Mac Freeware to Help you Deal with Windows Files

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My hard drives, much like yours, are full of files collected over the years. I’ve used every operating system you can think of. Sometimes, I create files that are only available for one operating system or another. This, of course, creates headaches at times. How do I deal with this? OS X is my primary operating system now, and there are thankfully several free programs available for a Mac that make accessing and using my Windows files much easier.

First up on the list: if you’ve ever had to view a .prn file (printer file), you can use something called GhostPCLX.

Secondly, we have OLEExporter. You remember Object Linking and Embedding, right? The OLEExporter will allow you to extract those embedded objects out of documents, spreadsheets or .pdf files.

What about those CHM files? You know, the Windows Help File in the CHM format? Enter chmox. Chmox allows you to open and read those pesky Windows Help Files on your Mac with ease.

This next one, I found on accident recently. I was in need of reading an MHT file. If you’re using Internet Explorer and you wish to save that entire page out into one small file, it will create an MHT file. The only thing I have found that is easy and free to use is called unmht. It’s a simple plugin for Firefox.

Last, but not least, is UIF formats. UIF stands for Universal Image Format, and it is a compression image file format for backing up CDs and DVDs. UIF2ISO 4 Mac will allow you to be able to use these files right on your Mac. Just drop the file into UIF2ISO for Mac and it will convert it into a standard ISO format. You can then use the ISO on your Mac to burn to a CD or DVD.

What other applications or tools do you know of that is free and can be used to deal with this mess of files we have, no matter what operating system it may be on?


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