Do you use Gmail's New Features?

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Ah, yes… Gmail. It’s the free email service from Google, that can be accessed via the Web or by using a desktop client. They give you up to 6GB of space to use, pretty much for free. That’s beyond cool. There are a ton of free services that Google offers, such as Google Docs, which we’ve discussed before. Just the other night, they introduced us to Google Labs.

So what is this new feature, exactly? When you sign in to your Gmail account (or sign up for a new one), you’ll see “New! Gmail Labs!”. This resides as a tab within your Gmail settings. This allows you to add things like plugins, add-ons, Gmail widgets and the like to your account. They’re simply “hooks” that add to your experience with Gmail. They’re going to be slowly rolling these out, to test how they are received and used. For the more popular ones, they will eventually be made into full-on Gmail settings.

In essence, you have an opportunity to shape the future of Gmail. It’s pretty much the fastest web-based email out there, but I’ve never really liked the interface. Maybe they’ll come up with some interface tweaks. Check some of these out:

  • Google Code Search – allows you to search for public source code.
  • Google Page Creator – helps you create a Web page in minutes.
  • Google Dashboard Widgets for Mac – Quickly access Google products from within Dashboard.
  • Google News Alerts – Choose a topic and receive news alerts for it.
  • Google Notebook – Clip and collect information as you browse the web.

These are only a handful of the things you’ll find to play with in Google Labs. Give it a try today!


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