iPhone Weather Apps I'd Like to See

Given that WeatherBug is looking for new apps that call their API, I thought I’d throw out a few ideas for what kind of Weather apps I’d like to have on my iPhone:

  1. Weather Wallpaper – changes the iPhone’s wallpaper every X minutes to the latest radar image and forecast for the current geo-location (or ZIP code).
  2. Riders on the Storm – aggregates storm chasers that are broadcasting live at that moment. This is assuming we could get some kind of live video feed working through the iPhone.
  3. Fair Weather Friends – displays a contact’s current weather conditions in their address book profile, or potentially in another app that can access the address book.
  4. ThunderClap – measures the distance of lightning from your current location. User would tap one button when they see lightning strike, then tap again when they hear the thunder clap. Based on input, the app should be able to do the rest based on the algorithm. Or, per the suggestion of “pflodin,” the camera could watch for a flash of light, then the microphone could listen for thunder and calculate the distance automatically.
  5. Comparometer – compares which cities on Earth are warmer, colder, wetter, etc. than your current location. Cities would then cross-link to their location on the iPhone’s Google Maps.
  6. Cloudopedia – allows you to take a photo of a cloud, then run it through a comparison engine and give you an idea of what type of cloud it actually is. Barring advanced features, maybe just a list of cloud types.
  7. WeatherLine – shows you the weather conditions on that day for the past 25 years (in your specific geo-location or ZIP code), highlighting the highest and lowest metrics recorded over that period of time.
  8. Virtual Rainstick – Accesses the accelerometer and makes sounds like a rainstick when you flip or shake the iPhone. Also shows you statistics about rain – where it’s currently falling, who is getting the most right now, etc.
  9. Weather Stylist – user defines temperature tolerances for what they consider to be shorts weather, umbrella weather, jacket weather, sunglasses weather, etc. Then, at a moment’s glance, they can see an indication as to what kind of clothing or equipment they might need in the coming hours / days. User should be able to define their own weather-centric accessories.
  10. Watch Warning – alerts the user to any watches or warnings for geo-located area upon launch (or ZIP code).

What kind of weather apps would you like to see (using the WeatherBug API anywhere, or on the iPhone)?

20 thoughts on “iPhone Weather Apps I'd Like to See”

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  2. Raves for Thunderclap. That would be an awesome application. Seems like someone could make the graphics for that app fun, as well.

    What about iBarometer? That would be fun. iBarometer could access geo-targeted data and output to a slick reading of the air pressure defined by the personalized settings of the user.

    WeatherGypsy could be a fun way to list the forecast in a crystal ball of sorts.

    Your app ideas are great! I would like to think about this a little bit more and then come back with some more ideas. This is a fun post.


  3. Thought a little bit more about WeatherGypsy – might not be P.C. Sorry if I offended anyone by that. WeatherSeer better?

    Perhaps when you rub your finger across the crystal ball it would change the forecast for the next day or using the accelerometer (however, you spell that) and by shaking it you would move to the next day.

    not exactly a quick way to look at weather data. More along the lines of novelty. Something to do while waiting for someone.

  4. I love your idea I am on my iPhone right now
    and we can use that I hope they will do an update on all that

  5. StormTag or WeatherJot – application that works similar to britekite, user takes image of storm, tornado touchdowns, flooding, etc. and outputs that image to googlemaps according to the users zipcode. send link to your friends?

    CountyDoppler – Outputs a list of counties affected by oncoming storms. Each county would have a link to the local city office, and emergency numbers. It could also have closest gas station and closest stores according to your home address.

    RainGuage – Outputs recorded rainfall to a rainguage that fills up according to reported measurements for your designated area.

    Movieman – suggests potential movies to rent from Netflix, blockerbuster, whomever – according to the users local weather info.

    CountStormula – suggests links to scary stories, books, images, games when you are in the mood to be frightened by stories from the dark side according to your weather patterns.

    Dang this post is fun Chris. Thanks for getting my brain going when I need to be going to sleep. LOL.

  6. I would absolutely use Weather Wallpaper and Watch Warning.

    I can see myself putting Weather Stylist to good use too. As much as I use the weather icon on my iPhone I still head over and get a more complete outlook online so having an all in one would me a time saver.

    And Thunderclap really sounds like something I’d use to pass the time, educate and annoy people. A perfect app!

  7. Hmmm, I like that ThunderClap idea, though what would be really neat, would be to use the camera to detect the lighting and then use the microphone to detect the thunder, and the speed of sound calibrated to the air temperature downloaded from a nearby location using gps (iPhone 2 will have gps, it will have gps, it will have gps….please Mr Jobs, say that it will have gps….)

  8. Thunderclap sounds like a great idea. Would be fun and entertaining, you know, those small little things.

    For watch warning, that would be a good idea. I think they should also make it so you can get a broadcast or visual on other warnings. If you go traveling, you can change the area code or check the area code of friends of family.

    Cloudopedia sounds like a good idea but I can see it having problems. Light, distance, etc. Also that there can be more than one cloud out at any given time, so I see there might be a bit of difficulty.

  9. All those idea are GREAT! I use it just about everytime I turned my iPhone on, you may want to add somthing about canceled and delayed flights due to weather.

  10. Some of the ideas are really great, but Apple’s SDK limitation might mess with the process. They aren’t allowing applications to run in the background. All apps must be launched and stay in the foreground in order to function. Sucks, I know.

    Hopefully, Apple makes some exceptions or changes. I really like these ideas.

  11. Well, I would like to actually see all those apps in one 🙂
    That would probably be way better.

  12. 2 4 7 9 10 are awsome ideas. The others are too but I think number nine is an everyday useful “tool”. and with tommorrow fast approaching of is very possible for us to see these happen. Make them happen Chris!! 🙂

  13. How about an iPhone version of an application called GRLevel3, which is used by stormchasers for viewing radar data in a GIS type map view. The addition of GPS and the touch-screen interface would be great. I don’t own an iPhone currently, and I have no idea if something like GRLevel3 or GR2Analyst could be made to work on the iPhone. But if was available I’d buy an iPhone in a heartbeat, and a lot of stormchasers probably would too.

  14. I think all of those sound like great apps. The one that i think is the coolest and probably the most useful to me is number one the back ground changer. I was wondering did you submit these to the weather-bug and apple.

    Keep up the great and awesome work

  15. I have an idea for a weather app, though I’m not exactly sure what it would be called. I think that a good weather app would launch showing a satellite image of Earth (kinda like Google Earth when you launch it). You would be able to spin the globe to any location in the world where you could either double tap or pinch out to zoom in to the desired location. Once you are zoomed in, it would be nice to be able to view possibly both a satellite weather and a radar image. Even better, perhaps if you tapped once on the map you could bring up a basic pop-up with important weather statistics such as temperature, humidity, and wind speed. It’s only an idea, but it might just work.

  16. I really would find the weather wallpaper helpful when out and about. I can say that I would use it on an iPod Touch or iPhone

  17. If I had an iPhone, I could develop most of this. 🙂

    As for a Weatherbuggy API? (HA!) Never. Not a chance would I ever use weatherbuggy on anything.

  18. hi there i would like a weather 3d hud weather insterments they have a hud for driving soo it would not be hard for a weather hud or heads up display and may be in the future hlao graphic 3d weather apps

  19. Really like some of these ideas. Will be implementing some of these features into a current geolocation project. Stumbled over to this post while researching possibilities of including historical data. I always thought it would be fun to know and visualize within some current location aware web site.

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