What was the First / Last Movie you saw in a Theater?

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What was the first movie you ever saw in a movie theater? For me, I remember watching The Rescuers at a drive-in when I was a kid. I’ve been going to movie theaters all my life, even still today. Even though I have excellent home equipment to watch from the comfort of my couch, there’s still a place for the movie theater. There needs to be some changes, yes. And the cost? Don’t get me started there.

I talked to my chat room, and asked them what their thoughts are as to what movie theaters need to be like for the future. Here is what they came up with:

  • Free food! We know that’s how they make their money, but maybe they can come up with other ways to make money. I mean seriously. Bring on the popcorn dripping butter! Why not trying free popcorn or soda night?
  • Discount licensing. Imagine if you went to a movie and you take your stub… and use it to buy that DVD, or be able to download it. Your ticket would entitle to you to a discount.
  • Aroma and audience ambiance That would likely get me to go to the theater for that kind of experience.
  • Force-feedback seats. How cool would that be? The only feedback I get on my seat is when I move it around. Bringing the movie off the screen and into the audience is something that would be really cool.
  • Interaction! Let the audience choose their own ending. The audience could create a noise level or push a button to choose how they would like to see the movie end.

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117 thoughts on “What was the First / Last Movie you saw in a Theater?”

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  3. I don’t even remember the last time I went to the movie’s it has just gotten too expensive last time I went I think it cost me around 35 for me and my wife for popcorn 2 sodas and some candy. I now just wait for the dvd to come out i have a unlimited rental account at blockbuster that costs me 29.99 I just wait for the dvd and I rent about 30 to 40 movies a month thats less than $1 a movie plus popcorn is 2.99 for 3 bags so that $1 for a bag and 2 liter is $1.5 candy is $0.75 so a total movie cost at home is $4.25 and I can pause the movie to use the restroom a hell of a-lot cheaper than $35 a movie But I might go see the new Indiana Jones movie

  4. The first movie I saw in a theater was Lion King back in 1995 and the most recent movie I saw in the theaters was 21, even though that’s a pretty recent movie, i watch about 3 movies a year in theaters. usually i just wait until the dvd release comes out, and i can rent it online, it’s like 1/3 of the price and i feel better quality. Well thanks chris.

  5. Jeez first movie…I think it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the live action ones, and the last one….not really sure seeing as how I tend to not go much anymore with the price of tickets, I just wait for them to come out on DVD or rentals and watch them then. Truly the one thing I really like it theaters? Reclining seats.

  6. I agree with the points you made Chris. These days movies are so expensive and its getting to the point where its almost not fun anymore.

  7. First: The Mask (… I think, I’m not 100% if that was first)
    Last: Superbad

    I was SOOOO anxious to see The Forbidden Kingdom, Ironman and Speedracer, but I’ve become sick and can’t leave the house T.T

    The theater is soooooo expensive it’s hardly worth it to go. I mean… the only time I so go is when I can go to the nearest convenience store and pick up alot of fuzzy peaches for half the price of the theater.

    I would DEFINITELY be up for different endings, but I think it’d also be a great way to get people to go to movies multiple times. If you don’t get the ending you want, go again!

    And with free popcorn, it’s impossible to lose!

  8. earliest movie i remember was the Animated Jungle Book or Gremlins in my towns first movie theater(a one screen style in the 80’s)

    Last movie was Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull(love midnight showings)

    As far as what theaters can do in the future, Internet/Info screens at each seat(probably too expensive though),and definitely lower the prices down on the food(or people can just sneak it in like i have done in the past),

  9. The first movie I saw in a movie theatre was Tron, at a drive in

    The last movie I saw at a movie theatre was The Matrix (1)

    It just is not worth it to go anymore. They do not have offer an experience to motivate spending the kind of money it costs these days to go – all things considered (gas, time, snacks, tickets)
    when you can wait a couple months and buy it on dvd and have it to watch as often as you want whenever you want.

    I really do not know what is needed to save theatres, but they have darn sure got to offer a larger return on the dollar – a reason to take the time to go experience the movie in the theatre instead of at home – especially in these days of wide screen high def televisions and 7.1 home theatre systems.

    It needs to be more of an ‘experience’ – something you just can’t get by watching it on dvd at home. Discount licensing might be the right path, though I don’t know if it is the exact aspect that would help most. Would be a start though, and the concept itself is the right direction.

  10. Wow, I LOVE the discount licensing idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    Don’t know if it was the first, but I remember vividly going to see The Black Stallion. First try it was sold out. I sobbed in the parking lot. The theater had a PA system blasting out into the lot and we never made the ticket booth before I knew we were damned. We made it back the next day (or next week, who knows)

    Last, The Forbidden Kingdom. Took ten 10 year olds to see it for my son’s birthday. We bought tickets ahead of time online. No way I’d risk a Black Stallion incident!

  11. I remember Honey I Shrunk the Kids… but I’m told that my parents took me to see Return of the Jedi when I was a baby.

    I think they need to have an interactive movie in the way video games are interactive now…but in a social environment away from home similar to what the theater is now. So you and a few other people would play the characters of the movie…. oh and not be charged 50 bucks, I hope. Or whatever equals to 50 bucks whenever they have the technology for this.

  12. I believe the first movie I saw was The Wizard, possibly the first movie based around video games. The last movie I saw was Borat. I bought a projector last year and was definitely a great investment, with a screen size of 96″ and 7.1 surround it beats the cost of a theater release. With a dvd release of 3-4 months max after the theatrical release, I will wait for it and get it from netflix

  13. Ogg i heard they have the scent stuff in Japan.They were beginning to integrate it in the movie theaters. Even ambince like you say.
    stuff like if the movie is in a swamp, the air becomes dense moisty.
    that is so cool in my opinion.
    i think it is very more intense for the movies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I will never forget the first movie I saw in the theater. My older brother and I walked to the theater (not sure how far) to see the original Star Wars. This was a hugh treat because nether of my parents were allowed to go to movie theaters as kids and this was the first for me and my brother.

    The last was Fools Gold – my wife and I went along because we just cannot afford to take the kids. We do go to the dollar theater and take the kids – the last one we saw there was…. er….. I don’t remember – it was for the kids.

  15. I believe the first movie I ever saw was Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. I went with my mom and loved it. I was around 6 or 7 I think. The last movie I went to see, at a movie theater, was… wow, I can’t remember. I’m pretty sure it was the time I went to see two movies in a row. But anyways, the last movie I saw period, was The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End on Starz.

  16. I remember going to the drive in when I was very little, and falling asleep in the back of the truck while my parents did whatever it was that parents did back then, but the first movie I -remember- was Star Wars:A new Hope. To the point that I remember a scene which to this -day- has never shown up in any of the subsequent releases of the film as far as I know, and the last I saw in theater was I believe, Transformers. But that’s not really the topic here is it? As to what I’d like to see… I think the most polite way I can put this is, improved audience experience. This is a personal gripe of mine though, nothing really important to most, but when you are all of 5’2 standing, and made even shorter by the necessity of a wheelchair, and the guy in front of you is 6’5″, it makes things difficult, even with the incline of the rows which is supposed to equal things out. The only chain near me that seems to have a handle on this problem is the Regal. They put a sort of Plateau between two sections of the afore mentioned incline, and allow all us ‘wheelies’ to take up residence there.

  17. The earliest memories I have of watching a movie was ET. I just noticed that it was released in 1982 and I would’ve been about 1 year old so I’m not sure if I really saw it at the theater. Flight of the Navigator was also one of the earliest memories I have of watching at a theater too.

  18. I dont really remember what was the first movie I saw in the movie theater, but the last one I saw was Iron Man.I also like sour patch kids!=)

  19. The first one might have been The Rescuers or Jungle Book.

    The last movie I saw was Krazzy 4, and before that, Jodhaa Akbar. They show bollywood movies in my local cineplex, and how I see it is hey, foreign movies that I don’t have to go downtown to see.

  20. My first Movie I saw in a Movie Theater was โ€œThe Lion Kingโ€ but I really canโ€™t remember it maybe I donโ€™t even saw the screen. The free food night thing was tried out here in Hungary, the ticket cost the double than normally but they gave free popcorn and you may go to so many presentations you just wanted to, from 6pm-6am. I donโ€™t know if it had succeed or not because I was abroad that day but I canโ€™t wait next year to take part of it.

  21. I only hit the Tent-Pole movies these days. Too expensive, and too much crap otherwise.

    Last one I saw was Iron Man, which was way better than I had feared.

    Next will be Indiana Jones.

    After that, it could be Christmas before I hit a theater again…

  22. I don’t remember the last time either! LOL …it’s been at least a year if not more…People have no manners. I can’t stand listent to the open mouth munch and crunching of food and the inane comments made for those who think they are in their living rooms. And last but not least the sardine packeed theaters.
    I’d rather be at room, kickin’ back, relaxed, enjoying my movie privately and quietly. ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. First – a spaghetti western marathon at a drive-in (mid 60’s)

    Latest – Iron Man

    I love the theaters, big screen, total immersion, though I rarely buy concessions and usually go to day shows (less crowded)

    Many years ago I actually participated in a movie experiment that let the audience choose the path. You could push a button as many times as you wanted to select a path. It was truly awful – the path went with the lowest common denominator. Think of a bunch of idiots with fast fingers…OK if you’re 10, mind numbingly stupid if not.

  24. oh the first one? hmm… it’s either Jaws, Star Wars, or Posiedon Advernture…wish one was made first??… I guess mom was into those movies at the time…

    I think it was Star Wars…

  25. I believe the first movie I saw in a theatre was “Help” starring the Fab Four. ๐Ÿ™‚ The last was “Forbidden Kingdom”. There is a local theatre that only costs $1.00 per person so we see whatever they are showing. Of course, we dropped about another $12.00 at the snack bar…buttered popcorn addicts.

  26. Boy… good question. I remember three movies specifically that I saw as a child with my Grandpa and one with my mom… “Beauty and the Beast” “Fievel Goes West” and “Lion King”

    Last movie I saw in theatres was… had to have been Transformers! Totally awesome movie! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kind Regards,

  27. I gotta go with Star Wars, too. I was about 5. (Get off my lawn, ya durn kids!). Empire required two trips in line around the entire theater (once for tickets, another to get in).

    Went to see Iron Man recently ($5.25 for matinee, not too shabby) and had a bizarre case of deja vu. I don’t think I’d been to that particular theater since seeing Ghostbusters in ’84.

    I do miss the dollar theater in this town.

  28. The first movie I saw in a theater was “Herbie the love bug”.
    I Know, I’m old.
    I personally would rather stay home and watch movies at home. It’s tons cheaper, more convenient, quieter…but I still go to the movies occasionally to experience the “Big Screen” when a movie comes out that I really want to see.

  29. I went with my two teenagers to see “Horton” because one was suppose to get in at the movie theater.

    I go to the drive-in lots in the summer for two reasons. One can see two movies for the price of one. Second it is a great outing for hubby and I. We already went this season in April to see Bucket List. We watched but did not listen to Fool’s Gold. We just talked and enjoyed each other’s company. =D

  30. The first movie I saw in a theatre was the original Star Wars. The latest movie was Speed Racer.
    Yes, Theatres do have to do something, lower prices, etc. I really like the idea of your ticket stub giving you a discount.
    However, I don’t think movie theatres are ever going to go away, you may have the latest dolby digital super surround sound home theatre with a 60″ screen, but compared to a 20 foot screen, it is still small. And some movies really do need that size screen to see everything…

  31. I really can’t remember the last time I saw a movie. I think it was Evan Almighty… which was HILARIOUS btw.

  32. Chris,

    The sad reality is this: If the movie theaters don’t get creative on how they do business they will go out of business. For instance, I am going to see the new Indiana Jones movie tomorrow with four people. It is going to cost a whopping total of $40 just for the tickets! That is ridiculous! It would be cheaper to just buy it on DVD and then watch it on a nice home theater system.

  33. The first movie I saw in a theater was “Swiss Family Robinson” and yes, I’m that old, and the last was “Underworld: Evolution” . Like most of you I have given up the theater experience due to the outrageous cost. I buy DVDs and subscribe to Showtime.

  34. The first movie i remember seeing in theaters was Godzilla i bellieve. Latly i ahve not gone to teh movies but hope to go see the new Indy movie tonight

  35. Gosh, i cant even remember the 1st movie i saw. It was possibly something like jurassic park way back when….i have a real bad memory. The lastest movie i saw was ironman, which was amazing.

  36. The last movie I saw was Iron Man, saw it twice. I’ll be seeing Indiana Jones as well. I tend to waste alot of money at the theater.

  37. I think the first movie I ever went to see was probably Beauty and the Beast…I was probably 4 years old haha!

    last movie I went to see was Iron Man, which was spectacular.

    I definitely don’t even try to buy food and drinks at the movie theater anymore…just bring someone with a huge purse/huge pants pockets and smuggle your own in! Although my crappy dollar store candy has nothing on movie theater popcorn…a good idea would be to have some kind of discount on refreshments/food with a ticket stub from the past month or so. like a coupon.

  38. First movie I can remember seeing in the theater is “Captain Nemo and the City Beneath the Sea” when I was very young.

    The last movie I saw in the theater was “Iron Man”

  39. The first movie i can remember seeing was mortal kombat, the original i believe. I remember it like it was yesterday, I went with a friend of my called johnathan, who I am still friends with today. It was the night before a major exam, and my mom had taken us out to relax the night before. I do believe that the technology exists to emit scent. This is a technology recently achieved by some russian scientists. I dont know how alot of the suggestion made would work in the cinema’s business model. The free food sounds like it would be abused. Reaction seating could work, however it should be optional.

  40. I believe the last movie I saw in the theaters was Delta Farce. I have just had no desire to see movies at the theater in the past few years. It is not just the cost that bothers me. The previews I see on TV are just horrible. Movies these days just too predictable.

    So in order to compensate for the poor quality of movies, I just rent my movies at Blockbuster. It is more economical that way.

  41. I went to Indiana Jone and the Crystal skull, prince Caspian, Iron Man (3 times) and others as I get to see movies for free at local screenings ! Some of the movies I have seen for free I have not seen more than once as they were utter crap , for example In Burges a horrible dark comedy!
    Speed racer was flashy but too much of retro CGI feel to it.

  42. I don’t remember the very first movie I saw, I think.. maybe Lion King when I was 7?…. 9? something like that, and the most recent one I’ve seen is Speed Racer, though I want to go see the new Indiana Jones Movie.

  43. First: I think Aladdin… Disney animated version…
    Last: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

    Trolly Bright Crawlers are better than Sour Patch Kids!

  44. Come on Cris, I’m 68 and don’t care what the first movie that I saw was. The last, Iron Man, this afternoon, sort of got snookered into going. Everything is now digital, soft music ran, then the local ads, then the previews, then 10 minutes of black, then the previews again. Finally a homo sapien shows up, then another is summoned to REBOOT the projector. Then the manager shows up and quickly gives out passes for a future movie. We stuck around for a few more minutes and watched the movie, an hour late, but it ran…5 people were watching. So we did OK, 2 X $7.50 for a matine plus 2 free passes in the next 30 days. Oh, I forgot, went for a small bag of popcorn during the lull…..$4.75 damn, that is robbery!

  45. The first movie i saw in a theatre was Dangerous Minds, my dad’s younger sister took us while we were away on vacation visiting her. I was 15 at the time, and had never gone to theatre b/c my dad is very old school christian and didn’t like the idea, i had watched movies @ home on video though. Go Figure. The last movie i saw was Iron Man on vacation with my favourite cousin in the world in The Bahamas:)

  46. It’s weird to me that i can’t remember my first movie that i watched in Movie Theater. The last movie i watched in movie theater was a Iron Man and i didn’t liked it. Maybe the thing that i didn’t liked was a i watched a lot of Trailer, Clips, TV Spot oh you name it.

  47. The first movie I remember seeing in a theater is Speed Zone, back in 1989. I agree with you about all the little things they could add to the theater experience to make it much more worth those pricey tickets. I definitely like the idea of force-feedback seating, that would be completely awesome!

  48. I rarely go to the theater anymore. I usually only go when I want to spend time with my young (10yo) nephew. Because he is so involved in sports, church, freinds, it’s rare I get to spend time with him, but from time to time we go to the theater to see the latest movie. I enjoy the one on one time with him that the theater affords. The theater I go to is fairly large for this area and believe it or not, the prices for popcorn, etc are low. For theaters to continue they will have to evolve I think. Adding audience participation will be a must. The ability to vote on the ending, adding feedback motion to the seating, Linking to the internet in some fasion to allow you to purchase the DVD when it is released or even have it downloaded to your TV. I think, for now, that the theaters are still around only because people, like me, enjoy the theater like experience. Eventually, people will demand more interaction or they will go the way of the drive-thru theaters.

  49. I beileave the first movie in theaters I ever saw was lion king, and that would have been with my Nana. I can remember that there was lion king chocolate bars and lion king on all the food merchandise.

  50. Free food would definitley be nice instead of paying twice as much on food than you spent on the movie. As for the others, if you want force ffedback, buy a rumble chair. Need volume? Pick up the remote. I like watching movies at home better, even if its a few months after release. Then you have all the customization you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. The first movie I remember seeing in theaters was Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and the most recent was Ironman last weekend.

    I also remember seeing Back to the Future 3 in a theater when I was little and it was a very unique experience. You sat in nice office style chairs around tables with a small tealight type of candle so you can see. They also had free popcorn but you had to pay for drinks. You could order real food from waiters/waitresses roaming around the theater (i.e. steak dinners, hamburgers, etc. like a normal restaurant). It was very nice, but unfortunately, I don’t think the theater is open any more.

  52. hmm, it was so long ago that i don’t know what the first was, but the latest were also ages ago, it was 8 mile , i was there there with my best friend, then i was a real fan of the whole hiphop culture , i tried to breakdance , i was the only only that was broken, i wore a Walkman in school, had baggy clothes so i was the one of the victims of the teachers when we graduated , they put up a sketch so we the children would try too guess whom they were pretending to be, we all laughed at each other, it funny and memorable.
    As many of you said it is too expensive go to the movie theater, i rather download a movie legally (or buy it on dvd ) lay down on the couch and relax, but i agree, movie theater is better cause you aren’t alone, you can watch the people how they react.
    When i was young there were a movie club in school called Movie Kids every Friday or every second Friday we watched movies.

  53. the last movie i saw in the theater was National Treasure 2. i think the first movie I saw was Star Wars episode 4 when it was re released in the 90’s. I do enjoy watching a movie in the theater more than at home. I agree with Chris about the price, I don’t go all that often because it costs so much. I do want to go see Indiana Jones, Iron man, and Prince Caspian though.

  54. I remember a time when movies weren’t so expensive and gas prices weren’t either ๐Ÿ™ The last movie I saw in theaters was Iron Man, it was great!

  55. First movie was probably a Disney film. Bambi I think. I remember seeing Pete’s Dragon – my friends and I were totally into it and learned every song on the soundtrack, too.

    Last movie was The Simpsons.

    I’m seeing Indiana Jones on Sunday with my dad.

    I have to disagree with your ideas, though, Chris. I don’t believe audiences want more interaction. Entertainment since the time of kings and court jesters has always been by nature something to sit and watch. I think people have to be in the mood to really enjoy interaction.

    ..and if I see something with multiple endings, I’d want to see them all anyway – like in Clue the movie.

  56. these are some cool ideas. It would be nice to have a day of the Week where there are free food and drinks. or maybe a few hours a day where the food and drinks are free. that would be really cool. CHoosing the ending would be cool too. Just like the Final Destination 3 DVD where you have some choices of what will happen throught the movie. Some people will go multiple times to see the different choices maybe lol. Overall those are some great idea’s that Chat came up with and you Chris.

  57. I do have a home theater, but to be honest I don’t remember the first movie I saw in the theaters. The latest movie that I watched however was Iron Man.
    The idea of the force feedback movie chairs are amazing! Would really make me want to go to the theaters everyday!

    Thanks for the post Chris!

  58. I really don’t remember the first movie I saw when I went to a theatre. It’s been a really long time since I’ve ever been to a theatre. I just watch DVDs on my TV instead of going to a theatre and wasting money for all these tickets.

  59. Personally, I love the whole movie-going experience. I love being able to see a movie on a screen almost bigger than the house I live in, I love the sound experience, I love the social aspect of it, and, some times, I even love the food!

    I happen to live two blocks from one of the few Drive-in theaters left in Canada and the West Coast, and the experience is even more fun and entertaining than the normal theater experience! It is so fun being able to bring your own blankets, and curl up in the back of your truck or hatch back, and be so totally comfortable – which you definatly can’t get away with at the regular movie theater.

    Of course, because of the price of movie-going, it’s not something I can afford to go and do every single week, unless I’m dead set on going to a certain movie when it comes out. But some movies just have that absolute requirement of going, and seeing it on the big screen.
    I really do wish, that I had been able to see Star Wars on the big screen, when it first came out, but, unfortunately I had yet to be born.

    The last movie I saw was Speed Racer. We, instead of going to the big, huge, fancy Cineplex Colossus theater, went to one of the smaller (and, as a result, cheaper) theaters, and though it didn’t have the fancy digital effects like the Cineplex chains do, it was still a wonderful experience.

    And tomorrow we plan on seeing Indiana Jones at the Drive-In (where they make fabulous veggie-burgers, I have to add….), and as a lucky extra, the other movie they are showing (they always show a double feature – which makes the Drive In the most affordable theater, if you stay for both movies), happens to be Iron Man,

    Chris, if you ever come up to Vancouver, Canada for just one touristy thing, I have to say, go to the Twilight Drive-In for the evening. So much fun, and the food is totally worth it. (http://members.shaw.ca/twilightdrivein/)

  60. I just saw a movie today. I think that the real way to watch a movie is at home. When the movie industry finally lets us have same day DVD and Digital download purchases is when the home will replace the theater for me. I really hope that day is coming.

  61. Spacejam was my first movie seeing in Theaters in 1996, and Harold and Kumar 2 Escape from Guantanamo Bay was the most recent i saw, a few weeks ago.

  62. the first movie that i saw was jurassic park (1993 i think..) with my family. we also bought souvenir, a Jurassic park shorts that I still have (a tough one). And the latest that I saw was transformers a year ago together with my girlfriend (one of our favorite movie!) hehe

  63. The last movie I saw in theatres was Iron Man. I thought it was fantastic and would recommend it thoroughly to any who havea not yet seen it. As for me remembering the first movie I ever saw in the Theatre is a mystery. I do not have the foggiest idea what movie it was. I agree with Mool212, we need to make a law stating that food served in the theatres should be free or atleast let us bring in our own food from home ๐Ÿ™‚ A whole lot cheaper.

  64. The first movie that I can remember seeing in a theater was either The Rescuers (1977) or Pete’s Dragon (1977). I must have been about 5 years old. The last movie was either Mortal Kombat (the first one), Power Rangers The Movie (the first one), or GoldenEye. I looked them all up and they all say 1995. I don’t want to know bad enough to track down the month they hit theaters. My friends can’t believe I haven’t been to a movie since 1995, but it is true.

    Free food? You know, I’m not that desperate for food at this point in time, although I am hungry. What would get me into the theaters again? Hmmm… popcorn-SHRIMP!!! Yes, I said it. Replace the popcorn with shrimp and I’m there! It doesn’t have to be free!

    Discount licensing… haha… I really don’t like that word… licensing. I mean watch the ads on TV. They say “OWN IT NOW, ON DVD!” They don’t say get your license. They avoid the word on purpose. How would that even work? Would they sell the DVD at that theater? Or would it have a coupon on the back ($2 off DVD). How would they know that the stub was yours? You could have picked it up in the parking lot as you were walking by a theater.

    Wow, smells and ambiance. I think someone tried Smell-O-Vision before… I think it bombed. I don’t think they were able to pump the smell in and get it out in time. So they had smells lingering on from the past. If they use scratch and sniffs… you might miss something while you are trying to figure out what part of the card to scratch. Look down, glowing numbers on card. Scratch 4. What? Who shot him! I missed it! That would also increase the movie price. That is, if you chose to get the card. I think they could do it with a gas mask/hose. But then, would you put something up to your face, or close to it, in a dark theater? Who knows what the person before you did with/to it. Iโ€™m not really clear on the ambiance part. Iโ€™d need more info.

    Force-feedback seats? Oh, yeah, that’s what we all need… a vibrating seat. You’d end up scaring people that don’t know about the seats. I see a lot of spilled drinks and popcorn with that idea. Perhaps that would lead to more sales of those items. On the other hand, they might have to FORCE people to get their butts out of the seats and go home if they vibrate too much.

    Interaction? No way am I going to the same dang movie over and over in hopes to see a different ending. People would keep voting for the one that I’ve already seen. It already makes me mad when they come out with a movie on DVD, then later the directors cut with all new/deleted scenes. Scenes which probably sucked enough in the first place that they didn’t put them into the original movie. It is just a slick way of making people pay for the same thing over again.

    To tell you the truth, I probably wouldn’t go to see a movie if the movie was free. Unless of course… the fried shrimp deal. I could really use some right about now. ;D All kidding aside, I see the only real reason to go to a movie is that GIANT SCREEN!!! It makes the movie bigger than life! As long as we don’t have those in our homes, theaters are safe.

    Woohoo my first comment ever! All Hail Me!

  65. I don’t remember the first movie that I saw in a movie theater but I do remember the last. National Treasure 2 on 2007’s New Year’s Eve. It’s a family tradition. I really agree with the discount license option. You go to see a movie in a theater. If you keep your ticket and purchase the movie on DVD/BD in the first month after it is released, you get a discount. I’d go see more movies in theaters if I got a discount.

  66. the first movie i saw was Toy story(the first one). before seeing that movie, i never even knew movie theaters existed!
    the last movie i saw in a theater was: I am Legend.

    theater tip: only go to THX certified movie theaters. others have poor projector focus, print scratches, and poor sound. THX theaters may cost you extra, but it’s worth it.

  67. well, the fact that a ticket costs that much is because some people just like downloading it. So if people weren’t able to download it, they just have to go to the theatre. If more people go to the theatre, they can easaly lower the price of a ticket…

  68. What a fun discussion!

    I have a suggestion not mentioned. The matinรฉe prices for weekday mornings should be reduced drastically. This is usually when I go to a theater, though rarely. There are usually only about 20-30 people in a theater that can seat several hundred. It would seem that the rules of supply and demand simply don’t apply to Hollywood in this case. And in defense of theater owners, I have been told by various sources that the reason for high food prices is that they usually don’t make money on the movie, but break even and at times lose money! I haven’t confirmed this myself, but they do shoot themselves in the foot charging 5-bucks-plus for 50 cents worth of popcorn.

    First movie(s), Big Jake / Rio Lobo (John Wayne double feature. First walk-in, Billy Jack! I also was fortunate to see “Raiders of the Lost Ark” on public opening night at the Graumans Chinese Theater.

  69. I don’t see ANY advantage to going to a big crowded noisy place full of strangers with a big static and dim picture.

    Get a home theater, LCD and Plasma screens just look so much finer than that ugly projection screen. The only reason theaters will live for so long is Hollywood is growing more and more money hungry and is looking for more scams, one of which is releasing the same movie twice, once in theater and then (waiting months and months for no reason) releasing it on home media.

    Interaction would take away from the immersive experience, but I’m certain at one time or another money-hungry Hollywood will try it as just another gimmick.

  70. Hmm lets see the first movie I saw was I think Lion King….not to sure lol but today I saw was Iron Man (way better than I thought).

    As for the future of Theaters, it would be really cool if they incorporated virtual reality with films so it makes you feels like youโ€™re in the movie. That would be sick.

  71. I saw my first movie :- King Kong

    Last movie :- I am Legend.I liked them both very much.

  72. I think the first move i saw in a theatre was “Los Parchรญs contra el inventor invisible”, a musical comedy about a Spanish boy band. I was 5 years old.
    The last movie a saw in a theatre was “21” last weekend.
    I love go to the movies, for me it’s a great program for friday night, even being tooo expensive, and being the theatres here in Argentina not the best in the world

  73. The first movie i remember seeing in a theater was the first Batman movie with Michael Keton. The last movie was the extended version of the (real) first Star Wars.

    It was funny. some kid asked is this new when the in a long time ago in a galaxy far far away came up. Everyone talked through all the old stuff and the theater would go completely silent when the new scenes started.

    The closest digital theater is just way too far away to bother. I’d rather wait for the rental and have the best seat in the house.

  74. the first movie i seen in a theater was Gangs Of New York. the last was Cloverfield.

    i do agree with the free food and the stub being a discount.
    bad enought a ticket cost 8+ bucks but any snacks would jack up that price almost near 15+ bucks.
    the total price of going to the movies just might be worse than paying for gas… slightly. i say just wait until it hits DVD so then it will cost like 5 bucks. unless you have a “rent one, get one free” coupon then it’s a 2 for 1 ๐Ÿ˜€

  75. the first movie i saw was i belive the rugrats movie (ok before you comment about that remember that i was 6 years old at the time :).) as for the last movie i saw, i went to see indiana jones last friday with some friends. it was actually the first movie i’ve seen in a theater since probably the simpsons movie last summer. lately i just haven’t been interested in going to see movies. Personally I don’t find them too expensive ($10 for a ticket), although the food is very expensive. For that reason, i just don’t eat anything. I don’t really see why you have to anyway. You came to see a movie after all, not come to eat. Especially considering how ridiculously unhealthy these foods are, you would only be doing yourself a favour by not buying it!

  76. Last film i went to see was lars and the real girl, it was actually quite an enjoyable film. it was one my wife chose us to go see and at first i wasn’t really interested but i gotta say i enjoyed it. We don’t really go to the big corporate cinema’s, we go to a little independant one round the corner from us so i can kinda agree with their food prices, however most places i hate having to pay ยฃ3.50 for a tiny bag of popcorn. I don’t quite think that the aroma kinda of thing would work, imagine the smell for some movies, i think it would just annoy some people. However the discount with the movie stub idea is great. My local cinema has a deal with an online dvd rental store where u can get a 2 week free trial with ur movie stub, but i think being able to get either a discount or maybe even a download of the film you saw would be great.
    Force feedback has kinda been done before with those gimeky rides at the amusement parks and also its an application that would only work with around a 1/3 of the films, i doubt cinema companies would spend a lot of cash on something they can’t use that much, and it would prolly increase the ticket prices even more.

  77. First movie I ever saw in a theater was THE WIZARD OF OZ; it was some time around 1811 I think :)…
    LAst was IRONMAN early this month. THere have been A lOT in between.
    (the FIRST was the better movie!)

  78. I don’t even really remember if I ever really went to the movies all that often when I was that young. I remember going, but I just don’t remember the movie that I saw. What was the name again?

  79. Agh, my first movie that i saw was lion king ๐Ÿ˜€ it’s was pretty cool movie and my very last movie was cloverfield now that it’s awesome, i can’t wait for cloverfield 2 to get out. i specially like the way the movie is shot. So yep i’m looking forward for that.

  80. First movie I think was “Hello Dolly”, at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Ok, me thinks I’m giving away my age here. ;p

    The last movie I saw was a test screening of “Spring Breakdown”. Very good! Go see it when it comes out!

  81. My first and only movie I saw in a theater was so long time ago that I can not even remember the name of it.I think the future of the cinema is in everebody house.With nowadays technology we can build our cinema at home

  82. I agree with u chris, because watching movies in theater is someting different.
    I generally go to theater with my friends because i will enjoy the movie if im with them
    well about ur question
    I don’t remember the first movie i saw but
    the latest was Iron man,
    i also became fan of this movie and the hero Jr.

  83. The force feedback seats reminds me of the 3-D movies where they have it feel like things are poping out at you. Those are always awesome, and force feedback could add to that. I haven’t been to the movies in a long time, mainly because my main form of entertainment is gaming. But these are some really good ideas.

  84. i really don’t remember the first movie i saw in theater, but the last was iron man that is one of my favorite movies now it was soooooo good.

  85. Gosh, it’s been forever since I’ve been to the movies. I get most of my content either online, through cable, or on demand. But if they started handing out free food, I might just take a trip up to my local theater.

  86. I can’t for the life of me remember the first movie I saw. Or in fact the last, but I love going to theatre. I really like these ideas as well, and I reckon they have pretty good potential. The home cinema experience certainly is one which I enjoy, but watching a movie on the Big Screen and with the proper huge Stereo system is an experience in its own. Also watching movies around a lot of other people is something which I enjoy. When a movie if very tense or emotional you can often feel this mood reflected in the audience. Thats something you really can’t replicate at home. Anyone else get a buzz from that?

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