Electric Power Outlets at Airports

I’m heading home from Washington DC this morning, and had to take a picture of what awaited me near my gate. I don’t know who to thank for the "Outlet Stands" – either the Reagan Airport or Dunkin Donuts. Either way, THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS FOR US!!! There are two other outlets on the other side of this table – as well as a completely separate table that’s to the left of this particular photo.

The last time I had Dunkin Donuts, I was in grade school (yes, THAT long ago). I caved to my inner child – although I’m sure I’ll pay for it later by feeling sick on the plane. And I’m sorry, but Dunkin Donuts coffee ain’t no Peet’s. I had to go with iced coffee since they didn’t have heavy cream – although I almost got an espresso (and might yet before my flight). The wrapper once held a donut with chocolate frosting and colored sprinkles.

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  1. likely best to thank both, as an airport brat myself I learned early on, that although the space may have the Store’s name on it… they rent it from the airport, so often little things like that will be there regardless of whose name is on the space. Wish things had been that easy in Tn.

  2. WOAH!!! I wish places around Louisville would be like that. There is nothing like that here! That is beyond sweet. If places would think about that more.. they could do better. I’ll tell you a place where that could really shine… More Starbucks or coffee shops in general! It’s little things like that that will send you to the top imo.

  3. Good job Dunkin Donuts and Reagan Airport for making our lives a little bit easier! I always hate it when you go into a coffee shop with free WiFi and there is no place to plug in your laptop! They probably do this so they don’t get people staying taking up space and not buying anything (which I can totally understand), but I’m glad to see that these outlets are at an Airport. It can sometimes be unbearable waiting for your flight.

    Welcome back Chris! I hope to hear all about that convention you went to!

  4. I was, at first, thinking that you were walking past someone else’s Mac, and saw your IRC room open. See, this is why it’s important to read through the entire post before commenting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. wow thats outstanding…I wish every airport had something like this…the weird thing is that most small airports have outlets at least on the walls around the gate but large ones like Chicago and others don’t have any. I found one outlet in the Chicago airport but it was like 4 gates down and since I didn’t want to miss my flight I decided to deal with batteries.

  6. I have made several deliveries to the airport here in Medford Oregon. However, I have never been on a plane. Thatโ€™s cool that they have outlets for people to use for there laptop or whatever. That table looks to small to hold the HP Dragon. Dunkin Donuts are good. There is a little doughnut shop in Portland called voodoo doughnuts. They have some weird combinations like maple bars with bacon on them they donโ€™t taste too bad either.

  7. That’s pretty cool where they put it chris. Usually when I’m at an airport and need an outlet i’m looking behind seats and other random things. and i usually find on where I have to sit next to a crazy old woman who keeps looking at the screen like your doing something illegal. But this is pretty cool where this is.

  8. That must have been a beautiful moment. Even though I’m more of a Krispy Kreme kind of guy, it’s great to see that organizations are finally supporting the widespread use of technology. Until wireless electricity arrives (which seems slightly doubtful to me), wall outlets ain’t going away, folks!

  9. Rarely do airports have adequate electrical outlets, so the fact that there are so many in one tiny vicinity is shocking. W00T for Dunkin Donuts!

  10. It’s the little things like this that set some comapnies apart from others. Especially in a stressful environment like airports with people constantly hustling and bustling. Though I have to say I am not a Dunkin Donuts fan and have yet to try the coffee. Don’t think it will match up to Starbucks ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. OMG! I have never seen that before but again never been in a internet cafe either. I would be happy with that. I don’t have a laptop but if I did that is very nice. It helps to just keep the battery charged too. Happy Flying!

  12. WOW! I didn’t think that airports would ever see the need for plenty power outlets. I personally have to deal with this problem when I travel. Perhaps all those messages to the Airport Manager paid off???

  13. That is a smart idea that every table in america should have. Next time I go to any coffee shop i will be looking under all the tables for some sort of plug. I think that whoevers idea to put a plug on the table should get a raise.

  14. Yes! Those ports are most convenient if you do not have a notebook like the one pictured. If you have a macbook pro (5 hrs batt life) you definately do not need an outlet…but i guess its fairly helpful if you have one of those crazy powerful laptops. Anyways, thanks to all those who provide so freely!

  15. Looks like you are all set there Chris. You got your laptop, your drink, and a POWER OUTLET. This is one of my biggest problems with me when I travel. I have my laptop and the battery runs down. So were ever we are I am looking for a power outlet to charge my battery. So I guess I have two get a 12-cell battery for my laptop. So thank you chris for giving us a tech pic of your setup in a airport.

  16. Very nice. It would be sweet to have a station like that at my college library. It’s sort of sad that Dunkin Donuts is more tech-friendly than my so-called educational institution…

  17. It’s really nice of the airport to be supplying these outlets. I cannot say the same about some other ones. Some airports it’s next to impossible to find an outlet, while others, you can’t walk more than 30 seconds without finding one. It’s really strange how different every Airport is when it comes to technology.


  18. At MSP International, we have outlets, but they are in very inconvenient places. It is usually a small tower that has a plug in, but there is no desk or anything. I wish they could make the airports more “internet cafe” style.

  19. You ate at Double D!!! I hope you have a cast Iron Stomach, because Dunkin’s dougnuts last for a week in you. I should know I am from the Boston area and there is one Double D at almost every corner. As for Double D’s Coffee Its not as good as it used to be back in the 1980’s. So I like my chockfullonuts! Have a totally wicked awesome day!

  20. Now if only airports had free wifi these days. Wifi costs everywhere you go. I don’t know about Dunkin Donuts but I know starbucks does; at least for now.

  21. That’s a great idea, except they should maybe install some cover for the outlets. Won’t somebody please think of the children!

    I’m still hoping for wireless electricity.

  22. MIT developed a type of wireless electricity that has the potential to actually work. When I first heard the story I was completely blown away. For years I’ve been trying to convince my cousin that wireless electricity will NEVER happen — at least not in our lifetimes. He is a big fan Tesla, and I, naturally, thought both were crazy. Who would have thought…

  23. Hello,

    I was in Seattle a couple of months and when at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA)noticed they had some benchtops set up near some of the gates set up with AC power outlets. Very convenient.

    Both Colorado Springs, Colorado (COS) and Portland, Oregon (PDX) have free Wi-Fi that I have used before. A couple of useful web pages:

    List of airports with Wi-Fi (domestic) – http://travelpost.com/airport-wireless-internet.aspx
    List of airports with Wi-Fi (international) – http://travelpost.com/airport-wireless-international.aspx


    Aryeh Goretsky

  24. Geeks need lots of outlets when they travel. And since more and more people at turning into geeks… you guessed it, more outlets.

  25. Dallas and JFK have these desks as well.

    And you young bucks quit raggin’ on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee! Their coffee is old-school, real-man coffee! Not that Starbucks, nuevo, sauteed, almandine, city-folk coffee :).

  26. The airport closest to my house is plain dumb. The security is super lax compared to all other airport in the area, there are no convenient outlets, unless you’d like to sit on the ground or a 7.5 inch window ledge, and there certainly isn’t wi-fi. My god, I don’t even think they know what wi-fi is…

    Yup, I just checked my airport and it doesn’t make the list that Aryeh posted above. Wow, just wow.

    Anyway, Dunkin Donuts is indeed good. I like the original glazed donut with a breakfast sandwich and a smoothie. Mmm. *mouth waters*

  27. There’s a few of those type things over at ohare, but you have to go on a safari through the hoards to find an empty outlet. As far as dunkin doughnuts goes, the only thing they are good for is the doughnuts. Frankly, I think their coffee sucks no matter what gets put in it. And since ours is linked with a baskin Robbins, you can get ice cream AND a doughnut ๐Ÿ™‚ glad to see airports updating (slightly) for the future

  28. ye there isn’t anything worse than travel somewhere and you can’t find a singles one outlet especially if you phone/laptop is low on battery, for most off the time when i’m supposed to travel somewhere i put my phone over the night to fill up the batteries cause i know that it’s very hard to find a outlet so i think that it was very good of them that built in the outlets because, if they have outlets and tables at a coffee shop then it will draw in people into the shop and people might even buy something, very clever indeed and they will make the people happy too.

  29. I cannot count the times I’ve been in an airport where there were only plugs on the pillars…and usually 2 or 3 people hanging out around them working away…what do they do get there at 6am? sheesh… I bet more and more airports will be like this one soon, though. it’s just the way technology is heading and the understanding by organizations for the need for this kind of option in public places.

  30. I remember when I was in Japan back in 2003, that they had some area set up for computers, though it was a waste of time trying because they move you along so quickly to leave the country…. ouch…

  31. “MIT developed a type of wireless electricity that has the potential to actually work”.

    Yes but wireless power does carry quite a health risk of it such as high levels of microwave radiation in some cases.

    Also they might get quite a big electricity bill if every one uses those sockets =P

  32. Sweet… power outlets for public use FTW!!! They should really do this in more places since we’ve become a largely electronic society, it only makes since. You can’t beat a good power source when you’ve got one little red bar left and no replacement batteries. Oh yeah, and Dunkin Donuts are awesome! My favorite donut dealer by far! I love the plain old glazed ones.

  33. wow….tht must be very, very convenient.now im really waiting for the next time im travelling. it was always a problem for me. my laptop only has like 3hr battery life, and when i forget to charge it at home, and go to the airport and open it up, theres only about 30~40min left. with those power outlets, man… my life would be a hell lot easier.i would comfortably enjoy full brightness not worrying about battery.AWESOME…thx for both the airport and dunkin donuts…

  34. Well thats. Nice. A good place to have some electrical outlets. Thats a nice little spot to get some work done at the airports. It would be nice if they could get an outlet or two right under all of those tables. Now that would be really cool.

  35. I thought Dunkin Donuts went out of business?

    Wow! That is pretty neat! It would be even more impressive if they would have included an ethernet port for us “wireless-phobes”.

    Just out of curiosity, what is that circular design on the table to the left of the picture? Is that some sort of ventilation feature or what?

  36. Every establishment should have power outlets available tot he public, as long as people don’t abuse them. On a side note, I love Dunkin Donuts.

  37. Dunkin Donuts are okay, but Krispy Kremes are the best! You sure were lucky enough to have an outlet at the airport! Who knows how life would have been without the laptop or the internet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. That’s pretty awesome! Last time I went to an airport I had to stick with reading a book instead of being on the computer. There were absolutely no outlets anywhere. (Then again, it was O’hare…) I wonder if they offer free wi-fi at Reagan, too.

  39. WHOAH! It’s about time! I wonder if Starbuck’s has this, but then again, no I don’t, I don’t care what happens in a place that sells a $1 cup of coffee for $11,357,342, XD

    But seriously, I can’t wait for this to catch on (it’s quite inevitable) and it’s good to have you back, Chris.

  40. Iโ€™ve got a story or maybe a town myth which happened a few years ago when a guy connected his laptop on an open airport connector just to charge it and the airport called the police because he have STOLEN the electricity.
    The airport was so serious that theyโ€™ve called the police. So lots of positive change are up here.

  41. I never had Dunkin’ Donuts, and since I ended up developing Celiac (An allergy to wheat) I guess Ill never get to try them… T.T

  42. I think we should support Dunkin Donuts and Reagan Airport
    for going the extra mile for us.
    Some big companies don’t realize that it’s the little things that keep us coming back.

  43. Its great to see the people are starting to take notice of what kind of people are using Airports, and giving them something they actually need – making air travel even more hassle free!
    Over hear Train’s have now go sockets at each table, which is really handy for watching a DVD or just surfing the web. AND, some train companies are offering free WiFi. If not the WiFi the 3G in the UK is so good you can get broadband just about anywhere!

  44. that’s pretty nice, I haven’t notice those in Holland or nearby ports and there isn’t one for sure in Tallinn airport (capital city of Estonia, and that’s where i’m from) But now they finished building a new section for that air port and i think they have it there now, well, i’ll see when i go back there for summer break.

  45. From outlets to donuts. You know Dunkin Donuts is to thank, since THEY tempted you to go to that space. I am inferring that you were using them to recharge your laptop, right?

  46. Electricity is awesome. Dunkin Donuts is not as awesome though. Where I live, we all eat Tim Horton’s because it is sooooo delicious. They should start doing this everywhere. Bus stops, airports, gas stations.

  47. The last airport I was at had some handy outlets in the floor… I’m not completely sure I was supposed to use them. Oh well. Why put them there if you don’t expect someone to charge up their laptop? =)

  48. The source of energy is the source of life.We need electrical energy like we need water for organism.Without energy we are paralized,dead

  49. Chris; this is why I love flying through Midway in chicago every gate has 2-4 rows of outets, and not surprisingly it is pretty hard to find an open one during peak times

  50. I’ve actually never needed to plug in at an airport before but my college only had about 5 plugs that were accessible to students and there was some fierce competition. I think our society has reached a point were receptacles are all but an absolute necessity.

  51. Lol, you must’ve felt a glorious moment. I love when you get to places with technology acces xD

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