Mac Software Promo Bundle Discount

I had a chance to breeze through the apps being offered in this MacUpdate Promo, and… it’s well worth the price of admission (if only for Leap alone). Will likely grow to love these others even more over time, too:


  • Automate File Management Tasks
  • Add options to “Trash” folder
  • Adds ‘App Sweep’ to clean orphaned support files
  • Delete duplicate files
  • Define your own rules

Art Text

  • Easy way to make Text Graphics
  • Comes with tons of pre-set Styles
  • Buttonize any font glyph
  • Various export options
  • Extremely better than “Word Art”

MenuCalendarClock for iCal

  • Integrates data from iCal with idea of Menu Bar clock
  • Appointment information shows up in tool tips
  • Lists ‘to do’ items
  • Includes Search bar
  • Clean, straightforward interface


  • Amazing, amazing, amazing Finder replacement
  • What Vista’s Windows Explorer tries to be
  • Eliminates the idea and need for folders
  • Bridges the gap between Spotlight and you
  • Never lose a file again


  • A complete story authoring tool
  • Manage characters, scenes easier
  • Displays timeline of your “plot”
  • Surfaces snippet status
  • Tagging


  • System-wide AutoCorrect
  • Text fragment macro tool
  • Type characters to insert images
  • Unicode symbol translation
  • Ad hoc email signatures / common replies

DVDRemaster Pro

  • Recompress your DVDs
  • Convert DVD video to other formats
  • Extract raw data streams from DVDs
  • Copy entire DVD or just certain chapters
  • Copy audio or video from DVD

Sound Studio

  • Audio recorder / editor
  • Live input levels
  • Much nicer than Audacity 😉
  • Great for podcast production
  • Multi-track support


  • Create simple Flash animations with ease
  • Choose a theme, add a graphic, done
  • Come across as more skilled than you actually are
  • FTP and .Mac transfer support
  • Family may get a kick out of your creations

Parallels Desktop

  • Run Windows in Mac OS X as a virtual machine (duh)
  • Access Boot Camp partition from within OS X
  • Just as simple to use as VMware Fusion
  • Make the Windows desktop melt into OS X’s
  • Can also run Linux VMs, potentially

So, there you go – the latest MacUpdate Promo. As I said before, however… this entire package is worth buying, if only for Leap.

8 thoughts on “Mac Software Promo Bundle Discount”

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  2. Chris, here’s my story.
    If you don’t like its start, don’t miss its end.

    I already knew of most of the software in this pack.

    I already own Hazel.
    I already own a competitor app to Parallels (Fusion).

    I already use freeware or shareware equivalents to:
    MenuCalendarClock (stock apple widget, not great),
    Typinator (trying TextExpander).

    I knew I would someday want to buy Leap.
    I knew I might someday need Art Text and StoryMill.

    I think I learnt of this bundle on TUAW.
    I checked it on macupdate, including the screencast.
    I read again about it on macapper.
    And another time on another blog I’m subscribed to.

    And still, with all the knowledge I have of these apps,
    I hadn’t purchased the bundle.

    But then, you published this post.
    I read it halfway and bought it. (Using your link)

    So I just wanted to thank you for your effort laying out this post *your* way. It convinced me much better than any other way. Cheers!

  3. Gah! I really need to get myself a mac. One of these days I will…one of these days.

    From what I have read and heard about Leap, it just sounds like a must have. I know I would love something like it on my XP.

    Now the DVDRemaster Pro I would think would be a lot better if it would be able to make files such as .avi or .mpeg into DVD format to play on any DVD Player. No idea why they don’t add that but it sure would be nice.

    The Art Text and Sound Studio are nice programs that many won’t have much use for although many will, depends on what you do or are planning on doing. There are so many other similar programs and some that I find to be better (for sound at least).

    I don’t know it just seems to me that all this is just fancy things that many dont need for ther exception of 2 or 3. Yet, like I said I am not a Mac user so maybe these are worth it but I would not know much about it, just my opinion.

  4. That looks like a great Bundle of apps. I would like to try them out but there’s 1 thing stopping me from trying it. I do not have a Mac :(. But hopefully i will have 1 sometime in the near future within a couple months lol.

  5. ChrisP, You Have Got To Be Kidding!
    I was slumming in the Microsoft basement where we keep the NtN’s (Nasal-toned Nerds). One of them very uncharacteristically approached me and spoke,
    “Sir Mista Ballmer sir, have you seen what Chris Pirillo has been saying about Vista on his blog, Mista Ballmer sir?”
    The NtN was waving his hands, shivering, sweaty, … I keenly perceived that whoever this Chris guy was, he must be pretty important to NtN’s. I of course would never admit to one of these basementers that I had no idea who or what he was talking about, so I just barked, “Bring this guy up on the BIG SCREEN!”
    I then calmly walked over to the balcony to see what had the NtN’s so upset on the “BIG SCREEN” (the world’s largest 1440″ x900″ plasma display).
    NtN: “Sir, Mista Ballmer sir, Behold ChrisP!”They started showing some uber-nerb’s podcast, he was panting, scratching, crying, flailing, hyperventilating as he wailed and railed about supposed deficiencies in Vista.
    ChrisP: “… Windows Vista has let me down, you down, it just does not work, I went back to XP, Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy! …”I raised my hand, the video feed stopped. I whispered to the nerd, “… and why is this clown important?”
    The NtN looked at me in astonishment and shakily replied,
    “He is ChrisP, the cyber-nerd, there is none greater sir. That is other than yourself and Mista Gates, sir, Mista Ballmer sir.”
    The NtN’s glasses had fogged up, he was crying, I said jestingly, “That question was only a test of your knowledge boy!”
    I laughed, he snorted, all of the NtN’s started snorting!

    I then raised both of my hands, all of the NtN’s froze in breathless anticipation of what I would proclaim, and proclaim I did:

    “Be it known this day that the once great cyber-nerd, Chris Pirillo, has become a heretic! BUT! Fear not! I shall personally contact him and bring him back into the light of Vista! Until such time all of his feeds, blogs, podcast, … are hereby banned from these premises! So let it be written, so let it be done!”

    All of the NtN’s were relieved as they scurried about to erase every reference to this Chris person that they could find!
    They applauded as I went back to the elevator.
    I just hope I remember whatever it was that I told them I was going to do tomorrow, whatever.

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