Calphalon Vs. Teflon Cookware

For Mother’s Day, Ponzi and I picked up a small set of cookware for my mom – who had earlier noted that her pots and pans weren’t perfect. Mom was a bit concerned that the non-stick coating was a health hazard, and did more research with the company:

I talked to Calphalon today and the non-stick surface is different from Teflon. Teflon uses a certain chemical in their non-stick that could cause health problems. Calphalon does not use this chemical. I still have to use non metal utensils and hand wash the pots/pans but I really like all their other features. My cookware is really “Simply” but under Target’s brand is “Essentials”.

BTW, if your Everyday pan is the gray outer color (not stainless steel or enamel, etc) it should be hand washed too as the dishwasher soap could cause a “reaction” on the anodized surface. Also the Everyday is probably has a non stick inner surface too so don’t use metal on it. If you go into Calphalon’s website, there is a really good comparison chart under Products, Products Catalog, Cookware, Infused Anodized.

What kind of cookware do you use?

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  1. I cannot stand anything similar to Teflon. I use only stainless steel waterless cookware. It is amazing to cook with, for example, to cook vegetables I rinse off the veggies but no water in the cookware and put the cover on. In about 3-5 min i have fresh steamed veggies!

  2. do I see some culinary arts videos coming? free cooking classes at! =)
    I would totally watch that!!!

  3. It’s hilarious how many people think non-stick is dangerous!! I have to admit though, we got a weird frying pan and it started to smoke when the “non stick” fell to bits. Just watch out..

  4. Whoopie. Instead of poisoning yourself with polytetrafluoroethylene, you’re poisoning yourself with aluminum.

    Cast iron skillets and stainless steel pots are safe, and they produce excellent results. Oh, and they’re extremely durable, too, unlike anodized aluminum or teflon cookware.

    The reason cast iron skillets are non-stick is because the pores in the cast iron are full of carbon, which our bodies find intrinsically safe.

  5. I use Wear ever pans cookie sheets, all Wal-Mart Brands I’ve had them for 3 years and only the frying pan is showing any wear. I was called about a year ago telling me I have won a wedding prize package. So my fiancΓ© and I went to claim it and it was a dam Pots and Pans Demo/Sale, they were $5000 who would pay so much. That 5000 is a down payment on a house.

  6. Chris it amazes me at the range of topics you cover. Tie a tie, cookware…what’s next gasoline additives (insert joke here)?

    Thanks for the info on all topics. One of my faves was when you Rick Rolled your brother…that was funny!

    Ok, lets see…cookware. Don’t really care as long as my food is warm. πŸ™‚ I clean my cookware immediately after cooking and use a boatload of butter in everything…so I’m good. 800 lbs, but good!

  7. I prefer All-Clad – it costs a lot but lasts forever. I have two sizes of their teflon pans. Do not fear teflon. It’s perfectly safe as long as you don’t overheat it. In other words, don’t put it on a stove empty and walk away. If you have food in the a pan it’s hard to get too hot (remember water boils at 212 and CAN’T get any hotter – well without a pressure cooker but who has a teflon pressure cooker) Most of my pots are uncoated – don’t need it most of the time. I have one sauce pan that is teflon but it’s mostly for sauces and sticky stuff.
    Then of course there’s Lodge cast iron. Wonderful stuff. Good for stirfry too – turn it up – preheat it – and WOK!

  8. Cookware? Usually the plastic kind that comes in the box with the food? Sorry Chris no… I don’t do a lot of the cooking mainly because our kitchen isn’t accessible. Unfortunately, doing a remodle in a trailer is usually either very expensive, or very dangerous, and my luck…. the kitchen would fall off the house. In truth, our cookware is mostly eclectic, bits and pieces from various sets that we have managed to scrounge from here and there. I don’t think I know anyone who has a full -set- of cookware.

  9. I mainly use Revere cookware. It’s stainless steel, so no teflon.

    I also season any of my non stainless steel stuff, like my wok. It’s very easy to do, and I think it’s a lot better than non-stick chemicals. What you do is you heat up the clean pan. Set it to warm, or very low. You don;t need uber-heat. Then, run some cooking oil on a paper towel around the inner ares of the pan. Crisco is fine too. Then let it be for 10 minutes. The pores of the metal will open up, and absorb the oil. On cast iron stuff, this changes the color from a grey to black. That’s a good thing. Seasoning helps the pan not stick (cooking oile might still be needed), and in my opinion can enhance the flavor of the food.

  10. My wife has the red rubbery bakeware… sorry for the very technical term there.. I don’t know exactly what its’ called. But, she uses them EVERYDAY! And when they say that it is non-stick.. its NON-stick! You could actually use them over and over and over before ever having to wash them if you wanted to… but, that would be gross. So let’s not go there. lol.

  11. Ive had bad experiance with nonstick pans.
    They lasted over 6 years and the first year we had them one of the pans bowed and caused an uneven surface and would spin on the stove.

    As far as a health hazard, Follow the instructions that come with the cooking ware set and you should be fine.

  12. Thanks for telling everyone this! My family has known this for a long time, so we use Calphalon along with some other non-Tephlon pans. Does anyone know if anyone has died from “Tephlon-poisoning”?

  13. We use Teflon (considering everything is over cooked anyway, we assume anything that would be “harmful” is dead by the time was are finished cooking), we don’t use metal anything to cook with, cause sensitivity to the heat, so we use wooden spoons and what not that float, don’t splash, and doesn’t transfer the heat to our hands, we know not to use metal against any surface that could be scratched, and since we don’t have a dishwasher, everything is hand cleaned anyway.

  14. We use stainless steel Cookware from Cuisinart. And i have an non-stick Teflon skillet and grill pan.

    But i really think we need to try Calphalon we have a parrot and this will actually not kill the bird where Teflon isn’t very pet friendly…


  15. I stay with Pyrex… The point that they’re almost bomb proof makes me happy. Not really… it’s just that if they’re tough enough to be used as lab equipments, then i would use it for cooking.

  16. You know when it comes to cookware for me it doesn’t really matter. Cause I don’t hardly do any cooking anyway. But when I do cook I’ll tell you what I use. I use a metal pot to heat the water for my Ramen noodles, I use a plastic bowl when I make serial, and a microwave when I make my popcorn. Those are really the only kitchen things that I use to make my food, when no one else is home to cook for me.

  17. Pretty cool chris, yea I’ve been kind of frightened about every now and then the 5pm news will say some random thing about teflon or something of the matter. Which always makes me feel that my cooking might not be safe. But thank you for this. I might pick up some Target “essentials”.

  18. Personally, I use metal, non-anondized cookware.

    Being a retired cook, before I took on the honor of geekdom, I learned how to deal with metal pots and pans, how to season, and how to keep them in working order.

    It is not a rocket scientist thing when it comes to pots, but I do see a convenience with non stick anodized cookware. I don’t currently have any anondized cookware, because I usually beat the crap out of my current stainless steel set.

    My preference for a nice cookware set is an All-Clad Copper Clad set, which has the thick steel with a layer of Copper for great heat distro, and even cooking.

    Unfortunately, a new copper clad set costs about the same price as my 24 inch iMac πŸ™


  19. The have this new “GREEN” earth and health friendly kind on HSN that I would love to own a set of.

  20. The cheapest line of Calphalon, the “Simply” line is made by communists in China. All of the other Calphalon products are made in Toledo, Ohio.

  21. yeah the whole Teflon incident is kinda frightening. We don’t use anything with teflon anymore. I think we use cephalon after hearing about the hazards. Other than that, the good old iron pots will do for now πŸ™‚

  22. We use hard anodized cookware here too, but we use the QVC brand Cooks Essentials – same product quality at a significantly more reasonable cost. And with QVC you get a 30 day no questions asked return policy. IIRC the Cooks Essentials line of hard anodized cook ware came with a lifetime guarantee.

    We have had our set for several years now and it still cleans up beautifully with hot water and a wash cloth – NO scrubbing to get burned (charred) material off if we get sidetracked for any reason (or suffer a senior moment). Also still cooks evenly (no hot spots) on the large skillet.

  23. Different strokes for different folks! We use stainless steel, non-stick, procelain over cast iron (Le Creuset Dutch oven) depending on what we want to cook. 46 years & counting, and still alive as of this writing.

  24. A burger on the grill and some french fries in a cast iron skillet… mmm (I’m from Texas, what do you expect?). When I cook, I use an iron skillet or maybe a stainless. I don’t like having to cook delicately on Teflon… I like to get wild with it like Emeril… BAM!

  25. Thanks for letting us know about this non stick chemical that might be in our non stick cookware. Maybe people will take a better look at what Brand they buy there non stick cookware from next time. You don’t wan hazardous things in your food.

  26. I use plain old T-Fal.
    My mom, however, bought these pts and pans that were made out of medical stainless steel(No idea what they are called), which were supposed to be very health-friendly. REALLY Hard to wash I would have to say! Beyond measure, if something burn or got stuck there.

  27. I would want a stainless steel pan that delivers even heat to all the sides. That is my dream pan.

  28. Stainless is the only way to go. Once they look for it they’ll probably find some new carcinogen in the Calphalon too. People ate on pewter once too.

  29. Wow! I didn’t have a clue there was any difference between Calphalon and Teflon. I know my mom uses a few Calphalon pans, but I do not think she uses any Teflon. It is also nice to know how to properly wash some different kinds of pans because I wouldn’t want to ruin my moms nice cookware.

    Thanks Chris; you just won’t stop providing good info,
    Chat: Computer|Nerd
    Twitter: ComputerNerd53

  30. I use Kirkland Signature, which is a Calphalon clone from Costco. Around $150 for a 14 piece set, and a lifetime gaurantee. I’ve had ’em about 6 years, and took them back twice because I wore out 1 skillet. They wouldn’t replace just the 1 skillet, they replace the entire set ! Sweet deal.

  31. It is all stainless steel for me. I have heard too many things about Teflon and other materials. However, I was not aware of the Calphalon material before reading this blog post.

    Right now I use Wearever, which is a pretty good brand with a decent warranty:

    I would recommend them. I have had them for about seven years without any problems.

  32. We got a new set of Calphalon-type cookware. It works really well and atleast we know that it won’t affect our health.

  33. I’m not normally the cook around this house unless its on the grill outside.
    My wife says she has heard of Calphalon but hasn’t used any of it yet.

  34. Cheese on toast-apply heated clothe iron…enjoy well pressed grilled cheese πŸ™‚

    Teflon is sooo retro, it’s only good on Glocks and knives now, oh, I use KitchenAid.

  35. What a geeky them :S
    Teflon is used since years and works perfectly no chance for Calphalon
    But I think Calphalon is better in the own as Teflon

  36. We use cast iron pans for most of the cooking and then a few steel pans, but we really don’t use anything non-stick because of it’s negative health affects and we do our shopping at thrift shops.

  37. Thanks for letting us know about this non stick chemical that might be in our non stick cookware. Maybe people will take a better look at what Brand they buy there non stick cookware from next time.

  38. I use cheap pots and pans. I wish to oneday own all metal pots and pans (the ones you see in professional kitchens). Though for now I will have to stick with my standard non-stick cheapo pans πŸ™‚

  39. This is something that is becoming more and more relevant to me. This past year I have spent my time living in University Halls of Residence. But next year I’m moving into a flat. So I need to get all this stuff! Admittedly I have had little cooking experience in the past, but I’m really looking forward to the independence that living in a flat will bring. I’ll be sure to look out carefully when it comes time to buy my pots and pans!

  40. Wow never knew that this is possible, in my family we usually but pans in the dishwasher but i guess i should tell my mom hazards of it and maybe actually get Calphalon coated pan. This is good info Chris, thx

  41. I should cook more.. I don’t think I have any cookware.. at all. My only cookware may have been the tray that goes in my microwave… which I lost in my move.

  42. Calphalon?I never heard of it.I will probably try it one day.I’ve been using for a while Teflon Cookware but this post will make me reconsider my opinions in cookware.Thanks

  43. I have no the slightest clue of cookware that I use. My mom has the same pots and pans from when I was around 5. They still get the job done though. I guess I will have to get the Calphalon when I move out and get an apartment. I don’t want to die because my scrambled eggs were contaminated.

  44. Simple answer: a grill. Grilling is by far the best way to cook. Minimal cleanup, fresh, smoky meat – you just can’t beat it! Non-stick is very helpful, though. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Calphalon.

  45. I switched over to ceramic surface cookware. Teflon gives off a carcitigen cancer causing gas when heated or boiling. Birds were used in mines to warn miners of dangerous gasses. I did own 8 cockitiels. 7 of them died when I cooked a steak on a new teflon pan 12 feet away. 1 cockitiel survived barely. The gasses teflon give off also cause an affect on small children, small animals & adults , the doctors have a coin phrase; TEFLON FLU. Doctors cannot, with certainty diagnose a flu syptom 100%. They estimate that there are alot of people who come in the ER with flu like symptoms that could be teflon exposure. I will not cook with teflon ever again. TEFLON IS PURE POISON & THE COMPANIES KNOW IT & SO DOES THE GOVERNMENT / LOOK IT UP

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