Do you Really Want to Win this PC?

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I’m going to be giving away the HP Dragon Notebook very soon… May 29th to be exact. This notebook is something you definitely want to have. Make sure you follow the rules for this giveaway, or you’ll be crying when you aren’t eligible!

Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube account, come hang out in our chat room (you must be present to win, and I’m not announcing the time ahead of time!), and leave as many GOOD comments on my blog as you can between now and the drawing. Any insipid or inappropriate comments will be deleted daily, and you won’t be eligible to win. A good comment shows you have read the post, and are contributing to the discussion.

That’s all there is to it. What are you waiting for? Get to commenting!


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104 thoughts on “Do you Really Want to Win this PC?”

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  2. lol… people hang out to watch you, Chris. i mean to syat in the room for 60+ hours shows you indeed have hardcore fans. or stalkers. :S

    congrats to desertwarrior.
    by the way, i’m better the next webcam winner will be number 11

  3. Chris, I like the manner in which you are giving away this laptop, considering that you are making people give you feedback. I am pretty sure that everyone here would like to win this laptop. Upon reading this post, I did not know what the word Insipid meant. I then went to google and found out. πŸ™‚ I just have one question though about the giveaway, are there any age requirements? Many of us in the chat room, I know, would like to have some light shed on this subject.


  4. Hmmm….. can you clue us in on what the deal was with the “unidentified” person?

    I mean, I comment on these blogs…. but I am not a registered user…. would that cause me to show up as “unidentified”?

    You see, I must ask because I have this fear that if I’m selected on May 28th that I’ll show-up as “unidentified” or I won’t be able to log into the chat room on that day. (I’ve had a heck of a hard time getting in so far).

    I mean, if I missed out due to error…. I would probably bash my head into a brick wall…. which would probably knock our home down…. killing my entire family…. leaving me with lifelong grief….. and a huge headache.

    Heck, to be quite honest, I’m not even sure if I’m commenting on the right blogs! I see a “recent entries” section which seems to differ from the blogs beneath “The Chris Pirillo Show”. Which ones are we supposed to comment on?

    Is there any way that you can idiot-proof this contest for us noobs?

    -James Gia.

  5. If you think 65hours means no life my Current Connect time onto the ustream network is 763 hours 53min and 35sec as of typing this…My pc is never off πŸ˜€

    And I will bet 2 that you go through atleast 4 people on the next giveaway

  6. I think that’s one rig that no one would refuse. I can’t describe how bad I would like to win that PC… I’m pretty sure we all feel that way =) The only thing better than winning that PC is… winning two of said PC.

  7. drool
    My first thought (after wiping the drool off my chin) was “hmm I wonder if I could load Hardy Heron on this thing?” The only way I will know for sure is if I win it..hint hint…lol
    I own an HP Pavilion dv6000 series now and I have always wished I could dim the media keys. Funny how this feature stands out for me on the “Dragon”

  8. The requirements for this contest are different from some other sires in this 31 days of the dragon. The OSNN forum has a list of questions that you have to answer and I have no idea how to find what server software they use.

    It seems like you’ve really been cranking out the blogs since this contest has started. Before the contest I periodically read the blogs and watch almost all the videos but in the last week it been a real firestorm.

    As a side note I am not sure when responding to blog posts should I refer author/blogger using his or her name or using a second-person pronoun. I know it could probably go either way but if there is a good argument to use one over the other I would love to hear it.

  9. I’m definably interested in the Dragon, though likely for different reasons than most of your viewers Chris. Let me ask you a question to illustrate my point. When your reading a book, and you have to go somewhere… say, the doctor’s office… what happens? You pick up the book and take it with you, right? It’s a paperback, or in some cases, a hard back so why not? My problem is this… Paperbacks and hard backs don’t work for me. For those that still don’t know, I have a visual impairment. Thus I use a lot of audio books. To me the laptop becomes a mobile library where I store all my various books, where I can download my new ones such as “Little Brother”. Beyond that, I’d like to see how well the Dragon handles my accessability software, such as my screen readers, and interestingly enough, my Dragon (Dragon Naturally Speaking that is) which is Voice Dictation software. My current laptop won’t handle it at all, which severely limits what I’m able to do on the fly.

  10. yep… I really want to win that PC and I really need that one for some important purposes such as assignment projects, engineering and electronic stuffs… i hope you would choose the right one to have that PC… Godbless to you Chris…

  11. Are you joking? Who WOULDN’T want that computer??!?! You can count on me to continue commenting because I wouldn’t pass over this chance unless someone paid me at least 3/4ths the price of the laptop and even then it would be hard to choose the money!

    Chris, I’m so glad that HP chose you to give away such a great gift! I’ll be in your chat room for all your giveaways!

  12. Very nice system, with dual headphone jacks, speaker connections for soundsound , express card, hdmi etc. This is a desktop folded into a notebook! If you have the means I highly recommend it.

  13. I think its really awesome that you are doing giveaways like this Chris but perhaps I can share a word of advice. Since there are people from all over that visit your chat room and quite a few are not in the Pacific Time Zone, if you moved the giveaway up to an earlier time in the day more people would be available for the giveaway. I’ve definitely sat in on your giveaway’s and by no stretch is it hard to find people at 11 at night for a quick giveaway. I just think you might get even more and you wouldn’t have this idler problem as often as its been happening.

  14. I find it funny how many people leave their PC on and walk away from it. Talk about a waste of energy. In addition to a waste of evergy it has to be fairly hard on the computer’s components. I am not an electrical engineering, but I know for a fact LCD screens and hard drives have life spans. The longer they are left on, idle, the higher risk you run of having it fail when you actually need it!!

    Note: I think it’s minorly unfair to NOT tell advetise when the prize is actually being ‘drawn’, due to the fact that a large number of us are in various time zones and have work/school to attend…

  15. I thought that you were doing the giveaway right then and there! Whew.

    I’m pretty sure I meat all the requirements, unless theres some 18 and up only rule, which would stink.
    Some questions about the computer:
    – I looked online, and you can select to have a webcam, mic, and fingerprint reader installed onto the notebook, does this notebook have these features?
    – Further into my previous question, is this a fully loaded, as in, all options checked, notebook?

    Okay, not some, but two questions to answer, hooray.

  16. Yes, I do. I have made it a priority to check your blog every day and read through the posts then watch the video. I sincerely stop to think of a comment I can use to add to the topic. Sometimes I even get a little passionate about the voice I have through being a part of the community. I’ll admitingly say I didn’t use to read your blog until this competition came along, however seeing the education and entertainment the blog posts provide me, I can say I will continue to read (and comment) in the future. Hopefully on a new HP Dragon system, but if not, I’ll still take the blog for what it is meant to be, the voice and opinion of an open minded,slightly insane(you know I’m kidding), and genius man.

  17. I’m very curious to know after this giveaway is over how much more traffic all the participating blogs have gotten. A whole lot I’ll bet. This is so good for all parties involved. Props to HP for doing this thing. It really makes me like that company more so than I already did. All the big computer companies should be doing the same thing. It’s not like these mammoth companies can’t afford it. And it would really enhance the publics opinion of them I’d think. Even if I don’t win, I’ve still gotten something out of all this – it has introduced me to a bunch of cool sites I’ll be visiting from now on.

  18. Yessir.. I do want this pc. Even though I am a Mac Person, I’d love to get this monster. Even though its not exactly “portable” I’d mind someway to use it. Could you please post the specs to it? I think a lot of people would like to see it in writing. I’m not sure what I can do with it, but like I said, I’d find a place for it here! -) Macs FTW… THis monster comes in second.

  19. while the design seems to cool, the specs aren’t really top of the line compared to what alienware sli-based models are already offering on their 17-in models. would expect it have at least the full HD resolution along with enough graphics horsepower under the hood to justify the man-power required to lug it around.It also looks really heavy.

  20. I found the info I was looking for and truly hoping that sooner or later I shall actually comment on every possible blog that I possibly can. just to Get as much of a chance as I possibly can, I really need that, to run business and to have something i can take with me if needed to, considering that this mass I’m using right now, is approx of 10 years old and ready to die on me, and I fear that one it does, I’m too “broke” ($1.01 to my name, not joking), to even remotely afford a new one. (crosses fingers, and hopes that I have even a slight chance of winning.)

  21. I watched this video and that laptop got me thinking. Ive seen it in the past and I think it is a rediculous size for a notebook (definately not a laptop at 20.1″) I personally like HP’s business line. I own the fastest 17″ they have (8710w) which is geared toward 3d modeling / gaming. HP cut some corners with their consumer version (the dragon) by cutting blu ray burning, fingerprint reader, ambient light sensor, 3d driveguard, etc. There are some features that the home user would not notice, so they cut them out, and dropped the price by a grand which makes it more affordable.

    Thanks Chris for making this offer available, and you will see some of my posts soon.

  22. Man what is this world coming to?earthquake.!! many bad things.thats why i love pcs.and games.takes me to a fantasy world and out of this time for a few seconds.then after that my wife comes in and yells at me!!!turn if offfffffffffff. lol

  23. let’s face it not every family can afford a pc so i recently started a program at my local community center for kids who are intrested in computers 99% of these kids come from familys who can afford a pc so i provided 13 computers ranging from ok to good 8 of the 13 are using windows xp i think that its great your giving away this pc and it would be great to win this prize as well if i won this prize i would award it to 1 of my 21 students who attend my class 3 days a week keep up the great work

  24. Of course I want to win who doesn’t with a machine this powerful and has this many features. I discovered this contest on your youtube page and have been entering on as many websites that I can. Some of the sites contests are just beyond my expertise or my ability. There is on that you have to mod a game to include details about them. And another that all you have to do is tell them how this notebook will change your life.
    Any ways I will be trying and tying to win it would actually be nice to play my games in full quality and take my computer with me on trips

  25. Part of me would absolutely love that laptop simply because it is pretty dam amazing. Another part of me is hoping i dont so that i have an excuse buy a Mac πŸ˜› hoping to make the cross over soon πŸ˜€

  26. Hey Chris. I enjoy watching your videos on youtube and i’m a subscriber keep up the good work. Yes just a long shot this but I thought I would post here to see if I can get the notebook due to I broke my sisters really old one which now is broke it was an accident I headbutted it, well not purposely accidentally I will not go into detail but anyway I would like to keep my pocket money and not buy her a new one.

    Anyway Laters. Oh and E ya Later or as we would say in England because we use proper english which you will probably say why cant I write in proper english well its becuase i’m no good at english. Anyway i’m sure i’m boring you so I will get ot the point. In England we would say E you later.

    Ok i’m off now bye E you later.

  27. How exactly can you verify that the same person is the one with a subscription to your Youtube channel and who left a comment? I know that my handle is different for Youtube than it is for other sites. Just thought I’d throw that out there…although I suppose you can just verify things through email to make sure they’re all the same person. Hard to say if I’ll be able to hang out in the chat room at the right time given a busy schedule…

  28. let’s face it not every family can afford a pc so i recently started a program at my local community center for kids who are intrested in computers 99% of these kids come from familys who can’t afford a pc so i provided 13 computers ranging from ok to good 8 of the 13 are using windows xp i think that its great your giving away this pc and it would be great to win this prize as well if i won this prize i would award it to 1 of my 21 students who attend my class 3 days a week keep up the great work

  29. Chris, you sure have alot of people who like to hang out in you room and have a person who waited 60 + hours to win a webcam means you have alot of diehard fans. Bye the way congrats to desertwarrior

  30. Chris: I’ve really got to commend you for resisting the temptation of ripping open the box and booting the Dragon up. I’ve been a fan of what you do for a while now, and the giveaways make it even better! Keep it up!

  31. Hi, Chris i like your videos i seen them all of them well almost a fan. I know this is old but wats that thing beging your Macbook Pro its pretty cool. Are you well from your Wii papercut. LOL. Wow your are giving away that laptop with 20.1 ich screen. LOL.

  32. there are no doubt that anyone in this chatroom wouldn’t want to win this, but Wildcat what would you do with hp dragon? if you are a hardcore mac geek wouldn’t that ruin the whole experience, if i don’t win the dragon can you send me a mac or two, ok? =) and second thing that was on my mind was the question that Aaron posted, well anyone can you a whois on a person to find out their ip and the their ISP (Internet Service Provider) most people register their name in the chatroom so noone can use their name and those people that get picked they post their youtube account, youtube save a list of people that are subscribed to your channel and you are able to see which one has subscibed to you.

  33. may 29th is the day before finals start…but oh well, I’ll have to study watching pirillo and friends. I’m not sure I want it though…it has vista. Anyone who doesnt want this is crazy. Good luck to everyone participating, and chris, I hope this giveaway won’t be as dry as some of the recent webcam giveaways. πŸ™‚

  34. I’m going to be asking off work this day just to go to this giveaway! I need a new laptop really bad considering my last laptop was burned in a dorm fire!

  35. Hi, Chris i like your videos i seen them all of them well almost a fan. Your past giveaway was hillarius i mean yo got throung 8 people until desertwarrior wasthe only one online. . Are you well from your Wii papercut. LOL. Wow your are giving away that laptop with 20.1 ich screen. LOL.

  36. I just moved from PC to Mac…but would gladly jump back into PC usage with this badboy! My move to Mac was more of cost/curiousity issue…I needed to upgrade my PC to the latest and greatest…yet I’ve always wondered about the Apple mystique…so instead of pouring a $1000 into an upgrade (socket 939 to latest Intel core2duo) i decided to give the Mac a try…and I’ve got to say, I love it. Anyway, sorry to ramble on…the laptop looks and sounds like it’d be awesome and I’d love to get it. Count me in!

  37. Hey Chris, long time watcher, first time poster. Can’t resist a giveaway like this!

    Unfortunately I’m unable to register, seems to be currently disabled. Not sure if this is intentional due to the contest. Guess I could go sulk in a corner if my name gets drawn and I’m unqualified, heh.

  38. WOW!!! what a computer! should i even call it that? or should i call it a life of a person sitting there in a box waiting to go to it’s new home? It’s the best computer out there! HP has really done it this time! I checked out all the specs on HP and elsewhere. Yea, I want one now. I don’t know who wouldn’t after sneaking a peak at that! Instead of keeping on bragging on how nice it is, i would like to give you a summary on what i would do with it. I could definitely use the new microsoft office suite for my creative writing class and other school assignments. By the way, does this come with any Quickbooks or other accounting software? because i have started my own jewelry business, and I will need that. If it doesn’t include that, i will have to purchase it anyway. no “biggie”. The entertainment it withholds is truly amazing!!! i would love to take this with me, and use it as a nice break time in between all that stressed out homework!! and with a nice remote too. I think it has DVR too right? wow. Truly amazing. I am a freshman in high school, and really deserve this laptop. It will definitely compliment my future of my Jewelry business and more! (Especially the excellent screen resolution and pixel count for working on my website! Hope the giveaway comes “my way”. Or to the best commenter who can use it as much as i would! Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  39. Yes I’d like to win this great System who wouldn’t. Its great that we have a Chance to win this Very nice Prize. If I were to win this I would go nuts lol. It would really take advantage of what its got under the hood. Thanks to HP, And Chris for giving us a Chance to win such a great prize.
    Live.Pirillo FTW!!

  40. I could sure put that dragon to great use Chris, but I’ll have to try another site. I’ve been a subscriber to Lockergnome since your Iowa days, but I’m a working stiff, and I have a family, and I can’t hang around the chat room. I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on this like I did on the guy that wanted videos of what we do with Vista. Hello? If I had a machine with Vista, I wouldn’t need the Dragon so bad!. Anyway, good luck with the contest….

  41. I first saw this through PC Mag and Ebay doing a charitable auction. Terrific, only problem the Dragon is now around $3,300 and climbing… a little high for me.

    Last year I bought my 5th HP and first laptop. Love them. My very first computer was an actual IBM at a cost of around $4,500 Canadian. It took me from the daunting task of hand written personal tax returns into heaven. My love of computers never ended.

    Last year I bought my first laptop. A 19″ wide screen HP Pavilion at a decent sale price of $800. Today, I still end up back on my desktop model… hubby who is disabled has taken over MY laptop!!! He loves the screen size and portability. I do get on occasionally but it has now been claimed by the king of the castle.

    The idea of a 20″, 240 GB Dragon laptop gives me goosebumps. Afterall, I used to operate an old clunker computer that came with a ‘boot’ 5.25″ floppy disk!, 64MB Ram DOS driven… ahhh those were the days, lol.

    Well, good luck to all.

    Back to bidding

  42. I would love to see the white paper on the cooling on this beast. This laptop alone will contribute to global warming. Typical Americans wanting bigger! bigger! bigger!

    Just kidding, This is the ultimate portable computer. I want one!

  43. hey there im now at alot on the computer stuff more of an moto freak….i started watchin your vids about a mouth a go and there very help for people that dont realy much about computers or whats evry your posting about at the time….thants for lots of help..

  44. I hope I’m not sleeping with the Dragon is being given away.It would suck to be one of the people who “won” but weren’t in the chat at the time. The prize for this contest is pretty amazing and I’m doing my best to meet all the qualifications.

  45. Congratulations, desertwarrior, of winning the camera and being awake on the chat room : ).

    I cannot stop thinking about that notebook! There is literally nothing you could not do. It is the “top-of-the-line”. I have already entered a few of the other website’s contests and I have not won one yet : (. I hope I can at least remember to log in to the chat room on May 29 for this contest.

  46. This mammoth machine is hardly a laptop, but I want one just the same! I do take exception with the “hang out in the chat room” requirement, as it’s blocked here at work (*sniff*).

    This “31 Days” concept is a great way for HP to get a ton of relatively cheap advertising for the Dragon!

  47. I could use another computer, but I’m a bit puzzled. I realize that HP sponsored the giveaway, but as many times as you mentioned you use MAC, why didn’t Apple sponsor a giveaway or why would HP choose you to sponsor when you would suggest getting a MAC instead?

  48. Wow, that’s a really powerful laptop! I’m definitely participating in this contest. It was nice of HP & Buzzcorps to sponsor this. Good luck in this contest everyone!

  49. i think this is a very good way for HP to advertise there new laptop, if i got this laptop i would be so excited. I have a macbook right now and i love it, but i has absolutely no gaming capability, but this laptop looks like it could be very good for gaming.

  50. It would be go to know when the giveaway will take place because it will be hard to stay online for 12 hours especially from Europe from 8pm to 8am. I know that it’s secret but this is other like with the webcams because it’s shipped world wide.

  51. I just can’t get into the chatroom. I keep getting security errors in all four connection attempts, with or without a password. How can I be in the chat room when the day comes?

  52. I really think this competition is a great idea. It is nice to see the tech community being awarded for their huge position in the tech market. Reaching out to the people in such a relevant way is also a great move for the Laptop providers. I think it really displays the power of the blogging community. A fitting prize for a committed community.

  53. I would really love to win this so-called protable PC. It may be called portable, but from the looks of it, it looks huge, mean, and is definately a media/gaming powerhouse. This would do alot more for me and my family for better computing and better gaming for me and my brother. My family only has one computer which is in the living room, no privacy for gaming, and especially slow becuase it has a pentium CPU and no graphics card, so definately a wrong pick for me, but it was cheap.

  54. It’s very nice of you to give us the PC, i have subscribed to your youtube and also made a user in your chat room but one thing that worries me the most is that As i live in Netherlands and you are in Seattle(right?) then the time differents will be different so i just hope i will be there on right time at right place, hehe πŸ™‚
    but Yes this dragon is amazing, it amazes me more every time i see it, hehe.

  55. I’ve been picking up sites, tips, and devices and web innov ations from you since CFH on Tech TV. I still think that channel was one of the best educational hdw and software platforms going.

  56. I’m really going to take a shot at this – I love the computer, and all the features you described. I am a Mac person too but honestly I would like to go swing both ways. There are things about my mac lap top that drive me crazy. And anyway, I have my whole life running on this one machine. I need a bigger world. This is a challenge. I will be there. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers

  57. This is an awesome giveaway! I’ve been a fan of Chris from way back when I used to have access to TechTV. =) Thanks for the opportunity to win this terrific notebook.

  58. I can’t wait till I win the killer computer/dragon. This is a great promotion by HP. Love the new look Chris.

  59. Has anyone seen some of the unboxing videos for this behemoth? It seems that they’ve integrated everything a media lover could hope for in a portable package.

  60. Chris,

    As a desktop PC builder and tech in business for myself…The question; “Do you Really Want to Win this PC?” actually defies logic. Of course, I’d love to win that killer fast & loaded HP machine!

    I have built many (in the hundreds), very fast Intel Duo Core desktop units for customers lately, and I’m using a system I built a number of years ago w/ not enough PC133 RAM on the mobo though it can take up to 4GB’s also (have you ever checked out what they want for 1GB chips of PC133? (In the $400.00 ~ $700.00 a stick range Bro!) My 24″ tall tower has every drive imaginable in it, but I just cannot fathom sinking $1,600.00 ~ $2,800.00 into an older desktop machine just to get more speed out of it.

    And I do not even own a laptop though there are a few in the household…My 19 yr. old U of A college (and super online gaming), son has an Alienware notebook, my 5th grade/community college Teacher Wifey has an HP notebook provided by her charter school district and another HP notebook provided by the college, even my 11 yr. old son also has an HP notebook provided by his charter school district…But I do not even own a mobile unit.

    I’m beginning to feel like a second class citizen now.

    Yes Chris….I’d love to win that hot laptop. See you in the chat room tonight Bro.

    BTW…..Killer show, great giveaway…Super cool prize.

  61. Of course I want to win.Especially this powerfull machine.It’s a rocket!I would be very happy if this will stay on my desk.Thank you very much for this opportunity!

  62. The notebook is called “Dragon” – the name itself is cool.
    (Is using the word “cool” still cool or am I just getting old?)
    So I would like to win this thing and thanks for offering this!

  63. This is a dream machine.I remember my 5 years ago PC.It was 100 times slower than this HP

  64. I definitely want to win it, and I’m not sure if the comments should be showing up but some of the comment in this thread need removal if anyone sees this

  65. I really to win this PC! Yes, I think HP is a great company in making laptops. I have had my HP for almost 2 years now, I have had few problems with it.

  66. This is an awesome marketing idea by HP. And, we get a free computer! The Dragon sounds like a true beast, although it is more of a desktop replacement than a laptop.

  67. Dude you are so awesome i can’t belive you are doing this. You are a computer geek, exactly what i want to be. I have been following your youtube and you give amazing tips on computer/tech. Thanks!

  68. I would love to win this computer. Not only because I really need a new computer, but HP is an amazing brand. And that’s a perfect computer for me to do my radio projects and business with. Unfortunately though, I won’t be able to be around for the giveaway. Mainly because me and my family are having a bit of a financial problem, and our internet got turned off. So we have to go to the library, and unfortunately for me the libraries here don’t stay open that late. On normal weekdays they close at 7, I think and weekends at 5:30. So, I guess I won’t have a chance this time. =[ Hope this goes to some good winner and they treat it well. Some lucky person will have that awesome machine soon. And I’ll say now, since I won’t be around for a few days.. Congrats to whoever wins it! =]

  69. Do I want this, you ask? Abso-smurfin-lutely! I reply. This is a superb notebook giveaway.

    I am glad you got to be one of the sites involved in this give away. I am doubly glad because I wouldn’t have known about it at all otherwise (never used any of the other sites involved before now, never even heard of most of them).

  70. Omg I want that computer! I want that 15 pound laptop! It’s pretty cool you give away things to your subscribers Chris!

  71. This is great that HP and Chris are doing this. I would love to have this computer (more of a PC than a laptop-its huge). It has so many great features. Its awesome that a laptop could have that big of a screen, which would normally be on a PC. I really want to win! thanks for the opportunity.

  72. 0.o Yes please?


    Chris, you went a step beyond what most other sites doing the giveaway did, you gave us all a list of ALL of the 30-so sites. Nice work.

  73. I just now realized that I needed to read and comment on posts from before the official launch. Man are my eyes and fingers getting tired.

  74. Yes! This notebook would make an awesome addition to our room! LOL! The specs on this HP notebook are cool. To me, this would make the perfect desktop computer replacement.

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