Do you Embed my Videos or Pictures?

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Someone recently asked me what exactly embedding means? To embed something simply means that you are enclosing or adding something. For instance, you can embed a video into a blog post, or onto YouTube.

We record and upload videos to YouTube. You’re also able to watch those videos on my blog. YouTube allows me to embed the video into my blog. I don’t move the video, or upload it directly to my site. I basically point you to the video, which is hosted on YouTube. Why would I want to do that? Well for one, YouTube bears the burden of the bandwidth. If the videos aren’t hosted on my site, they aren’t eating up my bandwidth. There are also tons of people watching these videos, so having them be on YouTube allows the traffic to be routed through them.

Embedding is a good thing. The only caveat really is where you embed. You need to be careful where you host and upload things, in case the site could someday close its doors. I don’t think YouTube is going anywhere. I don’t think Flickr is going anywhere.

So basically, you take some HTML code, paste it into your blog or website, and presto! The video or picture has been embedded.


Want to embed this video on your own site, blog, or forum? Use this code or download the video:

21 thoughts on “Do you Embed my Videos or Pictures?”

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  2. Has YouTube fixed the embed code so it doesn’t break HTML validation? Last time I checked into it the code wasn’t valid HTML.

  3. “Do you Embed my Videos or Pictures?”

    I use a picture you took of an orange corvette as my desktop background! (Y)

  4. I embed all the time. Embeding is actually like…the best that has ever happened to videos I guess, cause you can share them really easy, not like a couple of years ago, where you had to send them over mail, or host them and have others download them to their computer.

    Thumbs up for embeding.

  5. Another benefit to embedding is that so long as the video or what have you is created properly, you the creator will always get the proper credit for your creation, no matter where on the web it shows up later.

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