My Leather Coach Wallet

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Ponzi says it’s time to let my favorite wallet go, and get a new one… or get mine fixed. With a Coach wallet, you can send it in to be re-sewn if it starts to come apart. The leather on my wallet is great still. But, Ponzi is worried about money falling out, due to the sewing coming apart.

The great thing about Coach products is that their warranty is so amazing, you can send in your wallet if anything goes wrong with it. They will clean it, re-sew it… whatever they need to do in order to make it look as good as new again. So Ponzi buys me this second wallet to use while she sends in my Coach wallet. My point is: I’m a GUY. I don’t need two wallets. This whole “alternating” thing is just starting to freak me out a bit. She has more than one of literally everything. Me? Not so much.

The good news is, I’m just as much of an influence on her as she is on me. The day of this recording, she wore a cap all day… a FireFox cap, that is. Ya just have to love it.


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107 thoughts on “My Leather Coach Wallet”

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  2. i love how they’re fighting against the smallest of details…. it’s a wallet… it holds ur stuff… when it has big holes in it is when u replace the wallet…. rotglmao

  3. Women! Sometimes us men can’t live without women and sometimes we would do anything to get away from them. Chris… sometimes you gotta be happy just to have someone making sure that you are okay. Ponzi is doing a good thing for you.

  4. Ok, this is an important ‘guy’ issue. Guys don’t ‘repair’ wallets..nor do we much care about stitching coming loose in said wallet…we do not ‘clean’ our wallets, nor do we particularly want them attractive or anything at all beyond Functional. If it holds our debit cards, credit cards and is not neon or pastel in color – then we are good!

    Stand up for manhood! Keep the ratty wallet, and refuse to think about which way your ID flops open or ANY aesthetical aspect of something that spends all its time pressed against your buttocks.

  5. Chris, Coach kicks butt. I just picked up their signature line wallet from their Coach outlet store in Lincoln City, Oregon for about 45% off. I am sure you have one up in Seattle. Their customer service and warranty are superb! Be happy that you are the only “one” thing Ponzi has. 🙂

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  7. You right dude… like i am 23 and i had only 2 wallets in my life… and the second one i got for my b-day from my sister

  8. Buy a filson wallet. $ 90 bucks it will last at least five years(more likely 7-10) and has a better warranty than Coach. Not to mention, Coach? its a little …uhhh girly.
    love your site though Chris

  9. I love Coach!! I had no idea they had that kind of warranty! Thanks for letting me know Ponzi!

    And yes, go to the Outlets! lol Chris, I love your wife. 🙂

  10. The joys of watching couples on-line. I wish I could have seen this live. At the end of the video they start talking about having two of something. I have had a MacBook Pro since the end of February and since then I have started to multiple accessories. The first of something I keep at my desk and the second I keep inside my laptop bag for when I go to work or anywhere else. Obviously this is a different situation/reason then Ponzi but I don’t to deal with forgetting something.

  11. hmmm… leather wallet is good but i didn’t use one, I use the other type of wallet which is synthetic… I didn’t use leather because i don’t want to look old because of it and my perception for it was, only adults use it and I’m still 17 but i’ll try to use one…

  12. That’s the thing with women – more than one anything. At least 10 of everything, at most cases. You are lucky, man!

  13. I don´t even use a wallet! All i need is my visa card. Which covers money and ID. I´m not sure if credit/debit card count as a valid ID in usa, but in Norway it does.

    But I´ll probably get myself a wallet, when I´m a grown man like Chris is.

  14. Love my Coach bag. Coach has an outlet store down in a mall in Nags Head, NC. My bro owns a Realty Co. down there – and I go visit him and other sisters down there. I always stop in at the Coach store to see the latest deals. The real deals seem to often be on strange colors. But, I LOVE strange colors, so it suits me just fine.

  15. she does have a point….the seams on my boyfriends old wallet started to tear like that, and yeah, definitely lost his debit card. it was bad times. I got him a new wallet after that.

    this is why I am a big advocate of the duct tape wallet…if it starts to fall apart, just slap some more tape on there, and you’re good to go.

    and it’s not like you have to necessarily “alternate” between wallets…if the coach one needs to be serviced now, you have a backup. you don’t have to change it every day like some ladies out there. it’s better than just letting everything you keep in your wallet just hang out in your pocket while the coach one is getting repaired! and it’s not like you don’t have two of anything…look in front of you. your two 30″ monitors are hard to miss =P

  16. Lol, Chris you should probably listen to your wife. Just do whatever she says it always turns out ok.

  17. That reminds me I still have the same wallet from high school. I think it’s about time I get a new one. Preferably one with a picture of a walrus or a goat.

  18. Truly. even with the warranty and this and that I don’t find the need for a coach wallet. I have used the same wallet for the last 5 years (since I started carrying one) and it is still in good shape, amazing seeing as how it was one of those wallets kids buy at the christmas store schools sometimes have. The thing for me is why would I want to spend so much money on a wallet when most of the time it is hidden in my pockets? And being a person who has washed his wallet several times, not too sure how coaches hold up to that. If I want to throw down 70-80 dollars for a wallet (that was what it was last time I checked around here) I would rather put that towards something I will use more.

  19. I haven’t even used a wallet in about 2 years. I’ve just gotten tired of picking up my wallet everday so i either have a money clip or i just put cash in my pocket. I don’t even like having very many brands as it seems you do (coach) just like whatver is at marshall (wolfenstein, timbercreek claw) just something well that. Well thanks chris.

  20. Ponzi, theirs not too much to think about when it comes to wallets, as long as it holds money and cards that’s all us men need. In this case simplicity is the key. And how often do you show your i.d. Chris? Getting pulled over often? Nice hat by the way =P

  21. Classic differences between men and women…..I love it when you start screaming “i don’t think that much about my wallet”. AMEN BROTHA!

  22. Thats some great Warranty that Coach has. You can send in your wallet and get it re-stitched. But you don’t need multiple wallets. Girls have many purses but boys are different. We don’t have multiple wallets. Girls like to change purses depending on there outfits. Wallets are in our pockets the whole time. They’ll never be seen.

  23. hahahaha! this is so true. almost every female i know has tons of shoes, whereas i only have 2. I don’t need multiples of everything.

    The firefox cap is cool though…

  24. Like i buy $10 wallets and im fine
    but i guess coach is nice if that happens
    That is cool if you use a wallet alot but i dont really use one every day
    LOL women and wanting something fixed
    Anywyas good luck

  25. Heh, don’t you wish you could do that with everything? My wife has this habit of throwing away my clothes just as soon as I get them to the point where they are broken in right. Can you imagine? you pop a seam on your favorite pair of jeans, don’t throw them away, just mail them off to wrangler and have them re sewn. Or what about that old jacket you wore all through high school? wouldn’t it be amazing if -every- company stood by their products like that?

  26. Chris,

    YOU DO NOT NEED A NEW WALLET! My wallet has holes in it too, and no money has fallen out yet. Five years old! That is not old at all. My wallet is a tri-fold that was my fathers, and he had it for years. Do you still carry cash though? Why not just use the wallet to carry your credit/debit cards and your ID? One last piece of advice; don’t let your wife pick your wallet for you. Women do not understand wallets. It would be like you picking a purse out for Ponzi. Would she like it? Probably not, and you would not go through the humiliation of shopping for a purse. So, Ponzi, LEAVE CHRIS ALONE! A wallet it a sacred possession to a man, and only he can decide to get a new one. Thats that.

  27. I am not one that likes alternate things either. Like Chris Pirillo I have had the same wallet for a long time. I don’t want to get rid of it, because after a while you get use to something you don’t wanna change it. So any time I have had to get a new one or the one I have rips causing me to have to replace it. I always buy the exact same brand exact same wallet. It isn’t top of the line quality, but it works for me. Thanks for another look into your life beyond the computer Chris Pirillo.

  28. Im sorry chris but I believe in Ponzi’s philosophy that you should have 2 wallets so when one dies you have a backup. It like carrying 2 laptop batteries if one dies then switch it. The coach wallet with its warranty seems very cool and I’m now sure to get one. Thanks!

  29. i have had my wallet for about 2 years although it is not a coach wallet it is holding together fine… and yes ponzi men should only have one wallet that is all we need we don’t need 500 purses like women do.

  30. That wallet is nowhere NEAR letting money fall out. Although it is worth mentioning that that warranty is great! Is it a lifetime warranty or a year basis or # of times repaired basis?

  31. Dr. Dre,

    Props to Coach for their warranty service. Actually, that might be one of the best warranties that I’ve ever heard of.

    Too bad computer companies don’t follow suit. I had a Dell Inspiron 5150 a couple years back that was made with a faulty power-jack. (Not just my unit, but the majority of Inspiron 5150 units that Dell produced). Anyway, as a result of the faulty, intermittent power-jack, my motherboard ended up frying…. along with the motherboards of many other Dell users.

    Of course, when we contacted Dell to have it “sewn together”, they wanted no part of it. Last I had heard there was a lawsuit pending…. but I doubt that too many of us 5150 users really kept up on it.

    So…. props to Coach for their outstanding customer service…. and un-props to Dell for bringing great financial loss to many of their customers.

    Still unhappy (that means you, Dell),
    James Gia

  32. Hmm, wonder if that’s why my sister wants a Coach bag… Just a thought. And, well, they do that?! I think I should get one of those, since my things come apart pretty quick.About the alternating thing, I think I would be freaked out as well. 2 things for everything just doesn’t make sense to me, guess to the girls it does… but another computer is never turned down =D.

  33. I actually like having my 2 wallets. One is a money clip type wallet and the other is the normal wallet style. I really like the money clip one as it holds a decent amount of money, and has good card storage. However, the normal style is great for when I have a large amount of cash and other things I need, mainly on vacations and road trips. Sometimes having 2 different styles is the way to go. But 2 of the same thing, not so much.

  34. Hello,

    Perhaps you can use your store your refurbished wallet as a warm spare when it comes back from Coach. When your new wallet goes back for repair, you can switch back to your “old” wallet and store the “new” one as the spare unit.

    By the way, I have been using a wallet from All Ett ( for a while and been very happy with it as it is much slimmer than my previous wallet.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  35. Perhaps you can sell your second wallet, once the other one is repaired. I bet it’s worth thousands of dollars when people know it’s yours :-p

  36. Well, I’m no expert, but every time my wallet is worn down i always have problems parting with my wallet, i don’t part with it that easy cause if you had for a long time then you get use to it, it becomes a part of you but sooner or later i have to go out and buy a new, in the beginning you become displeased with your new one cause you miss your old one.
    I would hesitate as well, especially when the wallet has a beautiful leather as yours,you said that you could use a money clip , you could do that but where will you put you ID-card, credit card and all sorts of different cards, money clips are for money not for plastic cards, well you could use the new wallet while your old wallet is refurbished, when it’s done then you can do back to using the old one, that shows her that you are grateful that she cares about you, people feel really good knowing that they have done or said something good.

  37. Wow! Ponzi and my Mom would get along REALLY well. Anything my Mom owns, ANYTHING! she has a backup of or a second of… Backup shoes, jewelry, purses from Coach, etc. She usually gives one away to one of her friends, but it just gets on my nerves.

    Coach is a great company though, their products last forever! You might even end up saving money by buying a Coach product so you don’t need replacement every few years.

  38. I currently have a nice leather wallet that couldn’t probably be put away because it is getting old. It’s not a Coach though, otherwise I would send it back to get restitched. I do have the flappie thing and I like it a lot. When I have to flip out my ID card At school When I have to pay for my lunch. So it comes in handy.

  39. OOOOO a firefox cap 😀

    I agree tho alternating wallets is like alternating what floor mat you keep in your car. There is no point. My girlfriend was really bad about her purses. Almost every time I would see her she had a different one. But the whole Coach warranty thing is good to hear. I myself use a crappy 3 dollar wallet from WalMart 😛

  40. I have had a wallet from Coach as well as my girlfriend has a leather bag from them. They both were aging so we sent them in and they looked like they did when we first got them but, the best part was that they were soft from the leather still being broken in. Lol my girlfriend is also obsessed with having more that one thing. She always says if their is more that 2 it is a collection…

    Btw G.I. Joe FTW!

  41. all that fuss over a coach wallet man i have a home made one and it has lasted 3 years and it is cool that is funnny that pinzi is wearing a firefox hat

  42. Very nice! I will consider getting myself a Coach wallet, you should do a giveaway with the second wallet Ponzi got ya! Hopefully you get your new wallet soon.


  43. I love the Wal Mart cheapies! Can’t go wrong there. I am under the impression that things do come better in pairs… but then again, asymmetrical things often bother me. Oh yeah, and who among us could resist a woman in a Firefox hat? That’s just Foxy!

  44. I’ve had only one wallet in my 26 years and I am not sure why that is. The wallet is cheap and I’ve even had to replace the cloth with a piece of an old backpack. I do wonder why I’ve clung to it for the last ten years but I see no use in replacing it. Unlike a purse it stay in my pocket so it not part of an outfit. I don’t have to make sure that my wallet match the shoes and belt. The only people who told me I needed a new wallet have been women. I am tempted to make comments on the difference between women and men in the area of criticism but with all the necessary caveats the response would be too long.

  45. hmmm… leather wallet is good but i didn’t use one, I use the other type of wallet which is synthetic… I didn’t use leather because i don’t want to look old because of it and my perception for it was, only adults use it and I’m still 17 but i’ll try to use one…

  46. it sure sucks to seat on a hard floor with a leather one in ur pocket dam that hurts but i have only gone threw like 3 in my life im 24

  47. I have a old leather wallet no sweet warranty on it tho. I’m wondering how long the warranty is, Thats a pretty sweet deal.

  48. Coach wallet? My wife bought me a coach wallet as well, and I never use it! She thought it would be a god idea.. but, well: its not. Guys and Gals.. don’t do it! It makes you look like a girly man. I now use a cheap wallet I found @ Macy’s. Big ole $10. Girly men ftl. (That sounded so weird coming from me. lol)

  49. im not a exspert but i dont think it matters what kind of wallet you have But the wallets look the same

  50. I think you should donate one to charity if it bugs you so much. The interesting thing is, my mom has one cellphone, while my dad has three! I think. He might have 2.

  51. My husband’s wallet pretty much disintegrated before he got a new wallet.

    I don’t think anything actually fell out of it. If it did, it fell out into his pocket.

  52. Even though I’m a girl, I only have one purse. Why get another one when the first one is perfectly fine? Granted, if it’s a tad tattered, I’ll fix it. However, if it’s beyond repair ( ie money falls out of the holes ) then it’s time to get a new one and see if my younger sister wants the old one. I don’t spend $300 on a purse, either. It’s more along the lines of $5 at Goodwill because $10 is far too much to pay for something that’s suppose to carry my money. After all, the purse/wallet is suppose to carry my money, not burn it.

  53. okay, I’m female first of all, second, I’m a “Tom Boy”, I don’t like Purses, I don’t like owning more shoes than I need to (just regular shoes and one pair of black dress shoes.. no big deal), but I do need to change my wallet often since the amount of stuff I carry, no wallet for a girl will ever fit. I have my cards, my money, my change, my receipts, my keys attached somewhere to the entire colossal humongous giant existence of mass, that almost never fits in the tiny pockets of my jeans… then I have to by a bagger set of jeans that don’t fit me…. (btw, I wear size “DOUBLE 0’s!” with a belt!) Yes, I’m a tiny female…T_T…. (pokes at stomach…. “I feed you and you still deny me weight… why?”)

  54. Purchase a duck tape wallet, or make your own. It’d durable, it’s almost indestructible and it’s grrreeat!

  55. I’ve actually never heard of that brand, but it’s cool that a company has an awesome warranty like that. That’s what more companies should do. They would get a heck of a lot more sales that way.

  56. Just make good use of your pockets Chris. There is no need for a wallet.
    I normally buy my wallet at the local store and typically like to spend less than $15.

  57. Duct tape wallets are awesome. Why buy a wallet to send your wallet in to have it fixed? Just use an envelope for a week. And maybe put some duct tape on said envelope…

  58. I dont see whats wrong with the wallet. How will the money fall out? its in your pocket. But if you have teh warrenty for the wallet you might ass well send it in.
    PONZI stop over reacting

  59. My girlfriend loves Coach! She has gotten me a Coach wallet too, just like you lol. I think they have a great program set up. My wallet is fine right now, but if it does start falling apart I love that you can send it in. My girlfriend has a Coach bracelet and one of the silver pieces fell off and it had gotten scratched and all she did was take it to our local mall and have it replaced. No hassles, no nothing, other companies should follow in the steps of Coach.

  60. Oh boy the wonders of watching couples online.

    I have to say Chris just give in before she beats it into you. Although guys dont repair wallets infact, I have never heard of until now… She is going to beat you up till you switch.

    and now that I am done with the video, point proven.

  61. A Coach wallet – nice! The warranty sounds like an added plus, too. But I guess for something as top dollar as Coach, the support better be good!

    And if I can ever find a wife/girlfriend that will wear a Firefox hat……

  62. hah what a coincidence! I have a coach wallet too, but lukily haven’t had to send it in yet. But if I ever have too, this amazing warranty will take great care of me. And this warranty is truely amazing. It is the best and almost exclusive warranty on something like a wallet. If I ever have to buy a new wallet, its sure gonna be a coach.

  63. Go get your wallet sewn up and get a replacement money clip in the meantime. Chances are you will grow close to your money clip. I need a new wallet but American Eagle doesn’t re-sew wallets like Coach does.

  64. Good deal on the refurbishing deal from Coach…but really…a Coach wallet? Does it match your shoes? haha…ok, really as others have mentioned a use the pockets man!

    I’ve heard it’s much sexier to pull all those wadded up bill out with receipts mixed in, pieces of gum, lint and some few coins to pay for your purchases than to just open a wallet and pull out the bills needed.

    Yes, being sarcastic…wouldn’t know sexier if it bit me in the rear.

    I got a wallet for Christmas about 3 years ago…it’s still kickin.

  65. Wow. Why not just get a $5.00 wallet that will last 2 years and then just buy another $5.00 wallet? Sorry. I just do not think such a common item, such as a wallet, needs such a robust warranty. I guess it is a status thing…

  66. Wow, never knew wallets could be so complicated 😛 Just stick with the new one and send the other one in to get resewn to keep the wife happy. Great Firefox hat!

  67. Ponzi looks great with the Firefox hat! I never knew selecting a wallet would be such a hard decision. 😀

  68. That’s cool. I don’t know one more company giving such a service.
    why doesn’t Ponzi make a Trend live channel . she could make a great job.

  69. Nice Video lolz, my names Emily, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Emily-boterevyc chat soon 😉

  70. I’m very proud of the wallet I use. Not that I like to flash it about, but I certainly thinking it provides a degree of style to someone.
    My father has a very large wallet which he uses to store all his foreign currency in! I don’t think i’m old enough yet for that! It all seems very mature.

  71. Now that was funny and amusing to watch :D, but i’m not that of a wallet guy either, i just use it until it’s vanished/evaporated/whatever, I’ve only used 2 wallets in my life time and one i’m using right now is quite messed up, but i find for my self hard to decide which wallet to get if i sometime get into to it, so i usually stick with my wallet, well as long as it works and doesn’t harm mother nature.

  72. Maybe I’m out of the fashion loop, but I never knew Coach made things for guys. I’ll have to see what they have to offer. That guarantee is pretty unbeatable and helps to justify the premium you’ll pay with a Coach.

  73. My wallet looks even worse than yours.I definetly need to change it.Thank you for giving me this idea 🙂

  74. I have 3 wallets… I think… 😛 but the funny thing is that I have no money. Oh well. Chris, don’t freak about wallets! Just get another one. That way you will have a Back Up.
    And yes… Firefox is the pwn.

  75. I need a good wallet, my current wallet started to fall apart a few days after buying it. Thank you for the reference.

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