HP Dragon Notebook Giveaway

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I have been selected as one of the people to give away an HP Dragon notebook this month on May 29th!! My requirements to win will be simple: You must be present in my chat room at the time of the giveaway. You must be subscribed to my YouTube channel. And… you must comment on my blog. The winner will be chosen from a random blog post, so the more you comment… the better your chances of winning! Remember, only GOOD comments count. Any insipid or useless comments will be deleted by my assistant Kat, and will not count towards winning. A good comment is one that contributes and even adds more to any discussion within a post. Show me with your comment that you took the time to really read my post, and want to discuss it. Don’t just say “HI THERE EVERYONE!”, or “I want to win!”.

So, anyway.. let’s talk about this amazing machine sitting on my desk! The Dragon comes with an Intel Core2 Extreme Processor X9000, and 4GB of Ram. This baby is more of a portable PC than it is a notebook. It has a 20.1″ High Def monitor, and a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS video card. Wow, eh? Wouldn’t you like to be the proud owner of this notebook?

HP is giving away 31 of these, can you believe it? The 31 machines are distributed amongst 31 technology blogs – some you probably read already and some you might not have heard of. Each blog will draw a winner on each day starting from May 9 to June 8. How each blog will pick a winner is unique but they will only accept entries starting from 7 days before the draw. Going to each blog to submit an entry is allowed and encouraged.

So to recap, get those comments rolling in, and you can be the winner of my Dragon giveaway!


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340 thoughts on “HP Dragon Notebook Giveaway”

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  4. I would love to win the notebook, but I don’t have listen to online blogs, don’t sign up for any of the crappy sites (my space, facebook, you tube, etc.,) and don’t read blogs.
    Since you changed your format to video, I haven’t actually paid attention to anything you have put out. I used to read your old newsletters, now – I read the headline.
    I don’t even have speakers on my computer.

  5. This system is incredible! My 1 year old HP Pavilion dv6000 is getting old.. if ya know what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚ I think HP is doing a great job by giving these away, they’re doing a great thing for the tech community. However, I wish they would improve their outsourced tech support. It took me an hour and half with foreign tech support because my laptop needed a new battery. They had me run their “HP battery check” like 5 times, but I didn’t even have it installed and insisted I didn’t have it. I eventually just bought a larger battery at the local FRY’s because I didn’t want to deal with them. Anyway, best of luck to all Lockergnome followers on winning!

  6. This is such a nice system. I would love to see one in real life. I wonder if Best Buy’s would have them? I mean you can’t even get a blu-ray player in an Apple computer yet. I’m not bashing macs. I love my iMac. I would love to have this thing to play games on. It would be excellent for running Call of Duty 4 on. And I would even open my Netflix account back up and start renting blu-ray movies. That would be cool. And I would put iTunes on it and rent movies and buy alot of music with a 500 GB hard drive. I can’t imagine having a 500 GB in a laptop. That is awesome.

  7. Great idea by HP, This thing will get allot of attention. Therefore boosting its popularity and name, and its fun for other’s. Look’s like a awesome machine, great specs especially compared to my clunking desktop dinosaur. lol Well best of luck to all, im sure any one would be a proud owner.

  8. Brilliant! This will be my first comment on the Chris Pirillo blog and I cannot think of a more selfish reason to start commenting. Not to say that it is bad to be selfish but I wonder why it took the offer of a fantastic prize to start me commenting as I’ve gain much from watching the videos and reading previous blog entries. Well hopefully my initial greed will be reward by the thought I will have to put into replying to the blog postings even if I do not win the portable PC. Well good luck but echoing my youtube comment “Luck is just probability taken personally” quote by Chip Denman and made famous by Penn Jillette.

  9. This 20.1โ€ HP HDX is something out of a hi-tech thriller. If anyoneโ€™s ever read Digital Fortress in “the Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown, this is the supercomputer they mustโ€™ve used to crack the codes. From the โ€œDragonโ€ namesake decal on the lid to the extended keyboard below, everything about this notebook screams a greater purpose.hope i’ll get this out to find out more about it…

  10. Hi, I’m from Norway and is kind of new to tech. But is learning quickly. I’ve watched the most of your videos ๐Ÿ˜€ And I love your tech experience. I would like to win the giveaway. I have a portable Fujitsu Siemens with no ability to swtich from Vista. The OS that I’ve seen that you do not exactly love either. I Love your videos ๐Ÿ˜€ And I love your Live stream. I want a HP so i can operate quicly and actually acomplish something with the pc.

  11. My goodness, this is a MONSTER machine.
    Thank HP for this, I am sure they will get more attention from geeks.
    …If Apple would do a Mac Pro giveaway…=/
    Anywho, I think that this 31 days of the dragon, is just amazing.
    Pretty happy that this can be outside US also.
    I am stunned, when I heard about this I could not believe it.
    20.1″ now thats Big!
    I think it was Donzimme, or Brigitte that was looking for one like that… Can’t recall…
    Well, this is it for my comment, bye bye

  12. Chris, thanks for giving away this incredible machine. It’s great HP is sending out these PCs for blogs and shows like this to give away. It is truly incredible and would love to have it be sitting in front of me now. Thanks for the giveaways, I really appreciate them. I guess I’ll see you later. Bye!

  13. I am very surprised that HP is giving away such a high end system. The HP dragon is the only computer anyone would need. It has a tilting screen for watching movies and the HDTV tuner for watching television. The processor is one of the highest clock speeds I have seen for a mobile computer. The graphics card is quite good with 512Mb of dedicated memory. The system is AMAZING. I have wanted to get my hands on one of HPโ€™s higher-end models and never have been given the chance due to economic issues with my family.

    And Chris, your blog is amazing. I like almost every topic put out there and I am subscribed to the youtube channel. I love watching your videos and hearing your tips and tricks on tech. I just love it and I have not found another youtube channel that will ever have your status or genius on youtube.

    Thanks Chris!!


  14. Calling this monster a ‘dragon’ is an understatement. Seriously. Other than the monstrosity of its size, its specs are just bloody damn amazing. Looks like the folks at HP went shopping for the best of the best parts out there and smacked them all into a huge notebook!

    Heck, I agree that it shouldn’t even be called it a laptop. Portable desktop, anyone?

    Imagine the possibilities on this thing. Crysis with minimal lag. Graphic design with that resolution. Blu-ray movies on its 20.1″ screen. The amount of music on that 500 Gig drive. *Gaspeth!*

    Either way, HP has done a great job both on the laptop (oops) and on the campaign. I wouldn’t have heard about the dragon if not for this!

    Now if you’d excuse me.. WOW!

  15. this monster laptop really is a dragon, you forgot to mention if it had any tattoo’s … i bought a hp laptop last year because it had a great price point for all it provided, hp as grown over the years and it’s recent line of computers, both desktop and laptop, really show their quality, they come packed with features and my laptop even had a tattoo, a cool graphic design on the outside, with a glossy black paint job … great job hp and kudos for making computers like these … look out alienware! make way for the dragon!!

  16. I think apple should have used this sort of deign on their iMacs instead of using the same thing they had or 3 years. Although the iMac now is just like having a computer inside the monitor, it is the heaviest monitor you’ll ever have.

  17. That Laptop is absolutely for people who is always on the go. That laptop should be given to somebody who edits videos and photos and who works with a big buisness and that person travels a lot for buisness. mostly a person who works with a big buisness, travels alot, does a lot of photo and video editing, does the live stream and has a lot of work files.

  18. I really like some of HP’s new hardware. The Blackbird especially since I’ve been looking for a new gaming rig lately. It’s a bit pricey, but the box is sweet looking (killer components too).

    Awesome content Chris! A great way to spark interest, I know I for one will be watching your posts!

  19. Hey LaaaBaseBall I have the same computer lol. This has gotta suck for chris having to give this computer away but its pretty sweet for us having the chance to win. Winning this computer would be awesome. I agree with ruben32 apple needs to do something similar maybe then i could win a mac and finally be happy since i’ve been wanting to buy one for so long but haven’t yet.

  20. I was just looking over the specs of the HP dragon and boy its a beast of a machine. This machine will chew up my desktop and then spit fire at me for purchasing it. Anyhow, I was wondering who would be afraid to carry this laptop around with them in public such as B&N, library or any hotspots. To have so much power and a larger screen, you will need to a rolling book bag to save your back. Just powering the laptop would be like turning on a plane engine, which will be sure to turn heads 360 degrees among everyone else’s puny Honda civic laptops. With all the power what specs you think are missing? First off all, wears the magnetic force field to protective me from potential robbers. No really, where the wimax? Is the screen a LED or not? Heck the battery size may be the size of me center speaker on my surround surround sound. Any how whats your opinion? What should be added if not already?

    I say wimax and possible LED screen.

    Also, replying to Ruben32, I agree. Apple should have giveaways like this. It’ll only increase there technological footprint.

  21. That’s a monster PC.

    I really would like to have one of that. and i am really happy that I can also join the give away for I live in the philippines and I only own a mid range PC.

    I am a great fan of chris and have watched Tech TV a long time ago.

    Pretty cool that you’re doing these things and keep up the good work.

    This is my comment – zeldascorn

  22. My first real computer (other than my Tandy Coco Max 3 which had about as much processing power as my big toe) was an HP with Windows 95. I don’t remember that specs and storage capacity of that desktop, but obviously it was MINUSCULE compared to this juggernaut of a notebook. It’s incredible how far technology has advanced in such a short amount of time. I wonder how hot it gets though! It’s so beautiful of a machine, I’d almost be afraid to take it out of the house, which of course defeats the purpose.

  23. I saw your YouTube movie “HP Dragon Notebook Giveaway” and I see now that alot of people made commenst ^^ Hope that some one that really needs it win it!
    I checked that HP dragon computer out on http://www.hp.com and this would be really nice to have! Like look at this : “Processor type: Intelยฎ Coreโ„ข 2 Extreme Processor X7800. 2.60 GHz, Level 2 cache 4 MB, 800MHz FSB.” How good isnt that? And also: “Internal hard disk drive: 400 GB (2 x 200 GB)” that would be nice to have ๐Ÿ˜€
    First of all the change of wining this is like 0.0000001% and why are you giving this out? I would keep it! Its like the best laptop ever!
    I think that the movies you do is great! It often helps me out or my friends and I hope that you wont stop making them ๐Ÿ˜€

    Well hope the most needed get the computer! Good luck all!

  24. I am normally a mac user now that i have switched over. Having said that i still find I need a windows computer for some things that i get in to. just where its hat 90% of the world uses.

    This computer would be an amazing way to fill that gap. it sounds like an amazing computer. So why is this the first i have herd of it?

  25. Listening to the specs that Chris read out in the video I think that I have came to the conclusion that is one of the most powerful portable computers I have yet met. It looks professional and something that a geek would murder for!

    Great job HP!

  26. Damn, sitting in the channel and soaing up the know-how of computers isn’t enough? =P i better get commenting…. This machine is god… It can play games like Crysis fluently on medium graphics with a screen that big… i doubt the averge person’s desktop in this community could do that =P

  27. What’s the difference between laptop and notebook? Did they tell you you’re not allowed to keep it yourself? Is it worth the viewers you’re going to get from this?

  28. This is very awesome of HP to give away so many and to give everyone a whole month of chances to win it.

    I seriously want to thank you for saying that you are not going to be reviewing the notebook. I would certainly love to get your opinion on it but it’s just something about people who are asked to give something away and then take it upon themselves to selfishly try it out before they do so.

    After watching your video from the RSS feed I went to a few sites and was massively disappointed to find most of the sites I looked at say they are going to be reviewing it and in fact some had already taken it out and reviewed it before even announcing the fact that they are giving it away.

    I know the notebook is a monster and I would love to get it from any of the sites regardless of them reviewing it or not but the fact that they took it out and used it makes it less meaningful and lowers my excitement to win it from them. Of course, I’d still take it but it’s the principal of it.

  29. The notebook sounds wonderful but the solution to getting it is not available to some of us. I am still in the dark ages with my phone company. You know the one “Can you hear me now”. They do not have any decent line out this road so all I can get is slow dial up and U-Tube is out of the question. I can’t download or do any streaming. Tried a one minutes video and after 13 minutes of trying to get the one minute one, had to give up. Please don’t forget us out here that need information in a form to read and not just listen to.

  30. wow 20.1โ€ HP HDX,omg i have the oldest laptop i have a thinkpad (0_o)
    ahah but what ever works! this notebook is really powerful. well are famliy isnt really making it financially but every thing is fine. were all happy! this notebook is too nice for any of us! but we all look up to you keep on steaming.

  31. *drools* i think i found my future wife, in a computer . lol. ah the joys of the internet, free computers and contests. i would love to get my hands on that when i go back to school this fall

  32. Wow, What an upgrade this will be to the computer that I currently use. My current, or should I more accurately say, antiquated, computer is a Toshiba Tecra 8100. It was purchased approximately 10 years ago, when the CD and DVD were a brand new animal in our animal kingdom. Needless to say, it is quite a bore in comparison to the amazing beast of a machine that you are dangling on a stick and string, in front of the cart that I am pushing to get at it.

    The vast attributes of the HP ‘Dragon’ will no doubtingly enhance my entertainment options from the system that I dreadfully use now. It will give me a much greater viewing screen to watch TV, with its integrated HP HDTV Hybrid TV Tuner as well as allow me to utilize blu-ray technology to watch movies like I have never seen before.

    With its package of pre-loaded productivity applications like Microsoft’s Office 2007, I can create a multitude of document and presentations. Corel’s PaintShop Pro, Photo X2 and Corel’s Painter 4, I can edit and develop beautiful pictures to show my family, friends and co-workers. Ulead’s VideoStudio 11.5 Plus will allow me to produce and manipulate video productions that I will create, on the fly, anywhere at any time.

    With my new HP Pavilion HDX ‘Dragon’ I will become the productive man I always thought that I can be. I can create, play and entertain myself and others with ease, as was designed by Hewlett-Packard.

    Ruslan Serebrennikov

    Brooklyn, New York (USA)

  33. As the owner of a Dell Latitude D620 with a broken HD atm, I would love to win this monster. Just reading the specs on it, this thing beats my desktop PC which isn’t too shabby itself and it can’t be carried around (albeit at a little hassle) but who wouldn’t want to walk into starbucks with this thing, whip it out and start playing crysis (well maybe not, but you get the point). And having a 20 monitor I might as well throw away the desktop and use this thing with a second monitor. Jeez looking forward to being in the chat and hopefully I’ll be walking away with this thing.

  34. Hey Chris, interesting to see another laptop Giveaway, around the same time you did one last year if I recall. Coincidence much? ๐Ÿ˜› That machine seems like one heck of a laptop…. it deserves the Title DeskLaptop because of the 20.1″ screen. It wouldn’t be exactly a laptop I would “carry Around” for light use, it would be a laptop I would put to heavy use because of its specs, and probably more than likely keep on a dock or something.
    Anyway, I would love to win that rig of a laptop, and keep up the great work Chris

    ~ Tyler J. Brown (Condoulo)

  35. This is one of the best advertising campaigns that I have seen from a tech company ever. I mean, the money they put out to give away 31 of these nice machines they could have easily spent elsewhere like on TV spots. But this is much more effective per dollar because now this contest (and HP’s brand) is all over the web, and on everyone’s lips. I need a college laptop for next year. I’d love to win this (perhaps to sell it for a lighter Thinkpad more suitable to college, but don’t tell Chris I said that.)

  36. That is a very nice machine. I would really like to have it. It is really nice for HP to help out the community with a machine like that. This should be a interesting next 27 days. Well I wish everyone the best of luck with winning this laptop. Oh yeah before I go, Chris Pirillo maybe for the next giving away HP could just give you the laptop. Thanks again for the chance to win an amazing laptop like that. Have a good day everyone.

  37. Wow this is a great machine, and the Blu-Ray player is making my mouth water! I’ve been looking at this computer for some time now, and I’ve been making more and more videos/pictures/playing more games. I know that this computer could do it all and so much more. 500 GB Hard drive! Holy cow! I also have been writing more and more complex programs (available for free at grantgumina.googlepages.com ) and I know this computer could handle it all really well. Just want to say one more thing, “Thanks HP for giving this thing away!”

  38. Chris,

    This is a great computer! Wow. I have been writing more and more complex programs, and my laptop just doesn’t have the power to write some of these programs. With this computer I could write tons of programs! Wow it is great. 500 GB hard drive, 4 GBs of RAM, 20.1 inch screen. Thanks HP for giving this thing away!

  39. Chris,

    This is absolutely crazy! I’m absolutely excited about this giveaway. I find it quite coincidental that you are giving away an HP because I was just looking into buying one for school next year. So, if I win this contest, I’ll be extremely happy.

    I’ve heard great things about this notebook. I would love to have it. As far as your wanting to have this computer: if I win it, maybe we can make a deal ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for doing this.

    Yours sincerely,


  40. HP is definitely a leader in PC based media. I am always impressed with the amount of applications they offer everytime I check them out at Best Buy. Jim– I too find it surprising that Apple hasn’t yet offered a Blu-Ray player. The only issue I have with HP is the plasticy feel that is predominate on many of their notebooks.

  41. Hey, chris i am fairly new to your videos
    but ive watched alot of em and it id a well something i do every day
    and i am on irc alot
    and iom so sorry that you cant have that extremely great computer
    that thing is awesome
    Any ways yeah itd be nice to win
    Hp has made a nice turn into the extreme side of things
    Anywyas this is cool and my youtube name and irc name is
    playsmartplay so if anyone wants to say hi

  42. Wow what a laptop! i cant Believe they ca fit all that stuff into such a small computer. i cant believe your giving it away! hahaha its pretty amazing. i would also like to thank you chris for providing me with a great place to find everything i need to know about technology

  43. I think I run on the other end of the tech community. I don’t recognize any of the other blogs that HP is giving these things to to give away. Geekbrief has always been HP supporters, I wish they were giving away one too. I have see this thing for a while now. It looks like a super powerful computer. I have never had a windows computer before, but maybe I could sell it and buy a macbook pro. This is my second comment on Chris’ blog (EVER) I think I share those selfish feelings that someone was talking about.

  44. A lot of people think a machine of this size and weight is typical American huge and gluttonous. I tend to think this class of machine will do well for the type of people who need this power, size and portability and this class seems to be growing.

    LAN Parties. Tell me this is not a great gaming machine for a LAN Party.

    DV pros. The HD capable resolution of the LCD is required for a mobile workstation for handling HD video, along with the dual hard drives.

    Small Apartments, Room renters. Perfect size to have a powerful machine in a small space. You can have that all-in-one computer and TV.

    Consultants. Your average consultant moves workplaces constantly. If this person needs a large screen and power, this machine is great to have. Not something you may see at a Starbucks, actually I bet someone is using this as a normal laptop somewhere.

    Think of all the scenarios where someone wants the power and features of a desktop but moves their computer on a regular basis. Bottom line if you need a portable powerhouse, you cannot go wrong with an HP HDX.

  45. Well, as specs should be great, but if comes with Vista, it will be slow. Reconsider, after all its a present, doesn’t mater…

    Unfortunatly, I do not like to “hear” or “see” an technical article. A demo, like breakins sound barrier, I like to see a craft doing, but speaking how better should be… a biger hdd… NO, I do not mind that the data on cable is thousands times over the necessary – this is just like watching TV, but I apreciate that some geeks are so lazy that want to publish speaking in front of a mike or camera… And if I like the subject, I can save it easily. How about saving an one hour conference, insteead of few kilobites having hundreds of Megabites. Maybe once in a while, but not so often…

    So, I’ll think how to gain a bunch of $s to buy one like it (last year Dell have a “game” laptop hotter than this one for about $8.000), no chances to win – if I don’t play :-((

  46. Oh god, stop! I can’t hear any more, it’s to much. I was at school when I read this and none of my geek friends were around so no one understood why there was saliva all over the keyboard.

  47. Sorry to hear that you are again limiting your sweepstake to a chosen few
    of your Newsletter Subscribers. I have been one of your subscribers for
    many years (way back before even the first Gnomedex. Currently, I am
    much like Daniel Lovejoy, I donโ€™t have listen to online blogs, donโ€™t sign up for any of the crappy sites (my space, facebook, you tube, etc.,) and donโ€™t read blogs. I do try to get something out of your Newsletter. But,
    I will never, apparently, have the opportunity to participate in one of your
    giveaways, which, apparently, are intended only for a chosen few.

  48. This thing is crazy! I can imagine myself whipping this bad boy out at school and have people laugh their heads off! Seriously though, I would probably use it in my room as a “desktop” that I would be able to take to friends houses. It would be great to have a computer that can actually play today’s modern games (Call of Duty or GTA anyone???)

  49. I am eleven and i am starting to really pick up tech and every thing you say is helpful a year ago i wouldn’t understand the tech specs so you have really helped me. thankyou and good luck giving the notebook to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. This giveaway is one of the best i seen they have a lot of fakes out there. I never signed up for them but i know one is real. I haven’t really had a hp before but i did reviews on the and the seem like great computer and the specification on this computer are amazing. On the vista I’m not really sure i found reviews that say its good and some that say it not that good.I never had vista before but looks cool and seem like it will meet my needs. I’m one Of those people that don’t really like to put done a product unless i try it fir myself. But wait really amazing on this machine i like the most is the cpu, ram and 20″ screen. That will do some awsome gaming.

    Shadow Player

  51. I just recently subscribed to your youtube channel about 3 months ago and i have already watched all of your videos.I am very much into technology myself and I am currently working on making an electrical car that does not se any fossil fuels. This has proven to be some what difficult because my 10 year old IBM, which is about 956mhz, makes it very difficult to do any of my designs on it. I am very short on money these days and when i saw your video on youtube i knew that i had to have this beautiful system. This system will help me reach my goals of creating this new electrical car.

  52. HP is crap, First I had one of their ink jet printers, after the millions of paper jams and trouble shooting the softwear I threw the piece of junk out. A couple of years ago I bought one of their high end digital cameras and the thing died just before the warrenty ran out so I sent it back to get fixed and they sent me a beat up recon job back less the memory chip that I left in it, it broke down after a month and it was too bad as far as HP was concerned.I will never spend good money on a HP peiece of crap again!!!!

  53. i never knew notebooks as powerful as that ever existed. all i’m saying is that i’ve always thought macbook pros are considered top-of the line and i can’t find more notebooks as faster that that. i’ve always liked HP. more reasons to like HP i guess.

  54. This is a schweet system. I’m so glad I picked up a 64-bit version of Windows XP pro before the deadline hit. Because in the future if I say win a laptop which probably won’t happen, but also if I get a new laptop somewhere between 2009-infinite because I love windows xp. I can’t believe you were one of the 30 they picked. Ok thanks chris.

  55. Man, I wish I had one of those. Those note books are so powerful, with their Blu-Ray and 4 GB RAM. I need one of those BADLY. i bout some Dell back in 2003 and its dieing out. It freezes up every 5 minutes and you have to re-boot it. I NEED THE POWER OF THE DRAGON!!!

  56. First off.. I have to say brilliant. As most of you already know Chris does giveaways on a weekly basis. But this is simply amazing. Please leave an intelligent comment on each of Chris Pirillo’s blog posting from not until May 29th 2008. Hope to see everyone that night @live.pirillo.com


  57. Yes, MY HP is getting old now, well not really since I am updating it now. It’s a desktop but I would really like a laptop due to the fact that I would like an extra screen to be sitting right next to me so I could multi task. Plus this laptop is one great laptop. That’s all there is to it. Just look at the specs. This is probably the most expensive notebook that I have ever seen. Probably also the most powerful. And the great thing is, I can use it for gaming. Nvidia Geforce 8800, the amazing processor, those specs are better then mine and I have a desktop. Although HP is not my favorite computer manufacturer but it’s still pretty decent and it gets the job done.
    All I can say is, good luck to everyone else in the race/competition for this amazing computer. (May the best man/woman win? ๐Ÿ˜› XD)

  58. I just read this post earlier, Chris, and I am VERY amazed that you are doing this! This is a great incentive to anyone who needs a new laptop and loves having da powuh in a small case(a!). Looks promising, sounds promising, can’t wait!

    Don’t be tempted to open it, Chris!

  59. This is a nice system! I have been looking for a new notebook to take on photo shoots. This looks like it would fit the bill. if I don’t win one, I will definately be purchasing one!

  60. Thats just about as good as my desktop, holy cow! I’m absolutely in LOVE with HP and a notebook of this quality by them would be a dream come true for me!! All I can say is YES PLEASE ๐Ÿ˜€

    Congrats on getting picked to give it Chris ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. My first question has to be this..

    With a machine with this sort of power, is there likely to be a problem with overheating? My current laptop has that problem. Anytime I run programs that use a moderate amount of system resources, the computer seems to overload and shuts down…. and lest I be misunderstood, I don’t mean that it enters a shutdown protocol and turns off properly. No, it simply goes black. I don’t know exactly what causes it, but I would like to know what measures exist in the Dragon to keep such from happening.

  62. I think this will help HP get the word out about there laptops. I don’t know much about them. I do like my Desktop by HP and the aftercare that HP has. Its great of HP to pass these laptops along to be given away. I would say everyone has there thoughts about how a product is good or bad. Mine has a good report as far as my HP desktop. A new laptop from HP would be a nice addition…..

  63. Hey Chris!

    When I first saw the computer on your desk I immediately began to salivate. Your knowledge of computers is all to amazing, so it was obvious that what was on your desk was the perfect notebook. Right now, I am writing this comment from my own notebook, an Aspire 5000, which is pretty good, but its already starting to fall apart on me after about 2 years (and maybe another half) of use. The batteries are almost dead with about a thirty minute charge, and the fan is so dead that I can’t have it running for more than ten minutes without the computer getting so hot, I can practically fry eggs on it… Oh, and then it overheats.

    I am a person who never wins anything. Okay, well, a bottle of maple syrup once at my grandmother’s square-dancing club (long story, don’t ask). I don’t want to brag and be a drama queen, but I have gone through many hardships in my life, and with my commitment to become a computer or software engineer in the future, I need something to help me with my studies. This computer would be perfect, for that, and more.

    Anyways I know this is random, so I hope I am the lucky person to win this notebook. Great videos on Youtube! Always a big fan!

    Sincerely, Chris (Macinmaniac)

  64. With a more than $5,000 laptop what could I possibly do? Well, I could burn a CD for my technologically challenged sister, while checking the latest news, while rendering an animation, while encoding a video, while looking up cheats for the game that I was playing which is now minimized and running perfectly despite all the backgrounds tasks. Yeah…I could do that no problem.
    Basically I’m saying this is a giant leap up from the current laptop my family owns. Let’s just hope that this beast doesn’t have the wireless issues other Pavillion notebooks had…

  65. Now this looks to be a nice notebook/desktop PC. It has all the specs anyone would want in a semi-portable laptop, but I do have some concerns that I would like to address. Especially for those gamer people.

    1. Operating system: Genuine Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit)
    (Some people may not want to run Vista Ultimate 64bit. We all know that as 64bit OS Microsoft creates has limited driver support. I havn’t looked to see if HP gives you the option for 32bit.)

    2. Hard Drive: 500GB 5400RPM SATA Dual Hard Drive (250GB x 2)
    (This strikes me in a weird way. Why have all those other nice specs, but only have 5400RPM Hard Drives? Is that a limit to the small size of laptop hard drives? Personally for a semi gaming rig like this one, I would like to have atleasts 7200RPM hard drives. Having the dual hard drives is a nice perk though.)

    3. Graphics Card: 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS
    (Now why just one of these crazy cards? Alienwares 17inch Laptop has pretty much the same specs, but has dual SLI 8800M GTS. )

    And with the price tag of an estimated $4500, I would expect more from this machine. What are you thoughts?? It may just be the way I look at it, what do you think this system should, or shouldn’t have?

  66. This is definitely a very nice system. HP did a wonderful thing by letting thirty-one websites give these away. I, like probably all of the people commenting, are in it to win it. I have commented on Chris’s site before. But lets face it, the chances of winning this thing are slim. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to win it as much as the next, it’s just that Chris, has lot’s of youtube subscribers, lots of people in his live chat, and many watching his RSS. I give the best of luck to everyone, lol. But I hope I win.

  67. Oh wow. That’s a sick notebook! I’m glad it’s available worldwide. I live in South Korea.

  68. I think that the HP dragon notebook giveaway is a great idea. At the risk of sounding selfish, i would like to win the notebook considering i dont have a computer of my own. Also i think that chris pirillo did a great job in setting up this competition and even if i dont win it i am glad i gave it my best shot.

  69. There is no doubt that this system is simply amazing! I can’t believe HP is giving away so many of these top notch systems; in light of that, this might be one of the best directed audience advertising campaigns ever…

  70. Just on my last comment there i would like to congratulate everyone and wish them the best aswell and would just like to say, we all have an equal chance so if u feel like it was rigged and unfair just because you didnt get it then i feel thatmaybe u really are a bit to selfish.

  71. This is definitely not a laptop you want to carry around, but of course we still want it. I have seen one in person and the dual lamp the lcd has, makes the image look so much crisper and vivid. HD in this thing is a thing to behold! Now like I said, I don’t think it would be that great of an idea to carry it around as it weighs close to 25 pounds. I think would use it as a media center and to take on lan parties. You know, strut my geek stuff!

  72. Chris that is a MONSTER computer. Seriously… 20.1′! That scratches it from your normal notebook pc ha ha how would you like to lug that around?

    The Dragon haha I like that, my colleges mascot is a dragon, MSUM Dragons. Our teams suck but this computer sure doesn’t.

    I think it’s great that the internet has taken off at such an amazing level allowing things like this and webcam giveaways to be possible.

    Keep up the good work Chris and I’ll be sure to tune in on the 29th. :^)

    Have a good one.


  73. I desperatly need this elegant peice of technology, and thank you chris for giving me a chance to win this elegant piece of tech. I think HP made a great job putting a desktop in a laptop and it seems like a great home theater machine, especially with the BD drive. I want one and im prepared to win.

  74. That is indeed an awesome and insane piece of equipment. I can only dream of having one of those. *drool* I have lotsa computer magazines and brochures that I stare and browse thru almost everyday just to amuse myself and be awe on the new components on the market. Hopefully, i get lucky this time. I couldn’t remember when I actually won on a draw for anything. But hey, you’ll never win if you don’t join.

    This is a great promotion from HP and to get the word out on this new product. Hopefully other companies can follow suit with this strategy. I think it’s very generous coz for people like me who cannot really afford such high-performance machine may luckily get the chance to actually get it. :-> plllleeasseeee make me winnnn…dear God..:>

  75. Yeah, I’d say that machine looks sufficient to replace my parents’ Pentium III. :OP

    I find it interesting that HP has decided to do this. I did a little research and the word on the street is that HP might not sell that many of them…. but that the HP Dragon would help HP sell its other laptops.

    Apparently the theory goes like this:

    1) Customer walks into the store and sees the amazing HP Dragon.
    2) Customer realizes that he cannot afford the HP Dragon.
    3) Customer decides to buy a less expensive HP computer because he was so impressed by the HP Dragon.

    How’s that for clever marketing? :O)

  76. Yes this is a beauty, though your right to say its not a notebook (20″ screen, yeesh!). Still this may replace my other Hp I have had. Good move by Buzz Corp to help out with the Taxes for those who may need help

  77. Chris,
    When HP created this portable pc (ha,ha) with a 20.1 inch screen and 4GB of ram this notebook with rock most any other notebook out of the water! There is no way that this notebook can be upgradeable in anyway at this point in technology. I want to thank you for all the support you provide and have a blessed week and those to come.

    Jamie Nichols
    I just recently become my own member, however me and my boyfriend reddogg2020 listen to you live all the time we work from home and this would be great for my Life insuance business

  78. Hi! Chris I like your ringtone! I wish I have a ringtone like yours too! And I wish that I have a mic… (because currently, I don’t have a mic) The giveaway laptop is so nice… I would love to have that! It’s specs are so nice, since it’s running in 4GB of RAM I bet it’s fast! (EVEN THOUGH IT HAS VISTA ON IT) And you became my inspiration, other people I idolize are tech-geeks (like you), entertainers and animators. You are included in that very list. Oh, bye the way… I live in the Philippines… is there a chance for me to get the giveaway even though I’m in the Philippines? I really like your show!
    P.S. Do you have a solution for for the SOHANAD worm???
    Do you have mic giveaways intead of a laptop?(because I already have a computer all I need is a mic)
    PEACE OUT!!!

  79. First of all, I would like to thank HP and all of it’s supporters from Buzzcorps for letting all of us geeks out there have an opportunity like this to enhance our lives and give us the edge we all really need to unlock possibilities that we could have never achieved with mediocre, budget PC’s.
    …and for Chris Pirillo for giving us an equal shot at getting this wonderful prize (and not peeking open the box to see the goodies inside!!!)
    Wow! This laptop outperforms my desktop! It’s incredible on how these high-end performance laptops are maxing out these days. And now that desktops are also miniaturizing, it won’t be long until laptops will be the desktop, since everything trends to portability these days. Now that they have made portable HD tv tuners, even the HD television is portable now.
    I’m telling ya… life is getting good, especially with Giveaways like these! w00t!!!

  80. Wow.

    Benefits for all!

    You guys get heavy traffic, plus better interlinking between blogs, and hence better google rank
    The HP Guys get free publicity, and is cheaper for them than actual advertising.
    31 blog readers, one of them, probably me :), very satisfied! ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Hi Chris…

    that laptop is the bomb…that would beat my old Compaq Presario c300 laptop up any day…

    i think it’s great that HP is integrating everything that a desktop PC can do and putting it in to a very powerful Notebook…it just fantastic… can not wait for the draw…


  82. That is quite a package there! The cost is insane! I know buying the best of the best has it’s benefits, but I find I am in the bargain bin shopping. Always get falll releases in August.. because they are trying to get rid of them in the warehouse for next years Christmas items. and anything released in the fall, I get the following January. I find I save up to 40% on the initial cost, because I know their always releasing something every 4 months, & shelf life is poison to any e-tailer or warehouse.

  83. Chris,

    This giveaway is a perfect example of what building community is all about.

    HP could hire a public relations company to organize a marketing campaign to build awareness about the HP Dragon Notebook but instead they look to the tech community to get the ball rolling.

    Let’s face it, sharing with your community is an effective way to build credibility. HP is right on the money to position their company in the minds of the people with this new promotion.

    Need a new notebook? Think HP Dragon. Need tech advice? Think Chris Prillo.com – perfect positioning for both! Definitely a win/win situation all around when you consider that the lucky winner of the HP Dragon will have nothing but great things to say about HP and Chris during the winner interview. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Splendid move on HPโ€™s part!

    I bet you’re stoked Chris, that such a large commodity would contact you to participate — then again why not? Youโ€™ve really done a great job in building a close knit community so it doesn’t surprise me that HP would seek you out to do this type of exchange either. I am sure they did their homework before choosing the 31 sites for this phenomenal outreach into the community.

    In any case, I wish everyone good luck with the drawing!

    All good things,
    Bonnie Gean

  84. I think whoever wins this won’t be using it as a laptop very much, with the bluray player and Hd screen this thing is pretty much a home entertainment system itself. I’m sure it out performs the majority of peoples primary desktop computers. What a powerhouse.

  85. It’s amazing how much content is in these comments now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyways, I have an HP notebook, and an old one. I got it for Christmas a few years ago went “Santa” brought my sister and I identical notebook PCs. It’s a zv6223cl. Would it have hurt for “Santa” to customize it a bit more? ๐Ÿ˜›

    I have yet to checkout the Dragon, but I guess this will push me to jumping over to HP’s website to check it out, and maybe even buy something there! (See how HP wins from this?)

  86. Wow! Chris, this must be an honor for you to have been chosen to give this away! You are always giving away small items, and to me this was a BIG surprise!

    The only Windows computer that I have right now is an 8 year old Dell Latitude with a bunch of missing keys and a broken screen. This looks like a SUPER nice notebook! Whoever receives this monster is going to be VERY happy! Perhaps even me ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just have one question.. how big is the hard drive?


  87. Hello Chris.

    I don’t comment on blogs too often, but because of the requirements outlined above I’m commenting now.

    I was recently exposed to your existence by searching “vmware” through http://www.veoh.com

    Even though I don’t understand the technology completely I’ve been following the progress of vmware for the last year or so…

    I wanted to ask you – Is it possible to virtually allocate resources from the component level to another machine (example – graphics card memory from one machine to a vm)?

  88. I would assume that this laptop will rival dell’s XPS M2010. Both weigh quite a bit and probably aren’t meant to be carried around all the time. Regardless, its a unbelievable PC. They should stick with the name dragon though, most hardware made by OEM’s usually isn’t very memorable.

  89. WOAH that computer is basically the birth of a super spawn computer born only to over take all other computers and create a super clone of itself which in turn continues the cycle…lol world domination. this is perfect timing of a giveaway for me, I’m a student going to college next year and in need of a notebook/laptop. i could spend anywhere from 700 to 1500 dollars on it or more if i actually want functionality but i don’t have that kind of money =[. upsetting i know. so yeah if i won this I’d be so amazingly insanely happy…and I’d make sure it didn’t take over too much of the world

  90. Man I want this so bad my grandma is in need of a laptop and if i get this i can give her my old one this would make me so happy

  91. laptop… always wanted one. do i want it?. who wouldn’t anyone want it?. i wont give a block of text that got nothing to do with this giveaway, or why i should win it or if i win it. but i will give this the laptop is a good looking laptop. the power is there. the look is there. and i am sure the laptop handles well too.

  92. this would be great to have because i don’t have a notebook and i’m a freshman in college so i could use something like this. it sounds great and i want to say thanks to Chris and HP for making this possible. so good luck to everyone for this chance.

  93. the dragon desktop is an amazing computer bur it ways way to much to use as a laptop computer you would basically have to replace your existing desktop to be able to have this beast of a computer

  94. HELLO

    so what is the use of this “laptop”…
    geass it`s for big company useg also for mobility you must have a car.

    but offcorse i wold not reject wining this hardwer also is moor like fit to you crispi white all your 30” screen you shold got it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    any way i kind like HP stile

  95. As i scroll down the list of comments, I can’t help but realize how slim the odds are. But nonetheless, I will comment!

  96. that is just one crazy pc. most of the home computers that people have dont even have these specs. I think that this is one of the best items that hp has come out with yet, but im pretty sure this is going to also be one of the highest prices too. lol. Chris you should declare yourself the winner ๐Ÿ˜€

  97. Man i hope i win this contest for the new notebook computer. Oh were do i right on chris blog?

  98. HP is going all out on this one. This machine is indeed a monster, and hopefully this may spur interest in their brand. People usually dont look at HP for power machines, but they should. Maybe this will cause other companies to follow suit and have to do something similar.

  99. Wow, amazing contest put on by HP. I applaud them for giving back to the community. This is an amazing computer and I hope i win! I need it!

  100. It’s seems ideal for portable gaming with its Core2 Extreme processor and GeForce 8800M graphics card. It seem kinda heavy at 15 pounds, though.

  101. Awsome, The dragon whats unbelievable is that i saw this come into our main store here and i was like wow i can use that as a desktop/ Heavy duty portable lol , as it’s a beast of a machine and great design on Hp’s part and 31 chances to win! Thanks Chris,Buzzcorp and everyone else out there i can’t wait i’ll surely keep in the know…

  102. I can’ believe the size and superiority of that laptop. I would be so happy to win that laptop. I am entering highschool and it would be great to have a fast and powerful laptop with me for prjects and stuff and go to people’s houses and work on it from there. My computer at home is from 2001 and its not bad but its slow and only has a pentium 4 in it so I can’t do much there. A laptop would be great for my homework and studies and surfing the web. Plus my parents would’nt have to buy me a computer which they would like that. I always watch your tech tv blogs and cnn reports and your live stream I am always participating in. I have subscribed to you for quite a long time and it would be great to have thast computer.

  103. lol, it’s absobutely great to own one of this super laptop as we all know there are few company out there producing outstanding laptop. out there, hp is one of the best. i have gone through the spec and the price of this monster. it’s really so called monster in the price and performance. the price for the recommended spec is approx $3200. expensive huh?

  104. I had originally posted on May 2nd, but it seems that my post was not sufficient, because it is currently not showing. It was in 9th position…..and is no longer there. Interesting??????

    I had commented on the great contest, and followed the example of a previous comment by asking about whether it was open to other countries. As all sites will have different rules, I thought it was a sufficient enough question.

    One of the other sites had included the information that their contest is open worldwide, so I’m hoping that this one is too.

    We’ll see if this comment gets deleted too. If it does, then I’ll know I can’t enter on this site. It would be a shame as I get the Lockergnome newsletter and the Chris Pirillo newsletter, and I enjoy them a lot.


  105. This is so cool Chris. We have a Chance to win this great Computer which is worth around $5000 dollars. Wow. Well see who wins this in 3 weeks. who ever does will be a very lucky person and will certainly enjoy this computer. It is really nice that HP is doing this. Once again WOW lol

  106. Snap! I just watched the video on YouTube. Glad I did too.

    Haha you were right Chris many of the responses to your blogs are on this one, surprising eh? Not really, who would not want a free computer? I am doing just fine with the computer I have but I sure could use a new one. So why exactly did HP do this? Trying to get their name out there or some sort of special reason? Anyways, this sounds very exciting and definately worth a chance to win.

  107. Don’t laugh. I was a real sucker for Compaq PC’s (some might consider that being a glutton for punishment – given all the mockery on the net). Color me odd, then, but I’ve owned 12 since I stepped into the tech jungle. I had no love for HPs…and then the merger! I would hold out like most devout XP user unwilling to give in to Vista, even to go as far as purchasing a refurb Compaq. When the last of the Compaq’s dithered into the sunset…I bent and bought my first HP. It didn’t hurt. I didn’t shrivel up and die. What in the heck was I so wound up about, then? ๐Ÿ™‚
    You see something like the Dragon come out and you can’t help but succumb to HP’s charms. (watch the above vid and check out HP’s site)
    Perhaps I’ll have to come about with Vista as well.
    Hey, I am a curmudgeonly old timer. I was one of those who poo-pooed watching the new G4 after years with ZDTV/TechTV (Leo and Patrick, call for Help my FAV) But I gave in…a little…there.
    There’s hope for us all, no? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great presentation, slick machine!

  108. Ok, so I probably have the OLDEST HP Notebook of everyone here. Just goes to show u that my Notebook was bought in 1999 and is still kicking and screaming! Other than replacing the memory (and upgrading it to the max of 256 ๐Ÿ™‚ and HD, the thing RUNS GREAT EVEN NOW! Almost 10 years old people, but the Dragon, well if I won the Dragon Notebook I could use the 10 year old Notebook as a learning computer for my 12 year old Brother!

  109. That’s definitely a nice piece of kit there… I don’t think it could replace my current desktop, but it would be an excellent little sister. I have always been fond of HP products in the past… as a matter of fact, I’m looking at a 22″ HP LCD right now and I love it. I’ve had a various HP computers in the past and I am still using one of their laptops, this Dragon looks (from what I’ve read) to be every bit as fun and productive as the others I’ve owned.

  110. Thank you for the contest
    I especially thank Hp and all the 31blogs and Buzz Corps for conducting this contest,

    This contest will be especially useful for a student like me who cannot afford to buy a laptop and in a need for a laptop.

    I wish I will win the laptop.

  111. Hey Chris! I just wanted to add about how ridiculous this system is, 20″ notebook?!? thats freakin awesome! This is the first time ive seen the system though ive heard about it. Its almost hard for me to imagine opening a 20″ laptop. Im an Apple user but i am very open to new technology. Anyway I am a frequent viewer of your live stream, which is awesome by the way (congrats on all your sucsess), I myself am tring to get my content recognized on the web via youtube and blogging. In no way am I trying to “butter you up” for this system. (if that didnt sound right, my bad) but i just wanted to say that if i somehow won this. It would be put to a good cause of graphic design and video editing for my high school, and probably even in college. And if i dont win it I hope you pick someone who would appreciate it as much as i would, Thanks!

  112. that is one mighty notebook.
    HP outdone themselves (and maybe other PC companies) with this sleek badboy. this would make a perfect replacement for my Gateway E Series desktop so i can do my photo and video editing way better, IMO.

  113. Wow this is really awesome! That laptop looks really sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonder how good the battery life is on the machine with that 20 ” display and core2 extreme. Going to need some extra battery packs for sure.

  114. This baby, err.. “dragon” costs more thatn $5k even half way tricked out. Too rich for my blood. The HP TX (hmm, 100?) is also good and more in my budget.

    This one would be great for super gamers – or as an entertainment center that can save loads of shows on its massive HD.

    I’d give it to my sister and her husband for their small septic service business. She can use CAD software to design septic systems to her heart’s content.

  115. I’ve been thinking about Chris’ contest rules. Everyone else is making it really hard, so far, to enter – I mean you have to have been a long time member of the website, know intimate details about the podcasters, etc. on a lot of those 21 Days of the Dragon websites.

    I think Chris wants to break a million viewers in his chat room on May 29th. Wouldn’t that be a kick? I wonder if all those viewers he will certainly have will bring the system down??? You know, it just might…

  116. Wow. That’s a nice computer. Guys, make sure that you’re chatbox name, you’re youtube name, and comment name are all the same so he can connect them.

    If I got this I think I’d sell it and buy a macbook. It’s really cool, but I checked the specs and it’s like fifteen pounds. Too heavy for me. I’d prefer the slickness of a mac. Maybe I’d save the extra money; or maybe I’d just give most of it to my parents, they’re financially tight right now.

    Hey, does anyone know what time on the 29th to be on the cbox?

  117. personally, i think this is an excellent opportunity for both buzzcorps and hp. it’s good for hp, because showing off is always a huge plus. frankly, whenever anyone familiar with this unit is going laptop shopping, hp will be on their brain whether they actually win or not (assumably not, if they’re laptop shopping… *smirk*).

    beyond that, it is an excellent opportunity to cross reference blogs and get more people interested in sites that they didn’t even know about. i’d be a heinous liar were i to say that i was aware of all 31 sites before this particular giveaway, and even my presence on this site is a testament to that.

    cheers to EXCELLENT marketing!

  118. that is a really nice computer. I don’t think that it can even be considered a laptop, it’s more like a small computer because of its massive screen. That would be awesome to win this unit. Chris should pick randomly from the names of all to blogs , not just from one.

  119. My computer is pretty much out of date. I was considering purchasing a mac book pro, and a mac pro. But, if I had one of these, I think it would do me pretty good, the specs are nice. At least for gaming that is.

  120. Wow thats nice blue ray drive havent seen to many of those in computers yet… but im sure that they will start adding them more since sony won the format war…

  121. Wow chris you have beaten your self this time prize wize lol…
    you must be angry you cant have it for your self then again you have a nice mac pro… =D

  122. Hey Lovejoy,

    To bad about your speakers….. You don’t have to subscribe to this blog to win as mention there are 30 other sites giving some away with real easy ways to win I just did the absolute vista one and it was pretty easy. I am sure that if u mention that your computer has no speakers they might consider it.
    Another thought if just the “notebooks” cost around $5000 how can they afford to give out 31 with many other items in the package? I’m not complaining thats 4 sure but its a question.

  123. i am impressed that hp would consider giving a laptop to the “geek” community those are like $1200 and i would love to have one for myself but i do not have enough money and the fact that they pay shipping and tax is wonderful peaople should enter some of the other sites to mabie raise your chances

  124. okay… i may be about to start a riot, so forgive me in advance.

    don’t mistake me when i say what i’m about to say. i am an adoring linux user. i am currently running a machine with ubuntu (satanic edition… lol) and couldn’t be happier with it.

    however, i notice a lot of criticism on the give away machine for it’s operating system because of “lack of drivers”. i hate to take a stance on the side of redmond here, but… IT’S a RETAIL MANUFACTURER BUILT MACHINE!!! it will have alllll the drivers you will need to run it.

    after that, any gear you strap to it is more a matter of being an intelligent consumer. getting a 64 bit machine that has all the drivers it needs to run and then getting some (likely obscure) piece of hardware that just won’t run with it is tantamount to going out and buying the version of office for a mac, and being mad that it won’t install in a windows machine.

    in this day of internet access literally everywhere, there’s no reason you should end up purchasing equipment that won’t run with your machine. it’s not like it’s impossible to do research on it.

    for the record, i am currently writing this on my windows vista 64 bit machine. i built it from the ground up, and STILL have no driver issues to speak of. the closest i came to having an issue was that i put in a belkin n1wireless notebook adapter (yes, in my desktop, god bless pci to pcmcia adapters), and had to use a beta driver. since initial setup, i have had no less than three updates from microsoft themselves for that adapter. i have taken all three, and it is my computer’s only active network connection.

    in essence, i guess i’m just saying that people need to be wiser about the equipment that they are buying, especially in regards to actual useage, and it’s totally impolite to look a gift horse in the mouth. besides, if you don’t like windows 64 bit so much (which, i recommend actually trying. i admit i was skeptical at first…) , ubuntu is still free. you don’t even have to get the “satanic edition” .

  125. I think the idea of having to post on all the blogs will be great to expand people reading the blog posts.

    This system however is freakin killer. If I had around 5grand I would go out and buy one. Lets hope I win it :D. On a side note and I just have to ask this. But will it play doom?

  126. thats a nicer laptop / notebook he has their it weighs like 15 pounds and is 20.1 thants where it got the nickname “dragon”

  127. You know, the cost of HP giving those computers out might be astounding to us small-time consumers. But for HP this is just – as we say in Sweden – a piss in the Nile.
    Since I’m going to start to study social sience this autumn getting my hands on a laptop is climbing in the “to-do” list. I’ve been looking around for some brands and I’ve stopped at Sony’s Vaio (long battery time) and the Lenovo Thinkpad (great for keeping data safe). But when compared to that beast, those models does not stand a chance, and actually getting one would be like buying a rather good used car.

  128. I find it interesting how since you said that you can only win by commenting on the blog how many responses you got. Obviously its a nice computer and I would like it but in my opinion its a bit disgusting how many people posted when you have had few (if any) comments on your other blogs.

    This is just my little input but consider it. Many people have posted on this just to get the computer and (from all I can see) it just talks about the computer.


  129. It IS a very good machine. Built in webcam, fingerprint reader, and Microsoft Office 2008. Just too bad I hate pirates, or the DVDs would be awesome. Still, I’d watch them for curiosity. But can you believe these specs? A lot of desktops aren’t that good!

  130. Wow this is an amazing opportunity. HP’s are amazing machines. Currently I am writing this on an HP computer bought las tNovember and it is probably one of the best computers I have ever owned. I would love to win this for college in a year and a half. ๐Ÿ™‚ it would be a real help I am guessing. one think I do ask is that the giveaway is not during school hours as that would make it very hard for me to be in the chat room ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish everyone good luck on the giveaway!

  131. A) That’s a lot of comments.
    B) That is a BIG computer. For a notebook… 15 lbs is a lot! But, for what it has built in, its awesome! HDMI in a laptop, the touch senitisive controls, its like a Mac… but… not. Yea.
    C) I wish I could hold it. I’m so used to carying my MacBook Air, I’m pretty sure that thing would be a freakin’ beast!

  132. GO CHRIS!! Id be realy annoyed if HP gave me a laptop to. Hmmmm…. or would i?
    NO, I WOULD BE THRILLED. That is a very cool laptop, and i hope you find a good winner. I will just point out that i would be a good candidate for winning it. LOL

    Keep up the good work super geek. YAY, SUPER GEEKS WILL RULE THE EARTH ONE DAY!!!

  133. Well, i really want this pc becuse:
    I have a “gamer” pc that sucks! Have been trying to fix it in over 7 cumputerpeople!
    Nothing works! so a new pc would be cool ;).
    Srry for my bad english, im Norwegian.

  134. Im p’ed off to at HP. Why you ask, because they didnt send me one. Now I have to keep visiting my new best bud Chris till who knows how long. I need to win this. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dam HP!

  135. I didn’t know that they made notebooks with 20.1 screens! I am thrilled and I hope that whoever wins does deserve it. Nothing like tech connections.

  136. I would love to win this laptop, (if it wasn’t for the vista factor, but I’m sure I’d deal with it), anything would be better than nothing to start off my business, this computer is going down the tubes, it’s approx of 10 years old, and I just gotten out of debt with only $1.01 to my name (NOT JOKING), so if I must make a comment on every blog just to have even a slight chance of winning it (Already been subscribed to the Youtube for a while), than I shall do my best. Though I fear that I might come across some that I’ll have no idea what to say on… T_T

  137. Wow. This system has to be one of the best notebooks on the market right now. The only thing that I don’t like about it is the Vista Ultimate (WAY less than ultimate). Atleast it’s 64-bit. If only Apple made a Macbook with these kinds of specs….

  138. This is an amazing computer. Its loaded with great stuff. But at what point does a laptop not become portable. Personally i would consider this laptop a desktop replacement. I can not see this replacing my school notebook(macbook) but it would be a great desktop replacement.

  139. This thing is huge but its great,
    its also great that it has a blue-ray drive instead of hd-dvd which lost the format wars

  140. i can sleep just thinkin about the computerrrrr ahh it will look so sweet next to by new desk. vote for lockergnome.

  141. This is not only a oppertunity for us to win a great notebook.
    But also for Chris to have better comments on your blog…
    Nice idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

  142. Hi I was looking for some tech help online
    (I am having serious midi problems)and came accross your show.I used to watch you on tech tv and was sad when the channel was no longer carried by my satellite provider. I remember the show where you and Morgan had a serious case of the giggles.I am happy to see you once again giving your tech tips. Can you please post some how to video’s “Installing midi keyboards” (to start with XD)
    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜€

  143. Hey That Hp is Great It Looks So Wkd also the style of it is class and with someone getting a chance to Win it thats even better who gets that is going to be over the moon i think it class it sounds Fast good Memory ๐Ÿ™‚ Hp Should Get a Meddle For giveing this away thanks Hp.

  144. I’m disappointed that Chris is now whoring himself for giveaways. This isn’t the first time. It’s sad to see someone effectively saying “Hey, say good things about me, and I’ll give you a shot at winning something.”

  145. A great idea, and an interesting way to draw traffic to all the sites and blogs that are participating. I do have a question though. Are the blog comments posted 7 days before the draw date the only comments that count as entries?…. Just curious.

  146. What a spectacular notebook. The specs on the dragon sound amazing! They really do speak for themselves. I’m glad you were chosen as one of the sites to hold this giveaway, hopefully I’ll be able to win one of the 31 dragons. I’ve heard they are pretty large, so hopefully it can be accommodated on the desk I’m currently using.

  147. Man I’ve been a subscriber for awhile but never really posted but man. I need that comp for wake tech this coming fall for school.

  148. Wow, I would love to be in the running for this laptop. I’m a subscriber to your YouTube channel. I post comments here on your blog from time to time.

    Alas, I cannot connect to the IRC channel from work (they block the ports… can you believe it??!).

    I’ll sign on when I get home on the 29th, in hope that the giveaway doesn’t happen until sometime that evening.

  149. My last laptop was burned in a dorm fire so I need a new laptop really bad. I always have to use laptops at the library. ๐Ÿ™

  150. Got technical questions? Are you having issues with your PC? Chris is the guy to ask. Watch his show for information you can count on.

  151. I want to give kudos to Hewlett Packard. Before this whole “31 Days of the Dragon” began, I had never even heard of the Dragon. However, it appears as if they have gotten the attention of many people, and I do not see why not, considering the amazing specifications this power notebook includes.

    I have already participated in a few of these contests (and of course did not win), and I was surprised to find that only a few hundred people participated. I mean, this is an amazing machine. I would expect there to be tens of thousands of participants (am I crazy?).

    I am sure the people who have already won this monstrous machine are very happy and I wish everyone here the best of luck as we embark on this journey for the Dragon!

    Does anyone else loose sleep when thinking about how amazing it would be to have one of these notebooks?

  152. This is a great promotion offer from HP. It’s a neat machine. Is there rivalry among those 31 sites who will get the most attention ?

  153. Hello Chris!

    I recently noticed that this contest will also be held on your website. I’m really anticipating to win an HP Dragon laptop for myself! It would really help me accomplish my work and get it done quicker. With 31 wesites/blogs holding this contest, there is an increased opportunity for me to win. I’ve participated in about three contests so far, and won none of them. I hope to win on Pirillo!

    This will be a fun contest to participate in. Good luck to everyone else participating in the contest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. This thing is insane for a ‘mere’ laptop. Probably has more power in one key then my laptop. ๐Ÿ˜› This is a great promo for HP. Good luck to all who entered and congrats to whoever wins.

  155. Yeah we shouldn’t dare call it a laptop.it’s a complete desktop replacement & even more than that.I can only dream about winning one.

  156. Hey Chris,
    I’ve been actively working and playing online since 1995 http://web.archive.org/web/19961219071850/http://spunsilk.com/
    I was something of an isolationist just using the web for work back in the beginning, but one day I signed up on my first mailing list and guess what…it was Lockergnome. I remember back when I used to like to check in on the webcam of your dog running around your livingroom that you had up so you could keep a check on him while you were at work. Anyway, Lockergnome is the only mailist one that I’ve been faithful to all through the years. Time and again I’ve picked up good information, programs you can pretty much name it from reading your emails. I told my son about you, (trying to encourage him to get started blogging online) but he already knew who you were from Tech TV. In return I got a lecture from him about always talking about other people’s kid’s accomplishments ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve even posted on your Mom’s blog a couple times, and of course I’m glad to hear that she and your Dad are doing well after their accident. Anyway, the point of all this is, just to tell you that I’m probably your oldest and most faithful fan:) …and I really need that fabulous HP you’ve got sitting on your desktop, so I can revive my World of Warcraft characters and have enough of a high speed edge to make up for the fact that I’m an old and grey old-timer.
    Smiles and good fortune (no matter who gets the HP)

  157. WOW Hp are giving away 31 of these! Gee they are doing something incredible! and not just a random competiton, by giving them to blog owners to give out is a great idea!

  158. Winning one of these would be absolutely amazing. The HP Dragon is more powerful than my desktop computer.

  159. Do you plan on opening the box? Some of the sites opened to take video. That’s just not right. Hope you don’t do that.

  160. Chris has a right to run his website the way he wants to, in his own niche way, maybe he’s an aural not a visual person…

    … and we can comment politely on what features we’d like to see him include on his website …

    But, I read a hundred times faster than I listen and never click on video or audio if I can help it, so I won’t be entering this contest (sound card down anyway).

    However would love to see a text version of his podcasts …

  161. Hi Chris! Finally a giveaway where more posting is encouraged and not used to abuse.
    Anyways, I love this “LockerGnome” idea. I can finally share ideas where I am not an tech idiot in a massive network of IT professionals. Although I already own 3 blogs and 1 forum, I hope I can make a LockerGnome blog later and join in the fun ^_^
    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! I look forward to hearing more from you!
    And also, can you give me the IRC channel URL? The one you linked to is refusing my connections, and it’s telling me to refresh ๐Ÿ™ Thanks!

  162. Let’s see. I like HP and I like Dragons…so I should win this awesome computer since I don’t really have a laptop.

    Great Contest.

  163. what do i think of the dragon well its not a dragon its a monster its FANTASTIC it is the best bravo. Chris .

  164. What are the odds that this post will be chosen as the “random post” from which the winner will be chosen.

  165. Your Video excited me of grabbing this opportunity to win such a powerful computer. This laptop has the configuration of my dream computer. Its 500GB space capacity is something I have been looking for. Its 4GB memory will make my job much faster such as Video Editing and Photoshop Works.

    Thank you Chris, for making this contest more live and real.

  166. Hi Chris!!!
    I live in Brazil, and that incredible notebook can help me much.
    Actually i have an pentiun III 450MHZ that’s a trash. Win this prize will be awsome.
    So it’s all.

  167. Wow, that’s pretty nifty that it saved my name and stuff while I was filling out this comment boxy thing… Oh, sorry, I got carried away. Anyways, that box itself looks awesome! Heeheee… I could have hours of fun just staring at it, but that’s not the point! HP is a great company and that’s awesome that your hosting a giveaway for them (from what I understand)! I can’t wait to be there for the giveaway (if I don’t fall asleep). I really do hope that someone who needs it wins. Good luck to everyone! …and remember it’s just a giveaway ^_^ P.S. I still think the sites layout and background is awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  168. Wow! is incredible as the technology progresses, here in Argentina one thing that’s unthinkable, truth, I stick with the mouth open. Such makina is optimal for anything, I study graphic design and has the necessary requirements and much more. The truth is a lot of machine. The truth is a very good chance thanks Chris! (Forgive my translation)

  169. I think HP is doing a pretty good thing here. Some of the sites that they’ve given these to are relatively obscure, and it’ll be interesting to see how many of them are propelled forward by the temporary (but undoubtably massive!) popularity boost.

  170. Haha. You have good reason to be upset at HP. The HDX is an amazing laptop. I hear a lot of people complain about your contest requirements, but if you ask me I think they are much more doable than something such as making a sound clip. And although it may not be as fun it also helps your site out. I look forward to learning more about your site and leaving comments.


  171. Yes chris I want it please randomly draw this comment I could really use a nice machine like that. I am also a subscriber to you as well. thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  172. That looks like a very nice laptop! Crysis and CAD on a laptop wow. My laptop just blew out it was 6 years old. I kinda need one for school next year. HP is a very good manufacturer for laptops its catching up to Dell rapidly. Ive just gotten my 2nd computer phewww.

  173. Well Chris. You know what I have been saying about gaming laptops since I first started talking with Wireless. They have no place in the market!

    I wanted to test my theory on the Dell XPS. because you know… The ladies in the commercial sure made it out to be a mean machine, another example of media hype.

    I would really like to see what HP has to offer. From older games like CS: Source, CiV IV and WoW to newer games like CoD4 and Crysis

    As long as it is not running Mac OS Chris.. cause only one of the games would run on it.

    If that little thing can replace my desktop. I might be able to have a full time girlfriend AND be a hardcore gamer after all

  174. Never saw a portable with specs like that.I actually never saw HP that seriously but Dragon has changed everything for me.A notebbok that scores 12500+ 3D Marks 2006 score is simply stunning. ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. i must say, the resurces on here are good, could help us in the future with any problems, esp. the youtube vids.

    how do you know that i would have commented, subscribed and been on your forum then?

  176. If you comment here,that would be visible to everybody,if you subscribe to his channel, you’ll be added into his subscriber’s list.Simple eh ?

  177. Your comment is visible to the general public.If you subscribe to his channel, it’ll show you/your username as a subscriber on his Youtube channel.I hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  178. decisions..decisions… so, let’s say i did win this..my only dilemma is what do i do with my current desktop… this would pretty much replace it. It blows my system outta the water..sigh…ce-la-vie…incredible machine, i’d give it to my sis but it’s too much machine for her…i guess she’d get my desktop.

  179. As a “geek” from outside USA,we feel that we are second grade people, because most contests doesn’t allow us to participate. Thank you for sharing this dragon with non-US citizins

  180. The only reason why I use a Mac is because their more powerful than than most PCs. This PC in particular could really help me do more on another platform than my Mac could.

  181. I would once again get involved with PC gaming. I bought an Xbox 360 a while ago because I thought that it was the best for gaming and now the only reason why I would want a PS3 was for Blu-Ray. This laptop would really convince me to start buying Blu-Ray movies.

  182. sick site! never even heard of the HP dragon looks high-end. even has a blu-ray player…..damn it looks so nice.

  183. Its funny that everybody should comment on this one. I also noticed that nobody on this blog post has an avatar. But this pc this looks really nice I wonder how much it costs. Chris I like the whining part LOL. COOL!!!!

  184. So what do I think about the giveawayof the new Hp Notebook. Hhhhhhmmmm……. Chuck Norris starting a fight with the pope. No thats not good enough. The new Ironman and Batman movie Dark Night Crocnicles. Nnnnnoooo. A little closer. Uuummmm…This like Hotter then girl next door and alot better then Halo 3 release and the announcement of Gears of War 2. like I will rule the world with this pc. not world univirse.
    Ya what could you do with this pc ummm try beating death at CS. and then smashing his ork warrior in with a gnome warrior. What would happen if you played crisis they would have to re name the game because it looks at this computer and wants to cry because it is about to get touched and maybe more. Crisis start crying because your about to meat a real one. Well this is really nice and keep up the good work and keep the info coming.

  185. Hi, I really like your blog and how you set everything up. Very unique! Especially that little window that shows you and your computer, its like big brother!! =P

    Anyways, I would just like to acknowledge how well organised your blog is!

    One more thing, One the night of the giveaway, Do I have to be present?, I’m in a complete different time zone (Australia) and the giveaway time is like 3 oclock in the morning.

  186. Errr owing to the time difference between US and India, could you post the exact time of the giveaway in GMT? Also what if I couldnt be present at the exact time of the giveaway? Like in case its at 5 AM! :S


    And btw, love your gear man! You must be proud as heck of it!!

  187. Well this notebook is one of the biggest and baddest computers that I have ever seen. I really hope that I have a chance at winning this. It is 600 times better than mine. On top of all that, I can’t understand how websites are just giving them away based on random contests. I like contests where the winner has to try really hard in order to win, and the best entry wins.

    But that’s just my opinion I guess.

  188. Hi that is one good notebook.
    Im going off to university in october to study computer science and the noteboox i currently have is a bit on the slow side, and so will not be able to run the media software required for the multimedia part of the course, so the hp would help me greatly

  189. This notebook is amazing, HP has outdone themselves with this one I mean by giving out an amazing machine like this is great. Chris, Thank you for giving this away.

    P.s I hope I win ๐Ÿ˜€

  190. WoW. It’s crazy. lol 5100 US$ x 31 is awesome. Thanks HP and all the sites including yours Chris for this opportunity and good luck to everyone.

    This machine is amazing, it sounds like too good to be true really and any one winning it would be quite a lucky chap. I think you may have reviewed this thing so heading over there.

    Thanks again for the opportunity.

  191. I love this Dragon to become my birthday present. My birthday is the same day as the drawing

  192. Hi,
    I already subscribe to your mailing list since 2005, and I like your article. I know the giveaway from your mailing list and I also try to get the dragon from another site, but I didn’t win. I hope I can win from this site so I can give the gift for my wife because her birthday is the same day as the drawing.

  193. I think that it is excellent that manufacturers are finally willing to give away their hardware (and not the cheap hardware) to random people. I think that either it is a crazy idea or a smart idea. Either way, they get publicity so they will more than make up for it in the end. As for the laptop…that thing is crazy. I currently have a Compaq Presario V5101US and I would give it up any day for a machine like that. Chris is doing the tech community a favor by taking on such a “burden.”

  194. i want it i want it iwant it iwant it gogogog ogogogg oggogo owaawawawwawawa im on paracetamol hahahahaha lololollollo, blaha lah valvhavkllawh fdajkd maybe i need to stop writing wawaawawaw omg my head i like turtle

  195. man what a beast, i would love that cos at the moment i do all my programing at home cos no computer at my work can hanndle the programing load well. well best of luck to everyone, i hope i win it would be so much easier at my work if i did(i’m and School I.T Techy) *thumbs up*

    catch ya,

  196. Well I think that not much people can afford this thing And it’s good idea to do this giveaway , it’s really powerful and that one who win it, he will be very happy. I’ll be very happy if the choosen one it’s me. I am just 17 years old. My hobby are the computers.The first computer at home i touched when i was only 7 years old .My first website i do it when i was 14 years old and it is very simple. My mother have laptop hp compaq 6515 s , which sometimes she allow me to use it. I was astounded when she told me that the company HP is was created in garage in USA. I hope if i win to use this computer for my own self-perfection.

  197. I actually didn’t know about this blog earlier this contest.I can see now that i was missing many important & interesting facts/stories here.Chris, tries to post some unconventional or rare information on this blog.I’ve learnt about so many things here.I don’t know who to thank for this.Chris or HP but i’m really enjoying myself being here. : )

  198. Hi
    with the HP Dragon Notebook Giveaway i think the one who will win this precious and gorgeous notebook will make a revolution in his usage of the technology, I really need this great notebook i really don’t have one and this powerful notebook will give me much more support in my life more than my 5 years old PC.
    Good Luck for everyone especially me,,,

  199. i really didnโ€™t knew your web before the contest of HP Dragon Notebook,
    but i really toked a look around in your site, i found that you have a great knowledge in many Fields and you are making some researches before starting the topic that you will present also you have a great presentation skills talent,
    Thanks & keep goingโ€ฆ

  200. Hi, I am from Indonesia. I feel wonderfull seeing this incredible machine, because along of my life as the computer technician there is no notebook which have the incredible video card such as this one. Wuow…really full entertainment, you see… 512MB nVidia GeForce 8800M GTS…it’s really great.

    I would love to win this notebook. As only technician which only paid a little Rupiahs it’s only a dream to buy.

    The “Dragon” so its called. So amazing name. And amazing spec for the notebook class, it might be the best and complete notebook and I think it will replace the convetional PC that need more enough space, especially for small room or in the car.

    No doubt for this. I think rich people who’s game lovers should buy this one. The design it’s so futuristic, different from usual notebook.

  201. man, I wish I had a laptop, I mean I don’t have a computer of my own I only have the desktop that my whole family uses so Im barely on. But congratulations to whom ever wins!!! =)

  202. Bigger isn’t always better! I just came back from a week long business trip, and well lugging a monster box around would have been difficult, but the extra zoom could have been used. The question of how fast is fast remains today on computers. Multi Cores are great if the software can use it, but MEMORY, and video drives it more today, so that said 20″ laptop…..well maybe I’ll get a heavy duty cart for the airport! Keep up the great work Chris, and hey IOWA maybe flat but I can see the bad guys coming for miles!



  203. Sir I really need this laptop because it is a great laptop with good configuration better than my present laptop.
    Presently I am learning maya animation course, and my present computer is not even supporting to install maya software. So i will be thankfull to you if I win this laptop.

    I thank HP,BUZZCORPS and 31 blogs around the world for this contest for helping out people like me who cannot afford to buy good configuration computers Sir I don’t need anything other than laptop.

  204. Well, what can I say? You are hilarious! Loved your “give away” video! Well here goes. I am Dorry, plain, and small. I am the second oldest of nine kids. I am married to a wonderful husband who loves computers and everything involved in them. He doesn’t own a laptop, so I thought I would try to win one for him. Not likely that I will win, but i am trying to get into as many of the contests as I can anyway. It can’t hurt can it? One day I will own an MSI Wind. But the Dragon does look pretty cool.

    Another thing about me, I love to type and write. I could go on forever. I have written nine page emails to a friend. I have six or seven blogs that I keep up with including myspace and Google’s blogger. I love to cook, clean house, read, play the piano, research on the internet, blog, write, type (but then I already told you that). I also crochet, sew, knit, and take long walks. You may call me a boring person if you like, I don’t care. I will just keep on being me: Dorry, plain, and small.

    I will not change because I am not accepted by the world or not tolerated, I will stay me. I am who I am and will stay who I want to be. Me. I may be boring at times, but I can talk up a storm and entertain in the same time. I will try to include my listeners in on my conversations and for the most part do. I am a good listeners as well and also a good shoulder to cry on.

    Well, if this doesn’t merit a free dragon, than that is ok. I won’t cry and I won’t be disappointed, for I am not expecting to win one in the first place. Just having fun trying. Hope you have a lovely time picking out your winners!!!

  205. Now that is a rocket science right there. This portable desktop ( i like to call it) is pretty nicely designed, built in tv tuner, sub-foofer, then hp quick play software which i think is quite amazing program. But i’m more into the techincal stuff inside the pc and i’m specially interested about that 8800M GTS card it has in there and would love to see it work as the M GTS for 8800 is a brand new card out for Laptops.
    Nice stuff (Y)

  206. I know im not going to win this, I never win stuff at all so. I just want to say gratz to whomever wins this even if I don’t win this.
    but, i will be in the chat box thursday night.

  207. wow! i think i’m in love <3.
    I must say HP did a extremely good job putting this monstrous notebook together and i love the look.
    The Intel Core2 Extreme Processor X9000, 4GB of Ram, 20.1″ screen and 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS video card leaves a fuzzy feeling inside ^.^ as it would be a huge inprovement to my dying toshiba notebook which has been crashing lately

    well good luck to everyone and thanks HP and Lockergnome

  208. I appreciate you and Hp for helping those who could never afford such a wonderful gift a chance to win. Special Blessings always come to those who give there best to others. I would be very grateful Thank you.

  209. Great contest! This behemoth looks to be a monster. The real question is, “how quickly can I wipe Vista and install XP?” Hopefully I’ll find out soon enough. =)

  210. Such a beauty…

    I’ve fixed so many laptops but never had one myself. Just never had the chance/money/luck to have one. By the way, it’s my birthday. I just turned 28 this day May 29. Congratulations to whoever wins this notebook, and hope it gets put to good use, because the possibilities are endless…

    Happy birthday to anyone celebrating theirs today.

  211. Why did HP decide to go crazy with advertising this laptop anyway? Is it because they bought voodoo?

  212. My Last computer crashed just last week, and i was planning on buying a new Macbook to replace it, Thanks so much this chance to win a new computer.
    YouTube Username: ThePoliceTour08

  213. I’ve been an HP fan for a long time. Just like Ed, today is my birthday – freakin’ 52! My first HP was an HP-45 calculator purchased in 1974 for $425! Yikes!

    The dragon is one awesome machine and would be a great replacement for my aging Dell Inspiron.

  214. HP it’s a very good company in my opinion.I had a lot of stuff from them working very nice.Giving away it shows me how this company respect customers

  215. Well, today is the big day for that Dragon giveaway… and the excitement is ozzing.

    I remember the old 286’s of the 1980’s where you had to boot with a disk and all programs worked off of 5 1/2″ floppy’s. Remember the games of yesteryear? Pacman was my favorite. Could anyone have predicted where computers would take us.

    I have plunked myself into the easy chair with my fav. java and only hope that I am the lucky one.

    From floppy’s to bluetooth… whooda thought! My only question is which group to give my good ol’ laptop to!

    Thanks Chris for this chance to participate.

  216. the giveaway sounds too good to be true. I could never win,because iam not lucky.

    enjoy wour reviews and salutions to many problems.
    keep up the good work.

    hope that i win .

  217. Would be awesome to replace my 4+ year old HP desktop with this beauty! It could sit here next to our dragon collection. They could rule the world together, yeah! I would certainly test its muscle with games and graphics software.

  218. Wow…I think that’s a great idea on HP’s part to get techy folks looking at their notebooks. The Dragon is definitely impressive!

  219. This would be absolutely the best thing to happen to me.
    I am a 14 computer goer, who has to say, he is a poser, i have a lappy with vista, and a Desktop with one hard drive Xp and one hard drive Ubuntu, I personally don’t find vista the best, i just use it for show, because unfortunetly it does look pretty, and in exception for the constant Allow/Deny questionair, It’s pretty okay.
    Absolutely love macs,
    Xp was a good go,
    This Laptop Would ABSOLUTELY change my life, and thank you for listening.
    (chris, just started watching, Ihound rocks, really love the show)
    Thank you

  220. This is indeed a very very nice computer. Specs and looks realy do make this a “Kickass” Product as 3dgamerman would say ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cant wait for the give away tonight or today or what ever the time of day it is for you ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck to everyone.

  221. Well If you can say Miracles happening around us in IT world, then you should say yes to HP, Man this is one awesome contest they have done. Giving up 31 laptops is a big thing. Marketing on such a level shows how eager HP is to sell its Dragon Laptops to users around the world. Lots of people have won it in contest earlier from HP. IT must have brought excellent grabs for them. Nice opportunity for them to enjoy One of the most Fantastic machine i know about. If I get a jennie and if she asks for a wish I might say I want a HDX Dragon laptop for me. A single machine capable of doing hundreds of task for u. who ever gets it. He will be a lucky dude. Well its config is better than most, With quad core and 8800 graphics card its just not a fast machine but a brilliant gaming rig. with mobility as one of the best feature in it. If one gets gaming on the go, with lots of music , entertainment and amazing task just performed by the click of mouse. Who would buy a desktop. I would say A HDX DRagon Laptop is all what i want. The best way to use HDX DRAGON Laptop is to use it to enjoy it. Use it what its made for. Fun!

  222. Chris, you were always do your job well. I’m glad that HP picked you up for this contest. I read your posts from time to time. But this post almost blow my head! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Dragon laptop it self is totally awesome in specs, I can’t believe that this would be a prize ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!!! It’s like over than $5500, that’s totally amazing.

    Good luck to every body.

  223. Y’know I have to wonder how they cool these machines. I’m well-familiar with a friend of mine who has a similar high-end Toshiba machine with a (much lesser!) discrete video card and it overheats constantly. It will be interesting to see how HP copes with this very common high-end laptop performance issue.

  224. Here’s hoping that HP has come up with some ingenious way of dissipating the heat generated by discrete graphics cards in laptops. A buddy of mine has a similar (but older) Toshiba machine and heat is a constant problem. The machine spends half it’s time shutting down.

  225. *sigh

    It’s so giant, not to mention hardware heavy. Look, it has a GeForce 8800 series vid. card! AND A 20″ MONITOR! WHAT ELSE DO YOU GAMERS NEED!?

  226. This is a super-powerful machine! I can’t even begin to think about what I’d do with a system like that…

    And Chris, I don’t see how it’s possible for you to stand the box sitting there without opening it!

    Anyway, I’m anxiously awaiting the giveaway tonight. I don’t have a laptop period and this would certainly be a nice one to have!

  227. I’m fervently reading and commenting tonight, I really want that beast on my desk.

  228. I hope I win this fabulous notebook! Then I won’t have to share a computer with my fiance. ;0P I could do so many things with this awesome prize. Thanks for this giveaway Chris!

  229. What a such DRAGON with this specifications :
    Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit),
    Intel Core2 Extreme Processor X9000 (2.80GHz, 6MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB),
    20.1โ€ณ diagonal WUXGA High-Definition HP Ultra Brightview Widescreen (1920ร—1200),
    4GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm),
    Graphics Card: 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS,
    Hard Drive: 500GB,
    Blu-Ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD+/-R/RW Double Layer,
    Integrated HP HDTV Hybrid TV Tuner and 4 Altec Lansing speakers + the HP Triple Bass Reflex subwoofer.
    And So On

    This is the deference between HP & any other brands

  230. Chris, this laptop is one of the greatest HP laptops i have ever seen and i would like to win it for the following reasons.

    1. My laptop crashed and i haven’t been able to be on the internet as often to do some school work

    2. i don’t have a job that can earn me money to buy a new one at this time

    3. the laptop i had need so may repairs that repairing will be a hassle

    4. My family doesn’t have enough money to pay for a new one

    so please Chris i am waiting anxiously for this giveaway

    thanks for your time chris and i hope i win.

  231. I just wanted to say how much I’v enjoyed lockergnome over the years. I’ve learned so much.

    I keep learning a lot too.

    What is the deal tonight?
    I keep getting kicked off the site?

    anyway thank you Chris and the many people who help you behind the scene.

  232. well i hope your assistant kat does not delete this, i am in the market for a laptop or portable pc. my husband is entering is in college and they are now becoming mandatory. so please enter me

  233. Dude with them specs, just take out the battery and you got a desktop. LOL. This motherfucker is a fucking “dragon”. Well good job to the winner rejanje.

  234. I congratulate the winner. There seems nothing more to say. I hope you have lot of fun with your new notebook.
    At the same time, I give you my condolences to the ones who didn’t win. And thank them for the fair game.

  235. If only Apple would do a giveaway for a Mac Pro. Chris, you sold me with your videos on Youtube that showed when you first opened and set up your MacPro, but I just don’t have the dough. I build websites and I’m saving up for Adobe CS3 right now and that’s bad enough. Having a MacPro would be a wonderful privelage.

  236. Hey, that is lke so wow, man you gives away such great stuff these day, iam so happy with thie contest an man u are so owesome cool mand i really want it its a beautiful machine. its doesnt compare with any other brand. wow
    please think in me i really want it and i will give it the place its deserves wow
    kiss kiss

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