How do You Update your Friends with what's Happening Now?

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When you want to update your friends as to what you’re doing, how do you contact them? Do you call them or email them? Or do you maybe send out a Twitter or MySpace bulletin? Any of these things could take you a lot more time than necessary, having to log into all these different places. How do you know you’re getting your information to everyone, in all places? These sites keep getting more and more plentiful. It’s good… and bad. It’s good because it’s nice to see innovation. It’s bad because people leave one place and become active in another, and then they aren’t staying up-to-date with you!

It’s hard to stay updated with all of these places. Luckily, there is a new service that is in private beta that will help. Ping FM is a new service that will make your social networking life much easier. You simply update what you’re doing through their service, and it will shoot it out everywhere you have memberships. At first, there were only a couple of sites listed to shoot them to. Now, they are up to seventeen different places! There are several ways to update, as well. Use your AIM or GTalk accounts, an iPhone or iTouch, shoot off a text message, or an email! You can configure which sites and accounts you want messages to go to.

If you’re interested in downloading and trying this out, use the code: letmeping. So check it out for yourself! How much easier can it be to keep everyone clued in on what’s going on with you, at any given time? This is getting a huge thumbs up from me. Hopefully even more services and sites will be added as time goes on!


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10 thoughts on “How do You Update your Friends with what's Happening Now?”

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  2. Thanks a lot of the beta code Chris! I saw that you have been posting lately using this and i tried to get in but i needed a beta code. And then tonight i was surfing around your site and saw that you posted this. This does come in handy as now i can update what i am doing from anywhere i am as long as i have internet. All i have to do is log onto my AIM from my phone bam its updated on all my networks. So thank you so much for this!


  3. I really love 🙂 They’ve added a lot more services lately! I like using it on my cellphone because I can only type so much on a celly! Great video Chris. 😀

  4. Good call Chris!

    The customer trigger is where it’s at! You can set up a custom trigger, name it #micro (or whatever you please) and specify your update to go to any social sites you assign to that custom trigger. In my case Twitter/Plurk/Jaiku.

    Very clever service!

  5. I started using like a week ago, I got the code using google search lol, and wow, it’s like the most usefull social network tool I’ve seen so far, I love it, in conjuction with friend feed, they actually do really good team.

    I update all on, and I have a friendfeed box on my iGoogle, also on my facebook, so I don’t have to go and log in to all those social networks to see what’s going on, friend feed just gets all that info for me, and like I said, I keep all my networks updated with 😀

    Aren’t they both great?

  6. Hey Chris

    That is truly a great service. Damn I have been missing that. Both for myself and the band I am playing in. Because you spend a looooot of time updating not only personal websites / blogs, but also all the networks you simply have to be a part of. So great – and thanks for the beta code

  7. Another new beta code from pingofpings

    This is what they said on twitter, “New beta code: pingofpings – letmeping will still work for all of you Pirillo fans.”

  8. I don’t.

    It seems to me that this sort of thing is just another way that we are letting personal technology take over and dictate the directions of our lives. We now feel compelled to address social issues that didn’t even exist five years ago. Where will it end?

    With me, it ended over the past month, when I began ignoring social networking completely. I feel much more free, and I wasn’t even into it that deeply.

    Life’s too short, and most of it is none of your business anyway. How many of those casual friends would be useful in a pinch? Perhaps that handful are worth keeping. Perhaps some may feel that this sort of thing is necessary for business reasons. All I can say is that business survived without them for a long time.

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