HP Dragon Notebook Giveaway Information

We have received many questions regarding the giveaway. Three of them have been repeated over and over, so we thought we’d answer them in a post.

1. The contest is open to anyone in the world, whether in the US or not!!

2. Buzzcorps will be sending each winner a monetary donation to offset any taxes the winner may have to pay to their country or locality, due to the amount the prize is worth.

3. Shipping will be paid for by Buzzcorps, not the winners!

I hope that helps clear those issues up!

91 thoughts on “HP Dragon Notebook Giveaway Information”

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  2. I think this is a great event, there is unlimited capabilities in this event.
    The computer will be a great prize for anyone, and HP clearly is getting some good advertisement from this. Does anyone know what the actual retail price on this laptop would be? It seems pretty ‘beefed up’.

  3. This is definitely one of the highest class computers on the market today. I love the idea of a 20″ laptop, and have been waiting to see one. The advanced built in remote control is the most substantial thing for me, seeing as the apple remote requires third party software to get it to work. Overall, a great laptop.

  4. Thanks for clearing things up. I was starting to think about those shipping charges, but hearing that they will be taken care of is absolutely excellent!

  5. I’m sure the giveaway will motivate people to post comments. Reply to Chris Magee: Chris said the retail price for the notebook is about 4k.

  6. hmmmn? lets really take a good look at why hp is doing this….
    First of all we know not one person is in disagreement of this kind of advertisement, it happens everywhere. I was at a San Antonio Missions game a few months ago and when we were walking out they were giving out milk, mind you this was not a very cold day, so yeah nestle quik strawberry milk. And almost everyone grabbed one. We love the idea of “giveaway”, its even a wonderful word. Theres nothing negative about it. Second of all no one hardly says “oooo, i want that new HP thats coming out” , the major sort of trendy tech brands are the ones that get attention. What does HP have??, celebrities hands and upper torso, haha….”the computer is personal again” so …Final of all…(does anyone even say that?, oh well) this last part is a hard opinion of mine, to give a goliath of a machine like this way takes guts and and crazy confidence. HP is really going for it and i think its a excellent way to say , like nintendo did with wii, we have always been in the game, and don’t take us for granted. And when the sun comes up after the lucky winner of this superb “sounding” machine receives it……..he or she will be walking proudly and with the same huevos as HP.

    about the price……DOOD, are you for real……you gonna go out and buy one?
    when you got thirty chances to win?

    peace out.

  7. If you really think about it, the market for these kind of systems is very niche. Perhaps the idea is to promote the system so after the people who see it don’t win it, they’ll go ” Oh I must have that beauty” and go buy one at their site. I think it could work and perhaps it is an innovative idea to create desktop replacement systems using this as a model to follow. I mean look at it this way, it beats out tons of desktops out there, you have it in a “compact form” for what it is and if you need to take it somewhere close it and go. Now you cant do that with a desktop.So HP all I have to say is BRILLIANT!

  8. I dont know the exact price but for something containing 4 gig of ram flying the hp logo and a blueray player im guessing somewhere around twelvehundred

  9. wow… Thats kinda cool! I sure hope i win! :p i already registered to all the other sites that have already posted something on it. Thx for the info Chris.

  10. sure it’s a great event and everyone is doing everything they could to to win that computer monster… but i hope I’ll get it ‘coz I really really need it and i don’t even have the money to buy the cheapest laptop in the world so this is the only thing i can do for now… God bless to all of us guys specially to Chris… Continue your great service to other people…

  11. I think its a great marketing idea by HP. Getting the machine in the hands of the community who may otherwise not be able to get such an expensive machine. Marketing work at its finest.

  12. Chris, I hope you get to do this often, give away stuffs…I’m sure you’ll never run out of sponsors. With your wit and charm, I’m sure you’ll have them on your hands..:> First time I saw you was on TechTV with other bunch of awesome guys until you left. It’s never been the same. I used to work in SF and I think I saw you driving one morning on your top down car. Now you seem to be on a roll once again. OR I guess you never really left. It’s just probably I never had the chance to see your around until I watched CNN videos. You’re still very entertaining and your following has grown I think. Keep it up, man but grounded!

  13. I cannot believe that this system, with all it’s hardware and software, retails for $5,100 !!!! Now that I know I would never be able to afford such a laptop, I like the idea of taking 30 advantages to win this dragon of a beast, plus one with Chris (thanks, bud!)
    It is nice that everything is being paid for and everybody in the world has a chance to win this prize. That kind of respectability is kindly appreciated in the internet world we live in today.
    Can you believe that someone on the other side of the world never gets to see Chris’ live show, but because Chris uses YouTube and other ways of getting his ideas across that they are as up-to-date as anybody commenting here today, just because of the richness of content the internet brings us?
    … what a remarkable and fascinating world we live in today… πŸ˜€

  14. this is so great, i knew this computer was worth alot but $5,100 !?!!?!??!
    thats amazing.

    Well it’s not really the price, its the performance, and the specs do look great. I love the hard drive and seeing as i already have final cut pro on my mac, i will get another copy from school and put that on it. I’m glad that i can get the computer here in holland to now:)

  15. The spec is definitely to die for… A heavy-weight machine like this, also literally saying weight as in ‘lbs’, I’m sure any geek would love to have his/her hands on such power… eh… however, something just doesn’t seem to make the equation quite right if one’s talking about the mobility of this Dragon… I mean, on daily basis, I’m not sure if I’d want to carry 15+ lbs for a maybe less then 2 hours’ juice of mobile computing. I’d definitely love to have the Dragon but mobility is definitely out of the reason for personal usage… (weight + power hungry + powerful = inseparable mobility limit)
    p/s: Chris, I really liked TechTV only because you were there… too bad for TechTV…

  16. Anywhere in the world? Nice. I am so jealous of the person, who will win one. Really.
    Though, it is too big. You can’t really carry it around. But i guess it isn’t meant for having it in your backpack.
    Here, in Estonia, this would cost like… $10,000? That is a lot of money. I, or anyone I know, could ever afford one.
    This is really good advertising for HP.

  17. Although I am a mac user, a powerful laptop like that would be very tempting to use a pc. A laptop with better specs then my 24 inch imac, very impressive.

  18. Thats cool that it is open to everyone not just United States. That way everyone gets a fair shake in the contest. Thanks for the clearing up the questions. I actually was going to ask two of those questions originally, now I am all good. Thanks again Chris Pirillo.

  19. I would think the monetary donation (to offset any taxes) the winner has to pay, is also money that has to be “claimed” on the tax form as well. After all, it IS income!

    Any idea of when the winner could expect the monetary donation to be sent to the winning recipient? You probably don’t, but I’m covering all bases… just in case! (You never know if this technically-inclined Grandma could be the lucky winner of a shiny new system).

    Keep up the good work, Chris. Being an informed consumer is always a good thing!

    All good things,
    Bonnie Gean

  20. This is quite a prize. I came to the blog to comment to see if I could win, but I have some pretty good hardware already, so I guess I don’t need it as much as the next guy.

    I would probably just end up installing Ubuntu on it, voiding all the latest games anyway πŸ™‚

    Does anyone know if the Dragon supports HD input(s)? It would make a good TV.

  21. Ok, its nice to have some of those things cleared up. Still hard to believe how much that system sells for, I mean its crazy. o-O Well at least I live in the United States of America. πŸ˜›
    Though it is amazing that HP is giving 31 of these away, especially for the price, but they are a big company, so I guess they don’t have to worry
    Anyway, thanks.

    ~ Tyler J. Brown (Condoulo)

  22. i think that it’s really good to have a worldwide contest, not only USA and Canada residents because all the giveaway contest came across has been in the states only, i think that it is a bit unfair, we others be must be able to get some joy too, everyone that lives in America and gives away stuff say: It’s to expensive to ship to other country’s, well it might be , there have been many giveaways that i wasn’t eligible because i don’t live in the States, it feels almost like a punishment so now I’m really happy that i can participate too.

  23. thw fact it retails for $4,600 w/o the software (or so they say) seems kike its that way because they know we cant buildt a custom laptop πŸ™
    but i mean if anyone can afford it its notihng short of great, and iz probably better then alienware atm because if i heard correct dell bought them

  24. I agree this giveaway is insane. i mean hp must really have some guts to stick a computer thats worth a retail of about 4500 for FREE!! are you kidding me? Apple isnt even offering a blue-ray player option, which i found to be rather disappointing. And rudyG had a great point….why would someone go out and buy one of these expensive machines when you have 30 chances to win one??

    One question…would you guys consider this a laptop/notebook OR more of a desktop replacement??

  25. Thanks for the updated info. I know as a person who doesn’t currently work, it would be a pain to have to pay taxes on a 5000 dollar item (which is something people NEED to remember to do, thats why I laugh at the big winners on the price is right because they never think of taxes). Anyway thanks to you and buzzcorps for this amaze event.

  26. I don’t generally love hp, but this giveaway is definitely a redeeming quality! I wish more companies would do giveaways like this – I think it is really good for their brand image.

  27. yay for tax evasiveness and a big old stamp of free shipping. i really wonder what buzzcorp is getting out of this, sending 30 top end laptops plus tax money to offset losses, AND free shipping in a box that will probably have enough bubble wrap to make the Snapple commercial (in case you dont have a tv?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw9F4rZfdU0)

  28. I have liked hp especially for their design but I agree more companies should do more large giveaways. Hopefully whoever gets the computer will be very happy. Its a nice machine.

  29. I love the look of this laptop, its like a flipping desktop replacement really though 20.1″ screen! Unbelievable! It looks amazing aswell. If i win this i wont have to buy a macbook πŸ™‚ Goodbye

  30. Nice this would be an awesome gaming computer and I’m also glad to see the winner will not have to deal with shipping or duty charges, they can’t get pretty expensive.

  31. What is the display resolution? Hewlett Packard’s website indicates it could be WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050) or WUXGA (1920×1200). I have a feeling it is the higher resolution, but I want to be sure.

  32. Its display is 1920×1200, allowing view of full high-definition video (1920×1080). Other versions only have a 1680×1050 resolution.

  33. this computer is a beast and all of the computers that are being given away are probably worth like 6k each its insane that would be the best computer that i would ever have way better than my MBP

  34. I have never had the chance to get behind a HP and see what it is capable of, but this laptop seems just awesome and I would love to have something to be able to bring around with me since I currently do not have a laptop, and see if HP’s quality in computer making has gone up.

  35. Yea this is quite the generous giveaway, and will probably in some way deffinately boosts HP popularity even more then it currently is now. To see a giveaway of this magnitude is rather amazing if you ask me!

  36. Is this the first worldwide contest? Or did you formerly do that and had to stop because of shipping…

    Anyway, that’s really nice that they’re paying for shipping so this contest isn’t restricted by country.

  37. This seems like a fantastic opportunity for HP to get more involved in the online realm!

  38. That is one quality computer…

    Would any of the readers here actually consider this computer though, like as their sole desktop work computer? I can’t imagine my boss authorizing it, but then, i would need a good argument.

    Also, is it limited to any certain ages?

  39. Flipping awesome unit.. 20 inch.. whoa wondering how heavy it will be and it we need a special bag errr cart on wheels to move it around? Sounds pretty heavy with all the stuff thats been added to it.Gonna throw some blue rays with it? ..sheeshI paid that much money for my kids first car! this isnt a laptop.. its the new era of portables that have become monsters!

  40. Very good idea to mention anyone from any country can win. I know in past Pirillo give-aways it was limited to the States only. And thanks for mentioning the tax thing I wasn’t sure whether that would be paid for or not. Will the amount you receive depend on where you live? I’m in New York so it would really suck to pay for those taxes.

    Finally thanks to Buzzcorps and HP for paying the shipping!

  41. Will thanx for the info that helped alot lol. Will i guess the winner who gets this will be real HAPPY!

  42. Free shipping and worry free that you do not have to pay taxes on winning this device is fantastic. To me, it actually increase the value of the machine. Im not sure if the other websites with this giveaway will do the same, nonetheless I sticking to my main man Chris Pirillo.

    As for DrWho, I agree. Worldwide giveaways would be great. I live in the states and never really worry about it. However, since you do not live in the states I hope future giveaways would be world wide to include yourself and many others.

  43. Yeah I would consider this a desktop replacement. Vista 64 bit is an interesting choice – I don’t even have any 64 bit apps so I don’t think I’d get any additional speed from it (besides the improved specs from my current machine, I mean)

  44. That giveaway sound pretty cool…i hope i could get one of these laptops since my acer 5051 is total crap.

    hope somebody deserving gets the prize πŸ˜€


  45. I think this is THE perfect media solution for people in a dorm room. Blu-ray, HDMI port, built in tv tuner with remote, 4 speakers with subwoofer! what else could you ask for?!

  46. Thanks for the update. I was wondering whether taxes and shipping would be included because frankly…that would be a huge pain to pay that much for a giveaway. I was pretty sure it would be included though…if it wasnt im sure people would let them know their opinions!

  47. Thanks for clearing this up. I was not going to bother trying to win this as I thought they would not send it to the UK, but I am now. I better start commenting πŸ™‚

  48. This is really Cool that we have a chance to WIN such a nice computer. Anybody would be glad to own that HP Dragon. it certainly has some nice hardware. who ever wins will be a very luck person.

  49. I didn’t even think about gift tax, thanks for the post. Not only did you answer FAQ, you answered questions I forgot to ask but should’ve considered.

  50. I really like hp but it sets the standered high so i wonder if soon they wont be able to keep up with them self but the give away if insane chris run take the laptop to its all anyone needs lol

  51. I’m a Mac person but this laptop would be an exceptional HTPC with its blue-ray options, and it does not seem to be a half-bad gaming machine so one could do some big screen gaming on it πŸ™‚

  52. Amazing, ANYWHERE in the world!
    About time its outside the US!
    Thanks HP and Buzzcorps, This is a great Giveaway! πŸ˜€

  53. Prior to now I have never been a huge HP fan. Reason being is that they have always given me the impression that they are mainstream ‘shine’ for what sells to the underinformed over true ‘spec’ interest, which is fine – it sells, there is a market for it, but I am not in that market.

    In this instance, I must admit – it looks like they threw the baby out with the bathwater in standard procedure.

    This would certainly replace my current desktop and leave my current notebook playing second fiddle!

    Good luck to everyone, someone is going to get a real quality piece out of this!

  54. I agree, Bretw. But this is a $2,000 computer here. You could just sell it.

    And who are buzzcorps?

  55. the laptop is a one of a kind doesn’t it have like HDMI hookups

    but the blu-ray thing is nice because now i can have total HD

    this is a laptop/notebook that i would love to have and part that shipping and taxes are all paid is like one of the nicest pieces of this entire giveaway
    hp is nice for giving the tech community a nice laptop

    thank you chris and HP for doing this for the community
    it is a real nice givaway and i am sorry that chris cant have it

  56. We should all thank Buzzcorp for there part in this give away.. Thanks Chris for answering these questions…

  57. Thank you Chris for the information, and we should all give a big thank you to Buzzcorps.

  58. Ahh I was beginning to wonder about shipping and such. Even tho I am in the US the shipping is still gonna be a nice amount seeing as the value of the thing along with the size. It will cost more to ship than my eeepc thats for sure πŸ™‚

  59. Thanks for the clarification. I was actually wondering about shipping. With a computer that big, I’m calling it a computer.. but incredibly, its not a desktop, there is no telling how much shipping on that thing would be. With all it comes with as well… It’s likely to be over a few bucks. lol. I was hoping I don’t have to pay the shipping on that.

  60. Sweet. one question, if i was to be in school during the time of the Live Meeting… how the heck would i be able to win if i can’t attend it? i think you should post a time when the live meeting would occur.

  61. The deal keeps getting better and better! I am happy to see HP getting back on the forfront of laptops, especially gaming laptops. I have never owned one personally, but judging from reviews all over the internet it seems to be an oustanding machine. I have a feeling HP will have an increased buyers market in the near future. Buzzcorps is absolutely great for thinking of those little gritty details concerning the prize.

  62. I would like to thank Buzzcorps for offering to pay for the shipment because it would totally be my luck to win the laptop but not be able to pay for the shipping!

  63. Major props to Buzzcorps for their generous donation! I was expecting to pay for the taxes and shipping when I read the original blog post. I have entered several contests already and I have, unfortunately, lost every time. I am happy to see Hewlett Packard shifting their focus back on notebooks. I think they can become more competitive with Apple now.

    Thank you, Chris, for the clarification.

  64. Thanks for the clarifications. I have a question though. Is the post before this one (the one announcing the giveaway), the one that starts the commenting part of the contest? Just want to make sure there aren’t any other posts counted in the contest and then I’ll be left saying “But i didn’t know”.

  65. Thanks for the clarification Chris!

    It’s very nice of HP to allow international participants to participate in these contests.

  66. The BEST thing about this Contest is that anyone in the WORLD can participate. What a great event! Thanks for keep updating. I am looking for that Big Day to be online in your chat room to witness the Giveaway.

  67. Wow what a prize this computer is the ultimate prize and only
    one will be victorious . This notebook pc has entered a whole
    new field of computers a hybrid. which i have decided to name…….. a Notetop. What would i do do with this prize hhhmmm… maybe take over the world Ha,ha, ha, ha. (evil laugh) No i would most likely dominate all internet games. Well good luck to all and have fun with it. Thanks Chris for giving us the oppurtunity to win this and keep the info and good work up.

  68. I love the fact that HD is giving away one of there hottest new notebooks. It’s a great opportunity and easy process that takes minutes. It only requires your honest opinion on posts and requires you to spend a couple minutes for the winner on the giveaway night. I’m loving this whole contest and I can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is.

  69. That is pretty crazy that HP is able to give away 31 dragons that is worth about 161000 dollars? anyhow that is great piece of ingenuity that HP has come up with and i love the 2 way movement lcd screen πŸ™‚ looks lovely and it’s 21″ = crazy for sure. And they way they were able to integrate that Sub foofer in there would like to see it splitting my table in 2

  70. Does anyone object to selling this bad boy to finance a Mac Pro with a couple of 24 inch LCDs? We’ll I suppose I’ll see what happens. This is a smooth move on HP’s part, no matter what the winner does with it.

  71. I’m glad Chris didn’t review the notebook and thus open the box, just seems to take a bit of the mystique away when that happens. Thanks for this great contest! =0)

  72. Thank you very much Chris for this information!I wasn’t sure if anywone in the world can play this contest.I am not a U.S resident and finally I have an opportunity of winning!Yhank you!

  73. I am so glad I can participate at a US contest and not being a US resident.Thank you Chris!

  74. hey, looks pretty shweet, I have to say that the extra bulk with the tilt, is just kind of unessesary, and i don’t see how it would help. I’ve been looking for a Lappy/notebook with HDMI, because a lot of lappys, you have to go 1000+ for hdmi, and it has 4 gigs of RAM!!!! that’s awesome, you usually only see that with Alienwares, which is way outta my league, thanks for listening.

  75. Wow. Not much in life is free, but, it sure seems that this is. No shipping, no taxes – this is the real deal! Although the odds are truly against me on this one, the chance is still there, and I have to take it!

  76. Finger, Toes, and Eyes are crossed for this beautiful machine to be landing on my doorstep. Thank you for the opportunity.

  77. Chris i really need this laptop
    because my present computer has really bad configuration
    which is not supporting me properly

  78. The HP HDX Dragon Notebook would make my life so much easier because I really want a desktop replacement notebook that I can travel with me when I am traveling.

  79. I have always preferred using HP.I never have seen such combination of class and efficiency as in HP..
    ever since i remember,i hav always had a HP product in my home,last one i remember being a HP printer..
    i recently got into college as an IT Btech student..Wen my mom brought about the subject of getting a laptop i jumped at the chance of getting an Hp..but had 2 back out as it was too expensive..I wish HP would bring about a affordable series of notebooks for the student community..

    keep up the good work

    a sincere customer

    thamarakshan b c

  80. Well i think hp is the best machine in the whole wide world, i would be so happy to win actually its a great opportunity. i think the designs should be more colorful so u can identify an hp even if u see it a block away jejejeje well kisses and please i wanna win

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