Study Shows 99.9% of Internet Commentary is Insipid


You may need to click the image to see the larger version of it. Really makes you stop and think, eh? Well, at least some of us need to stop and think – and some of us just need to stop. I could respond one of several ways:

  1. "What about my fucking stupid?"
  2. "I think you meant to say "you’re," but that would also imply that you’re nullifying your original assertion – if, indeed, you were claiming that I was the one with the mental deficiency?"
  3. "Well, at least you spelled it correctly."
  4. "I completely agree."
  5. "English called. She wants her dignity back."
  6. "Let me guess: you believe in ‘Intelligent Design?’"
  7. "No, your fucking stupid!"
  8. "You used a period at the end of this comment, but forgot to capitalize the first word in it. Fail."
  9. "Say, you wouldn’t happen to be the same Pvt. Santiago to whom I gave a Code Red on Guantanimo Bay back in 1992?"
  10. "YouTube says there changing they’re policies for posting comments their soon."
  11. "No comment."

This wasn’t a study, per se – but I do wish that some of the world’s population would “study” a bit more. What’s most concerning about comments like these is that I can’t tell if they were posted by a child or an adult. An honest grammar or spelling slip-up amidst a series of paragraphs is completely understandable, but when you’re a repeat offender… do the world (and your family, career) a favor and STFU.

We don’t need another spelling or grammar checker – we need a “stupid checker.”