What's Cheaper than a Gallon of Gas?

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I was sitting here chatting with the people in my chat room when Ponzi called me with a pretty cool discovery that I thought you all would find interesting. She was calling me from BestBuy, as she was walking past the aisle that has all of the flash drives.

She noticed that a 128 MB flash drive was priced at $3.99. She couldn’t believe it since a gallon of gas in Seattle is currently $4.07 for the lowest octane. She was shocked that a flash drive cost less than a gallon of gasoline.

It got me thinking what else costs less than a gallon of gas here in the US right now. Even here in Iowa where I’m visiting my parents right now, the cost per gallon is high as well. I’m interested though, in hearing about things that you would never expect to be less than a gallon of gas… especially tech-related things. This is my challenge to you: Find me things that cost less than one single gallon of gasoline… or even less than one tank filling. Let’s try to come up with things that you wouldn’t expect to be cheaper, and would surprise us all.


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55 thoughts on “What's Cheaper than a Gallon of Gas?”

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  4. Lots of things are cheaper than a gallon a gas. In Norway the gas costs around 2 dollars a liter, add that by ca 4 which is a gallon, and you get 8 dollars a gallon.. Theres sure alot thats cheaper..

  5. The only reason we find these prices high is because gas around 5-6 years ago was around $1.69 a gallon. Unfortunately we don’t drive Minis and other small ultra-compacts around here because they aren’t “practical” for our life styles.

  6. Perhaps there, but you gotta admit hat price isn’t too different lol. Lets hope nobody gets the idea to use milk as fuel. The cows got enough to worry about. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. In the UK petrol is about 1.10 GBP per litre, which works out at around 8 USD per gallon according to Google. So if gas is around the 4 USD mark, I guess your gallon of gas is cheaper than a gallon of gas…

  8. wow, but atlest you don’t have to drive as much to get to places, things are all pretty close together there. atleast compared to the US. texas and california are about larger lol. but you’re lucky becuase it’s a more compact country where you don’t have to drive a long way. we drive to new york sometimes and it’s a 15 hour drive

  9. We don’t drive it because we want to, we’re FORCED into driving smaller cars in the UK because petrol prices have always been high.

  10. Here is what I came up with that’s cheaper than gas:

    A disposable Camera: Those are just under $4
    3 Top Quality Songs on iTunes: Thats just under $4
    Blank DVD’s: Just under $4

    So basically you can get about 30 pictures at $4, 12 minutes of music for $4 or about 2 hours of home movie for $4.

    Man they are really rippin us off with the gas.

  11. Oh yeah, you should mention for people that do not know, that after all the salary deductions, taxes paid, and everything else.

    Exon had 40.6 BILLION dollars in profit. So thats 40.6 billion dollars of spending money.

  12. Well to offset the prices, I invented a new cologne. I am marketing it as GAS-So-Lean. It smells exactly like gas! EXACTLY! My sales pitch is.. Smell like a million dollars. I even charge 4 times more than what it should be, and I am thinking of doubling the price at the end of June. -Sound familar? ยง

  13. Not exactly on point, but, for us oldtimers who remember when gas prices first went ballistic back in 1974 with the oil embargo. Let’s say we have an average of $4/gallon. Well in 1974 that would have been only 92 cents. At the onset of the embargo the average price was around $1.10. By the next year it was up to $2.45/gallon. That would be equivalent to a per gallon price today of $10.68!

  14. $4.07, that’s not that much, we pay 5.67 (Australia, 1.50 a liter) for a gallon of petrol

  15. Just to be pedantic (don’t forget today is the cheapest day of the week), Note prices are in AUSD, and conversion is is based on 3.78541178 liters per gallon.

    In format of ‘Date – $PerGallon ($PerLiter – type)’:

    04/06/08 7:36 AM – $5.37 ($141.9 – ULP (unleaded))
    04/06/08 7:06 AM – $5.71 ($150.9 – PULP (premium unleaded) – the standard petrol)
    04/06/08 7:14 AM – $6.54 ($172.9 – Diesel)
    04/06/08 7:36 AM – $2.49 ($65.9 – LPG)

  16. Wow, usbs are really getting cheaper, a bit reasonable tough. And I got to say, we must find a way to stop using current gas and use some other sort of fuel that’s cheaper and won’t end up with petro :O

  17. I recently heard that they were going to advertise the half gallon prices for gas as opposed to the full gallon. This’ll make it seem like you’re not paying as much, but in the long run, you’re paying the same exact amount, it’s just advertised cheaper.

  18. Gas in the U.S. has long been cheaper than in Europe. The European governments intentionally inflate the price with taxes to – get this – ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO LEAVE THE CAR AT HOME. They figured it out years ago. It’s cheaper for the gov. to pick up the tab for (massive) mass transit than building all their infrastructure around the car would be. We’re finally learning this lesson the hard way.

    Many say mass transit works in Europe because the countries are so small. There is some truth to that but given enough pain at the gas pump even the most ‘patriotic’ American will give in and take the bus. If we’re lucky the price will go even higher! Let’s hope it hits us hard and fast and the politicos actually take the right steps.

    1. Cut taxes on train lines (owners pay property tax on the entire length of track.)
    2. Add taxes to long haul truckers (8 times more efficient to move a ton of freight by train than truck – truckers are supported by the AFL/CIO the most powerful lobby ever to exist. More trucks = more members = more power.)
    3. ADD taxes to gasoline. (If it don’t hurt, we won’t convert.)

  19. for less than a gallon of gas i could get a new cell phone ๐Ÿ˜› so i just got a scooter it gets 99mpg ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. The first flashdrive I bought was a 512mb Sandisk for $70. And right now, I can’t even get 3/4 of a tank of regular gas for that. I don’t know what else I could get that’s equivalent to the price of a gallon of gas. I think gas here is like $3.80 right now, so I could get almost 4 songs on iTunes for that :O

  21. Think about ice cream: it’s now way cheaper than a gallon of gas in the Netherlands. I don’t know how it has been in the U.S., but ice cream has been a big business in the Netherlands, so ice cream has been pretty expensive for a while.

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