Can you Paint Graphics in your Web Browser?

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I’m still struggling to find an image editor that I can really fall in love with. I’ve tried pretty much everything out there. I want it to be powerful, but simple at the same time. In some cases, all I need is a quick and easy way of doing one thing, and may not have software installed. I could use… Microsoft Paint. What? Nah, not gonna happen. I’m just not good with it, and need something better when creating an image. What do you use when you need to create or draw something? I’m talking simple… not Photoshop Elements. I’m still looking for something I’ll probably never find.

Until I find one that truly floats my boat, I’ll be usingSumoPaint. My friend David sent this along to me. You know I love web-based apps that are useful, and this one definitely is. SumoPaint gives you simple but powerful tools for creating and/or editing images right in your browser. You don’t even have to sign up for an account. There’s nothing to install, of course. You can then save your images to your computer, or to your SumoPaint account if you chose to register one. There are tons of tools included. You can select, move, smudge or blur. You can add text. You can zoom in and out, flip the canvas and so much more.

Thanks, David, for passing this along. It will definitely stay in my bookmarks. I’d love to see something like this inside an Adobe Air application, for sure.

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19 thoughts on “Can you Paint Graphics in your Web Browser?”

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  2. Try for starters its open source. Community members are constantly making tutorials and plug-ins. It takes up less then 5mb. It compatible with many different file types. You can even add new ones. If you down load the files you can even open&save photophop files. The only drawback is that it runs on Microsoft .net framework. That right you cant run it on a mac unless you use a emulator.

  3. Hey Chris, thanks for sharing SumoPaint. I’m wondering if you’ve seen Boinx FotoMagico. It’s got the power of Photoshop (or close enough) and it’s simple enough for the average user. And the price beats Photoshop by a long shot. Only $49! Just thought I’d suggest that.

  4. Chris, I have tried every Graphics program also, try going back to Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, every ver past 2.0 is trash.


  5. Gotta love webbrowser based applications, they are just the future of software in my opinion, imagine if like.. 80% of the software you are using is webbroser based, you wouldn’t be using that much disk space, and then you can maybe have more media files, and omg, you can actually have that hosted in some service like mobile me I guess

  6. For fast, quck photo editing and simple draw and painting on the web, i still like PaintShopPro – Corel now owns it.

    I started with the original PSP and now they are at version 11 or more (right now, I still have ver. 10 – which is “almost” a dup of Adobe Photoshop, but not as complex).

  7. I use Adobe Fireworks CS3 … it is probably about as powerful as Photoshop, but far easier to use. I am in love with it; I can’t stand having to use Photoshop or any other similar program.

  8. I did enjoy sumopaint. Although I am in agreement that it would be nice if it could be used in adobeair, I think it is a great program. I do have adobe photoshop CS2, along with illustrator and others. They are great programs but I do admit it would be nice to have a semi-powerful, fast image editor. On my PC I use photoshop, but when I am on a go with my laptop, I use sumopaint for quick use and I do not have to install anything.

  9. Wow thanks chris, i think i have to keep this one in long term memory. I think i can use this. The stuff I can do with it, it’s similar to photoshop, it’s great. You did it again! Thanks chris

  10. Dam this is one good web site, this new thing thats kicking off where people are making websites that look like desktop apps there unbelievably easy to use and can be used on any computer with an internet connection none of this business of thinking oh will it work with vista or will it work witch Mac OS 10 it wont matter because its web based.

  11. You know Chris…. I disagree fully with you saying that photoshop is too intense. Even as a simple image drawing program (a paint substitute), it works great for me. I saved my money up for a long time to get the big version of photoshop (CS3) and I adore it! After watching tons of photoshop tutorial podcasts, I have learned tons about photoshop and LOVE goofing around.

    In my opinion, it is a great tool if you can afford it.


  12. Thanks Chris. If I can remember the address and if I need an app like that, It’s nice to know that there is such an app that can be used for free. There are times when I screencapture and I don’t want to do a search for something that can draw on the image. Takes a long time to find a freebie and by the end, I’m bored and quit.

  13. Chris thank you for the great tips as always I tried this out and it was amazing. In my opinion it was way better than microsoft paint.

  14. I would like to get paint tool for Browser which can work with my JAVA application for client sharing their creativity, application like simply as mspaint which should not be part of any website.
    1. Standalone swf file which can give us to create and edit image and store by online and system.
    Do u have any idea about it pls share?

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