Unboxing an Asus Eee PC Ultraportable Computer

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The super lightweight solid-state drive Asus Eee PC showed up at my house the other day. It was sent to me courtesy of Asus, specifically thanks to an engineer of theirs who is a regular community member of ours. Without further ado, let’s do the unboxing!

As I open the box… something on the inside was glowing! I pulled out things like a copy of Microsoft Works, a battery notice, and some other papers. But.. that was it. There was nothing else in the box. I guess that makes this a non-event? I’m kidding of course. I already had the Eee PC running before I began recording.

It’s so small and light. It’s just insane. I have never found myself attracted to this size of a laptop. I have always craved power. There are times, however, that you just don’t need that much power. I’ve found that having a laptop near the television is a good thing. I may want to look something up or check my email during commercials, you know. Having a lightweight laptop for that purpose is great. There is a built-in webcam on this system, so I had to try it out! I’ve already uploaded a video to YouTube, called Asus Eee PC 4G Test Recording.

Here are some of the features of the Eee:

  • At 7″ and weighing only 0.92kg, you can take the Eee PC anywhere.
  • Bumps and shocks are no longer issues. With a dependable solid-state disk, you get unparalleled shock-protection and reliability.
  • Power-efficient design provides longer operating time when on the go.
  • With a rapid start-up time, the Eee PC is always ready to get into action.
  • No technical manual required with the specially designed, user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface.
  • You’re always connected with built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g that automatically detects and connects to the Internet at any hotspot.
  • The Eee PC includes the documents and the e-mails software, and a suite of other productivity software to help keep you on track.
  • Upload photos and videos and share them instantly on Flickr or YouTube without waiting till you get home.
  • Enjoy music and videos with extensive support for a wide range of digital multimedia.
  • Log on to Skype or other network, and you can connect with friends anywhere, anytime.
  • Clear up wire clutter with the built-in card reader, speakers, and microphone.

This little machine is an excellent buy, and perfect for anyone who doesn’t need a powerhouse of a laptop.


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58 thoughts on “Unboxing an Asus Eee PC Ultraportable Computer”

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  3. These things are being modded the hell out of, and there’s some sweet stuff you can do with it, without even touching the soldering iron. Hell, I only got a C in Systems and Control, but I’m tempted to do some of these.

    If you know your stuff, you can get touchscreen, bluetooth, keep your webcam, and add either more space (via a USB thumb drive) or an HSPDA or 3g modem. All just with a kit and some sticky tape. I recommend it, Chris.

  4. That black Eee PC, when its closed, it reminds me of my ZX81 from 1982. πŸ™‚

    My mother has a white Eee PC 4g Surf, with Linux, and she loves it.

  5. Mmm well Chris… i got tho try the eee PC (or the EZ PC, as the marketers are calling it) at a local computer store.. im a palm os type, but some tymes, the recognition software “mis red” what i wrote. Ill agree, for a fast Email check, whilst @ an air port… or doing a quick note pad doc, this is a great computer… id just like it ti ave a BIT more flash space, is all… or an option to add a SD card, if you’d have the need 2.

  6. The Asus Eee looks like a great simple tasking computer. Its good in size and can handle web browsing and email and simple tasks so it’s a good laptop for travel. Since the Eee has been a success some other companies have been making there own extra portable notebook computers. HP has recently released the new HP Tiny Mininote 2133 which will compete with the Asus Eee. I’ve also read that Acer will be making its own extra portable laptop that will compete with the Asus and the HP. Looks Asus has started up some new competition.

  7. I find it’s kind of sad that when OLPC released it’s computer, there where other companies bound to beat it out, even though OLPC is a non-profit organization.

    Seriously, can’t we just work together on something like that?

  8. wow you scared me when it wasnt in there lol.
    it looks live a very low priced internet usage laptop and i might be interested in getting one.
    thanks for the idea!

  9. You Really got me!! At first I thought that you really got scamed!! I think that it is really weird you opening a windows product. At when you said that it hade a SSD I was pretty shocked. I was like what they can fit a SSD in a pc for $400 but the macbook air cost $3028! Anyway I always enjoyed watching your unboxings and see U later!!


  10. I own one and its’ awesome, Better then the Cloudbook(larger hard drive, but SLowwww, from what i hear)

  11. hi chris, when i watched the video at first, i thought that they had put like a glow stick in or soming to make it glow… i have the eee pc and trust me it glow !

  12. Hey Chris,

    That looks like a good piece of hardware there. I’ve been looking for a small, light weight, and inexpensive notebook. What I really like about this is that its a solid state drive and again not expensive. Thanks for the review.

  13. some people seem to not like how small it is. but think about what youve got in your pocket! ipods are 3 inches. ive seen some video players that are only an inch long!

    Its not that bad, especially for the price.

  14. You didn’t give us the entire 411 on this new eeePC. Like does it have USB ports? Serial connection or headset ports, etc.? Don’t worry I found another review online with closeup photos of the side views.

  15. I just wish it ran OS X… I don’t like windows or linux, even if all I’ll be doing is checking my email or browsing the web…
    Still is an amazing piece of engineering with an incredible price though.

  16. Just saw your posting on the Asus eee computer and wanted to leave a comment.

    I got one earlier this month – the 4GB Linux model. I heard about it on Leo Laporte’s radio show and wanted to check it out. Decided to sell my 4-yr old Compaq notebook and get this one. Why? Mainly because of the size. I keep it downstairs, so it’s handy to have on while watching tv. It’s so lightweight and easy to move around. I use a huge Toshiba laptop for my work and was tired of unplugging it and lugging it downstairs.

    My second reason for buying an eee is that I wanted to try out a Linux OS. I’ve found it very easy to use so far. I also appreciate they didn’t load it with bloat-ware. I have openoffice.org on mine which is great as I have been wanting to try that out.

    Only gripe – the keys are EXTREMELY small! I have very small hands and I still have trouble not making keyboarding errors with this machine. But, since I mainly use it for research, reading and checking email, it’s great and I’m extremely happy with my purchase!


  17. firefox has a ‘text size’ addon which really makes reading of text on the Asus’s small screen much easier. Actually it’s a good addon even on a regular size screen if a person wears bifocals or reading glasses

  18. Solid state everything, mac book air or EEE ? well neither I like a little meat in my notebook/laptop including build in storage. the EEE looks like a giant version of the apple neuton

  19. Once the Eeepc becomes available with a reasonable amount of hard drive space I will purchase one up right away. Asus is a very reliable company and they are probably the best company to have gone the route considering how well they are producing both hardware and software recently.

  20. Ya glowing reviews!!!

    But to better your experience I suggest you google how to get a higher resolution on the eeepc. I run at 800×600 instead of 800×480

  21. As the go to guy on computer for my friends and family, I was asked of what I think on this Asus EEEE. Since that was the first time I was hearing about the computer, when she started blabbing about the specs that it was 7″, very lightweight, 4gig hd and etc, I just told her it’s a waste of money. What will gonna do with that? I’d rather have a smartphone with 8gig storage. N95 baby.. It just does not make sense to spend that money on surfing. It’s nice of course and cute but that’s about it. YOu cannot even install office on it so if you are mobile and needs to do PPT presentation, it’s just won’t suffice. I’m pretty Asus has a market basis on coming up with this product. I hope I’m wrong, I’m Asus fan. I bought motherboards from them all the time. So hopefull they pull this one off.

  22. Hey RapDumpTk. It’s obvious from your response, which can not be edited . . that you have a problem with my passion for Chris Pirillo’s talent and show. Sorry to offend you buddy.

  23. i need one because i need portability i have a really huge laptop its so annoying i almost fell and cracked so al try to buy one.

  24. Does the EEE PC 4G 701 support 8gb SDHC Class 2 memory card on its internal card reader?

    Please someone reliable answer my question. I’m planning to buy an 8gb memory card for my eee.


  25. to answer ilovesamsungverymuch question. the eee pc dose support SDHC. so your 8gb cad will work.

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