It's a Free Computer!

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Thanks to HP and BuzzCorps, Ponzi and I gave away a $5000 Dragon notebook last night! We had a lot of fun, and I’m sure our winner Ralajer is one happy camper in sunny California!

Unfortunately, the video of the drawing itself didn’t turn out so well. I was called away to go home to Iowa. My parents were in a bad car accident last week. They’re doing ok now, though. I don’t have a very strong Internet connection, so the video didn’t work too well. This is the reason we’re telling you about it after the fact in this video!

The requirements for my giveaway were simple:

  • You must be present in the chat room at the time of the giveaway.
  • You need to be subscribed to my YouTube channel.
  • You had to have left a a good comment to a post in my blog between May 22 and May 29.

Earlier, Kat chose a random blog post. My wife Ponzi then scrolled randomly through more than 175 comments on that post to choose a winner. And a winner we found! Big congratulations go out to Ralajer!!!!

Ralajer posted his comment on the post What do you do with your old Computers?. The comment is as follows:

I usually gift them to my siblings and with 6 of them with 11 nieces and nephews so there will always be an outlet for my old hardware not that I go through that many computers. But being the only computer knowledgeable person in the family I am also the adjunct tech support. I try to get them to learn about computers by telling to Google their problems and try to fix it which has worked for some of the more basic problems.

I’ve been playing around with turning the last one into a file server but I really don’t need it at present so I’ve not put much time into doing that. I’ve only recycled one computer after it physically broke it was a pain finding a center so I just waited until a eTrash day in front of Best Buy.

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90 thoughts on “It's a Free Computer!”

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  2. There was so much glitching going on with the webcast, it froze my computer and logged me out before they could conferm weather i was on (no i’m not saying they picked me, but forced ubove me prevented it from happening.

  3. anybody know why some people, myself include, get booted off of chat, actually, my internet explorer crashes, so does firefox and i even tried safari and that crashes … whats up? anybody got a clue …PLEASE PM ME!

  4. “Chris your almost on video 1,337!!! You need to do a special video soon! ”
    “ha you div he is on his 1331st video ”
    Notice the “almost” there, jazzmcneil “you div”?

  5. well done ralajer or how ever you spell it… I would of loved this thing! damn you Kat & Ponzii 😛

    And stop with the wife comments… you childish little munchkins

  6. AHHHHHH!!!!! I missed it!!!! And would you look at that, you also get a Pirillo sticker…oh wait, I guess not.
    *foxtrot_MGS weeps and kicks his cat, as he was out last night. Although he does congratulate the winner.

  7. He must be one hell of a happy guy to have won that laptop. Shame the big count down is now over we need something new and big again to giveaway start off another count down there kinda fun.

    Hope he has years of fun with it!

  8. “I didn’t know about it”. But I just started subscribing to your blog yesturday or thursday? And I came in the chat room after the winner was picked and mentioned my own laptop and someone was like did you win!? and I was like uh I have no idea what you are talking about. Then I realized I was tired and left.

  9. Congratz to Ralajer on winning this great system. I was in the Chat room when he won and everyone thought he had passed out because after he gave his youtube link he never spoke again lol. once again congratz to ralajer. I hope he takes advantage of all that power under the hood of that magnificent machine.

  10. I hope all those stupid comments won’t affect the decision of showing Ponzi in some videos. It brings something refreshing to see her (non tech comments). Anyway, goodjob Ponzi!!

  11. 🙁 I was 8 posts below the winner, and the worst of all, when ponzi said “ral..” I was like “OH MY GOD!!!!” I tought I was the winner, because I figure roalgumo is kinda hard to pronounce, but then she spelled it and I was “aww man :(“.

    Congratz to ralajer anyway.

  12. ponzi is a CHINK lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

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