Nix the Bottle Chemicals

Another green living tip from Ideal Bite:

High-five if you’ve kicked the store-bought bottled-water habit! Now it’s time for some bottle therapy. It used to be practically a requirement for the eco-conscious urbanite to lug water in reusable hard-plastic bottles, but it turns out those bottles can leach toxins.

Many reusable water bottles (marked with a 7 or PC for polycarbonate) are made from plastic that contains the toxin bisphenol-A (BPA), which studies have linked to enlarged male breasts (yikes!), birth defects, miscarriage, earlier puberty in girls, and cancer. Opt for BPA-free bottles – plastics 1, 2, and 3 are safest – or get a lined aluminum or stainless steel bottle instead.

Ideal Bite offers light green living tips for real people who lead busy lives and want to make small changes that add up to big results. (In other words it’s for all of us who don’t have the time or the energy to reduce their carbon footprint to zero.) Their Daily Tips cover everything from energy saving gadgets to eco-pet products to saving money at the gas pump. In addition to their general Daily Tips newsletter, they also offer newsletters for eco-living in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

3 thoughts on “Nix the Bottle Chemicals”

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  2. I wish people would get a grip on reality.
    Read my lips… There is NO “eco-safe” anything.
    Plastics are made in environment-killing factories. Paper destroys trees. And this… “or get a lined aluminum or stainless steel bottle instead.”, well aluminum and stainless steel are forged not only in environment-killing factories, but they are created by MINING the earth. We are “stripping” the earth of its very heart.

    I have had a theory for a loong time.

    What if we thing of the earth as being alive?
    What would be its blood ? What would be its structure?
    Blood – I bet you would think the Magma/Lava/Molten Irons as being the blood. You would be RIGHT. But as we humans know, our “blood” has to be a certain temperature for us to survive. We are stripping away layers of the earths body in strip-mining. We are creating gapping wounds by regular mining for diamonds, etc. This is having an effect on the earths core temp.
    Lubrication – Just like our bodies need to have lubrication between the joints in our body for movement, the earth does also. OIL, Water, other Liquids, and Gasses make up those lubricants. Every time we remove some we cause instability. The tectonic plates are a prime example. Doesn’t it make sense that there is a natural buffer between the plates that would keep them flowing and promotes avoidance with other plates?

    Knowledge is not always our friend. The earth was better off when we were a STUPID RACE. Cavemen had less adverse affects on the earth than WE modern Humans do. THINK about IT !

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