Are you an Indiana Jones Fan?

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You could say I’m an Indiana Jones fan. Heck, I even watched the old “Young Indiana Jones” television show. So of course, I’m excited for the release of the newest movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The plot promises: “Famed archaeologist/adventurer Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones is called back into action when he becomes entangled in a Soviet plot to uncover the secret behind mysterious artifacts known as the Crystal Skulls.” Yeah… I can’t wait to see this. It comes out in theaters on May 22nd, 2008.

But the movie alone isn’t why I’m doing this video. Check out this announcement from one of my favorite websites, IconFactory:

For the past 6 months, artist Anthony Piraino has been crafting all new icons for Indy’s return to the big screen, and so we’re kicking off May with a re-release of Anthony’s original Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark™ collection, now with beautiful large resources for Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista. Indy’s bullwhip, trademark fedora and treasures never looked so good! In addition, the CandyBar iContainer sports a fun custom dock, and Dave Brasgalla has worked up a special Indy desktop picture perfect for armchair archaeologists.

We invite you to visit the Iconfactory’s Indiana Jones™ home page to preview and download each film’s icon collection throughout the month of May. Then be sure to grab your ticket for the hottest show in town, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull™ coming to theaters everywhere May 22nd. We hope you enjoy this Iconfactory special event. The adventure is just beginning!

That’s right, folks. You can download these awesome Indiana Jones icons right to your desktop!

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118 thoughts on “Are you an Indiana Jones Fan?”

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  2. I remember watching the original Indiana Jones movies when I was 5 years old. I will never forget those memories. I loved Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

  3. I remember watching the original Indiana Jones movies when I was 5 years old. I will never forget those memories. I loved Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

  4. I remember watching the original Indiana Jones movies when I was 5 years old. I will never forget those memories. I loved Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

  5. i’m a big fan. wasn’t old enough to see raiders in theaters but saw doom and last crusade. after that sunset scene riding the horse i’ve waited 19 years. one more day. can’t wait.

  6. i’m a big fan. wasn’t old enough to see raiders in theaters but saw doom and last crusade. after that sunset scene riding the horse i’ve waited 19 years. one more day. can’t wait.

  7. i know something about when luke from starwars episode 5 gets captured by the abonarably snow monstre or wateva that wasnt suposed to be in the movie but the day they shot that part of the film the guy that played luke had a car crash and thoes cuts on his face in the movie were real cuts

  8. ive always loved Indy. I even watched the young Indiana jones series like you. Growing up, I had my own hat, whip, and jacket when i was about 10. lol

  9. indiana jones is amazing but i think hes just to old like silvester and kindo of bruce willis although i will whatch indiana jones but i do think hes getting to old

  10. indiana jones is amazing but i think hes just to old like silvester and kindo of bruce willis although i will whatch indiana jones but i do think hes getting to old

  11. I am a HUGE Indy Fan. I’m glad Speilberg and Lucas are still churning out awesome films. I would see Indy4 this weekend, but I’m going camping, which is a bummer. But whatever, I’ll se it anyway when i get back.

    I think that Indy 2 is the lesser of the 3 so far, and I’m hoping the new one doesn’t go down there. If the hype is true, then I will be quite pleased. I am confident, though, that the new Indiana Jones will meet expectations.

  12. I think Indiana Jones are really good movies, my grandpa loves the movies. I like Harrison Ford as an actor, Ive seen all the movies, although it has been a long time since i have seen them. I am much younger than you are and didn’t grow up with these movies. But that doesn’t mean that they’re to old to enjoy. I can’t think of any movies like this but there a lot of books that relate to the movies.

  13. Man! I just finished watching the first 3 movies a couple minutes ago! 3 in a row, that was fun!

    And the next Indy is released on my birthday, that’s a great present! 🙂
    I can’t wait…

  14. I personally cannot wait until the new Indiana Jones movie comes out on the 22nd. I have seen the other ones many many times and I can still watch them over and over again. I just downloaded the Indiana Jones icons from they looked so small only 16×16 than I actually used one and they look great especially the Idol Icon which is my new my computer icons really cool Chris thanks.

  15. Ok so I am a big Chris Pirillo fan but sometimes he is just too much of a dork dork for me. (referring to the song at the beginning)

  16. I may be wrong, and I’m almost certain the community at large will correct me if I am, but in the beginning of Lost Ark isn’t the relic Indy is after some form of Skull? If I’m right I think that would make a great call back, and a wonderful way to bring the series full circle.

    Anyway, on to the topic. Chris and I happen to have the very same favorite back scene’s story in common, in fact I remember that Harrison was told by Lucas he couldn’t possibly go home until this scene was finished, and so in the very next take, Ford pulled out the gun and shot the guy. That was even so popular with fans that it made it as a call back in one of the other films. Indy is faced with a similar enemy, and again reaches for his gun, only to realize that he has left his gun behind. I believe this is in Temple of Doom, though I may be wrong.

  17. Moremetallica, sounds like you’ve got your view settings in XP/Vista to show details instead of icons. Click the view settings button and change to icon or tile view to see them in all their super huge, glory.

    And thanks again for the shout-out Chris, the workers appreciate it!

  18. I can’t say I watched the old TV shows, but I have watched the old movies countless times. Its just one of those movies that every seems to love and if you don’t you get funny looks. Definitely awesome to have a touch of Henry Jones on the Desktop

  19. I loved Indiana as kid and still watch the films every so often. Though I am a bit hesitant about the new movie. To be honest the adverts for the movie haven’t really pushed me to want to go see it. When I first about Lucas and Spielberg bringing a new Jones movie out I was excited, but after watching the adverts for the film I am not so sure it will be a blockbuster like the originals. I will go see it though and hopefully my expectations will squashed and I will be blown away by the movie!

  20. I saw the first Indana Jones on my first date with my now wife 27 years ago. When my oldest daughter called last week and ask if I wanted to see the new Indy movie on Sunday I jumped at the chance. Since she is a manager at a local AMC she got me in to see the critics screening. So I saw it yesterday afternoon.

    All I can say is that it is what you would expect from an Indiana Jones film, and I enjoyed it.

  21. Well I loved IDJ! I will be seeing the 4th movie tomorrow at a screening! So I may have more information on the movie. So far its getting bad reviews due to the age or Harrison Ford, and the story line jumping all over the place. However this will do prevent me from going as its a fantsy/sci-fi movie and it’s a character that several of us grew up with as well!
    It’s been 19 years since the last crusade! wow time flies.

  22. I heard that the behind the scenes story for the sword fighting scene was that Harrison Ford couldn’t get all the fancy sword moves down.
    But I can understand why he would put that story out instead of the diarrhea story.

  23. ooooh, very much looking forward to the new Indy movie (not to mention Lego Inidana Jones 😀 (After Lego Star Wars….this one had better be good!)

    I’m a pretty big Indiana Jones fan, so I’m very excited, and I definatly am going to go see this this weekend! Very giddy 😀

  24. I cannot wait to go see the new Indiana Jones movie! It is going to be epic!

    Those icons look cool too! They even work with vista!

  25. Well I’m not exactly a fan, but I’m still interested in the movie.

    Plus, I received Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb for PC as a birthday present awhile back. It came in a game pack so I never really played it much. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll put the disc in, sit down and play the game a bit.

  26. Oh, seems OK now.
    Anyway, I spent the weekend watching the original trilogy too. Plus the Sci-Fi channel and the History channel had all this IJ related stuff about real archeologists. Just facinating. They’re bound to repeat it all – check their schedules.

  27. Like i said on the previous post, I never really got into these types of “on going” movies. Star Trek, Star Wars, all of those never did appeal to me. Is there anyone else out there like me?

  28. I will hopefully be seeing the movie with some friends (before my kick out day…), but that’s only a hope, other than that, I can’t really afford to spend time (time is money) on things that I could be using the time more wisely for job hunting, craft making/selling… hmmmm… anyone want a Crocheted Indiana Jones Hat? or even a Soft cute Amigurumi made Indian Jones Doll (also Crochet)?

  29. The last time an Indiana Jones movie came out, I was born, No I’m serious! Now that his one is coming out, I am just dying to see it! I also want to see Ironman and Speedracer. I rarely go to the movies. Last time I went, it was a mediocre experience. I hope I can go to a different theater or just wait for DVDs It’s not that long anymore.

  30. I do love indiana jones but i dont know if this one is going to turn out to good. the old ones were the best. man, i loved Temple of doom. harrison ford is a beast.

  31. I wouldn’t call myself a “fan” of anything really… I like a little of everything. I do like the Indiana Jones movies for the same reason I like Tomb Raider… I like those exploration dramas I guess. But I guess if I was a fan I would like the icons, they are nicely done.

  32. Indiana Jones’ films were some of the best movies created in my opinion. I just have to hope that they dont ruin the series with a new one. That seems to happen to often, and its very unfortunate because they have ruined so many amazing series. As for the icons, they look pretty good, however being that im not that huge of a fan i think my desktop may just stay the way it is for now 🙂 Keep up the good work Chris!

  33. I think that Temple of Doom is underrated even though it is definitely the weakest link of the three. I still think it is a classic and is a lot of fun to watch. I also really liked short-round, I didn’t think he was annoying at all.

  34. I’ve been dying to see the new Indiana Jones movie ever since I heard it was going to be released. The Icons provided by IconFactory are pretty slick as well! I love that they support Windows and MAC OSX.

  35. Well I am a Indiana Jones fan but the newest installement looks dissapointing. I do enjoy the old Indiana Jones’ movies and think they are great. Although another Question i have for the audience is are you a Harrison ford fan?

  36. That is very cool that indy is back, various TV channels are starting to show old Indiana jones movie and series and i thing that it is really awesome cause i’m a big Indy Fan. btw the most of the icons are 16×16 or 32×32.
    didn’t George Lucas, Steven Spielberg get along with Paramount pictures that it will be 5 indiana jones movies, i can’t wait for IDJ5 nor IDJ4, many people has been complaining that IDJ4 will not be so good, i think that it will be awesome, despite what people say , i care if they are badmouthing it, I’ll still go and watch it to get my own opinion, all the people don’t have the same taste or they might only be looking for something to complain about.

  37. I don’t really think this movie will be good. I really don’t like Shia LaBeouf and feel like he might ruin this classic series. I pray that he doesn’t and makes this film another great Indy classic. 🙂

  38. Yea I’m a fan of the movies, and the TV show, I was actually in LA this past weekend at Disneyland / California Adventure for 3 days and I got to ride the Indiana Jones ride 4 or 5 times, it was a blast =)

  39. I actually just went out and bought the first 3 movies and I’m watching them with my family soon! I have got to see this movie! But I must say I’m not so much of a fan to buy a Harrison Ford action figure…

  40. Oh yes, I am an Indiana Jones fan, I’m watching all of them tonight then this friday I’m going to see it, it’s gonna be great I heard, but I have to get back on track with the story, I haven’t actually watched them in 2 years when I bought the trilogy. Thanks chris for having a topic on this.

  41. I never really become interested in Indian Jones, let alone even seen one of the movies. All I know about the movie is that he ran away from a huge rock in a cave and “miraculously” was saved.

    That being said, I will probably not go see the latest Indiana Jones. I still have to go see Ironman!

  42. TO be honest, I have never watched Indiana Jones, just does not seem like my kind of flick. I will watch the older movies and see how it is. Thanks for telling us about the special even at iconfactory, I already went ahead and downloaded the icons.

    Thanks Chris!

  43. I am the biggest india jones fan ever I have watched each movie like 300,000,000 times and I have my tickets to watch it Wed at 12:00.

  44. Honestly, I have never watched a single Indiana Jones movie. With that said, I recently added all of the movies to my Blockbuster queue so I can rent them and catch up on all the hype.

    Without even watching any of them, I can say that I am a HUGE John Williams fan. He is the composer that wrote the sound tracks to Superman, Star Wars, ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones.

  45. Wow, I’ve never seen much of Indiana Jones, but those icons are fabulous! All these great new images will make a great addition to my collection!

    Thanks for finding them Chris.

  46. I can’t say I’m a huge Indy fan… but I know I’ve seen all the movies. My husband and I are going to see the new one on our anniversary (yay!).

    I wish I could say more than that… but I do love the music to Indiana Jones…

    … and the whip!!! (rarrr)

    Kind Regards,

    P.S. hrm… whip… anniversary… overnight hotel…… possibly *wink*

  47. No I’m not an Indiana Jones fan and I never will be, I never could watch a IJ movie from the beginning to the end.

  48. Ive never watched anything about about Indiana Jones so i know nothing about it but maybe i’ll check out the movie. Hopefully the fans wont be disappointed with the movie

  49. Well, I haven’t seen any Indiana Johnes movie, but still like it, I don’t know, it’s like you just like it when you watch like scenes of old movies or the characters or something, kinda stupid but yea 😛

    I watched the new movie this thursday 22, I really loved it, all that mayan stuff was what I liked the most, recently I’ve been interested alot on mayan history and it’s prophecies and all that, so that was really nice. 😀

  50. I love Indiana Jones, I grew up with these movies. Well, actually, I was not alive when they made the first few, but hey, they are all wonderful. I would love to see the new movie coming out, looking to do that this weekend or sometimes this week, I just hope it is as good as all the old ones. I just don’t want to be disappointed at the new movie, but I am pretty sure it will be great.

    Action and adventure movies have always interested me, I love almost every kind of action, fighting, and adventure movies, games, and other media available.

  51. Indi desk tops? Meh, I don’t mind giving it a try.

    As for my favorite Indi scene, just like Chris I can’t stop laughing at the part in Crusade where the master swordsman comes leaping around and showing off all his flashy moves and challenging Jones, then he just whips out his pistol and…not what you expected. XD

    Made for a PERFECT scene.

  52. Well the series has been really good and icons will only make the series grow in popularity. I mean who doesn’t want a picture icon of his whip over the file that says “hardcore lovenz” and i personally would like to change my firewall icon to a huge bulder just to let me know it will always be there in the way. I would also change my recylce been Icon to the picture of the monkey skull open and brains to eat just to let me know i dont want to see whats in side. All overseen by my picture of a half naked woman on a altar all tied up. Ya it is looking very promising for all. Thanks for the info and keep the good work and info coming.

  53. I am a big fan of the previous Indiana Jones movies. In spite of mixed reviews, I definitely plan on seeing the Crystal Skull, and most will likely enjoy it.

  54. I loved Indiana as kid and I also still watch the movies every so often. I even played all the PC games.
    When I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist just because Indiana.
    I’m planning to see the movie this week, so hopefully is as good as the other!

  55. After seeing it w/ my friend a few days ago, I realized that it was yet another movie where the critics just didn’t give accurate evaluations. After a long drive to the movie, I had actually herd a few revues on it that were telling how bad it was. I personally thought it was really good. No as good as the first three however, but still good. I recommend that if anybody hasn’t seen it yet, they do so as soon as they can.

  56. I’ve seen all the other movies but I don’t really have a desire to watch this one in the cinema. I’ll probably take a rental version when it comes out. The plot does not sound interesting enough and the trailer is even worse

  57. Hell yeah!! Although im only 21 years old, i have seen all the Indiana Jones movies and I am sooo waiting for it to be released here on the 30th!! 😀 This movie will definitely trump all others!!

  58. It seems like it’s going to be one Indiana Jones movie too much, given the content synopsis. I hate to say this but Harrison Ford appeared in much better films. Witness will remain my favourite H.F. movie forever, and Building the Barn, one of the soundtrack features, will be one of the best pieces of film music I’ve ever heard.

  59. Am I an Indy fan? You better believe it! I always think of the one spot at the end of Temple of Doom when they cut the rope bridge and almost die at the hands of the evil natives, but then the British come save their butts. 😀

  60. I love Indiana Jones just as much as any other normal guy out there. I may have been too young to see the other movies when they came out. I wasn’t even born 🙁
    I finally saw Crystal Skull, and I have to say that it wasn’t as good as the other movies. It was still good, just not as good.

  61. I must tell that, it’s awesome that we can just download that, i do love indiana jones movies my self and now that the new one is coming out i’m sure going to check it out from cinema. It’s exiting but very good that we can download now because i haven’t seen 1 or 2 movies from him so now i have a change to do that.

  62. I think I’ve only seen one of the originals. I should definitely go back and watch these classics. Can’t wait to see the newest in theaters.

  63. I had no idea what the name of the new Indiana Jones was until I read this post. Surprisingly enough, I’ve never seen an Indiana Jones movie. But it’s on my to-do list.

  64. I’m not all that into Indiana Jones. Still, it’s a popular series, and I’m kinda glad they’re continuing it.

  65. Yes I am a fan of this character too.I remember playing an old video game with it.Movies were awesome.Especially old ones.The new movies are great too but I grew up with the old Indiana Jones

  66. Indiana Jones was the burly version of James Bond. He had a sweet whip, and he always got a girl in the movies. I still havent seen the 4th movie, but I must say that Temple of Doom is up there as one of my favorite movies of all time. I also want to get the Lego game that is coming out. Sidenote, my roomate was OBSESSED with Indy Jones. He collected a load of things, and is an archaeologist only because Indy was.

  67. Indiana Jones is like the burly version of James Bond. Always outside, gets a girl, good at covert things. However, he isnt trained in anything and still prevails. I would have to say that Temple of Doom is one of my favorite movies of all time. My roomate is OBSESSED with Indy and became an archaeologist because IndY is one.

  68. When do new Icon’s ever end?! I think its an amazing community of people out there developing these little icons that aren’t much on their own, but really make a big difference to the user experience. Plus being such a cool film I’m sure they are going to be wicked, and very popular! I can’t however say that I can think of any shows over here in the UK that similar to Indiana Jones, but its still enjoyed over here never the less.

  69. After watching the sequel, I’m less of an Indy fan. To quote a friend of mine, “It should have stayed a sequel.”

  70. i love the first three movies, but i don’t know about this everyone has told me it is horrible, but the icons are cool i just downloaded them

  71. I’ve always loved Indiana Jones. I saw the icons and downloaded them asap. Even after that, I went on Google and searched for more Indy Jones stuff.

  72. i am an indiana jones fan and i personally thought that the new one was no were near as good as the old ones because there was not enough action and not enough traps

  73. Yay! Indiana Jones icons! 🙂

    I think the critics are being too harsh on the new Indy movie. I think it’s a pretty good movie. They talk about how ridiculous it was for Indy to survive a nuclear blast without a single scratch… They must not remember all the ridiculous things that Indy did, without being hospitalized in intensive care.

  74. i think that it is so nice how many people take the time to make these things for no charge. i personally want to thank anyone that takes the time to make these freewares and icons that just add to the user experience of any OS, without you guys we would have a very different outlook on mac and windows. i am also very excited for the indiana jones movie too, im never disappointed by them!

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