Who are the Internet's Top Video Producers?

I’ve been recording media for Internet distribution since… ever since I could with one of Sony’s first Mavicas (the FD7, which recorded images on a floppy disk). In fact, one of my Gnomies found and published my first webcam recording (which I’ll never live down). I’ve been streaming live video for well over a year now, and I’ll get to those statistics later in this post.

I first mentioned TubeMogul in this blog when it was nothing more than a project it was interesting, but not really what I needed at the time. As I started to produce a regular array of videos, their “sneezing” service evolved enabling me to distribute a single video to several networks without having to encode / upload / tag / describe / name it more than once. Today, TubeMogul released their first Top 40 list – and with 30,000 other publishers, I’m in good company:

  1. Next New Networks
  2. Chris Pirillo
  3. Howcast
  4. For Your Imagination
  5. Tornante
  6. WatchMojo
  7. iJustine
  8. Nalts
  9. MyDamnChannel
  10. Ford Models
  11. CBS Interactive
  12. HBO
  13. Rocketboom
  14. FUNimation Productions
  15. National Lampoon
  16. Big Pictures
  17. Sub Pop Records
  18. Rhett and Link
  19. PopCrunch Media
  20. PBS
  21. Independent Comedy TV
  22. Billboard.com
  23. The Movie Preview Critic
  24. IPC Media
  25. Hayden Black / Evil Global Corp
  26. Century Media Records
  27. Tango Media
  28. DailyIdea
  29. Effinfunny
  30. Newsbusters
  31. Katr Pictures
  32. Young Hollywood
  33. Warner Bros
  34. Fox
  35. Vlaze Media Networks
  36. Gagfilms
  37. Click for Lessons
  38. EMI
  39. Nike
  40. Sony Pictures

You read that right: I’m #2 this month, though I don’t know how long I’ll remain in the top 10 (with competition like HBO, PBS, CBS, iJustine, Warner Bros, and Sony Pictures). Understand, too, that these numbers only reflect the videos that were being tracked through TubeMogul – not my independent uploads to either YouTube or my iTunes podcast feed.

In my humble opinion, our live video stats are even more impressive: over 5 million unique live video viewers watched me do my “thing” in 2007 – a total of 2+ million LIVE viewer hours with an average viewing time of 25 minutes per visitor. Imagine what could happen if I worked with a larger media brand for both live and produced videos?

I guess, for me, the idea of being back “on television” is kinda… over.