What Port is This?!

It’s a bit creepy, but if you think about it – some kind of network port to download / upload information would be quite practical. The brain is a computer of sorts, driven by electricity – stacked with organic memory modules. Imagine being able to do some kind of "offbody" data dump at the push of a node; we could essentially backup the information in our brain… even if we couldn’t reassemble the output intelligently yet. We backup our personal computers, so why not our persons?

I might not put a network jack in the middle of my forehead, but my belly button has been doing nothing since birth (to my knowledge). Of course, a more direct pathway would be through the ear. Some people might beg for wireless, but I wouldn’t want to risk any dropped packets. Is this a Category "4 head" as Mark Ramsey suggests, or is it a "You Don’t Know" jack as first suggested by skidvis? bimmerbuff might call it a "Neuraethernet," and iHedron would name it… the Egonet.

I’d likely also get a port installed in my wife’s body, purchase a crossover cable, and solve our communication issues once and for all.

What would you call this port?

54 thoughts on “What Port is This?!”

  1. For those of us who have been playing shadow run and cyberpunk for years… the answer is simple… its called a head jack. Gothic and cyber goth rpg’s have played around with this idea for some time. White Wolf even had a whole class of being for their game Mage The Accention which they called the Virtual Adept. Magic users who focused their very will through their computers. Of course in the same game, there were the ‘bad guys’ called the technocracy. Beings whose job it was to extinguish or corrupt magic, thus keeping the reality of science on the top of the food chain.

  2. My first thought would be USBrain, a bit cheesy I guess and also people may argue that that’s not an USB port but an Ethernet one…

    Maybe we’ll hear someone talk about the Information Neural Highway or something like that.

  3. I like the You don’t know jack … it explains a lot with out saying a lot. lol… though, if my port in my head isn’t GB/s… its outta here! I’m having it uninstalled. lol… Geeks, I know! Geeks FTW

  4. Here’s the deal, it’s really just a 56k modem, but they made the jack look like ethernet. You see, you can’t just expect us to jump from where we are know, to 100Mbps/1 Gigabit speeds for transferring data between our heads did you? When this really does happen, we’ll have to start at the bottom again, because even though we seem smart, human beings will always somehow be sent back a bit in one way or another.

  5. At what point are we going to convert to futurama and have career chips planted in our palms? Or maybe bar codes on our foreheads. That way we can skip all the nonsense of airport security.

    It would be interesting to have a wifi chip planted in your head though. But then we’d slowly evolve into beings that never leave virtual reality, and causing the end of humanity. Have a nice day.

  6. Chris,

    This is not that far off into the future. I was reading a story on a scientist who made some kind of implant that connected to the internet. He implanted his device inside him and he somehow used it to control the opening/closing of his labs doors and the on/off of his computer. I saw this on CNN so I am NOT making it up.

    The scary part is that what happens when someone figures out how to hack these implants. It makes hacking/hackers possible murderers. It is a very scary concept. Also, will the government be able to get into your brain’s computer and shut it down? Will they do that to people who have the implant, committed a crime, and are on the loose to catch them and bring them to justice?

    On that CNN special I was watching the creator of the implant actually said that in the future humans who don’t have this implant will become inferior beings. Did you hear this?!? Inferior beings! That means that in the future everything will be controlled via your brain’s computer and those who don’t have an implant will not be able to function in society.

    Just look at what advantages people with access to the Internet have over those who do not. This is just the same thing on a whole bigger level.

    Personally, I don’t think that I would have a device like the one that I have described implanted in me. Not at all. Even if it had a built-in GPS in it in case I was lost/kidnapped. The possible threats out-weigh the advantages of it. Besides, didn’t you just write a post about information overload?

  7. seems pretty interesting, if this were possible i would probably go back to the farthest my brain can remember, most likely it’s a lot longer than what i think, you would spend countless hours on your computer just watching yourself go through grade school and kingdegarten, it would be amazing to see all of that. i hope something comes out like this in the near future, which is a probable no.

  8. I would call it a Nero port.
    Have you seen Johnny Mnemonic with Keanu Reeves he has a data port in the back of his head he uses to transport data. That would be cool to be able to back up memories and be able to watch them on you pc. No one would need a camera or video camera again. In addition, it would be easer to convict criminals or prove innocence in the courts, no longer needing lawyers or judges. Just plug them in and see if they did the crime saving us big money on the court system. The school system would never be the same again. Just plug your kids in and upload the information directly to there brain instant learning.