Have you Tried the Wii Zapper Gun Yet?

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I know a lot of you still love playing Duck Hunt when you have the chance. It’s hard to find the game, or the things you need to play it. I wonder how long it’ll be before Nintendo releases Duck Hunt for the Wii. After all, they have a Zapper now! I bought one of these recently for Ponzi, because she loves to play ‘gun games’.

The Wii Zapper will bring together your Wii Remote and Nunchuck into one cool device. You can use the Nunchuck to steer, and the Remote to zap whatever needs to be destroyed. The Zapper is simple to put together. All you need to do is slide your Wii Remote above the trigger, and then put the Nunchuck on the back… and you’re off!

The Zapper comes with Links Crossbow Training. This is a great game, and one of the first ones I was addicted to. Since the game is included, you can start Zapping immediately. I’m a fan of Nintendo. I’m a fan of zapping things. And now.. I’m a fan of the Wii Zapper.

What kind of Zapping sound do you make? Let me know what you think about the Wii. Are you addicted?

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