Where can you Watch Severe Weather Videos Online?

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I love living in the Seattle area, because I’m a big fan of overcast skies. This is in sharp contrast to my home state of Iowa, where’s there’s severe weather of all types nearly every other day. Severe weather is terrifying, to be sure. However, it’s also beautiful and many people love to see it on video. Severe weather is just not for me, though. Growing up, I was deathly afraid of tornadoes and storms. Seriously, I even had nightmares sometimes.

We have so much technology today to connect us with people all around the world. While I don’t like being caught in the middle of a storm, I don’t mind watching them online. We have a couple of storm chasers in our chat room who have shared severe weather tips with us. Now is an excellent time of year to read back through that post, too.

Anywho, UncleJohn is one of our halfops in the Chat room. He pointed me towards a site the other night where I can remotely chase storms if I was so inclined! I had to zip over to check out Severe Studios. Man, this is amazing. At the time I pulled it up, you couldn’t even see Oklahoma and Iowa. They were covered in red and orange and green, due to a nasty band of storms.

According to the coordinates that the chasers sent out, we could pinpoint their location and follow along with the developments. You can either watch live as they are chasing, or visit old chases. There is a lot of amazing footage, to be sure.

One of the reasons I am able to do my videos is thanks to WeatherBug. They are one of our sponsors, and also help to embed the current outside temperature into the upper left corner of my videos. They actually have a WeatherBug blog on Lockergnome now. You can go there and ask any questions you have, or keep up with their latest news. Matt Hartley has been posting quite a lot of information on the API, and how it is used. WeatherBug has been asking for creative uses of their API. I’d love to see more desktop programs that can do cool things, like you can with Google Earth. It would also be really cool to see like a mash-up of severe weather videos and/or sites.

If you know of any other cool desktop programs or websites related to weather or storms, make sure you drop me a line. And of course… with all the severe weather in the US right now, I hope you stay safe.

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5 thoughts on “Where can you Watch Severe Weather Videos Online?”

  1. You can Watch radar for storms and rain and snow any weather on accuweather.com and chris i used to deathly afraid of tornados so i hear you man

  2. oh and learned in the past the lower the barometric pressure drops the more severe a storm is able to become

  3. Uh nice, all this weather and location stuff technology is getting amazing, makes me love all this thech stuff even more 😀

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