Where do you Download Desktop Wallpaper?

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Every single day in the chat room, someone asks me where I get my wallpaper from. Sometimes I make them myself, using Oxidizer. Sometimes I download them from somewhere. But my friend Andy Stanberry reminded me about using DestopTopia.

Desktoptopia is a FREE desktop background manager that automatically loads and displays designer desktops on your monitor, as often as you wish. Loving the current desktop? Can’t stop staring at it? Just click Pause in the menubar, and stare all you want. You can also go back, or to the next desktop right from the menubar. Setting how often your desktop changes is just as simple. You can rate desktops anytime from the menubar. You can also subscribe to categories like Photography, Illustration, Typography, Architecture, Graphic Design, 3D, and Abstract. Or you can mix it up with a little from all the categories.

Got two monitors? We’re so jealous. But, Desktoptopia has got you covered. You can decide how you want Desktoptopia to work with your multiple-monitor set up. You can have twice the love and duplicate the desktop on both monitors, only show desktops on one (whichever one you want), or show different desktops on each monitor. Quick, what’s your monitor resolution? Yeah, we don’t know ours either. Desktoptopia will automatically detect your resolution and deliver you the appropriately sized desktop, so your desktops always look their best.

Desktoptopia delivers the most beautiful and inspiring desktops around from our ever-growing collection. But that’s only half the story. They keep our desktops usable, so you can actually find stuff on your desktop.


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128 thoughts on “Where do you Download Desktop Wallpaper?”

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  2. yup GREAT website, all types of resolutions even dual and triple monitor wallpapers. Wide variety on there, highly recommended by me, and KingKurteous!

  3. Last time I updated my wall paper was several months ago. I found it by Googling “Widescreen walllpaper” and I have no clue where it came from…

  4. I have a picture of my kids as my wallpaper. My husband has the space shuttle lift-off from Nasa.gov and my son has SpeedRacer from Warnerbrothers.com.

  5. Automated desktop wallpaper appears pretty handy! However, I am very picky about my desktop, and feel that my wallpapers should reflect something specific about my interest or mindset, so I greatly prefer manual downloads, and only change wallpapers once a month if that (at work far less often)

    The two best places I have found for wallpaper, no muss no fuss type sites, are deviantart.com (under customizations) and interfacelift.com. These are both well known – but hey, if one person who reads this isn’t familiar with them, well, then something was accomplished!

  6. I pretty much get them from the program I use for dual – monitor wallpapers. I’ve only used it once, long long ago, so I’m not entirely sure what website it was… I use a program called DisplayFusion which has a built in little thing that automatically downloads wall papers for me.

    Since mine are pretty old, I think I’ll have to check out this program XD

  7. To be honest, most of my wallpapers come from either Oxidixer, or Chris’s “Wallpaper” set on his Flickr. Another good site is ewallpapers.eu, although they don’t have as many geeky wallpapers as I would like!

  8. I used to go to http://www.macdesktops.net, but they recently had a hardware failure and lost all of the wallpapers in their database. I liked to go there because they had the best Apple oriented wallpapers on the internet.

    However, ever since they had the hardware failure, I have just stuck with the default Leopard wallpaper. I just have not gotten tired of it yet.

  9. Most of the time I either use Deviantart, or a simply google image search refine the criteria and see what I come up with. amazing some of the things that come up. otherwise I loop my old ones when I get bored of the curent one, which is usually once a week or so

  10. caedes.net is my favorite place to find amazing desktop wallpaper… photos, fractals, you name it… beautiful, quality art. Different sizes to match most monitor resolutions. Check it out.

  11. I personally use deviantart.com and it is great. However after checking desktopia it looks amazing. I downloaded it on my mac and the wallpapers are absolutely amazing! Thanks for showing us this great application Chris.


  12. I am very particular about what is on my desktop, so I don’t think this would work for me very well, but I at least tried it out and from what I saw it does it’s job very well. This is very useful for people who like variety in their desktop.

  13. I have different sources for my wallpapers. The main source is, of course, meant to feed my passion: cars. I use Serious Wheels (www.seriouswheels.com); they provide with press releases and the official pictures that come with them. If I want a different, non-vehicular wallpaper I usually go to InterfaceLIFT (http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/).

    As a matter of fact, my current wallpaper is Metro Tunnels, found in InterfaceLIFT: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/details.php?id=1534

  14. Now I don’t have to use Google Images search anymore! I used to type in a topic and then 1680×1050 (my screen resolution) decent wallpapers came up, like the one I’m using now that has a cool geek text enlarged in the middle. This Oxidizer looks cool, I’ll try it out.

  15. I would have to agree with some of the other comments… Interfacelift and DeviantArt are good sources for desktop backgrounds. Also check out the forever trusty DigitalBlasphemy.com

  16. how does this program download the pictures? like, can you set it to Google Image Search and it can go to all the found picture’s source website and download? (Google images is where i usually get my desktop wallpaper from)

  17. Great utility Chris, thanks. Its interesting how even being visually impaired I’m still always looking for visually stunning and striking material to put on my pc, or maybe its just that my deffinition of stunning is different from most. I’ve got utilities for changing my boot skin, not to mention my log in screen, and now one for my desktop background, thanks again.

  18. Nice, I’m going to look through DestopTopia in a little while. I love collecting wallpapers and just nice pictures in general, though I usually get mine from Deviant Art. I have seen another good site recently but the name escapes me at the moment. I must have close to 10,000 pictures of various things I’ve collected over the years. Maybe I should make my own wallpaper database =) I’ll probably end up downloading many more from DestopTopia as well. I eat up so much disk space from collecting music and pictures.

  19. You can find the best wallpapers on interfacelift.com but it’s a really unorganized site, so if I search a Wallpaper in a given them I use very often Google and somewhere in the upper left I select Big Images, and there comes the Wallpaper you just need for your Computer or maybe for presentaions to look good.

  20. Here are some of my favorite places to get desktop wallpaper:


    Google image search is also one of the best ways to find more interesting desktop wallpaper.

  21. Ya chris, it is a great website.
    the best thing i liked is that we can download them for free.
    Especially I liked the 3d wallpapers and also people who create wallpapers and wan’t to share them, they can use this website.

    I just downloaded the software for my windows download for PC link. well ill try it afterwards.

  22. I normally base my wallpapers on something that is important to me at the moment. Right now it is Barack Obama. I took one of the logos that are available on his site and alter it for my screen’s resolution. During football season, my wallpaper is usually something related to the Philadelphia Eagles.

  23. I am always amazed by your wallpapers that you use. It seems like they are so different. Thanks for the link to the apps.

  24. I tried this and it was excellent, really liked it. Except you do have to fiddle around a bit with it so you get the type of wallpapers you like

  25. I also use deviantart.com, It’s a great place for wallpapers.
    The utitility you mentioned sounds great.

    I’m obsessed with keeping my desktop looking fresh, now I don’t have to worry about it! I think I’ll be using desktopia from now on. The wallpapers I have got from it so far are great! Thanks for the link Chris!

  26. I find the best wallpapers are at: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/

    There is a wide variety of wallpapers for everybody. I especially like how you can search by data added, theme, ratings, etc. Makes my life a lot easier, and its a great place to go to download a wallpaper really quick.


  27. i mostly come across my wallpapers by accident just flicking around and i see somthing cool. But at the moment im just using the default wallpaper for mac os 10 leopard becuase its nice and it cheers me up πŸ™‚

  28. I always use the standard wallpapers built into Windows. Such as the Microsoft Bliss, or whatever, the reason for that is because I really like them. I am very obsessive on keeping the desktop spotless, I never have any shortcuts there except for the recycle bin, its a bit like real life, as I always have to keep everywhere spotless.

  29. That’s a really neat app you got there, just downloaded it myself after watching this video. I’m kind of bored with my current background but don’t really know what else I could place in there as some wallpapers tend to use colors that stop me from seeing my desktop icons.

    Thanks for sharing

  30. I sure do like to mess around with wallpapers but i usually google or go to deviant art to find something for my self, but this is pretty cool tough and i think i might check that oxidizer out. Great stuff there Chris (y)-

  31. Well Chris, To Be Honest With You, I Don’t Download Wallpapers. I Just Either Use The Wallpapers Which Came With Windows or Use Some Of My Pics as My Wallpaper. But Downloading Wallpapers is for Someone Who Inspires Good Pictures in my opinion.

  32. It would be nice if the os would come with more choises or a link to go to the Apple, Microsoft, Linux, ect. website to get more.

  33. I use to download wallpapers and screen savers i don’t any more I realized that i would rather look at the pictures that i have taken of my family ; my monitor is now like a digital photo frame when I’m not using it i just remove all of the desktop icons and hide the task bar

  34. WOW!!! This is great, i’ve installed it on all my computers and it makes life easier and much more exiting, not knowing what’s going to come up, it also has a great inventory but an improvement could be that it doesn’t repeat the wallpapers too often… this was the only big problem i could find!

  35. That sounds like a great little program. I usually just google desktop ideas and find things all over the net to use as my desktops. Though I think those ddays are over now after hearing about Desktoptopia.

  36. i usually use animated gifs for my desktop background, and i’ve even fooled some people into thinking i have video background!

  37. On my old dual monitors I just make them get two images or make my images join them together does the job great.

  38. I usually am looking for a particular image, so I do a web search by topic.

    I’m currently using an image of “Gumby” and “Pokey” that I captured from a My Space website and converted to wallpaper because I thought it was cool.

  39. Sounds like a useful program. I also like the one you mentioned before where you can create perfect backgrounds to stretch an image across two monitors of different resolution and size!

  40. Thanks for the tip! I always wanted a program like this! I have installed it on all of my computers, and it works great!

    I like abstract wallpapers. Since I use my laptop in public places I really don’t like to have a picture of my family up there. Especially when you start to put icons on the desktop, and your mother sees it and asks why her face is covered up….!

  41. It’s cool to know that there’s a site like this out there. But honestly, when it comes to wallpaper… it’s not that big of a deal for me because it’s usually covered up by any numerous amount of windows! So I’ve never really looked into FINDING wallpaper.

    I think the last thing I tried was a picture of my family… but then I felt guilty everytime I put up another window (I’m know… silly)… but that’s just how it happened. Then I felt guilty for wanting to take it down! πŸ™‚

    *giggles* Well you’ve gotta get the point by now!

    Kind Regards,

  42. i download most of my wallpapers from crystalxp.net but i do look at alot of other sites to see if there is anything good bc im picky lol

  43. My favorite place to get wallpapers… Flickr.

    Its easy. All I do is search for something, find one I like, look at all the sized available, and then right click, set as desktop background.. and its done. Right now, I have a picture of the Belle of Louisville that I got of flickr. The image is AWESOME quality.. and it was a piece of cake to get the picture. I’m telling you, if you want a easy and SAFE way to get wallpapers… Flickr is the way to go!

  44. I get mine from interfacelift.com, but I guess my comment is kind of useless since so many people have already mentioned this.

  45. I never spend that much time looking for wallpaper as I rarely look at the desktop. I usually stick to wallpaper that let me see my desktop icons clearly. I did download the program and it is pretty cool. They could add more categories to the list I mean more specific image sets. It’s cool to be browsing the web and then switch to another app and see some cool wallpaper. It like chrismas for your desktop.

  46. Desktoptopia seems to be a good program.Thank you Chris.I think I’ll try it.A lot of information on this blog.You helped me a lot with dozens of things.

  47. That looks like a really inventive program to have. I just look for single images i like various places along the tubes. This would help save time so i dont have to spend a few hours finding the perfect size and shape etc. May just have to download this one πŸ™‚

  48. This is cool! I really like the wallpapers this program sends me. I always end up doing google image searches for wallpapers, but can’t ever find the right one. It usually is not the right ratio or resolution, and the ones that are the right resolution aren’t very good. Thanks for the find!

  49. I mostly use google images but sometime I like to use limewire or image stock uploads them nice big HD 1920×1080 pictures and wallpapers But I’m still using Aura

  50. I’m pretty much the same as Erez Hod said above…the regulars of InterfaceLift, PixelGirlPresents, and DeviantArt. One of these days I’ll get a nice SLR that can take larger pictures, and maybe I can take some that would make decent desktop backgrounds. Right now I have to scale/distort other pictures I’ve found due to the size. Here’s my current setup: http://is.gd/lgA

  51. Hey thanks Chris. I am using Desktoptopia now and I love it. I have it set to change every minute and I have some really interesting ones coming up. I personally have found that this is a cure to my boredom of having to change the wallpaper every so often as I get very bored of looking at the same on. Thanks again =]

  52. this program is hella sick. Like havng a background change every ten minutes, Keeps my desktop fresh! πŸ˜‰ another great find!

  53. I usually use pictures that I’ve taken with my camera. Sometimes I use ones from my favorite music site. This new program looks great and will probably use it.

  54. I usually use pictures that I’ve taken with my camera. Sometimes I use ones from my favorite music site. This new program looks great and I will probably use it.

  55. I get all my desktop graphics from deviantart, around my small town there are many artists, and I like contributing by showing it off, on my 5 & 1/2 year old no-screen laptop…….Anyway. I like taking there art and using it. Today I tried out desktopia and it was “Awesome” I like the randomness of the photos it makes me get amazed every 10 minutes! Lol. Well, great blog Chris.


  56. Hm, free? I guess that’s fine for picky people. I just “Google Image” search pics in a high enough resolution and if I find what I want..there you are.

    Easy enough, plus I like gun/computer hardware pics, most Desktop sites don’t have these.

  57. Wow! What a nice program. Thank You Chris for informing me about it. Will DesktopTopia work with UltraMon. I am using UltraMon right now for my dual monitors. By the way, you did great on CNN!

  58. OMG, don’t let me get started on wallpapers, there was period in my life where i kept on downloading wallpapers from everywhere i usually used Google to find wallpapers, but today i don’t download wallpapers as i did once, i downloaded often because i got bored at my old wallpaper, thanks for the recommendation i’ll check it out.

  59. That’s really interesting. I love how it does everything for you, like detect resolution, link you, scroll through the wallpaper, etc. I’ll have to check it out sometime.
    Surprisingly, I’ve never heard of Oxidizer. Whenever I wanna make a wallpaper, there’s usually a purpose for it, like for a cool new videogame (i.e. Halo 3 ^_^). I just get couple screenshots and stuff from Google images, some texture from DeviantArt, and photoshop them myself. I could try submitting some of mine onto this desktoptopia =)

  60. I personally get them either off of Digital Blasphemy, or DeviantArt. If you go to DB, don’t forget to check out the User Galleries, they often have some very good art there.

    DeviantArt is just huge. Period.

  61. Kinda nice, I’m not much of a wallpaper fan tough, I normaly have like the default OS wallpaper, right now I don’t, I have a wallpaper of a clothing brand I like, and the wallpaper was really nice, so I decided to put it up. It’s nice knowing tough, seems like a nice feature.

  62. Well, I’m not a big fan of wallpapers, I normally have the default OS wallpaper, not right now tough, for a couple of weeks I’ve had this one, wich is a wallpaper of a clothing brand I like alot, and well, I liked it, so I put it up. It’s really nice stuff tough, all that rating, and all.

  63. I get most of my desktop wallpapers either from DeviantArt or I make them myself. I often make collages of things that intrest me. Like right now, it’s a Pink Floyd collage wallpaper. I also use a program called WPChanger. It automatically scrolls through desktop wallpapers.

  64. This is a great program! Only requires a few clicks to get setup and off you go. It’s convenient to have it download the wallpapers for you, because nowadays, high-res photographs are often hard to find. Thanks for the heads up Chris!

  65. I really should get this because I have had this Team Fortress 2 backround for a really long time. I don’t exactly go to a website per say to get a wallpaper. I just go to Google and look up something as a wallpaper and usually get decent results. I usually forget about the wallpaper, as my web browser is never minimized.

  66. Desktoptopia sounds very interesting. I like to change the desktop background every so often to keep things fresh. Thanks for the tip!

  67. I love this software! I set it for changing every hour so every time i look it gives my desktop a new fresh look πŸ™‚

  68. I am a very happy Linux (Ubuntu) user. Therefore I highly support the open source community. I do not agree with the people out there that want to charge for their programs or services (desktop wallpapers). I think that they should get advertizers to churn up a profit rather than charging their customers for their services. Truthfully, I do not understand how they earn money from this considering there are so many free services as well as the paid services, I do not see why someone would pay for that instead of just spending five minutes to find a free site. Also, with all the piracy and torrents out there, someone could just steal it from the company anyway; illegally, but free.

    Just to be clear though, I do not support people who steal programs or participate in other illegal activity.

  69. hey chris i have found the wallpers to be very aswome and very cool indeed but i will continue to dowload your wall papers as long as i can

    thanks for the post and blog and see you all later

  70. I’ve gotten a lot of beautiful desktop backgrounds from interfacelift.com. It’s easy to find just the right resolution, as well. I also use DeviantArt.com sometimes. There’s a lot of talented artists on DeviantArt. I’d have to say that InterfaceLift is my favorite, though. They also have a great collection of icons.

  71. i dont use wallpapers on mine i just have a black screen
    because i have not found any good ones that i liked

  72. i get my wallpapers from warez sites cuz they have tons of high res ones they usely put them in a zip with 1000′ in one file witch is cool and they dont have ads on them like url links like the others do on some sites

  73. Hey just wanted to thank your for this cool program, I never really can choose what I want as a wallpaper, ands usually my wallpapers get old quickly so this program is perfect for me.


  74. That looks cool, I mainly get all my wallpapers by typing in whatever i want onto photobucket or if i’m feeling really creative I make my own on photoshop

  75. I get mine from Wallpaper General, and if you don’t know where that is you are a crazy person. Requests… Themed ITTs etc.

  76. I don’t.

    (always the opposing voice)

    Way back when resources were precious, I found out that wallpaper (high-res displays, too much in PATH, etc) sucked resources away from Windows, slowing things down. Plus I’m not all that graphically-oriented.

    Now it’s just a garish blue or puke green across multiple linux desktops.

    Remember the ancient Windows (3.1?) `fluorescent’ preset? It was black, puke green, and hot pink. I liked that one, probably because it was so hideous πŸ™‚


  77. It seems as though I can never have enough wallpaper, so I’m always on the lookout for a good site — especially since I’m also *very* picky about what I put on my desktop (I seem to prefer nature or travel photography). Here are some of the sites where I’ve had the most success:

    http://www.deskcity.com (Chinese site — tons of images and growing all the time)
    http://www.hebus.com (French site — lots of images)
    http://www.wallno1.com (found this one very recently)

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