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Isn’t this soundboard the coolest thing? It was created by live community member desertwarrior. Not only is it fun, it also really underscores my belief in being open about everything I do. He’s taken about 60 clips of things I’ve said and sounds I’ve made, and put them together in this neat little application you can all play with.

There are some content producers who aren’t as unfriendly to their community. They aren’t as open to letting their community to do things like this. I’ve said in the past you can use my Chris heads anytime you want. This just wraps up everything I enjoy about interacting with people on the Web. Until the day comes when I lose my voice… I’ll be able to keep this up.

I don’t know how you all feel about this. If you create content and put it online… do you let the community take the ball and run with it. If you don’t allow it… why? I’m just curious as to why don’t. You’re free to use any of my content. All I ask is a small amount of credit. Embed my videos. Share a link of mine. Use an article I’ve written. Just show me the final product. Send me a .pdf, or a link… just something I can see. Go ahead and use those clips and sound bites. Just be friendly about it, not gross or illegal. Thats just not right. Again, all I ask is you give some type of credit (a link back to my site is fine).

Let’s not go overboard though. The World can only take so much of me. Heck… I can only take so much of me.


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82 thoughts on “Steal my Content – with Permission and Credit”

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  2. Hi Chris, I thought you might find the website of Charles Mee, my favorite NY playwrite, interesting. Called “the remaking project”, , offers his work for use by others. His “about” page says: “Please… take the plays from this website and use them freely as a resource for your own work… pillage the plays as I have pillaged the structures and contents of the plays of Euripides and Brecht and stuff out of Soap Opera Digest and the evening news and the internet, and build your own, entirely new, piece–and then, please, put your own name to the work that results.’

    If you’ve got time, read some of his work.

  3. As a photographer, I have people stealing my photos all the time. Like you, I don’t really mind at all, but it would be nice if people would add some kind of credit for all the time and effort I put in into my work. I just dislike the people who take content and claim they created it, thats just stupid.

  4. That is cool Chris. I would think that the internet is the wrong place to be if you don’t want others to use what you put on it. It is just too easy to do.

  5. ah yes a good chris P soundboard, will add this to my collection of other soundboards to assume myself and others. If I’m not mistaken that was another soundboard of you (albeit least extensive, and full of techTV clips) banging around somewhere on the internet.
    As far a sharing, I have no problem with anyone using any work I have done, as long as credit is given where credit is do. Also when I was more active blogging, I would request that if people did use something, video, picture, etc. that they would comment in the post and mention where they posted it so I could check it out and make sure it wasn’t something bad or against my wishes for the content. While openness is great, you also have to be weary of trolls and slander of you ending up somewhere on the internet

  6. Thats cool that you are open like that Chris. If it were another person they probably would’ve had a problem with it if they weren’t open like you. It kind of makes you like and open source person?… hmm. lol. As long as someone has your permission they can take use something that you have done and make new things with it. In this case Desert Warrior took clips of some of the things you’ve said and made a Soundboard. You’ll likely see some new things being sent to you know Chris.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with this. I usually post my work (audio/video) as completely open. For all I know, some my stock footage may be in Hollywood’s movie libraries. I really don’t care who uses my stuff.

  8. Sounds boards rock
    thats cool that you are ok with it
    if i ever need anything from you ill probably ask but idk, i may come up with something creative for ya
    but seriously thats cool that you are ok with it
    and yes linux can get annoying , stupid penguin >=|

  9. There is only one type of content you’ll see from me that I would ever have a problem letting people run with, and that’s my writing. I’m sorry, I’m new to this community here yet so you don’t know a lot about me yet, but I’m a writer, an armature one true, but a writer all the same so the things I put down in that vein are kind of sacrosanct to me. Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I’m going to flip out over blog posts and that sort of thing, those bits belong to Chris as soon as I hit the submit button anyway. Hell, even my real writing, as long as I get the credit, so the rich guys with the bottomless checkbooks know where to send the money, run with it… Ok, /ramble.

  10. Thats a good view Chris. I don’t like it when you try to take something and try to make it funny or even better or clips from a video and even though you put links back to the original or the credits to the original the person still gets mad over it. This is like on youtube if you change a video or use part of someone elses video they get mad. I know this isn’t as copyrighted in the same terms as like movies and stuff, but basically same idea. Keep up the open mind Chris. Thanks.

  11. Chris,

    I really appreciate that you are live and “open-life style”. I really hate it when you have to worry about copyrights and those kind of things.

    Even though I am totally supportive of open-source software, and all of my applications (at least most of the popular ones) have source code that anyone can modify. I too demand that I get some credit for it though. Now, if I were to make a piece of software and sold it I would not be so kind. I have to make a living too! That is one of the problems of open-source software. That is how do you make money with an open-source software? I think that the solution is having companies reach out to the community. Obviously not everyone who contributes is going to make money, but at least the company could be more transparent….right?

    Lastly, Chris, I think that you should be very careful with your open life style. In this day and age there are some really crazy people out there who, God forbid, may want to hurt you. Don’t let your open life style compromise your safety. I think that you are doing a good job of this, and I hope that you continue to live stream for a while. Thanks for all you do for us geeks!

  12. I think that every body deserves credit where credit is due. I think not giving credit is atrocious. What is so wrong with giving credit. I think believe in the philosophy is that everything should be open with credit.

  13. Big props to desertwarrior. I want to see a Chris video game if anyone can make one, lol

  14. there are many people out in the world that will never give people credit when they take other peoples stuff. what those people should think about is that what they are doing is plagiarism and is illegal. i don’t see why it is so hard for people to just say that someone else let them use the material. some people just don’t make sense to me

  15. I have published a lot of code online, and, people use it all the time. I only ask is that you give credit back to me, and don’t claim it as your own work.

  16. I think it’s so cool! I might try and make something with this. Also, I have to say that I think its cool that you’re so trusting, I wouldn’t let people use resources like this one (they would anyway) because there will always be immature idiots abusing the right. For example the people who call you and scream into the phone.

  17. Omg… Hehe, I love that thing… =D . Thanks desertwarrior! And cool to let people take it and run with it =D. I think I would let people use it as well.

  18. C-diddy,

    I wish I had your soundboard about two years ago. I used to work for a mortgage company and I used to play Chris Farley sound-drops DAILY whenever a fitting situation arose in the workplace. Oh how I wish that your “i’m going to have my testicles laminated” sound-drop would have been available to me back then.

    You make an interesting point about sharing content. I personally would not want my content shared because the content on my web page involves little more than blog-posts. So that basically means that the only way that someone could share my content with others would be to steal my blog posts. (Not cool).

    You, on the other hand, seem to do more with video and audio. I suspect that these mediums may make your content a bit more “shareable” than written content is.

    Now that you mention it though, I wouldn’t mind if someone used a paragraph that I wrote on their website — so long as they gave me credit for it. (Preferably a link).

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there are a lot of people out there who are copying paragraphs. Instead, people seem to be more interested in stealing entire articles.

    And someday we will laminate their testicles.

    -James Gia

  19. Cool, now anyoneone can have chris in their podcasts! Or just use the sound board to prank people. Now we need an app for the iPhone 😛

  20. Hello,

    I think it is important to note that not every content producer has the same business model or audience as you do. For example, I think it is helpful for your business when people create applets like the sound board, videos or ringtones because it helps reinforce your brand identity and leads back to your portal.

    A different business model would be a professional photographer who does stock footage. There are lots of professional photographers, all of whom have different catalogs and different values assigned to their work. They are selling the right to use a photograph and not trying to draw visitors to a web portal, so getting paid for a license to a particular photo would be the goal. A slightly different focus on business, so to speak.

    From my own perspective, I do a bit of writing, both for my employer as well as for personal enjoyment. While I have seen my personal writings quoted and copied elsewhere (usually with attribution), the material I create for my employer is their property, not mine, and they may do very different things with it (license it, stamp it “CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY” and dump it in a folder or, most likely, just delete it).

    Point is, a “one-size-fits-all” policy doesn’t work for everyone. One of the things I really like about Creative Commons is that they recognize this, and have licenses which can be tailored to allow some usage rights while restricting others. That can be pretty handy if you are a musician and want to share your music, but don’t want other people to make money off of it.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  21. It is good too see that Chris is open about sharing, it’s so refreshing not hear someone saying that is you can’t do that or you can use it because it’s mine you can’t have it, it sounds like watching and listening to a small kid who refuses to share his toys with others, little kids tend to be a bit self centered, like me me me and no one else but me.
    early on when people are kids you could get some hints about how your kid
    might end up when they are adults, if they are awfully self centered then they might stay that way, why would they change if it worked for them before, I’m not saying that people can’t change but that some people are the way they are.

  22. Very nice idea Desertwarrior! The first time I saw one of Chris’s videos I actually imagined a sound board for him. Phrases like “We’ll E ya later” sorta stuck out… I dunno.

    But I really like communities with an open producer who doesn’t care if you use his stuff for fan projects. I find that open communities last longer and are really more friendly and welcoming. In some cases that I know of, fan projects inspire the producer to do more which is good for everyone. There’s really no need to lockdown and not allow fans to use your work, true fans will credit you. I myself would be honored if someone wanted to use my work…but that’s just me.

  23. When ever I make videos I have the same “open” policy where you can take and use it in almost any way you want just give my my props. I have not seen anyone take content from my site with out atleast linking back to it and that makes me happy to see. But if I did find anyone what can I really do about it? Send them a nasty email stating that I want my stuff taken down from there site? I dont think that will work in all cases. But in any event I might have to use this soundboard 😀

  24. I have never uploaded your content onto the web. I have recorded some of your crazy moments, that have been really funny. But I never did say upload them to YouTube. sure hope you don’t mind. I had some really great moments when you unboxed you Mac Pro. But I think I deleted them. So if I do upload some content that I made of you I will give you credit.

  25. Like what I did on Death Note using Chris Pirillo pies and OST of Death Note, and if people liked it, thats cool for me.

  26. Chris you are truly a great person. You are very correct, anyone else who had a soundboard of them made won’t be too happy. I think its great that your involved in the community, I even got an email response from you! Imagine an email response from another ustreamer with 600 people viewing… Impossible!

  27. this kinda adds to the open sourse blog post and how people and companys need to be more open about their products because they have ben charging ownig the rights for far to long but i hope that the top companys go open

  28. I have been making icon packs, art, etc. for awhile and I don’t feel the need to keep it all to myself, most of the reason I even bother to upload it in the first place is so that the community can share it with me. I feel like you do Chris, I wouldn’t mind what you do with it as long as you give me my credit for the creation.

  29. desertwarrior ftw!!! soundboard ver2.0 is out now… and still anticipating for ver3.0 with volume controls(according to desertwarrior).. XD

  30. pretty cool man but it must take a long time to build a soundboard cuz its alot of sounds to add but i downloaded and it looks pretty kool and funny and i even saw u playin with it on the stream one night