Are Those "Free iPod" Websites Legit or a Scam?

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You know the sites. You see them everywhere. “Sign up and get five of your friends to sign up… and you’ll win!” It’s not as easy as they make it sound. With so many sites who do the same thing, you’ll have a hard time trying to find even five who want to sign up under you.

I received an email earlier in the week from Tom, asking me if these “freebie” sites are legitimate or not. I personally tiptoe very cautiously around things like these. The odds are not in your favor that you’ll really get something for free. It’s quite difficult to get enough people to buy in to whatever it is the site in question is selling or advertising. Most people will fail in getting the ‘free’ product. Yes… there are legitimate sites giving away real products. Just read the fine print. Make sure you fully understand the requirements that are laid out prior to getting involved. Heck… why not ask your friends BEFORE you sign up if they’re even willing to follow your lead and try to get something for nothing?

Don’t throw away your money. Be smart. Stay away from all those scams out there.


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33 thoughts on “Are Those "Free iPod" Websites Legit or a Scam?”

  1. these are great tips chris. with the way the economy is these days it good to know some more ways to save lots of money.I personally have never had to travel last minute so i haven’t experienced this. But when I do travel (Every Summer) I always get the tickets a few months before as you will save lots of money compared to getting them just a couple days or few weeks before you want to travel. Overall great tips chris.

    Eee ya later

  2. Actually I have done several of these sites and been paid out. You just have to be careful which company site you do. Granted it is hard to find referrals if you don’t know where to get them at. There are some sites like freeipodguide that offers a trade system with other users for signing up under each other. Some free sites require a credit card to complete their offers and some have free offers. I tend to stay with the freebies sites that have free offers because getting referrals to sign up is easier.

  3. What these sites are really good at is putting your email address on hundreds of spammers lists.

  4. I want to try this this summer. But a good idea would be to get one of those visa prepaid debt card that way you can control how much money you could possibly lose.

  5. It WORKS!

    i got a site that DOESNT need a credit card.
    mesage me 4 it.

    it is easy cause i finished 4 sites!
    4 sites that only needed 5-8 people to signup
    in 2 months.

    so far i got ipod touch, amazon giftcard $250,
    Wii, and i am gonna get xbox 360 in a month

  6. Well some of this is true. It is kind of extremely hard to get one of these “freebies” for free. Most of them require you to “complete an offer”. This is how they get their money. Like Chris said. Just be safe and act like you’re not going to win. Dont spend money on the offers. Thanks Chris, I once had this problem and now i don’t. I will not do these websites anymore, even though i really want a macbook and cant afford it. Thanks.

  7. Chris doesn’t know enough about this topic to be making a video calling every offer a scam, IMHO.

    It is a fact there are some real offers that work and can be done completely FREE ($0 out of your pocket) or very little ($1-4).

    It’s not that hard to get 5 friends to complete a no-risk trial that costs nothing, now is it?

    The biggest problem with this video is new people will see it and be incorrectly informed. They’ll think every single offer out there is a scam when that is NOT true.

  8. god its embarrising how wrong you are.
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    wikipedia viral marketing and affiliate marketing.
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  9. Not hard at all.
    I got an Xbox 360 an ipod touch,

    only 5 referrals and do 1 non credit card offer.
    message me for link

    p.s. i help everyone that signs up

  10. what about the other sites(the sign up for 2 offers here, 3 offers there)., I noticed he mostly touched on the referal sites.

  11. I was just thinking, couldn’t someone like a celebrity or someone very well known just go to all their fans and say “SIGN UP FOR THIS”, I mean if they have a lot of fans they would probably make a lot of referrals….

  12. good one mate.
    this stuff is all for real for ny ignorant mofos out there. sooooo check out my vids if you dont think sooo … good luck withyour website man.

  13. HAHAH
    that would be AMAZING i tell ya…
    …i was trying to get in contact with sxephil about this. 250,000 views at least for each video, only 1% needed t sign up and he would be MINTED!!!

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