What does it Take to Drive Traffic to your Videos?

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I recently uploaded a one-minute video of my laughing hysterically. In three days’ time, that video has had over 10,000 views on YouTube, and received more than 300 comments. What does it take to generate this kind of traffic? Jeff sent me an email recently, asking me what tips and tricks there are to get content to the top of search engines?

There is no one silver bullet, there are many things you can do. Not all of them will necessarily lead you down the path to success… in terms of views, attention and meeting your goals. I’ve written down three points to answer this. These are things I believe are applicable to everyone who is producing content online. Make sure you just be yourself, that is the most important.

  • Survey the landscape.
  • Use the resources at your disposal.
  • Embrace, empower and extend the community.

For years, you had to rely on your own devices to create content and find a place for that content to exist. These days, with the advent of sites like YouTube, it’s much simpler. I produce a Podcast that can be downloaded onto an MP3 player. I know that the greater impact would be experience on YouTube, more than anywhere on the Internet. In surveying the landscape a few years ago, I realized I needed to start driving my content to YouTube. I didn’t quit my blog … I simply learned to drive traffic to the video site, to learn more about me and what I do. I knew I would get a greater amount of return with video than with written word.

The most important thing is to embrace, empower and extend the community. One of the reasons it is crucial for me to have chat inside the videos that I do is my chat room is the closest thing I have to a live studio audience. The interaction and personal exchange between the chat members adds so much to what I do. It’s all about the community. It’s a connection, whether informative or fun. By connecting with others on many different levels, you will be able to reach out wider and further, driving more traffic to yourself. Don’t treat people like they are some remote foreign object. Treat them as though they are a very important part of your life. Let’s face it… if you’re trying to gain a following, they ARE important to you.


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37 thoughts on “What does it Take to Drive Traffic to your Videos?”

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  2. I laughed like three times. First,it was because he was playing his video of him laughing.Then, the mix of it.After that,it was because he slapt himself.

  3. I think that it’s a good idea to try to not only post your videos on youtube, but on other video-sharing sites or on a social networking site. This will give your videos more exposure, it makes it easier for others to find your videos.

  4. i am in no way trying to be rude. i mean obviously you’ve been outside and your obviously very intelligent. your vocabulary is awesome, plus your married and everything. i’m just wanting to ask you whether or not staying inside for so long talking about the same general stuff, ever gets boring?

  5. you should try it. its fun. i used to live online, but when my computer went for repairs for 5 days and came back, i couldn’t believe how much fun things i did outside and how much more in-person social interactions i’d had while i didn’t have it. this is just a suggestion.

  6. Do a video on something that’s current and a topic that is interesting to a large number of people. I did a video on Devon Hester once (kick returner for Chicago Bears) during football season. After about a month of being on youtube, it now has as many views as an Adobe ImageReady video that I put on youtube like six months before that. Post it on your blog to add more relative content with it. Give it keywords that are actually related to the video.

    Or if you want to cheat, you could always add the keyword “britney spears” to your video about a new xbox 360 game and see if that works. 😛

  7. you dont get out much do u? lol. you sit in the same chair, in the same room, wearing almost the same clothes, and talking about the same stuff almost 24/7. does it ever get boring? do u ever wonder what the outside world must be like while your sitting there? and i don’t mean on the screen. i mean do u ever wonder what you physically going outside must be like?

  8. From what i have seen i think that a video has to be shortnsweet for people to watch it know people who get loads of video views just because they make the video look like it is about one thing when it is another.

  9. This is a great video, I will take ever second into consideration. I like the part about embracing the community this in my opinion is not just a must for streamers, youtubers, but also for large corps. Thanks again Chirs.

  10. tanks for this. I think the most important tip is audience that your appealing too. I will defiently use these tips once I start youtubing.

  11. Chris,
    I need your help…
    I cant get remotebuddy with iphone to work over the edge network.Seems, like no one can help. Got anything for me. Its a killer app, I’ve been using it for access to itunes via wireless connections. But no luck over edge(cant access server error)
    Heres my setup .Two machine, (imac and macbook pro) on local network with 500 gb time capsule. I cant figure out how to port forward.
    Love the ustream.

  12. I had a huge problem generating traffic on the internet for my gaming website back in the day, never seemed to get it right lol, too bad this video wasn’t around back then.

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  14. I started out in the blogosphere about a month ago, opening my blog “Matt Smith Tech” on Lockergnome. I began to post content, but was not getting near as many hits as I was hoping for. I got involved on YouTube, and gained a small audience for my videos, and in turn, the blog. I may not have a huge band of followers (yet), but at least the comments I do have are generally intelligent and informative. I’ve even started discussions a couple times between viewers.

    The way I see it, if you post interesting content on a regular basis for a long time, you will eventually become known not just for one video, but for your online identity. Then, no matter what you post, people will follow you.

  15. I once posted a video of a soccer player who had a laser shawn in their face. Turns out nobody else saw it, and I was the first to post it. 3 days later it had 400 000 views. If you show people what they want to watch, they’ll watch it.

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