Where do you Find Photo Fun?

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I love being able to manipulate images on my computer and even within my web cam. There are just so many different things you can do. If you visit Cameroid online and click on the “Scenes” button, you can apply any of their pre-defined themes or templates to your images. Cameroid is free, and simple to use. It lets you take crazy pictures from right within your browser. Cameroid is brought to us by the makers of SlideShow.

There’s nothing to install. You have to have Adobe Flash on your computer. And, of course, you need a web cam. You don’t need a web cam with sound if you don’t have one. There are some really cool templates on Cameroid. There’s a monkey, the Mona Lisa, a ninja, Frankenstein, and even a GNOME! You don’t have to apply one of the scenes. You can also distort the image, blur it, select certain areas, or change the color filters. If you want to take a fun but serious photo, you can add any one of several different frames around yourself.

The images can be easily saved to your hard drive to upload elsewhere or email to friends. Want to see some of what I did?

Oxygen Deprived

Humpty Dummy

Frankenstein's Other Monster

UFO Sighted in Seattle

Gnome Gnome

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10 thoughts on “Where do you Find Photo Fun?”

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  2. I like this a lot, because now I don’t have to download or buy new software to do simple things with my webcam. Thanks!

  3. Cool, if you use mac os x, then you can already have similar feature in iChat. I have a lot of fun with that too. But this website can be really fun and make yourself look stupid 😀

  4. This site is a million times better than any other webcam manipulation software I’ve ever come across…I think it even rivals PhotoBooth. You don’t have to install anything, and there are some great filters and scenes and frames for it, It’s great. I used Cheese a lot in Linux, but it’s not that great at all. I’ve been playing with Cameroid so much that I think I have my Facebook pictures set up for life now. Lol.

    Thanks to whoever emailed it to him. Now I’m going to be playing with this instead of programming when I get back to school.

  5. personally i love Photoshop Express. its free and you dont have to download ANYTHING! its all online, and very easy to use. it has all the basic photo editing options and tools, and some fun and useful ones too!! try it out, i reccomend it!

  6. personally i reccomend Photoshop Express. i use it and its great. theres nothing to download and best of all its free! its easy to use and you can save your photos to the album online. it has all the basic tools to edit photos and more!

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