What Port is This?!

It’s a bit creepy, but if you think about it – some kind of network port to download / upload information would be quite practical. The brain is a computer of sorts, driven by electricity – stacked with organic memory modules. Imagine being able to do some kind of "offbody" data dump at the push of a node; we could essentially backup the information in our brain… even if we couldn’t reassemble the output intelligently yet. We backup our personal computers, so why not our persons?

I might not put a network jack in the middle of my forehead, but my belly button has been doing nothing since birth (to my knowledge). Of course, a more direct pathway would be through the ear. Some people might beg for wireless, but I wouldn’t want to risk any dropped packets. Is this a Category "4 head" as Mark Ramsey suggests, or is it a "You Don’t Know" jack as first suggested by skidvis? bimmerbuff might call it a "Neuraethernet," and iHedron would name it… the Egonet.

I’d likely also get a port installed in my wife’s body, purchase a crossover cable, and solve our communication issues once and for all.

What would you call this port?