Do you Monitor and Mold your Reputation Online?

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Geoff Smith created the most amazing ring tone for me! He emailed to thank me again for hooking up Cali Lewis and himself during the iYule launch party, and for the video I made regarding this project. He wanted to show me a project that he is doing for the iPhone. The project he is talking about can be found at RingToneFeeder. He recorded this just to thank me for the time I gave to the iYule project.

RingtoneFeeder is a weekly automated delivery of original ringtones exclusively produced and optimized to sound great on the iPhone. When buying content on CD or DVD we have come to expect bonus material as part of the deal – such Special features often include deleted scenes, exclusive sound tracks, bloopers, wallpapers and many other goodies. When you subscribe you will instantly get the latest 5 ringtones released and then at least one new ringtone every week for as long as you remain subscribed. At only $1.98 per month or $19.98 for a full year, it’s a great deal.. and will make you the envy of all your friends.

I’m not only bringing this up to thank Geoff. There is something that many people overlook when they have a presence online… their reputation. The more bad things you do, the more people who will not want to interact with you. They won’t want to talk to you, trust you or believe in you. With online communication, all you have is your reputation. This is why I am as happy-go-lucky as I can be. This is why I reciprocate as many friendships as I can. That’s part of my reputation. What is my rep? To me, I’m all about having fun, meeting people, and helping as many of you as I can. I do my best to maintain a healthy reputation. I’m very transparent about myself, with good reason. I don’t want to ever be perceived as having something to hide.

When I was visiting my family last week in Iowa, my Mom clipped out an article from the Reader’s Digest. My brother also mentioned the same article. My brother Adam is now doing some live streaming of his own! It’s really cool. He’ll listen to some music, and then sketch a picture to go along with it, all on the stream. He’s a great artist, and a lot of fun. So be sure to check him out! Anyway, I digress. What I learned from the article is that there are younger people online who don’t care about their reputation. They are rude, and break rules on nearly every site they join. There are many people who have been kicked off of the University of Iowa’s football team, due to things they posted online that they shouldn’t have.

Too many people have the misconception that things done online cannot impact your “real life”. There are things I did online over ten years ago that I wish I wouldn’t have, of course. I try to stay very cognizant of the fact that anything I do online can be tracked, and leads back to my reputation.

What kind of reputation do you have online? More importantly… what are you doing to keep that reputation intact?


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