aimed at propagandizing children and adults alike. The main characters, Wall-e and Eva were visually simplistic, lacking interest. Eva was merely an egg whose only expressions were her eyes and occasionally her hands.

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