Study Shows 99.9% of Internet Commentary is Insipid


You may need to click the image to see the larger version of it. Really makes you stop and think, eh? Well, at least some of us need to stop and think – and some of us just need to stop. I could respond one of several ways:

  1. "What about my fucking stupid?"
  2. "I think you meant to say "you’re," but that would also imply that you’re nullifying your original assertion – if, indeed, you were claiming that I was the one with the mental deficiency?"
  3. "Well, at least you spelled it correctly."
  4. "I completely agree."
  5. "English called. She wants her dignity back."
  6. "Let me guess: you believe in ‘Intelligent Design?’"
  7. "No, your fucking stupid!"
  8. "You used a period at the end of this comment, but forgot to capitalize the first word in it. Fail."
  9. "Say, you wouldn’t happen to be the same Pvt. Santiago to whom I gave a Code Red on Guantanimo Bay back in 1992?"
  10. "YouTube says there changing they’re policies for posting comments their soon."
  11. "No comment."

This wasn’t a study, per se – but I do wish that some of the world’s population would “study” a bit more. What’s most concerning about comments like these is that I can’t tell if they were posted by a child or an adult. An honest grammar or spelling slip-up amidst a series of paragraphs is completely understandable, but when you’re a repeat offender… do the world (and your family, career) a favor and STFU.

We don’t need another spelling or grammar checker – we need a “stupid checker.”

35 thoughts on “Study Shows 99.9% of Internet Commentary is Insipid”

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  2. Yes I agree that ‘IM’ language is slowly developing into regular internet slang. It’s getting to the point where I even have to decipher messages and tell them to type better but they just call me a noob and geek which is quite retarded. If my generation (Y-Generation) learned to stop being such a bunch of idiots and learn to type and speak fluently, maybe this world would think some of us have great potential, but at the looks of it, they don’t.

  3. Oh, it’s threatening to your IQ if you try to even LOOK at the YouTube comments after a video. So ridiculous.

  4. Omg, totally agree. People should just save time and skip commenting if they are just going to insult. I took the insult a bit more seriously than the spelling.

  5. I know the sentence about “their” was meant as a joke, but it still made me wince. I like saying:

    “They’re going to their car, which is over there.”

    As an editor on Tech’s paper ( I find it nearly irresistible to correct peoples’ errors, despite knowing it will never sink in with some people.

    Sometimes, it just isn’t worth it. Really. It’s the price we pay for the internet being less exclusive.

  6. I couldn’t agree more Chris, seen a few of these types of comments around on my travels and to be honest why do they even bother to comment in the first place???

  7. It’s just the way it is. Via the internet, you can’t tell people what do, as you are nobody to them and they feel free to say whatever they wish, as they are anonymous.

    It seems that their animal-ish instincts arise. The most basic stuff. They start to feel powerful and invincible and they automatically start insulting others. Seems like one of the basic human instincts.

    Sorry for my English (if any mistakes), as it is not my native language.

  8. English called, She wants her dignity back…absolutely hysterical!. Even as a student, I see every day the blatant. misuses of very basic words

  9. The obvious answer: as there is so much commentary out there, it must refer to the 99% that does not include me because I am obviously part of the non-insipid 1%.

  10. What about Joor stupid and other mutations? I guess that’s what happens when trying to jump out of regular “ur” IM suit and act civilized 🙂

  11. I deal with this kind of stuff all the time. I find ignoring them to be the easiest and most effective thing to do. The people that do this obviously want attention, and if they don’t get attention, they’ll eventually stop.

  12. I completely agree with cananito, why say anything if you are just going to say something insulting?

    They not only show their ignorance, but also waste everyone’s time.

  13. Number 4 is a great answer, makes him think…

    I’ve got to agree, internet commentary is completely insipid these days.

    What’s amazing to me is how 99% of these people would never say those things in actual life, but put several thousand miles between you and them… they become the most brave individuals on the planet.

  14. Judging by “possible response (#6)”, I’m guessing that you were implying Intelligent Design was ignorant/stupid; That sounds like bigotry to me, and I say bigotry and ignorance/stupidity are best cousins.

  15. I just don’t get the point of those comments. Are these people as bored as they seem to be? So does it make fun to post such a comment?

    I think those comments are posted by kids. Of course their age vary because there are some kids out there who are already 21 but most of them seem to be younger.

    You should just ignore them!

  16. I made a little “2 sentence comment” previously, but I just want to say a little more….you happen to be one of my new favorite people and their comment really annoys me.

    I really don’t know why people make comments as the vulgar one you pointed out…
    What are they thinking? What are their motives?
    Are their own lives so sad that this is how they get attention?
    Are they trying to “hurt your feelings”?
    Do they think that by hurting another human being it will take away some pain in their own life?
    Do they not have anything else more productive to do with their time?

    I’m just frustrated because lately all I seem to read is negative/insulting/bashing/flaming comments on blogs, YouTube channels, yahoo groups, email lists, etc.

    If this person attended a “live taping” of a tv show they would never be so insulting to a host/commentator, otherwise they would be ostracized. But because you choose to use the cyber world as your means of conveying your information it is acceptable for this person to be vulgar?

    Just so you know – I am not a “geek”, I’m far from it. I actually relate more to Ponzi. However, my boyfriend got me watching your videos and I fell in love with your youTube channel / blog, etc. You are informative in an entertaining manner and even a non-geek (like myself) can enjoy many of your videos. You provide relevant information in an “easy to understand” way (most of the time, not always but just because I’m really “techno-challenged”, for most people I’m sure it’s easy to understand.)

    What I’m trying to say is thank you – thank you for your videos on YouTube, thank you for your blog, thank you for your live chat (help room) where you do seem to keep very “female friendly” (free of vulgarity). I appreciate all of the above and I’m sure as I watch you more, I will have even more things to thank you for. So when you get another insulting comment as the one you mentioned (and I’m sure you get them all the time) – please pull out this comment and read it to remind yourself that many people love and appreciate you.

    blessings to you,

  17. Wow, that has to be on the worse side of the scale. Number 5 in your list made me actually laugh out loud. I am not the type when alone! I like number 9 for the movie reference… “You can’t handle the TRUTH!”. Number 10 is great, one of my biggest pet peeves. Most likely way over his/her head!

  18. We all have to remember that you shouldn’t write something and send it to a complete stranger that you wouldn’t be willing to say out loud to a complete stranger.

    For instance: “ur a tard”
    “I’m gonna eat you’re babies”
    “You should lower your buffer size”.

    Nothing we would shout at someone we don’t know.

  19. Well, Youtube’s comments have been that way for a long time by now. At least I have noticed that. I wish those people would grow up.

  20. I agree whole heartedly. One of my biggest gripes is when people respond your welcome. (I am?)

    I am not the brightest person. I am not a great writer. But I am not thrilled with the direction we are heading thanks to texting and IM. How short can we make words or sentences, should we start morse code so we can just worry about 3 keys, dot (.), dash(-), and space( )?

  21. I actually saw that comment prior to this post. And so many more just like it.
    It always makes me want to get down on their level, but I have to resist, most of the time.
    I generally feel an urge to retort with things like..
    Stupid, much? Jealous much? Passive-aggressive much?
    Do your parents know what you do online?
    However, the last laugh comes in those great little buttons or links called ” Report abuse”. Hehe!

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