Twitter / Geek Meetup in Des Moines, Iowa?

I’m still planning to return to Des Moines in May, so that meetup is still “on” for those of you who are interested in gathering informally.

But we can meetup in Des Moines even SOONER than that, given that my plans have shifted such that I’ll be traveling there tomorrow and staying through Wednesday (early) morning. I sent out a couple of tweets – and consensus may point me to being somewhere specific on Sunday evening, but if you have any interest or inclination to do something over the next few days, please either leave a comment or continue to follow my Twitter stream.

As it stands, I’m planning on being at East Village Books from 1:00pm to 5:00pm (and then likely grabbing dinner nearby afterwards). You can RSVP by signing up on the registration page. Yes, they know we’re coming. šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Twitter / Geek Meetup in Des Moines, Iowa?”

  1. hey chris,
    either sunday or monday works. i’ll try and make either one. just let me know. Jordan Creek works well.

    as far as local media covering twitter….i would say that would be a no.

    btw…i’m a fellow southeast polk alum!!


  2. Man Chris I wish I could be there!!! I live in florida and could not talk my mom in to letting spend my birthday money for a plane ticket there. but you can bet that I Will be at the website ( and will not miss it. I will also be watching the road trip. That will be fun

  3. Hi Chris,
    I enjoyed your writing on 50 tips, but question, I find it a little uneasy that you have so many hyper links to companies pushing their products that you are getting paid by……How do we know that you do not get “directed” by them??

  4. wish I had known that sooner. I was in KC all weekend. if you want to partake in watching wrestling (the “professional” kind) on monday night. let me know. feel free to stop by (Waukee) and mock me for watching it if you like šŸ˜‰

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