Do you Have a Windows 7 Features Wishlist?

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What are you looking forward to most in the next version of Windows? I asked for your feedback on this recently, and some of you responded. I don’t think that anyone is as passionate about this as is Zach, who sent me his top 30 things he’s looking for. So what are you looking forward to most… and what suggestions can you offer to Zach, so he can take advantage of some of these features today?

  1. An Internet connection tray icon that shows you the signal strength if you’re using wi-fi.
  2. NO UAC. It is so annoying, and everyone knows it.
  3. Being able to rearrange tray icons.
  4. One version. It would be nice not to have to stand in line reading all of the Windows 7 boxes, deciding which to buy.
  5. Multiple desktops. Productivity goes up with virtual desktops.
  6. Better start menu. I feel Microsoft has yet to succeed in a good start menu design.
  7. Backup software. Sure they have Shadow copies, but you can only get that now in Vista Business and Ultimate versions.
  8. Built in screen capture. You never know when you will need it.
  9. Better zooming functionality like in OS X.
  10. Improve paint. Having a good image editing program built into an OS is always helpful.
  11. Better search. Windows search can be handy if it’s implemented in a different way, instead of it primarily being in the Start menu.
  12. Some office suite included. It doesn’t have to be “Office”, but maybe they could spark a deal with Open Office to put that onto Windows.
  13. Better virus protection. Face it, Windows and every other OS will always have viruses. Microsoft can surely come up with better protection than Defender.
  14. Get rid of Sidebar, and add something new. Just get rid of it, nobody likes it. Make another “gadget” system instead.
  15. Make all of the “Windows” applications much better. By Windows applications, I mean things like Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker. They have potential if more features are added.
  16. Drop Media Player. Its a horrible application that never should have been made. People should just download iTunes or another media application, instead of using it, so why include it?
  17. Improved speed optimization.
  18. Energy efficient.
  19. Smaller… as far as the footprint goes. Why does it have to take up so much space?
  20. Better Setup Assistant. The setup should simple short and easy.
  21. No registration. Editor’s note: I think he may be talking about Activation, which I don’t ever see going away.
  22. Consumer-based version, and business-based version.
  23. In a consumer version, a fair amount of UI’s for better customization. Editor’s note: He’s asking for more ways to customize the user interface.
  24. IE 8 should be faster. Since IE is a part of Windows, I felt it should be mentioned here, as well. It’s too slow and ‘bulky’.
  25. Music Editing program. Audacity doesn’t work on Windows Vista for me. Having that, or something similar, built in would rock.
  26. Chat client. Sure, there are good chat clients out there, but I bet Microsoft could make a great client over their own… which should NOT be Live Messenger.
  27. Better multi-core support.
  28. Improved graphics. I have seen in Vista that some graphics have pixels in the wrong places.
  29. Be able to rearrange Window boxes (for open applications) in the task bar.
  30. Built in .rar extraction support. Many people use .rar, and although you can buy WinRAR… it would be nice to have a free built-in feature.

The bottom line is that you have to find the operating system that’s right for you. It’s good to have a wish list. I would agree that having a more consistent user experience and better software out of the box would greatly contribute to a higher satisfaction rating for the operating system. Yes, I’m rooting for Microsoft. I’m waiting on the new version as anxiously as all of you are to take a look at it, critique it and give some good feedback.


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38 thoughts on “Do you Have a Windows 7 Features Wishlist?”

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  4. I would like to better windows and application management in windows! I run multiple applications in multiple windows. Management of these windows and applications in Windows is pathetic. There is no memory of work space or screen realestate.It would be nice it i could set up a screen layout
    and be able to keepit while i used it and recall it at a later time.

  5. Sorry to break it to Zach, but more than half of those are probably adequately resolved in *nix, especially the speed, footprint, security, and included apps. The only thing missing from *nix is software for big businesses. Everything else is already there or well on the way.

  6. Sometimes windows takes ages to open a folder, because there are network drives or spun-down cds which need waking up. It would feel much faster if they could do this using some kind of multi-threading so that the window opens instantly and the slow components appear as they become available.

  7. Brilliant, another anti Microsoft contest.. I must have missed the announcment that linux is the answer to cancer, the big bang theory and also the egg came first?!

    Some of Zach’s comments are priceless:

    “One version. It would be nice not to have to stand in line reading all of the Windows 7 boxes, deciding which to buy.”

    How about not? Why not have a choice of operating systems where people can choose what functionality they require without paying for things they don’t? WAU built in to Windows means you can upgrade at anytime anyway…

    Better start menu..

    Brilliant, you want this, my mum wants that and probably 90% of people don’t care and are happy with it..

    Screen capture!

    That made me laugh, have you ever pressed print scrn? Obviously not… or if you used Vista perhaps use the snip tool..

    Consumer-based version, and business-based version.

    hmn.. changed you mind right? Originally you wanted just the one version.

    Please can we see a structured debate… linux has its place.. so does Windows and well Mac.. it can just have it’s niche.. Go Steve!

  8. All these wish items are good however there is one that i have never ever seen talked about or wished for and that is when a person has to Format their hard drive or replace it that you should be able to re-install Windows XP Pro without all the hassle of Activation. Also the fact that some families have more than one computer in their home, one for Dad, Mom and who knows how many children and Microsoft says you can only use your purchased Windows XP once . I figure once you have purchased a legal copy , you should be able to install and re-install this as many times as you wish within your own household, I am sure Microsoft could find a way that this would be available to large families

  9. I disagree with most of the points listed. In no particular order:

    Paint is a fine program for pasting screenshots because of the fast load time. Windows Media Player has been my primary player on Windows for years; it’s not as ugly as Winamp or foobar and it’s not as bloated as iTunes.

    The Vista start menu is amazing as it is including the search; In my opinion all searches should be done through the start menu. The only thing I would like is to add and remove links from the right (Documents, Music etc. I would love to remove Games and add Code)

    Sidebar isn’t meant to be an iGoogle or Netvibes replacement, but it’s definitely useful. I have it set to show my unread Gmail messages, a calendar and a system monitor. I don’t think I could live without it.

    Lastly, UAC is irritating at times but it makes Vista considerably more secure considering all of the viruses developed for it. There’s an option to disable it should you choose.

    There are also some points that are true though. I really like Vista as it is, but would like to be able to change the colour of the sidebar in Explorer (it’s always blue which wrecks colour schemes) and a standards-compliant IE. I also think the Windows and Windows Live apps should all use the same style–if you look at Media Player, then Photo Gallery, then Writer and then Movie Maker, you’ll see they look entirely different. They should all adopt a style similar to MS Office 2007 or Writer in my opinion, with a customizable colour scheme.

  10. Before anything else, they MUST drop this mentality that by copying OS X, Linux and other popular *nixes, everything will be OK. Throwing in a dock, transparent windows, live previews and widgeting won’t magically fix everything wrong with the OS.

    Firstly, they have to get rid of UAC. It’s a really, really awful attempt to mimic sudo, but it fails for three reasons: it doesn’t ask administrators to authenticate before becoming the superuser, it requires confirmation before performing trivial tasks such as editing the Start menu, and also allows administrators to have blank passwords – meaning that lusers and guests can bypass UAC by selecting any administrator account with no password. They need to put in a proper sudo-like system.

    Secondly, they HAVE to get their act together and do something about WinFS, which has been lying dormant for some time, having failed to make it into Longhorn. A new file management system would really improve how documents are managed.

    Also, they need to provide virtual desktops, a new UI (I mean, get rid of the Taskbar, and Aero), PROPER downwards compatibility (probably through virtual machines) and, most importantly, make the eye candy pretty AND productive.

    Vista is a perfect example of how NOT to do eye candy. The window borders are transparent, allegedly, to “draw attention to the window’s contents”. Rubbish. It makes the users spend more time moving the window around going “ooh… pretty…” thus REDUCING productivity. It’s also never clear where windows have gone when they minimise (a solid animation, please) and the menus, toolbars, icons and status bars are inconsistent, and, in some cases, fugly when they’ve been carried over from as far back as Windows 3.1.

    In short, I think they should scrap everything and start again, with virtual machines (a la Mac OS X’s Classic, or the Blue Box) for downwards compatibility.

  11. If you think that activation is working (it isn’t, there are work-arounds and hacks all over the net) and you’re going to keep it, at least fix it so that it doesn’t break fifteen other programs every time you install a new MS program.

  12. Built in screen capture. You never know when you will need it.

    It’s been built in since 95, if not 3.0?

    I just can never remember what shift-alt-prtscrn gets versus ctrl-alt-prtscrn gets you.

  13. You can’t just throw out Media Player. Some of us will never download iTunes, etc and still need a way to view and listen to email attachments.

  14. I agree with Klecu, sounds like you need linux. I upgraded from xp to Ubuntu more than a year ago and things have only gotten better since. I must admit it was a bit of a learning curve at first but once I got over my windows mentality I loved it. My machine runs like a dream without me having to worry about mallware or microsoft spying on me.

  15. Chris,

    1) A tray icon that shows signal strengh while connected to wireless? That’s already their, the hardware vendor i.e. Intel, Dell wireless etc. adds a utility icon to the tray.

    2) UAC reminds the user their about to do something that could affect the security of their system, I get maybe one or two a day. That seems reasonable.

    3) Rearrange tray icons. Why? Who cares what order they’re displayed in?

    4) One version, why because that’s how Apple does it? Microsoft offering a home version helps keep price down for the price sensitive end-consumer, that seems like a goold offer to the end consumer.

    5) Multiple desktops, yes that would be nice if a single license allowed you to virtualize it a few times.

    6) The start menu in Vista along with its latest Windows Desktop Search 4.0 is very powerful.

    7) Better backup in the home O/S would be nice, but the average consumer still wouldn’t buy a backup drive to take advantage of it anyways.

    8) Built-in screen capture, it’s there with screen print and the Vista snipping tool.

    9) Better zooming, really, why? Are you 90?

    10) The Vista photo gallery is free and built into the O/S. It allows for red eye repair, cropping and resizing what else can you really ask for for free?

    11) Better search. It’s here with Windows Desktop Search 4.0. It’s built into every single window in Vista, not just the start menu (just look in the upper right corner.)

    12) Some Office suite, let’s be honest Apple doesn’t ever offer this. Ask the average consumer if they have an Office suite and they’ll answer yes I’m running Vista or XP, so obviously they wouldn’t even know what it was if it was offered for free.

    13) Better virus protection? That shouldn’t be left to the O/S, if it was then the same vulnerability that be beat the O/S would likely beat the built-in A/V. Defender isn’t A/V its for assistance with anti-malware. Vista, with UAC, Defender, better IE 7 security and a 3rd party A/V is a better multi-layered option. If consumers would just quit stealing music, looking for free porn or free screen savers they wouldn’t be subject to 80% of the viruses and malware anyways.

    14) Get rid of the sidebar. That’s pretty easy right click the sidebar icon in the system tray disable it and ask it not start up when Windows starts.

    15) Have you tried free utilities like Photo Story and others, they work pretty good.

    16) Media player isn’t great but it also doesn’t lock you into one portable media player as does iTunes.

    17) Improve speed optimization. Have end-consumers stop buying $499 ad leader systems with 1 gig of memory and integrated graphics. Also have you tried Vista SP1, it does just that.

    18) Hibernate sleep with Vista SP1 is absolutely perfect, you should try it.

    19) A smaller footprint, yes that should be every software designer’s goal.

    20) Setup in Vista is just as easy as setup with Apple, not sure how much simpler it needs to be.

    21) Apple has you register for everything too, that’s the nature of every hardware product; printers, media players etc.

    22) See your point 4. Your saying one version,then later saying two versions…which one are you asking for?

    23) The Vista interface is pretty customizable, much more than Apples.

    24) IE is too slow…have you tried Safari lately, it’s pretty painful.

    25) It’s an O/S, not a music studio.

    26) Windows Live Messenger is as advanced as any other integrated O/S chat clilent.

    27) Better multi-core support, how old is your system? This is already here.

    28) Improved graphics…buy a better video card.

    29) Be able to arrange open Windows via the task bar…see my point on rearranging the icons in the system tray…who cares?

    30) RAR, I can’t remember my last RAR file.

    My request for Windows 7

    31) Do back flips and make me lots of money, about as good as the above 30 points.

  16. Whos idea was it to drop Media Player? Its much better than Apples Quicktime, Real Player or Winamp!!!! Some of these ideas are old, I personally think its GREAT that Vista was as clunky as it is, as it finally stopped OEM Vendors ripping people off with PCs with 256MB RAM and a 5 year old CPU.

  17. Hi, I think windows 7 should have:

    1. Smaller OS
    2. Better Security than just Defender
    3. Better Compatibility wih older software
    4. Have their Music Editing software included with the OS

    and thats l can’t think of right now

  18. Okay, so here I go… I have a few arguments to this list:

    1) Most WiFi drivers DO have a system tray icon that shows the signal strength. Check your msconfig startup list and see if it got disabled.

    2) Although UAC is annoying, I like it for two reasons:

    * It does protect viruses from doing certain functions on your computer
    * It makes it a lot easier to run as a limited user.

    I would like it if they IMPROVE UAC, but I wouldn’t really like to see them get rid of it.

    5) I have to say, I totally agree with this one! When I had Ubuntu installed on my system, those sure made it TONS easier (as well has having VMware).

    10) Paint was never meant as “image editing” software. It was meant as a fun utility to draw in, and even convert picture formats with.

    12) Microsoft is NEVER going to make a deal with because that would just take away from their income on MS Office. Also, it already comes with wordpad and notepad…

    18) As the OS is simply software, there really isn’t too much you can do to make it “energy efficient.”

    30) .rar is truthfully a “private” extension whose rights are owned by RARlabs. Microsoft would have to make a deal with RARlabs (and I don’t see that coming)

    Finally, something at applies to 7,8,12,13,15, 26, and maybe more that I missed:

    In my opinion, MS already builds in way too much software to their OS’s. I think that the last thing Microsoft needs to do is build-in more software. However, if they just created a website, that uses ActiveX (or something similar) to view the current applications installed on your computer, that allowed you to install more free programs instead of bundling them with the OS.

  19. 1: there is already a wifi bar in the tray. Just hover over the little globe.

    2:about the srart menu. What do you want improved. The start menu is already simple. The apps you use the most are right there 1 click away and everything else is under ALL PROGRAMS.

    Instead of me going on with more of this only 1 thing needs to be said.

    Zach. Its called OS X. everything you said you can get in OS X. Just get a Mac. Everything you want is already here. Its called OS X.

  20. Yep… Zach your looking for Mac Os. Haha
    Any way, I think that Windows Vista is a headache. I gave Vista 3 opportunities, in every one i just came back to XP. Im talking about my Desktop. The only thing I liked about Vista and it was difficult to go back is the Design and DX10 (as a gamer). The design of Vista is much better that any other Windows, but thats the only thing. Updates are headache, so they are installations and drivers.
    Now im more than happy with Mac OS Leo, but still using Windows for Games.

  21. I like Vista the way it is now, but I leave it up to the professionals to decide on what’s good.

    by the way, number 8, there is a built in screen capture.

  22. Most of these features you can already get by downloading freeware and share ware but if these programs were built into windows it would be much more convient for everyone but about everyone hates the sidebar i actualy like the sidebar because you can download so many program for it. The sidebar is also very usefull if i don’t feel like typing into my address bar there is a gadget you can download from microsoft website where it opens chris’s stream.

  23. Here is my list of 10.

    1. Improve the GUI, fixing bugs and cleaning it up into one nice visual package.

    2. Speed up startup and shutdown.

    3. Stop giving us the users striped down software. Movie maker along side all of the other dvd maker, paint etc. Need to be rich with functionality and features. Its like we are being giving water down products until we can afford other 3rd party software.

    4. Speed up the OS overall.

    5. Simplify windows a little. You have two control panels going on there and Pick one and go with it. or just give us the classic and nothing else. mac has a classic style control panel and its simple to use.

    6. Start the ditching the registry. All values and information should be kept in the installed app folders except for the uninstall information. This will keep registry problems down to a min.

    7. Give up a better boot screen that is capable of more than a 16bit color image. Something like the Unbuntu boot screen maybe.

    8. Give us no more than two versions of windows… like Home pro and the office/sever edition. or something like what mac has. One OS 4 all

    9. Better basic and aero themes. Basic should look like Aero but without the transparency and cool effects.

    10. Don’t release an OS that needs Server pack the second its out like you did with vista. poor thing still needs lots of fixes.

  24. 1. While this is already built in by hovering over the icon it would be amazingly simple to program a icon that shows the strength so you can catch it at a glance, I completely agree with this one.

    2. UAC is amazing at what it does… for those who would need it. First off if you’re a “power user” turn it off!!! I run Vista and have security center and UAC off. Why? Because I know how to manage my Windows Updates, Anti-virus, etc already by myself, plus I use Firefox and don’t download suspicious programs. To me UAC is useless. However on the other side of this for people such as your parents you could tell them if this pops up only click contine/allow if you tried to install something, etc. It gives them a visual message telling them what they are about to do and can prevents drive-by downloads and installs perfectly for the not so tech savy computer user. It wont go anywhere. Us techies will just have to keep turning it off which is very easy.

    3.I personally don’t see a use for it but ok.

    4. I want it to go back to Home and Professional. Very simple, hopefully it goes back to that and Professional includes EVERYTHING, even Media Center. Home could lack certain features that a Home user might not use and have certain things on by default like maybe enhanced media features. While professional won’t include them out of the box BUT if you want them you can add them from the control panel. I think something like this would be ideal.

    5. Very much agree! I love Virtual Desktops. It’s interesting that there is a XP power-toy for this feature but not a Vista specific one yet really. It could effectively use Aero/DWM for live previews on each desktop and use the 3D card to make it all very smooth. Don’t give spaces so much credit, out of OS X’s greatness this the LEAST unique feature. Linux has done this for years and years and years. Apple copied Linux on this one and Microsoft should to.

    6. The start menu is amazingly simple… you should have clarified this, I really do not understand how the start menu or taskbar could be confusing in any way, and the start menu having the instant search is awesome. If you know the program name type it in real quick and bam there it is. While there is always room for improvement this is already a huge step up from anything Windows has seen before, besides Google Desktop.

    7. It’s called Backup and Restore center. Available on all Windows editions if I’m correct, maybe not Home Basic… In Ultimate it lets you essentially mirror the drive to a backup hard disk and restore it from the Vista DVD. I’ve used this many times when I want to test lets say a new Linux distro but want to bring Windows back after I’m done playing. Simple enough in my opinion. Automatic file backups though do need to get a better system, something like Time Machine. Apple wins in automatic backup for sure.

    8. The Snip tool is simple to use for that purpose. I agree though that something could pop up when you press printscreen like in Ubuntu.

    9. Yes this would also be very easy to implement… I imagine Microsoft will get this in Windows 7 now that every competing OS has the feature.

    10. Yes! Death to Paint already.

    11. Umm in case you didn’t notice… Its also in every explorer window.

    12. This will NOT HAPPEN EVER. They will not put the competing open source office into Windows. That would be bad for business. They could develop their own more powerful but below office set of apps though. Simple Spreadsheet and Word Processing for sure.

    13. This would be nice but imagine if Microsoft put free Anti-Virus built into Windows. Norton, ZoneLabs, just about every AV company would be after MS just like Google did for the search built into Vista. Windows Defender is a spyware/adware app not a antivirus app. I personally think it does an efficient job, but then again, I don’t visit weird sites or download anything that would be sketchy.

    14. Don’t get rid of sidebar!!! While I will agree it kinda seems like a Dashboard rip off it is one of my favorite features. With a resolution of 1440×900 I can surely spare the space over there for a calendar, weather conditions, etc. There are a lot of useful gadgets out there and unless you’re running at a very low resolution I can’t see how sidebar would get in the way.

    15. I agree that these are under-developed but have the potential to be great.

    16. Back in 2001 I would agree with this, I used Winamp back then. But since WMP 11 came out… well it still has its share of issues but I give Microsoft points for this application because it has gone a long ways and I like it a lot now. iTunes was always buggy under Windows it felt like…

    17. Yes yes yes! I think we will indeed see this in Windows 7. Vista set the foundation and its rumored that Windows 7 will LOOK like Vista. This means all the changes will be improvements in a more under the hood type of way. At least I would think… I will be very disappointed if Windows 7 has yet another UI facelift. I like Aero and can stand to be with it for years to come. It’s already been seen in Vista actually patch by patch and now with SP1 I have noticed consistent speed increases.

    18. Don’t know enough about it to comment really. However, I have run XP on this laptop before and Windows Vista kept the battery going about 5-10 minutes longer in my test… Of course it was one test so accuracy is give or take but at least its very close. Plus Vista’s power management tools and settings are much easier to work with then XP’s AND Vista doesn’t magically forget them like XP use to.

    19. Why DOES it take up so much space???? Hard Drives are getting huge so its not a big deal however it still seems very large.

    20. No comment, doesn’t phase me much, and if you’re talking about the install process and post-install user set-up wizard… well it seems simple enough.

    21. Activation is never going away. To many people pirated the heck out of Windows. However. If you follow the license agreement and install it on ONE computer. Activation is pretty painless. Vista will do it automatically online 3 days after it’s installed. In a reinstall situation, which I’ve done a few times, it still activates over the internet with no problems. I don’t see why so many people complain about it. I guess all my versions of Windows are legal which probably helps!

    22. Home and Pro, yes.

    23. I agree and disagree. Aero seems very customizable in terms of colors and even provides a color mixer to get that favorite color you may want. You can’t let the everyday user customize TO much or things can get lost, messy, and extremely inconsistent. I’m going to school to be a technician and it would be very frustrating to work on a system that was customized so much its hard to find things.

    24. IE seems to load instantly on my set-up… Page rendering speeds should be improved though, Firefox loads up pages much faster then IE.

    25. You have the newest version? I know for a fact Audacity works I have it and use it to make ring-tones all the time.

    26. Vista includes a link to download Live Messenger. Which is nice for those who want it and equally nice for those who don’t want it on their system. An IRC client seems unlikely because of the security risks it would bring with it.

    27. I know Vista is better optimized for Dual Cores then XP is. However I’m not sure its optimized for Multi Cores… if it’s not yes get it in there…

    28. Aero is a radical departure from XP in terms of UI rendering… you can’t expect it to be perfect down to the last pixel. Hopefully it does improve though as improvement is ALWAYS a good thing.

    29. This could be useful at times!

    30. Is .rar used frequently by the common user? I see mostly Zips. In either case native support would be a plus, I hate WinRAR.

    All in all very good list.

    What would I want to see???

    1. Improved under the hood. I want raw performance. Period. The more speed i can get out of my current hardware the better. Since Windows 7 even MS has said is not going to be revolutionary as much as evolutionary hopefully this means just that. Better performance.

    2. Virtual desktops for sure.

    3. A customizable installation. I think at install it should ask what kind of install you want, such as Typical or Custom. OR ask what type of user you are Basic User or Power User. If you select power user for example you should be able to go through the Windows feature list before installing and select what you want or don’t want. Rather then Disable UAC wouldn’t it be nice to select power user and just exclude it from the installation. Or if you use Gimp or Photoshop just skip paint? The uses for a custom install goes on and on and on.

    4. Improved USB. It seems like sometimes when I plug in a USB peripheral, especially Mice and Keyboards it takes an unusually long time before it “kicks in”. In linux its almost instantaneous. I know its just Windows loading up drivers but optimization would be great. Its by no means an extensive wait but in comparison to linux it feels out-dated or inadequate.

    5. BRING BACK SLIPSTREAMING! I install Windows for other users whether its a reinstall or upgrade. Why is slipstreaming near impossible now????! I had to download a PIRATED Vista SP1 ISO so I had a Vista DVD with SP1 Included! Not acceptable, bring back such a great feature.
    *I do NOT endorse pirating and use LEGAL keys for the installations even though I downloaded the updated media*

    6. Gadgets could be improved. The weather gadget should be clickable to extend and show the 5 day forcast, such as the Accuweather one does. A battery meter gadget seems simple and is easier to glance at then the icon in the tray. You’re own Live Messenger gadget so you can access contacts from the sidebar without bringing up the main Messenger window. There are so many possibilities.

    7. Start pushing backwards compatibility into a virtual environment. By doing this now it can save trouble in the future by not having to worry about breaking so many old apps.

    8. Add Videos to the start menu. Its inconsistent. Why is that the only option missing? Games, Documents, Music, Pictures and all those guys are present but video is mysteriously missing… and in todays digital age videos are quite common.

    9. Since Windows 7 is most likely using the same Aero visual style we see today on Vista I would hope that some of the inconsistencies in Vista are fixed in Windows 7.

    10. The control panel classic view is very messy in Windows Vista. First of all by default in classic view the view is Medium icons which are so big it looks over crowded even at high resolutions. Two when you go down to small icons, which you have to do by right clicking since the view thing in the toolbar is missing in this folder for no apparent reason, things get almost to small. What happened to classic icons like in XP?

    I guess this is my short list. I hope Microsoft really hits the nail on the head with this next version of Windows. Vista is decent but I know they can do better if they tried harder.

  25. Personally, I want a better nonlinear editor on Windows 7, Movie Maker just doesn’t cut it for me as it always stretches the videos into the resolution, plus it’s a pain to get rid of.

    I also agree with #25: having a built-in audio editor/recorder would help a lot. I’m not very fond of the wait time trying to install and register Sony Sound Forge every time I reformat the computer or get a new one.

  26. I’d like the Picture Import Wizard to return to the way it was in XP. It’s just stupid the way it works under Vista. All or nothing? Bah!

  27. 1. That’s a good idea.
    2. You can turn UAC off.
    3. Interesting idea.
    4. That WOULD be good. It would save money, and users would like it.
    5. You can download VDs for it, but the one I have isn’t as good as Spaces.
    6. The Windows XP one is just blah, the others are dull, and Vista’s is just confusing.
    7. That’s always a good idea.
    8. True.
    9. Sounds good.
    10. I like Paint.
    11. I would like a spotlight.
    12. Microsoft Works is nice.
    13. Mac OS X doesn’t have viruses.
    14. They should just have free gadgets only.
    15. Then they could compete better with iMovie and iDVD.
    16. Miro is much better, but I have too much respect for WMP to agree. But on that notion, I SHOULD switch to Miro, Quicktime, or iTunes as my default.
    17. Yes!
    18. Please!
    19. Good!
    20. Now that’s thinking!
    21. I think he means user account making.
    22. I guess that alternates #4.
    23. Multiple GOOD interfaces IS a treasure.
    24. Well if it’s preinstalled, from MS, and only goes on Windows…
    25. Amen to that.
    26. Too true.
    27. Yeah.
    28. That is SO right.
    29. Good idea.
    30. Again, it is needed.

  28. Today, after my new external hard drive came, I attempted to install Windows Vista Ultimate. The installer not-so-obviously pointed out that you can’t install Vista to drives connected via USB 2.0 or FireWire (the latter of which my computer doesn’t suppost booting from anyway).

    My wish: Allow installation to external USB and FireWire hard drives.

  29. asking to remove the UAC is like asking to remove “sudo” within Linux. Only an incompetent guy would remove it

  30. Hey i got to tell u i found r oparting sysytems i was inhe hat room no on lstened i want to tell u that this i it Visa balack 2009 popple are cling it windos 7 andif u like xp here is ur opartig system wndos cyrstal XP it comes on apple and micraoft compuers no ifu need ay thing [removed email] i will take anycomet ro cenerns u have to get thm off f torrent sightsdont worry they should have no virsis i need it ni will look and post a link

  31. What i want in the next windows is one thing and one thing only, all the software you need built in, just like macs.

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