Do you Have a Windows 7 Features Wishlist?

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What are you looking forward to most in the next version of Windows? I asked for your feedback on this recently, and some of you responded. I don’t think that anyone is as passionate about this as is Zach, who sent me his top 30 things he’s looking for. So what are you looking forward to most… and what suggestions can you offer to Zach, so he can take advantage of some of these features today?

  1. An Internet connection tray icon that shows you the signal strength if you’re using wi-fi.
  2. NO UAC. It is so annoying, and everyone knows it.
  3. Being able to rearrange tray icons.
  4. One version. It would be nice not to have to stand in line reading all of the Windows 7 boxes, deciding which to buy.
  5. Multiple desktops. Productivity goes up with virtual desktops.
  6. Better start menu. I feel Microsoft has yet to succeed in a good start menu design.
  7. Backup software. Sure they have Shadow copies, but you can only get that now in Vista Business and Ultimate versions.
  8. Built in screen capture. You never know when you will need it.
  9. Better zooming functionality like in OS X.
  10. Improve paint. Having a good image editing program built into an OS is always helpful.
  11. Better search. Windows search can be handy if it’s implemented in a different way, instead of it primarily being in the Start menu.
  12. Some office suite included. It doesn’t have to be “Office”, but maybe they could spark a deal with Open Office to put that onto Windows.
  13. Better virus protection. Face it, Windows and every other OS will always have viruses. Microsoft can surely come up with better protection than Defender.
  14. Get rid of Sidebar, and add something new. Just get rid of it, nobody likes it. Make another “gadget” system instead.
  15. Make all of the “Windows” applications much better. By Windows applications, I mean things like Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker. They have potential if more features are added.
  16. Drop Media Player. Its a horrible application that never should have been made. People should just download iTunes or another media application, instead of using it, so why include it?
  17. Improved speed optimization.
  18. Energy efficient.
  19. Smaller… as far as the footprint goes. Why does it have to take up so much space?
  20. Better Setup Assistant. The setup should simple short and easy.
  21. No registration. Editor’s note: I think he may be talking about Activation, which I don’t ever see going away.
  22. Consumer-based version, and business-based version.
  23. In a consumer version, a fair amount of UI’s for better customization. Editor’s note: He’s asking for more ways to customize the user interface.
  24. IE 8 should be faster. Since IE is a part of Windows, I felt it should be mentioned here, as well. It’s too slow and ‘bulky’.
  25. Music Editing program. Audacity doesn’t work on Windows Vista for me. Having that, or something similar, built in would rock.
  26. Chat client. Sure, there are good chat clients out there, but I bet Microsoft could make a great client over their own… which should NOT be Live Messenger.
  27. Better multi-core support.
  28. Improved graphics. I have seen in Vista that some graphics have pixels in the wrong places.
  29. Be able to rearrange Window boxes (for open applications) in the task bar.
  30. Built in .rar extraction support. Many people use .rar, and although you can buy WinRAR… it would be nice to have a free built-in feature.

The bottom line is that you have to find the operating system that’s right for you. It’s good to have a wish list. I would agree that having a more consistent user experience and better software out of the box would greatly contribute to a higher satisfaction rating for the operating system. Yes, I’m rooting for Microsoft. I’m waiting on the new version as anxiously as all of you are to take a look at it, critique it and give some good feedback.


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